New Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Kitchen design 2021-2022: trendy kitchens and stylish kitchen interiors: photos, trends, kitchen ideas

When you plan to repair a kitchen, or make a plan for a future home or apartment, you should pay special attention to the kitchen. Today, fashionable kitchens are not just a tribute to the present, it is the vital need of every housewife to have a comfortable and functional corner for cooking in the house.

The modern design of the kitchen offers us a huge range of ideas and design innovations, among which everyone can choose for themselves fashionable kitchens to their taste.

That is why today there is no problem what kind of kitchen design to do, how to equip the kitchen as functionally as possible.

Continuing our photo reviews of modern designs, we also decided to present for you best ideas for 2021-2022 kitchen interior design in different styles, showing that fashionable kitchens can be not only large, but also very small in size, and at the same time look very stylish.

We are ready to offer you fashionable kitchens, kitchen design and interior, kitchen trends and trends in different styles right now.

Trending kitchen design 2021-2022: current stylesNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Fashionable kitchens are, of course, wonderful, but only you choose the style of the kitchen, and only you create an individual kitchen design in your own home.

Note that today the most fashionable kitchens, small and large in size, are presented in the following interior options:

  • Kitchen design minimalism;
  • Modern kitchen design;
  • Loft kitchen design;
  • High-tech kitchen design;
  • Kitchen design provence.

Among the above-mentioned kitchen design options, fashionable kitchen designs 2021-2022 minimalism and hi-tech are very successful, because they are the most rational in the modern, dynamic world.

What trendy kitchens 2021-2022 will harmoniously fit into your kitchen designNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Each kitchen has its own style, size, color scheme, textiles and decor, functional mechanisms, which determines how comfortable and pleasing your eye this room will be during its operation.

That is why it is worth choosing not only fashionable kitchens, but also beautiful and stylish in terms of external characteristics, because in this room you will have breakfast, lunch, dinner, cook, spend time with tea and coffee, etc.

Kitchen design may include large kitchen sets with upper or lower sections, additional parts of the kitchen, which are located separately, for example, in the middle of the room, or only the lower or upper part of the kitchen cabinets for lack of space where to place other parts.

The modern design of the kitchen can have kitchen furniture with facades of acrylic, plastic, wooden materials. Depending on the design style, you choose the characteristics of the kitchen furniture, the presence of certain sections, their size and color scheme.

Trendy kitchens 2021-2022 can be presented in any color of the palette, but today the trend is white, black, gray, blue, red, yellow, brown kitchens in a stylish design.

In addition to the kitchen set, dining table and chairs, do not forget about the other important components of the space of this room, in particular:

Modern kitchen appliances built-in or made in the original color, in harmony with other details.

Wall decoration in the style you like, for example, wallpaper, brick, concrete, tile, stone, painting, piece, decorative plaster, etc.

Creating an original apron, developing its design, for example, using 3D drawings, tiles, porcelain stoneware, veneer, laminate.

Choosing the best sink for your kitchen, which is very important for both design and convenient operation of the kitchen.

The interior design of the 2021-2022 kitchen will be perfect if you decorate it with beautiful textiles in the form of a tablecloth, curtains, tulle, decorative covers for chairs, if you use the Provence or boho-chic style, etc.

If your small kitchen is part of a studio apartment, take care of a soft, small sofa or a soft corner, which will become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family.

Stylish kitchen design 2021-2022: trendy ideas for small and large kitchensNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Regardless of which kitchen design you choose, you can always experiment with its contents by adding or removing some things.

Designers suggest creating by introducing original gizmos and stylish finishing techniques into the kitchen space. So, for example, the trend is not only upholstered kitchen furniture, but also original wooden benches, or a radically different option – intricate, unconventional furniture in the modern style.

Don’t like monochrome? To make fashionable kitchens in the original design, designers very often introduce contrasting color combinations, a mixture of warm and cold shades in the decoration of the walls and the choice of the components of the room.

So, for example, a bright red fridge in a black kitchen or a few green drawers in a kitchen that is perfectly white looks stylish.

Pay attention not only to standard countertops, which are included in ordinary headsets, but also to chic and original countertops with a built-in sink made of marble, concrete, stone.

Do not forget about natural and artificial lighting, installing beautiful and large windows whenever possible, and complementing them with different types of artificial lighting.

The trend of kitchen interior design 2021-2022 is built-in green corners and even entire phytowalls that will not only transform fashionable kitchens, but also provide you with cleaned air in the house.

If you have a large panoramic window, use the space near it functionally, placing a soft corner on a large windowsill or dining table to always enjoy a beautiful view.

If you have a small kitchen, zone the space as ergonomically as possible by installing different racks, shelves, pull-out mechanisms and transforming furniture.

In the small-sized kitchen, place corner or double-sided headsets, thereby using all possible space to ensure functionality, comfort and coziness.

And now, especially for you, the best new kitchen design 2021-2022

Fashionable kitchen design 2021-2022: photo ideas, best solutions, examples of the kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

The color of the kitchen in 2021, how not to regret after …

Do you want to buy or order a kitchen set, but don’t know what color to stop at? Perhaps our article will help you!

Choosing the right color for kitchen furnitureNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Colored kitchen sets can create a special mood, so brightness and rich colors for facades are the best solution! When making a choice, consider the recommendations of psychologists and designers.

  1. Want to keep your appetite in check? Stop in pink or gray. These shades will help tame your appetite.
  2. Visually expand the room will help a bright palette. This solution is ideal for small kitchens.
  3. Orange, red and all their shades will be able to stimulate appetite and help residents gain weight. If there are children in the family who do not like to eat, you should pay attention to such color schemes.
  4. Comfortable pastime in the kitchen will provide natural shades of nature.
  5. If the room is lit most of the day, you can safely choose lilac, blue, green and other cold tones.
  6. If you are lucky and you are the owner of a spacious bright dining room, you can choose almost any color scheme. If you are staying on dark colors, try to dilute the interior with bold, bright objects and textiles.

And now the fun begins – the choice of color headset for your favorite cuisine:

Every hunter wants to know … Complex and strict grayNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Someone will say that gray is a dull and boring color, but designers are ready to argue with that! Deep and warm gray gives the interior a sense of style, sophistication and aristocracy. A little trick: choose the facade of the headset with an eye-catching texture of the material and unusual patterns. Then the furniture will look truly luxurious and noble.

Purple – trendy color for kitchen furniture 2020New Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

All shades of purple have been fashionable for several years. According to experts, they will be relevant for more than one year. Therefore, you can safely order purple cuisine. Do not hesitate, it will emphasize the richness and aristocracy of decoration.

Boring OrangeNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Tired of dark and boring shades? Choose a vibrant orange kitchen in orange. To dilute the interior, it is enough to arrange an apron or refrigerator in an orange tone. However, it is worth remembering that the “orange” should be in moderation. It can be balanced with gray and light blue colors.

Calm, only calm. PearlNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Many are afraid of this option. Simple and concise white will be the best backdrop for accented vibrant hues. White blends perfectly with any shades of the rainbow.

Minimalistic blackNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Do not forget about the black color, which is considered the best choice for modern glossy headsets. Design in black and white style is a century-old classic that satisfies the tastes of almost every person. Interesting duets: black-red, black-yellow, black-orange.

Glamor redNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

This unusual color for the kitchen will stimulate the appetite and create a welcoming interior. In addition, red stimulates the brain and energizes. After a hard day in the red kitchen, the body recovers faster. Note that this color visually enhances objects. Not everyone will be able to be in such an interior, maybe one replacement part of red is enough?

Fresh greenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

What could be better than natural green shades? That is why this shade is often used in modern interiors. A kitchen in a green palette is able to energize in the morning and give strength in the evening. A light green palette softens the interior, makes it more harmonious. Keep in mind that a rich and deep shade is dangerous because it makes the room darker. The main thing with this color is not to overdo it! For a cold room, it is better to choose a warm mint and olive colors.

The charm of yellowNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Natural bright shade fits easily into the interior of the kitchen, filling it with warmth and tenderness. The yellow kitchen cabinet will look great in combination with a wooden tabletop or white stone. An elegant combination will be yellow with a black, red or green tone.

Elegant brown woodNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

A democratic and juicy brown color in the interior of the kitchen will be the most advantageous option. The facade with a wooden texture is combined with any kind of decoration. The darker the wood, the brighter the other kitchen surfaces should be.

The color of the facade is very important in the design of the kitchen. The headset should not be considered as a separate piece of furniture. It should harmoniously fit into the atmosphere and become part of a cozy kitchen! Tell me, did your choice suit you? Write in the comments!

Photos of kitchens in trendy colorsNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Modern kitchen design 2021-2022: photos, ideas for kitchen design

The beautiful and stylish design of the kitchen is no less important and role in the interior design of your home than the design of the living room, bedroom, nursery and other rooms, where we usually spend a lot of free time.

It is in the kitchen that we are accustomed to drinking tea at a conversation, meeting with friends and relatives, as well as preparing such delicious and favorite dishes for the whole family.

Therefore, the design of the kitchen is of great importance for creating comfort and coziness throughout the house, tuning in the right way, inspiring in the morning and pacifying after a hard working day.

The modern and fashionable design of the kitchen is very diverse and can sometimes combine different trends and trends, which, intertwined, create truly unique kitchen interiors.

Eclecticism prevails in the design of the 2021-2022 kitchen, when one of the favorite styles is taken as the basis, complemented by original and unusual elements from other styles of modern interior design.

Modern trends and trends in the design of kitchens allow you to create a truly delightful interior, which in its own way is individual and unusual, optimally “tailored” to your requirements and desires.

Choosing the most fashionable kitchen design, it is very important to give preference to a color that would not only be liked, but also harmoniously combined in the overall interior of an apartment or house, uplifting and practical.

The most popular and most sought-after color is the white color of the kitchen in 2021-2022, which is best combined with different interior styles, also makes it possible to complement it with stylish color accents, but, unfortunately, it is not always as practical as we would like it to be. .

Equally popular is the stylish and unusual design of the kitchen in gray, green, red, lemon yellow, purple and even pink colors, which give freshness and lightness to any interior.

You can also achieve a stylish kitchen design 2021-2022 by combining contrasting color shades, for example, beige or white with brown, chocolate and other shades and even black, which looks interesting and unusual.

In addition to beautiful lines and textures, the functionality and convenience of kitchen surfaces and accessories are no less important. It is very important to arrange and select all the details in the design in such a way that staying in the kitchen is cozy, comfortable and brings pleasure.

In this review, we have collected the best kitchen design ideas for 2021-2022, the original photos of which are presented in our selection, which will allow you to find and find stylish and practical ideas for the kitchen interior.

Stylish design of a small kitchen 2021-2022 in bright colorsNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

When choosing a modern and fashionable kitchen design, we often encounter a common problem of limited space, and most often this happens in apartments. But do not despair, because architects and designers today offer excellent solutions for creating a stylish design for small kitchens.

One of these solutions is the use of predominantly light shades in the design of the kitchen, in particular, white and beige. Visually given colors increase the space, making it more spacious and larger.

But light colors also have drawbacks – they quickly become dirty and are not very practical. For this case, you can choose the design of the kitchen, which combines dark work surfaces that will last a long time and remain in excellent condition, with a bright lower part of the kitchen furniture.

You can diversify the design of a small kitchen in beige or white color with bright details – colorful curtains, lamps and chandeliers, wall decor and other interesting elements of the kitchen interior.

The design of the kitchen in light shades is perfectly combined with many details and interior elements in other colors, which makes this design universal and harmonious. In addition, the bright color scheme of the kitchen will never go out of fashion, always delighting you with laconicism and unobtrusiveness.

Beautiful kitchen design 2021-2022 in bright colorsNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

A bright color will help you create an original and stylish kitchen design, which will allow you to give the right atmosphere, special coziness and comfort in your kitchen interior. Popular colors in the design of kitchens are red, green, yellow, orange, blue, raspberry.

It is necessary to choose the color of the kitchen, taking into account your preferences and taste, because you should be comfortable and cozy, staying in your own kitchen. It is very important that the design of the kitchen is functional and allows you to easily do household chores and cook without difficulty.

Bright and stylish colors, shine of metal and glass – all this is inherent in the hi-tech style in the design of the 2021-2022 kitchen, which will captivate you with modern solutions, practicality and functionality.

The best ideas of kitchen design 2021-2022: photos, news, fashion trends in the interior of the kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the ideas of kitchen design in 2021-2022 in different styles in more detail – high-tech, minimalism, Provence, the classic style of the kitchen, a combination of different elements and directions, the original color schemes of the kitchen interior design, which are presented in the photo below.

Fashion trends in interior design 2021

The kitchen is one of the main rooms of your house, which is paid a lot of attention, not only because the hostess spends a lot of time there, but also because all family members, and sometimes guests, gather in the kitchen. If you plan to repair your kitchen, we suggest taking into account the trends of 2020, which is slowly approaching its completion, and the new products of 2021 that designers are talking about. Over the past few years, designers have been offering white-colored kitchens. This is not surprising, because white is a neutral color to which any decor will fit, in addition it is an elegant pure color. However, every year something changes and gradually gray replaced white, and in 2020, aristocratic black. Often you can find black in combination with red, or with silver patina. If you are not ready for such dramatic changes, designers suggest getting around black accents in the kitchen. Since 2017, various colors of metal have come into fashion: gold, copper and bronze, which replaced silver and chrome. These colors are used on taps, on the handles of kitchen cabinets, appliances and fixtures. The kitchen is the heart of your home. Therefore, you need to organize your kitchen so that all members of your family enjoy spending breakfast there,

Of course, classic cuisine has not gone away. As they were popular 20 years ago, they remain popular today. The trends of 2021 tell us about environmental friendliness, ergonomics, functionality and minimalism.

  • Environmental friendliness. We use only natural materials: cork coatings, bamboo floors and wallpapers, furniture without harmful impurities, water-based paints.
  • Ergonomics and functionality. All unnecessary decor fades into the background. We leave only necessary things in the kitchen, and most importantly, functional ones. We rationally and rationally equip the kitchen interior, especially if you have a very small one.
  • Minimalism. Designers talk about the minimum number of top cabinets in the kitchen, or remove them altogether, or use open shelves.

Everyone is accustomed to standard worktops: worktops made of chipboard, artificial stone or quartz. In 2021, a super novelty is a worktop made of broken glass or a mirror.

See a selection of photos and get inspired.

Fashionable kitchen interiors 2021 photoNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Modern ideas for kitchen design 2021-2022: new photos

The kitchen has always been considered a special place in the house. This is not only the place where we spend meals, but also the kitchen is associated with pleasant moments of cooking, tea drinking and special moments that are sure to be remembered for a long time.

Therefore, it is important to create an amazing and delightful kitchen design of your dreams that would please the eye and meet all your requirements.

The trends of kitchen interior design 2020-2021 are demonstrated in very concise interiors without frills and multiple decorative details. On the contrary, the trend in kitchen design is simplicity, environmental friendliness, naturalness and naturalness, starting with materials and ending with shapes and lines.

An important aspect of modern kitchen design is functionality. Of great importance is not only the external presentation and interior decoration of the kitchen, but also the practicality of being in it, the convenience of cooking and the comfort of spending time.

And this means that many kitchen interior designs are made with an emphasis on household appliances and kitchen gadgets. The modern kitchen of 2020-2021, of course, should not be overloaded with many technical devices, but those that are should fully satisfy the needs of all the inhabitants of the house or apartment.

In the design of modern kitchen considerable importance is assigned to the color palette in which the interior is made. Firstly, the design of the kitchen should be in harmony with the interior of the whole house and fit into the general atmosphere of your home. Secondly, a modern kitchen is a minimum of everything necessary and a maximum of naturalness and simplicity.

The trend will be kitchens in bright shades, without bright designs and accents. Such design trends of the kitchen most fit into the motives of naturalness and ease.

How about a kitchen design in white and black? Or a modern kitchen design with gray, beige, cream and milk shades combined with darker graphite and chocolate colors.

Calm color palettes can also be with purple, bluish, green and other tones in the kitchen design of 2020-2021. But with a great desire, you can create small color accents in the design of the kitchen in order to give creative notes to the interior of the kitchen.

In the choice of materials for the kitchen also plays a major role environmental friendliness. The trend of the kitchen is 2020-2021, made of wood, marble, metal, and ceramics. A tree with white finish on kitchen surfaces looks very impressive.

It is important to remember that the modern design of the kitchen 2020-2021 should look easy and relaxed, not be intricate and difficult to understand. Thinking over the fashionable interior of the kitchen, choose a small number of cabinets with their maximum capacity.

Kitchen appliances to create a modern kitchen design 2020-2021 is also important. Choose high-quality and multifunctional kitchen utensils to become your best helpers.

In addition, equip your kitchen with cooking appliances and not only that would significantly save you time, allowing you to more rationally use the freed up “minutes”.

In addition, the lifestyle of a modern person is increasingly drawn to the correct and healthy regime of the day and nutrition, which takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the interior design of the kitchen should well correspond to this and take into account all your needs, from smart kitchen appliances to finishing.

Multifunctional kitchen furniture with various storage systems, transforming kitchen furniture, a variety of work surfaces will be in the trend of kitchen design 2020-2021. Glitter of glossy and glass coatings is also observed in modern kitchen interiors.

In addition, the kitchen should be bright and as spacious as possible. When choosing a kitchen design for 2020-2021, consider lighting – both natural, such as large panoramic windows, and artificial – lamps, chandeliers, sconces, etc.

Quite often, you may encounter the problem of limited free space to create the design of your dream kitchen. In this case, designers recommend choosing a modern kitchen studio.

A similar solution suggests combining the kitchen with other residential sectors while saving space. And you do not need a separate room for the kitchen.

Zoning of living space into different functional areas is also in demand, especially in small apartments. In addition, much in the design of modern kitchens can be decided by the style of the kitchen you choose – classic, high-tech, minimalism, Provence, loft, etc.

We are already familiar with the main trends in the interiors of trending kitchens. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of kitchen design solutions for 2020-2021 with a photo.

Beautiful interior of a small kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

The current motive 2020-2021 for bright kitchens fits perfectly into the design of a small kitchen with limited space. It is in the design of a small kitchen that it is important to choose transformer furniture and a simple interior without frills. The simplicity and naturalness of the design of a small kitchen will, in combination with a light color scheme, make space more and more spacious. Beautiful will be the design of a small kitchen 2020-2021 in the modern style, high-tech, provence.

High-tech kitchen trend designNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Trendy kitchens in the direction of hi-tech will appeal to lovers of the most functional and practical things. A minimum of decorative elements, wood and decoration. Spectacular high-tech kitchens are, first of all, the shine of glass and glossy surfaces, straight lines and the presence of various novelties of kitchen appliances. It can be smart appliances for the kitchen – a smart kettle, refrigerator, etc., that perfectly fit into modern high-tech kitchens.

Modern Provence style kitchensNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

If you like a special French chic, then the Provence-style kitchen design will certainly impress you. Pastel shades of surfaces, floral motifs and vintage elements. Welcome walls with visible bricks, ceramic decor elements, mosaics and a minimum of technical devices.

Loft style in the interior of the kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

For lovers of an unusual interior, both the whole house and the kitchen, it is worth taking a look at the idea of designing a kitchen in the loft style. Open brickwork and communications, beams and rough wall decoration are characteristic of the loft kitchen. Along with this – vintage furniture and modern appliances and gadgets that fit perfectly into the interior design of a loft for modern kitchens 2020-2021.

Art Nouveau Kitchen DesignNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

The originality of the Art Nouveau interior cannot be overlooked: practicality, convenience and functionality, complemented by concise and strict lines, are of particular interest. Wood and metal, glossy surfaces and glass perfectly combine in the style of modern kitchen. Color accents and asymmetry are welcome, which makes modern kitchens in the modern direction interesting and inspiring.

Top ideas for kitchen design 2020-2021: photo examples of modern kitchens in different stylesNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Modern kitchen interior 2021 – photo ideas

The kitchen is an important room of an apartment or a country cottage. However, it is not necessary that it looks like a pantry or a barn. Therefore, designers pay no less attention to the creation of the kitchen interior than to the design of residential premises. And one of the main tools here is the color in which this design is made. Modern kitchen interior 2021 – 80 photo examples were collected for you in our article!

When choosing decor elements, you can choose a color so that it does not merge with the general plane, but, on the contrary, clearly expressed, it will look very beautiful and unusual. Below, we consider three fairly popular options for designing kitchens in white, gray and blue tones, and we will not ignore the color black.

Modern interior in white colorNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

White kitchens are very popular, although they require special care. The interior of such a kitchen can be either in pure white colors, or in combination with other colors. Since the white color is in harmony with almost the entire range of colors, this also allows you to give your kitchen a highlight.

The main thing is to properly arrange this combination. Do not be afraid of sharp contrast, with the right selection it will look beautiful.

Modern kitchen interior 2021New Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Adding elements of glass or metal, stone or wicker furniture to the modern white kitchen design will give it a unique and luxurious look.

Since the kitchen is equipped with household appliances, it can also become a diluting element, which, thanks to a huge selection of colors and design, you can buy exactly the one that will either stand out or merge perfectly with your kitchen. It all depends on what you are up to.

The interior of the modern kitchen 2021 will enliven and decorate any design option for the white kitchen by adding various types of greenery and flowers placed on the windowsills, on the floor and among the furniture.

All this will help to make the kitchen your paradise where you can cook, spend time with family and guests, having a nice conversation with a cup of tea or coffee, or simply retire to a book and relax.

Modern kitchens in grayNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Thanks to the calmness of gray shades, the kitchen made in gray tones turns out to be completely universal, and, depending on what colors and shades it will be diluted, will give an idea of the style of your kitchen.

The belief that the gray color is gloomy and boring is absolutely not true. The mood of your kitchen depends on the shade of the diluting main gray background.

In order to avoid gloominess in the kitchen, if you decide to make it all in gray tones, you should use all shades in the decoration – from the lightest to the darkest.

The interior of the kitchen photo 2021 modern ideas, if you do everything right, then the kitchen will perfectly demonstrate the classic style, and the addition of stainless steel elements will give it modernity and excellent style.

To get a calm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, a combination of gray with soft shades of the kitchen with white, honey, light wood and much more from the same series are suitable.

Juicy and vibrant shades – red, yellow, red and even blue are suitable for a brighter design.

In addition, gray is a compromise in the dispute that many colors are very delicate and soft, and the addition of such shades of gray will give the kitchen a more austere design. Interior of the kitchen photo 2021 modern photo examples, see and implement in your apartment:

The most difficult combination is the gray-yellow kitchen, since both colors do not like overdose. The best solution would be to add white and chocolate colors to the interior, as this is not quite an ordinary combination.

Emphasize its unusualness follows a more diverse and not entirely unusual decor. Such as dishes, picture frames, and sconces, or chandeliers of an unusual design.

A combination of blue and gray shades will give lightness to your kitchen interior with photo 2021 for modern ideas in a small room. A more relaxed atmosphere can be obtained by combining several shades of beige and gray.

But the combination of gray and green will fill your kitchen with undoubted harmony. And it will be better if there will be more gray shades than green. In the green version, there may simply be decor elements and textiles.

The combination of cold gray with hotter red will also bring a noticeable positive effect, the main thing is to monitor the correct selection of shapes and understand well which of the colors will dominate.

And if the kitchen is small in size, then it will be possible to visually increase it only if gray shades dominate. Do not overdo the decor, as the red color does not need additional emphasis or choose the interior of the kitchen photo 2021 modern ideas in a different color:

So before deciding what color to combine your gray kitchen with, you need to turn on your imagination and do the work so that you like being in the kitchen without experiencing any inconvenience or stress.

Blue Kitchen Design

From light pale shades of blue, almost blue, and to dark blue and midnight tones, nothing captivates with “coolness” more than blue! Traditional blue cabinets add sophistication to the decor, and are often found in stylish kitchens and homes with a high level of interior design.

Often they choose the modern interior of the kitchen 2021 in a new blue color, because such kitchens create a mood, because blue:

  • the color of the sky and the sea;
  • it evokes feelings of spaciousness of height and depth.

Blue kitchen, as a rule, will be perceived as more spacious, as if the color itself gives freshness and coolness to the sea. Some say that blue can slow your heart rate, lower your body temperature, and reduce your appetite. But this is not so.

This is a great color for almost any sensitive person, it will give him a pleasant warm climate. Due to its associations in nature, the blue color reminds us of:

  • about God;
  • space coolness and cleanliness;
  • the world;
  • peace of mind;
  • stability;
  • security;
  • magnificence.

Blue Kitchen TrendsNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

“While various shades of blue can enter and go out of fashion at any time, the blue color itself is essentially considered an“ infinite ”color.

Like a pair of jeans or a cloudless sky, a graceful blue kitchen can be in very harmonious combination with other colors, for example with white, which interior designers of photo 2021 kitchen advise with modern ideas in a small room.

COLOR                                               ASSOCIATIONS

Red color                                             the color of joy and victory

Orange color                                      warms and invigorates

Yellow                                                   the color of a good, cheerful mood

Blue                                                       associated with clear water, sky

White color                                         symbol of purity

Green color                                        soothing, pleasing to the eye

Black color                                         depressing if one is used. In combination with other colors, it emphasizes their brightness.

As a rule, bright blue kitchens require special care and attention, because the blue color can quickly become dirty from dust and fumes, which are usually present in large quantities in the kitchen.

Therefore, a kitchen in blue may require more frequent and thorough cleaning. Be aware of this in advance, this will help prevent the wrong choice of interior for your kitchen.

Modern black kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Often they choose the interior of the kitchen photo 2021 modern in black – suitable for extravagant people who are probably not considered cozy homebody. The black kitchen can become an additional decoration of a bachelor den.

But let’s not quibble about the black kitchen. A black kitchen can be embellished, diluted with bright or other warm colors, for example, white – after all, black and white kitchens are also found today, although not as often as other options.

However, as they say, “there are widely popular things in narrow circles,” so you shouldn’t completely discount black kitchens of various options! Modern kitchen interior 2021 – 80 photos of the best ideas for an example of how you can equip your beautiful kitchen.

Design of a small kitchen 2021 photo

Of course, all apartments and houses differ from each other in appearance, as well as layout, size. Therefore, choosing a design for your own home, be sure to consider not only fashion trends and your preferences, but also the features of the construction and layout of the kitchen.

Design of a small kitchen 2021 with an adjacent loggiaNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

If you have a kitchen with an adjacent loggia, you can solve the problem with a lack of free space by combining these two rooms. In this case, you should first warm the loggia and replace the wooden window structures with double-glazed windows. The last tip is applicable if the modern design of plastic windows does not contrast with the chosen style of room decoration.

It is not necessary to demolish the partition completely. It can be turned into a bar counter, or used as a base under the countertop.

Another relative novelty in the layout that allows you to create an ergonomic design of a small kitchen 2021 is the use of the space under the window.

In particular, you can install a sink and a pair of floor cabinets. Thus, the real room of the kitchen will be freed from furniture and it can be decorated as a dining room.

Design of a small kitchen 2021: furnitureNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Kitchen furniture has never been so diverse. Today it is difficult to name a style that is an unconditional hit. Country and Minimalism, Loft and many more design options are in fashion. In this regard, manufacturers of kitchen storage systems present options with a very different design.

However, there are several trends that will make the design of a small kitchen 2021 super-relevant. In particular, the world’s best brands offer “disguised cuisine”. This means that in addition to the traditional facades, they have another large, sliding. It is made of glass or plastic and is “closed” when not in use.

Another fashion trend is the rejection of wall cabinets. True, it is suitable for a small kitchen only if the owners are rarely at home and cook food there only occasionally.

In addition, furniture with a large rising worktop is recommended for such users. It covers the sink and stove when they are not used for their intended purpose. Thus, most of the time kitchen furniture looks like one big cupboard.

Kitchen set

As the most bulky and noticeable element, the headset has a huge impact on the interior as a whole. In a small kitchen, it must be neat, with shelves closed, without noticeable reliefs and crevices. Plain facades without handles will give the impression that this is not furniture at all, but just a wall, and thereby facilitate the design of the room. It is advisable to hide the hood, pipes or overall equipment behind the doors.

The simple design of the kitchen set can be varied with the help of an interesting apron, for example, by placing narrow photo wallpaper with a panoramic view behind the glass or making a colored mosaic from pixel tiles. Being in a deepening, this site will not be evident, but will give the working space its zest.

Dinner Zone

Great luck if the kitchen has enough space for a full dining area. Alas, small-sized rooms can not always boast of such an addition. In this case, you have to look for an alternative!

A good solution to save space in a small kitchen can be a narrow bar counter with high stools, folding and folding structures. The window sill can also play the role of a dining table, if you lift it with metal brackets to the desired height.

It is also possible to equip a corner for family meals on an insulated loggia or in a bay window.

Storage systems

Built-in drawers, pull-out shelves, hooks and magnets on the doors, spinning corner carousels – all this will make it convenient to place all your kitchen utensils.

Pots, cups, and cutlery are best placed closer to the sink; hide pans, baking trays and molds near the oven, and it is advisable to store loose products in dry upper cabinets.

For the most beautiful objects, one or two sections can be distinguished, which are closed by transparent partitions – things left on open shelves will quickly fall in dust, condensation and drops of fat will settle on them.

Ideas for placing a refrigeratorNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

So that the refrigerator does not take up much space in your small kitchen, it is worth choosing a tall narrow model with a flat door. Its snow-white surface fits perfectly into the same furniture wall, and chrome-plated or the color of polished steel perfectly complements the hi-tech interior, echoing other major equipment.

Also for small rooms, a compact built-in camera is perfect. It can be placed under the countertop, or raised to a convenient height and hidden behind the facade of the kitchen.

Proper lighting in the kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Even in a small cooking area, it is preferable to use many light sources. Mortise point diodes are best suited for this purpose – they consume little electricity, last a long time and withstand high humidity. Due to its small power and fire safety, LED-lamps can be mounted in a headset (the main thing is to reliably isolate the wiring).

Hanging chandeliers in a small kitchen can interfere, but if you still decide to use them, for example, above the dining area, it is better to stop at the simplest plafonds, which will then be easy to wipe from dust. In the center of the room, it is advisable to hang a ceiling lamp with a smooth surface.


Creating the design of a small kitchen 2021, you should give preference to finishing materials in light colors. Such a choice of color will help make the room visually more spacious. The use of glossy surfaces is also encouraged, although this solution is considered not very practical for the kitchen, as fingerprints remain on the surfaces.

The design of the kitchen 2021 will become more original if you use unusual finishing materials. However, they should be selected again, on the basis of practicality. For example, fashionable 3d panels for an apron can be used only if you are ready to wipe them daily to avoid the accumulation of dirt. By the way, the design of a small kitchen 2021 should not be done from expensive finishing materials. It is more advisable to use their high-quality imitations, for example, the so-called flexible stone.

MinimalismNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

The design of a small kitchen 2021 can be made in a variety of styles. It all depends on your taste. However, keep in mind that many areas of interior design require the use of massive furniture, a large number of textiles and a variety of decor. Their choice will make the cramped room cluttered and resembling a store.

The best solution for those who need a concise and inexpensive design of a small kitchen 2021 is Minimalism. However, creating such a design is not as simple a task as it might seem. It is quite difficult to choose a storage system for the kitchen 2021 that would be as ergonomic, compact as possible, and at the same time have an attractive and modern look.

By the way, Minimalism with ethnic accents looks the most relevant. For example, a great choice of design in the Scandinavian or Japanese style.

For “Nordic design”, the use of plain white finishing materials and tiles with the appropriate ethnic pattern is suitable. As bright accents, you can use a knitted rug by placing it on the floor in the dining area.

The Japanese design of the small kitchen 2021 involves the use in decoration of light wallpaper under bamboo or with the corresponding pattern. If you have a studio apartment, then for zoning it will be possible to use Japanese partitions made of wooden battens and frosted glass imitating rice paper. As for the furniture, it should be very simple in shape and made of dark wood.

CountryNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Is it possible to create a successful rustic design of a small kitchen 2021? It is rather difficult to give an unambiguous answer to such a question. It all depends on your abilities as a decorator. If you are ready to be content with artificial aging of a compact kitchen set and giving it the appropriate decor, then there will be no problems. However, creating a full-fledged village design in a small space is unlikely to succeed. The only solution is redevelopment using one of the methods described above. At the same time, you can separate the working area from the recreation area by installing between them a large sofa or island design with cabinets and a large countertop.

Small Kitchen Design 2021: LoftNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Fans of laconic design who consider Minimalism too boring will use the design of a small kitchen 2021 in the Loft style. To create it, you should use finishing materials “under the brickwork.” So that the room does not look gloomy, you can choose such textured wallpaper with “peeling plaster”.

As for furniture, it should be the simplest. It is advisable to choose the option with wooden or metal facades and with a design that resembles the appearance of industrial equipment.

Small Provence style kitchen

Typical features of the Provence style are pastel shades, elegant floral ornaments and vintage enameled furniture. In general, such a design leaves an impression of tenderness and lightness.

Small kitchen in a modern style

Innovative materials, multi-tasking equipment, mirror surfaces and clear lines will certainly add the missing volume to a small kitchen, and also make the cooking process not only quick, but also enjoyable. This is a universal solution for people who live in the rhythm of the 21st century.

Small high-tech kitchen

The high-tech design of the kitchen involves mostly smooth surfaces, a lot of chrome elements, mirror inserts and tinted glass. Of the colors, glossy white and gray predominate; blotches of black or blue are also possible.

Small Scandinavian style kitchen

Fashion for North European design appeared along with Ikea stores. The Scandinavian style is perfect for small rooms – all this thanks to the light winter colors combined with the natural textures of granite and bleached wood.

Color solutions for a small kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

Each shade carries certain information that is subconsciously perceived by a person. So, for example, white and pastel tones remind of clear sunny days; saturated – attract attention; dark – as if they hide the outlines of objects in the darkness. Having carefully studied the spectrum, the experts deduced certain rules that should be followed when designing small rooms. The main ones are to use mainly a light palette and use no more than 3 colors at a time.

White kitchen

A fully snow-white kitchen will always look clean and tidy. To make it homely, you can add wooden textures, and gray additions will help ease the cleaning process.

Gray kitchen

The neutral shade of stones and steel is the perfect solution for the discreet design of a small kitchen. It’s easy to pick up any modern technology. If desired, the gray color is successfully diluted with more saturated interspersed from the rainbow palette.

Beige kitchen

Many people like the shade of cappuccino for its practicality. It is quite soft, as well as a warm color, on which spots are almost invisible. White and brown elements look good in beige surrounds.

Yellow kitchen

A small kitchen in yellow tones has every chance of becoming the most favorite place in the house. Moderately bright, this color creates a good mood and warms even on cloudy days. Yellow is excellently combined with white, light gray, green, as well as most pastel colors.

Green kitchen

The cheerful shades of spring foliage will create a cozy and pacifying atmosphere in the kitchen. The green color is ideally complemented by brown and gray, and especially with a pattern of natural wood.

Common mistakes in the design of a small kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

There is an opinion that on an area of 5-6 sq.m. absolutely nothing fits and the convenience of such a kitchen leaves much to be desired. A number of errors lead to this.

The first reason for crowding is too large furniture and appliances, which take up a lot of space and do not fit well into the architecture of the room.

A sense of confusion also occurs due to the large number of colors and textures when dishes or food boxes are stored on open shelves. The color dissonance between the walls, the ceiling and the headset also violates the harmony of space.

The pipes of the water and gas pipelines left in sight do not add coziness, and due to the lack of exhaust and normal ventilation, not only the hostess’s health suffers, but also the cleanliness of the surfaces in the cooking zone.

Choosing the right layoutNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

The comfort of the kitchen area to a large extent depends on the location of the headset and the so-called “working triangle” – a refrigerator, stove and sink. Triangular geometry was invented specifically for small spaces in order to simplify the cooking process, to make it more ergonomic.

The main points of activity should be at the corners of the figure, between which the hostess will be able to move freely. The layout itself is determined by the length of the walls, the location of the doors, windows and communications. In tight enclosed spaces, it is best to use structures that resemble the shape of the letters P and G. For open studios, a linear, circular or island version may well be suitable. And if you got a corridor-type kitchen (for example, a walk-in), then it is best to use a parallel layout.

Layout of a square small kitchen

For kitchens in which all walls have the same length, a U-shaped design is ideal. In this case, one of the corners of the working triangle will be straight. It is advisable to leave a window seat for washing, and arrange the stove and refrigerator symmetrically, closer to the center of the blank walls. This will provide quick access to three main subjects.

L-shaped layout can be selected if you want to leave a free corner for the dining area. In this case, the sink is installed in the corner, and the rest is on opposite sides of it.

Layout of a narrow (rectangular) small kitchenNew Modern Kitchen Interior and Color Trends 2021-2022

If the kitchen is narrow, then for it the best choice would be linear or parallel placement. In the first version, the set with the working surfaces is placed along one long wall, in the second – on the one hand it is better to place a sink and stove, and on the opposite – a refrigerator and cabinets with products.

Layout of a small kitchen of non-standard shape

The open-type kitchen, characteristic of studio apartments, allows you to use any convenient layout system. For example, if the cooking zone is separated from the living room by a counter-worktop with a built-in hob and sink – you get an island type; if this septum has the shape of a semicircle – oval.

Interesting design options can be made if the architecture of the room contains niches, bay windows or ledges. To do this, you need furniture made according to an individual sketch.

Given the intensity of operation, the floor covering in the cooking zone should be as strong as possible, resistant to moisture, easy to wash and, preferably, not slippery. These criteria are best met by linoleum, porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, as well as self-leveling floors based on polymer resins.

In order not to “break up” the already cramped space into even smaller sections, the coating should be made monophonic, and the elements should be large and glossy.

For wall decoration in a small kitchen, you can apply paint with moisture-resistant compounds (latex and acrylic water-dispersion paints with the addition of anti-mildew substances), fiberglass, washable vinyl wallpapers, plastic panels.

It is advisable to protect the area above the sink, stove and countertop with a ceramic coating (tile, smooth artificial stone) or tempered tinted glass.

Curtains in the kitchen should be used sparingly, because they not only quickly become dirty, absorb odors, but are also considered fire hazardous. If the window faces the south side, a short translucent curtain (tulle) or a narrow strip of dense material hung by the principle of a visor will help protect against bright rays.

Quite universal options for a small kitchen are blinds and rolled bamboo products. Another convenient solution – folding accordion Roman curtains.

Instead of natural fabrics difficult to care for, it is better to give preference to synthetic textiles (polyester, nylon, lavsan) with water-repellent and refractory impregnation.

Trends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

Trends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and AccessoriesRefuse handles, remove the upper cabinets and rely on matte white facades – we tell you what designers offer next year.

It’s a few months before the new year, but it’s worth voicing the trends of the upcoming seasons in design now. After analyzing current trends and popular design techniques, we can draw the following conclusions: modern kitchens in 2021 will be decorated in accordance with the principles of minimalism, without far-fetched decor and with an emphasis on natural eco-friendly materials and textures.

Actual styles in the design of the kitchen in 2021Trends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

The less the kitchen resembles itself, the more fashionable it will become. Ideal if the furniture is generally invisible. You can choose the walls and facades in the most similar materials and shades. For example, a stone texture, universal white color or decorative plaster and facade for concrete will do well. A minimum of scenery, no panels and built-in laconic appliances – voila, your invisible kitchen is ready.

MinimalismTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

Designers say with one voice that minimalism went beyond the interior style and became a way of life for citizens. Refusing all that is superfluous in favor of maximum functionality is one of the main trends of next year. This also applies to the repair and decoration of kitchens.

Choose a laconic finish, try to avoid bright prints and an abundance of various accessories, at least in prominent places. Get inspired by interiors by fashion designers. To clear the space of all unnecessary, it is not necessary to go to the garbage chute. Think of a storage system and arrange all your belongings behind minimalist facades. The interior will become lighter.

In a small kitchen, this rule is most applicable. Clean plain facades and a simple dining group fit perfectly into a small footage. Choose the built-in technique, refuse hardware, let the furniture be with a simple, flat surface.

Kitchen design in 2021 is a novelty, first of all, among high-tech gadgets. It may even make sense to save on facades to please a planetary mixer controlled by a smartphone. Choose a technique with a decent filling and sleek design. There is an opportunity to buy a built-in model, do it. You can integrate anything: a microwave, oven, dishwasher and even a coffee machine. Do not keep small equipment such as a yogurt maker, bread machine or dehydrator in sight, provide a place for them in cabinets.

Eco friendly kitchenTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

Except that the lazy one doesn’t speak about an ecological lifestyle. Things from recycled materials, farm products and maximum attention to naturalness – eco-style is at the zenith of its popularity.

To create a trendy interior, use a neutral color palette and a basic finish: sky blue, a shade of fresh green. They can be saturated with berry tones or bright yellow, reminiscent of the summer sun. Choose furniture from natural materials, the most versatile is wood. Do not forget about the textures: linen tablecloth and curtains, living plants in clay pots and a jute rug on the floor. The right accessories are a spice for the interior.

Trends in kitchen furniture in 2021

Matte textureTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

There is a common opinion about the soiled facades. And this does not depend on color, but on texture, for example, fingerprints will be clearly visible on a glossy surface. That is why such facades are increasingly abandoned in favor of opaque ones. And for those who do not want to spend time cleaning, you should pay attention to special dirt-repellent coatings for furniture.

Set in line and kitchen island

The linear set instead of the L-shaped is, again, a tribute to minimalism. The most relevant arrangement of furniture is the island and cabinets, lined up in a straight line along the wall where the appliances are built. Even if you have a small footage, do not rush to abandon the island layout, in this way you can even improve the ergonomics of the room. It’s ideal to build a sink in the island, but instead have a hob.

Thin countertopsTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

We choose thick countertops, unconsciously considering them more durable. But, if you follow common sense, you can safely abandon the classic countertops in favor of thinner ones – just select the right material. Very durable models are made of granite or porcelain stoneware; glass is good for a light interior.

Extremely simple facadesTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

Modern kitchen design ideas in 2021 imply the abandonment of upper cabinets and handles. An impressive amount of kitchen utensils has lost relevance and it no longer needs to be stored at home.

You can replace the cabinets with an open shelf for decorative dishes or even leave the space empty. Handles for lockers also lost relevance. They gave way to a hidden door opening system at the touch of a button. So the facades look more solid, the handles do not collect dirt on themselves and do not attract too much attention.

White colorTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

In addition, white, due to its purity and simplicity, is the main color of trend minimalism. This is a universal shade to which you can pick up any accessories and equipment.

Outdated Design TricksTrends 2021 in Kitchen Design: Fashionable Styles, Colors and Accessories

  • Velvet classics: elements of baroque, rococo and other heavy historical heavy styles.
  • Bar counter. Unfortunately, the accessory popular at the time, due to its complex design, lost its relevance in the era of minimalism.
  • Photo printing on the facades. The general trend in the 90s did not touch the tasteless kitchen furniture.
  • Open storage. It is better to avoid foci of accumulation of small objects – utensils, accessories.

New Trends for Kitchen Designs 2021

New Trends for Kitchen Designs 2021A few decades ago, the kitchen was hidden at the back of the house. It was a place where they cooked and washed dirty dishes. Fast forward to 2020, and it will play a completely different role. Today, the kitchen is the center of the house, and now instead it is on display in all its beauty and warmth in the very center of the house.

Culinary spaces have changed a lot over the past decades and planning or remodeling is also very important. Technological progress and changes in social dynamics have made a great contribution to the development of modern trends. As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have become favorites for homeowners.

New trend number 1. Smart KitchensNew Trends for Kitchen Designs 2021

Technology has come into full force and not only in the form of fancy gadgets and household appliances. Today, you can see the kitchen with technology integrated into every function – from taps to the refrigerator to lighting. This is what we call smart cooking.

Lightweight add-ons are kitchen taps equipped with Motion sense, which can sense the presence of hands under them and automatically turn on or use the one-touch function. Refrigerators that can alert you when your products run out or the coffee maker is programmed so that your coffee is ready when you wake up. There is also a gadget that monitors the readiness of eggs, telling you which ones are undercooked.

Integrated kitchen technologies are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners experiment with new technologies. This is one of the biggest new kitchen trends in 2020-2021.

Kitchen decor trend No. 2. Dark shadesNew Trends for Kitchen Designs 2021

Although white cabinets are a classic look that can be used in almost any style, we are slowly starting to see them at the exit! We expect white to begin to decline in popularity during 2020-2021, so expect to see kitchens in different colors of paint.

Colors will be most popular in shades of blue and green. In addition to these neutral shades of nature, there is another color palette that breaks into the kitchen – dark precious tones: black, dark blue, emerald green and even plum. It will surprise you with how well dark kitchen cabinets can work in and / or improve the kitchen space with its luxurious feel.

Dark kitchen furniture is full of elegance and a deep rich luxurious atmosphere that other options simply do not create. However, you should be careful, as dark colors can crush space and make the kitchen small. But more and more homeowners are becoming bolder and are choosing a dark kitchen set and kitchen furniture. Expect to see tons of black and dark shades, as this is the new trend of 2020-2021. Take a look at the new design trends below.

New kitchen trend number 3. Streamlined designs, materials and texturesNew Trends for Kitchen Designs 2021

Kitchen designs are becoming more streamlined in their overall aesthetics. They will continue to be a huge trend during 2020-2021.

Removing the top wall cabinets has become a growing trend in the last few years as it opens up the visual space, making the small kitchen much larger and brighter. This allows you to use the space more productively. Not to mention the fact that most people can’t get to what is on the upper shelves of the kitchen. Although open shelves would be a great alternative if extra storage space or a focus element is required.

Open shelving, raw wood bring natural elements and a more industrial design. Natural stone floor tiles or kitchen aprons that are sculpted, beveled, or stacked make for an amazing trick. These interesting textures are very different from the usual polished or glossy coatings that we see everywhere. Caisson, tray and wooden beams are the perfect new trend of 2020-2021.

There is a noticeable growing new trend of 2020-2021 towards softer and more neutral colors. More and more homeowners are choosing colors such as: gray, dark gray, cream or white. This definitely follows the trend towards cleaner styles seen in most home spaces.

It is important to note the growing popularity of composite sinks. These are sinks made of the same material as the countertop. This creates a cleaner, even look and makes cleaning with maintenance much easier. However, it will be a tough battle against the still very popular stainless steel and farm sinks.

If you look at modern designer kitchens, you will find that the classic materials that you expect in kitchen facades, countertops and household appliances have now been replaced by very unusual building materials. Of course, this is always a wallet issue, because some surfaces are more expensive than others. However, the kitchen trend continues with an unusual selection of material.

In particular, four materials are preferably selected:

  • marble
  • strained glass
  • concrete
  • ceramics

This sounds unusual at first glance, because ceramics will most likely be in the bathroom and concrete in the basement, but using them in modern new kitchen trends makes sense. Thus, classical marble is characterized not only by a very high-quality appearance, which can no longer be used only on the countertop. Tempered glass surfaces add a glossy finish to the entire kitchen and, combined with coordinated lighting, can create a great color effect. In addition, the glass surface is very scratch resistant and can be well maintained from a hygienic point of view.

Even concrete is very scratch and heat resistant. In addition, it can also be well cleaned. Last but not least, ceramics can win with its variety of design possibilities.New Trends for Kitchen Designs 2021

The usual spatial structures, according to which the kitchen and the rest of the apartment were visually and functionally separated, have long disappeared. And to be honest, this is actually nothing new.

Today you don’t have to decide which room you will receive guests in, because modern new kitchen trends and concepts with separate kitchen islands, a bar counter and a comfortable interior make your stay in the kitchen as comfortable as in the living room on the sofa.

Let these new trends serve as design ideas for your 2020-2021 kitchen. These ideas combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to create a cozy culinary space.

New Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021

New Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021All rooms in the house are important in their own way, so we must make each room as comfortable, functional, stylish as possible.

For good housewives, the kitchen, and in particular the modern design of the kitchen, is probably the most important in terms of capabilities and functionality, which makes it possible not only to pleasantly spend time with the family at home, but also to work wonders in the form of culinary delights.

And for those who live in apartments, and those who are happy owners of a large house, photo tips will be interesting, which kitchen design to choose if you plan relocation, remodeling, major repairs.

We are ready to present the trends in kitchen interior design in different styles for our readers, which will undoubtedly be of interest to those who want to improve an existing kitchen design or make a stylish kitchen design from scratch.

What are the main principles that determine the trendy design of the kitchen 2020-2021, learn from our review about the beautiful interior and styles of fashionable kitchens.

We create a radically new kitchen design 2020-2021. Analyzing Style FeaturesNew Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021

Each of the kitchen designs we proposed as photo options was selected according to the stylish trends that exist today in the field of interior design innovations.

Therefore, as can be seen below, the modern design of the kitchen, as a rule, is the most thoughtful, convenient, functional, practical for the hostesses.

A beautiful kitchen design can be created in different styles, but minimalist style prevails, delicate Provence, modern hi-tech, extraordinary modern, non-trivial loft style kitchen design.

Each kitchen design in a particular style has certain requirements for furniture sets, selected equipment for cooking and preserving products, wall decoration and flooring options, which you can see in the photo examples of the interior design of the kitchen below.

Stylish kitchen design can be performed on a large scale on a large area, however, a small kitchen interior can also be equipped using new-fashioned ergonomic approaches.

The kitchen designs are unique, where the kitchen and dining area are combined, which can be zoned by wall decoration, plasterboard designs, color transitions.

Kitchen design must include excellent technical devices in quality that maximally realize all the functional needs of the hostess.

Try to buy a large mortise sink oval, round, square in shape with an area for drying dishes, which will be similar in appearance to the color palette of the entire room, or represent the metal category of kitchen items.

Do not forget about the hood. It is better to make it as inconspicuous as possible, choosing a mortise fashionable model without any frills.

Now the trend is minimalistic kitchen design, loft, high-tech and provence, which is supported by the characteristic furniture of white, black, beige, coffee, gray and stylish design appliances in the same style.

The technique should be as modern as possible so that you can be controlled as easily as possible in your kitchen, without making much effort, and without feeling the difficulties. Evaluate touch devices, smart systems in the arrangement of the kitchen, etc.

Note that stylists recommend that the design of the kitchen be done in calm and understandable shades, but at the same time introduce stylish bright notes and motifs into the interior in the form of furniture elements, accessories, and decor.

Additional details in the form of lighting, paintings, watches, storage jars, textiles, etc. can be made in red, emerald, pale yellow, or in multi-colored combinations, examples of which you can see in our collection of ideas.

The visual simplicity and quality factor will help to introduce integral aprons and countertops made of metal, marble, imitating expensive textures of materials, into the kitchen design.

Tiled aprons are a bit outdated. Many stylists recommend instead using imitations of masonry, bright solid monochrome or multi-colored printed parts of the walls, with inscriptions and creative thematic drawings that affect the perception of space and create a pleasant mood from contemplating the interior.

Be sure to play with contrasts of colors and textures, thereby refreshing your new kitchen design.

Combine matte and glossy surfaces, fresh and bold palettes, contrast with the tandem of modern and classic motifs, reproduce your vision of the beauty, convenience and the best interior of the kitchen in your understanding.

Stylists reject excess luxury, excess decor, which only spoils the modern design of the kitchen, hiding all the appliances behind the kitchen facades, often removing window textiles, giving preference to natural lighting.

Nontrivial trends kitchen interior design 2020-2021New Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021

For those who wish to receive an unusual and individual design of the kitchen. We recommend that you pay attention to the following styles of cuisine:

  • Kitchen design in the loft style.
  • The interior of the kitchen is Provence.
  • Trendy kitchen minimalism.

Since we have already briefly mentioned the restraint of minimalism, we note that the design in the loft style is considered especially nontrivial, which uses either natural materials or the most successful imitation of them.

In the interior of the loft kitchen you will find many wooden textures, metal textures, stone solutions, concrete with notes of architectural conciseness.

But the design of the Provence style kitchen is subject to the interior stylistics that originated in the town of France of the same name.

A similar kitchen interior involves a pastel palette of shades, delicate printed elements in small floral designs, visually aged furniture elements, vintage, lace decors and textiles.

As part of the style, you can use forging, wood, clay, ceramics, porcelain, tiles, as if they returned from the past to the stylish and modern design of the kitchen in your home.

The best way to choose a new kitchen design for yourself is to look at trending photo options that are presented in abundance in our review.

Kitchen 2020-2021: what new solutions should decorate your homeNew Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021

New Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021


New Kitchen Design Trends 2020-2021

Kitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year?

Kitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next YearI have long wanted to write an article about the trends that I see in the segment of “custom-made kitchens” and which, in my opinion, will be relevant kitchen trends in 2021. I want to look at this issue both as a designer, and as a manufacturer, and as a consumer of furniture. Some of them will be controversial. But it’s even good – there’s something to talk about.

First, I immediately want to make a reservation that the trend is different. The furniture segment is very important and in what territory this furniture is manufactured and sold. In different segments their trends. I myself am interested in the segment of furniture with an average budget and above. And the trends that I will write about below are more closely tied to this particular segment. It is in this region that the most interesting kitchen projects are being implemented today.

And also I want to say that you should not mix real trends and exhibitions. At exhibitions, as a rule, there are large players who offer their customers modular systems. In practice, these systems are difficult to apply. Especially, recently, it concerns modern technological islands. The reality that surrounds us in life is a little different. Therefore, I will speak specifically about the trends that I see in practice, observing colleagues, the behavior of customers and manufacturers.

I will not build any specific logical chain on trends. A separate trend is a separate paragraph. Let’s start.

Trend 1: Natural Materials Still PopularKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Natural materials are still popular. At one time, especially in Moscow, there was a jump in demand for countertops made of quartz agglomerate. Now the market for these countertops has formed and occupied its niche. At the same time, interest in countertops made of natural stone has remained. This is especially evident in expensive projects. Still, a beautiful unique texture created by nature has a special unique strength.

I myself love natural materials. Imagine a sheet of stone that was taken from the bowels of the earth, now lies in “my kitchen” and decorates an apron. There is definitely value in it. At least for me.

If we talk about wood, then this material is also in demand. Of course, now all-wooden kitchens, even modern ones, look a bit old-school (ala 70-80s), but at the same time, interior designers still continue to use the natural beauty of wood in their projects. Often you can find bar counters made of slabs. And also in many projects, the filling is made from an array (boxes, trays).

I think that over time, taking into account the fact that our resources are limited, natural materials will become more expensive and their use will be possible only in expensive custom projects.

Trend 2: Design veneer is gaining momentumKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Another actively developing area, among materials for the manufacture of kitchens, is the use of design veneers in the external design of kitchens. Many lumber suppliers began to supply artificially modified veneers to Russia: natural stained veneers, reconstructed multi-veneers, as well as finished decorative panels. Therefore, many interior designers began to use the design veneer, decorating living spaces.

I myself like this direction. The only negative that can be identified is the space price for some positions. Over time, the situation may change and such a veneer can be found in budget projects. Time will tell.

We can definitely say that in the coming years, interest in the design veneer will only grow.

Trend 3: Kitchen furniture fades into the backgroundKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Recently, more and more often kitchen furniture has faded into the background. This trend is largely due to the popularity of the modern classic style. Interior designers began to place more emphasis on other interior details – an apron, flooring, walls and kitchen accessories.

I support this trend. Furniture should be as practical and functional as possible. If we talk about design, then a properly selected color scheme ultimately solves all issues. No matter how complicated the kitchen may be, if other materials and colors are poorly selected, then it is very difficult to save such an interior from the “failure”.

I think that this trend will continue to intensify and we will see more beautiful projects for a reasonable price.

Trend 4: Kitchen from the Salon – Already Tired!Kitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

A study of the interior website, where a large number of implemented projects are laid out daily, shows that people’s interest in large manufacturers is lost. More and more interesting projects are being implemented by small companies. This is a good trend for us as well.

The furniture market continues to change. If before, about five years ago, the kitchen was a purely conveyor product, now kitchen furniture has even been made in small carpentry shops. I’m not talking just about cabinet furniture, but about custom kitchens with unique sizes and thoughtful design.

Therefore, for large companies with their inflexibility, difficult times are coming. Someone may become more flexible. Someone will leave the market. Maybe I’m wrong – time will tell.

But the fact is the fact, interior designers are constantly looking for artists and are less and less looking at big brands.

Trend 5: Handleless KitchenKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

In general, it can be stated that pens in terms of design are becoming easier and less and less focused on themselves. If we talk about modern kitchens, then facades without handles and facades with mortise handles are gaining momentum.

A kitchen without handles, on the one hand, is more functional, on the other hand, it is not overloaded with details, and plus handles do not create any interference.

In general, this trend applies to all the things that we use every day. A minimum of buttons, a minimum of design, simplicity and convenience come first.

In expensive projects, increasingly began to use sliding systems for drawers with electric drive. The most famous of them (Servo Drive) is produced by blum.

Observing what projects our designers are working on, I can say that there is a consumer interest in this area of kitchens.

Trend 6: Three-tier kitchens also remain popularKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Following the previous trend, it is worth mentioning the “three-level” kitchens. We are talking about kitchens, which have an additional upper level in the form of mezzanines above the upper hanging cabinets and pencil cases. As a rule, the depth of these cabinets is the same as that of pencil cases and lower cabinets.

This layout came to us from the Scandinavian countries and is typical for kitchens in a modern style. It allows you to significantly increase the functionality of the kitchen and “unload” the lower cabinets from rarely used kitchen accessories.

As a rule, such kitchens have two primary colors. Often there are options using natural veneer and enamel.

Basically, such kitchens are installed in large spacious rooms. In kitchens combined with living room or studio apartments.

Trend 7: English KitchensKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

The connoisseurs of modern classics become popular kitchen in the English style. In Europe, this style has long found its consumer. English kitchens have a small frame, which is fixed on the body and which remains in place at the time of opening the facade. The presence of a framework greatly complicates the kitchen and makes it more unique, especially in our realities.

Many large companies are starting to offer their customers alternatives. For example, with a simulated frame. But it’s still not that. The frame should be on the case – this is the standard of style.

Today, half of the classic kitchens that we produce are made in this style. I think that interest in such kitchens will greatly increase in the coming years.

Trend 8: More metal in kitchen designKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Over the past two years, many custom workshops working with metal have appeared. They appeared by chance. There is a demand for unique decorative elements, pens and other elements. In our projects, we have several times collaborated with such workshops. Now, for example, we will soon hand over the kitchen with a unique portal, the box of which will be made of metal. There are first shots.

And also we have handed over several projects for which pens, grids and a base were made to order.

The services of such workshops are expensive. I think that with the development of a niche and the emergence of competition, prices will fall. And then we can see more interesting interiors, implemented with the use of custom metal decor.

Trend 9: Kitchen Colors 2021

In conclusion, I want to touch on the theme of flowers and name the most interesting shades that deserve attention.

Gray greenKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

This color is now trending in Europe. He calms, relieves the fuss. The color is deep, aristocratic. It goes well with white.

Pistachio colorKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Pistachio or olive color is similar in tone to the previous one, but softer in terms of perception. In general, pastel shades of green, swamp color have been trending for several years. Therefore, this color also remains relevant.

GrayscaleKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

The gray color of the kitchen will also be in trend in 2021. Especially light, light and faded options.

OcherKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

This year’s growing trend is ocher or persimmon. It is manifested both in the design of clothes, and now it is switching to interiors. Warm, positive thinking color. He is very close to me.

Blue tonesKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

The blue color will remain in trend, especially its faded shades – deep and complex.

In conclusion, I want to say once again that the trend of the trend is different – everything is relative. General trends allow you to keep abreast, but are not required. In this regard, I believe that you should always try to find your way. Creating any interior requires a creative approach. Therefore, using modern trends, you should not forget about your own feelings. Kitchen design should be close in spirit.

In this article, I highlighted the most key and significant, in my opinion, trends in the design of kitchens. If you have your own vision, be sure to write about it in the comments.

New Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is indisputably the central space of every apartment, every house. Here you can cook, chat, sometimes do the homework or work on the details of your own future. No wonder that the kitchen is the literal heart piece of your own world and requires special attention for the individual design. We looked at the latest kitchen trends.

Modern living in the kitchen inspires above all people, who prefer puristic and reduced. They choose their design as restrained as possible, with as smooth fronts as possible and objective shapes and colors. The aesthetics of abandonment is in the foreground. Straightforward design, simple and clear lines as well as a graphic overall appearance determine the philosophy of the modern kitchen. Anyone who does not really get warm with this new practicality will be happy to decorate their kitchen area with individual set pieces. But it is also in the decoration minimalism announced. It’s better to place a few outstanding eye-catchers than to drown the reduced forms of the kitchen with lots of ornaments.

Industrial look is boomingNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

Objectivity and minimalism are the new buzz words in ultramodern living. So the rough industrial look is currently the absolute non plus ultra. Its austere charm shows with lots of concrete or slate surfaces, a rusty look and metallic accents. To use this trend, you do not necessarily live in a loft, but a slightly more airy space is certainly not wrong. If you do not want to get warm with the rugged appearance of the Industrial Look at first glance, the combination with warm wood accessories or sparingly used decorative materials loosen up the strict look. But, do not worry, even the friends of the more classic kitchen outfits are currently well served. But also in these trend currents straightforward and straight forms are important.

Dark colors are announced

In keeping with the industrial look, the color palette in modern kitchen design is also evident. The new kitchen colors are dark and subdued. This current trend is called “Dusty Colors”, but is not at all dusty but highly topical. Dusty Colors are damped, dull colors with little luminosity. This color scheme is created by using shades of gray in combination with green, blue, violet or brown shades, giving the kitchen a very special ambience. But even the black kitchen is back in fashion and is welcome in every kitchen style. Elegant design kitchens convince with matt surfaces and a handle-free look. If you like living with more color, the best way to combine the new dark surfaces with wood colors or white. Because contrasting colors gently dampen the black complete look. But even more colorful splashes of color are gladly seen in the Dusty Colors: Whether individual fittings, kitchen appliances or decorations in bright red, green, blue or yellow or entire fronts in trendy colors such as avocado green or rose: Everything is allowed, which expresses the individual personality ,

Stainless steel also in the private kitchenNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

In recent years, copper and gold have already conquered the house kitchen, now followed by another high-quality metal: stainless steel. For hygienic and easy-care reasons, this surface has long been popular in the hospitality industry. In the private kitchen, it is now also making its debut with all its functional advantages. But here is not only the function in the center, stainless steel is simply an incomparable eye-catcher and also incomparably popular as a decorative element. Stainless steel surfaces simply give the kitchen a cool and modern look. Stainless steel is not only found in kitchen fronts or surfaces, but also in handles, fittings, worktop edges or baseboards. Combined with innovative high-tech devices, futuristic lights and so on, stainless steel creates a downright utopian ambience.

Herb garden in the kitchenNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

Do you like fresh herbs? If you had to go to the herb garden on your doorstep or on the balcony, the fresh herbs are coming straight from the kitchen. In the kitchen you will now find small, integrated kitchen gardens, with which herbs are quickly at hand to provide food directly for fresh spice. These indoor herbal teas are not only practical vitamin and spice dispensers but also a wonderfully contrast-rich, fresh and natural counterpart to the cool and rough industrial look of the new kitchen generation.

For example, SieMatic likes to use the herbal gardens in their own URBAN style world, a kitchen philosophy that is tailor-made for the modern city dweller. With the herb gardens, clear, green accents are set and the invigorating nature is brought directly into the city apartment.

The reinvention of the handleless kitchenNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

In 1960, the German kitchen innovators SieMatic presented the first handleless kitchen, triggering a revolution in kitchen design. The graphic lines that are possible with this innovation still captivate through their timeless elegance. Now, SieMatic has completely reinterpreted the handle-less kitchen with a new recessed grip: the special feature of this is the ergonomic gripping angle, the pleasant feel and the individually controllable light bar integrated into the shadow gap. Supplemented by transparent surfaces, filigree design and noble materials, completely new perspectives in the kitchen living world can now be tapped.

Solitary kitchen furnitureNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

Up to now kitchens built or combined as far as possible with or into the masonry have been the predominant form of design, so now more and more kitchens are establishing themselves as a standalone element. Kitchens as solitaires, so to speak. For example, SieMatic has reinterpreted such traditional furniture with the SieMatic 29. It is a kitchen buffet that enjoys a new popularity in the urban environment due to its historical surroundings. From a small espresso to a large menu, everything can be prepared here. Because the niche can be equipped as required with various kitchen functions: from light and sockets to sink, hob and extractor fan. Otherwise, it can be configured according to taste and need: in numerous material and color combinations, different widths and many equipment variants. Depending on the choice of color and material, the design of the niche can blend harmoniously into the surroundings or create a clear contrast. One thing is definitely the SieMatic 29: an eye-catcher in the room. For its excellent product design, this kitchen buffet was awarded the premium prize of the internationally renowned German Design Council: the »German Design Award in GOLD«.

Sound & Video all around

Of course, the new possibilities of consumer electronics also do not stop in the kitchen. From the high-end audio / video system via Internet access to the charging station for smartphones and tablets, everything is possible that your heart desires. SieMatic is also a pioneer here: The SieMatic Media System offers optimum data transmission quality via modern Bluetooth technology – produced in cooperation with the German sound manufacturer T + A. And this in all three style worlds Pure, Urban and Classic.

These Are the Kitchen Trends 2021

These Are the Kitchen Trends 2021Concrete fronts, copper kitchens or country house: these are just a few of the many trends that have developed in kitchens in recent years, and in some cases have remained. In general, one sees a strong trend towards more naturalness: whether in the form of kitchens with real wood or natural materials such as stone and concrete. And in 2021, this trend will continue. In addition, there will be another kitchen trend in 2021: open elements in the kitchen. Cabinets with glass doors and lighting, open shelves with metal frames and open shelf pull-outs have many kitchen manufacturers in their assortment. This should lighten up the kitchens and simplify the transition to living space. In terms of devices, the trend is clearly towards additional features that should make everyday life in the kitchen easier. For example, AEG equips the Comfort Lift dishwasher with a liftable lower basket. As a result, you have to bend less when loading and unloading – a great relief in the kitchen routine. In the following article we introduce you to these and other kitchen decor trends 2021.

Dark surfaces and sophisticated lightingThese Are the Kitchen Trends 2021

For example, the trend towards darker materials is obvious. Although white is still the most popular kitchen color, Gray is clearly on the rise. Hardly a manufacturer who does not have at least one kitchen in concrete look in the program. So that it does not become too gloomy and monotonous, elements made of wood or copper loosen up the industrial style.

In this context, the lighting of the kitchen plays an increasingly important role. In hardly any other room is a sophisticated lighting concept as important as in the kitchen – not least for safety reasons. In addition to the basic lighting is now increasingly on indirect light , for example, by lights that radiate from the upper cabinets from the ceiling. Lighting elements and strips are found in cabinets, in the kitchen base and in showcases. Also handles and drawer lighting as well as LED strips in the niche back wall are shown more and more often. Often they can be dimmed or even controlled by app. If you like it colorful, you can install elements with color changes.

The comeback of the showcaseThese Are the Kitchen Trends 2021

The showcases mentioned above are celebrating their radiant comeback as modern shelving systems in 2021. Whether with or without glass fronts and lighting, in stainless steel or black, with wooden shelves or completely puristic – the new shelving systems will not be missed in the future. The systems are flexible and expandable. Beautiful crockery can be set perfectly in scene, at the same time frequently used utensils, equipment or ingredients are easily accessible. The new showcases create important storage space and at the same time represent a connecting element to the living space. The trend towards the fusion of kitchen and other living areas will continue in 2021.

Shelf display case for the kitchen: storage space and design object in one: the new shelves and showcases are not only good in the kitchen, but also in the living area.

Niche rear walls as visual highlightsThese Are the Kitchen Trends 2021

A previously neglected area of the kitchen are the niche rear walls, which now shine with new manufacturers in various shades. The idea: By beautifying, modernizing or replacing the kitchen back wall you can give the kitchen with relatively little effort a completely new face. The classic tile mirror loses more and more importance. In its place are niche rear walls made of glass, wood, ceramics, metal or natural stone. A particular highlight is the backs of glass, which come in patterned or plain colors and can be equipped with LED lighting. The nice thing about it: If you have looked at the color or the subject enough, they can be exchanged easily. There is even the possibility to have a back wall made with your individual wish motif – for example a self-shot photo.

Niche back wall enhances the kitchen visually: This is how your kitchen becomes a real eye-catcher: Niche glass rear walls are easy to clean, enhance the kitchen visually and can be easily exchanged.

Other design trends for 2021 include:

  • Thin worktops, often made of stainless steel or glass.
  • Large sinks, in which also a baking sheet finds place. The drainer seems to become a discontinued model, replaced by roll-out drip grids or permeable sieve inserts.
  • Taps with sensor that are controlled by hand or foot movements.
  • Sophisticated waste separation systems, which are often mounted directly under the sink.

Important kitchen trends 2021

What are the novelties of the electrical appliances?

Also in the areas of cooking, rinsing and storage, the major manufacturers have implemented new ideas and consistently developed existing trends for a long time.

This fridge changes color

End with the unit look – the refrigerator is now in fashion. Colorful refrigerators have been around for decades, but the choice of color has been tricky so far. Since home appliances are durable, it was necessary to think very carefully about whether the chosen color would still fit in with their own living conditions in a few years’ time. This problem is now a thing of the past. Because Bosch has developed the Vario Style refrigerator, the first fridge-freezer combination that can change its color. The idea behind it is amazingly simple. The colored front is held in place with the help of hidden brackets and magnets, enough to pull, lift and remove them. Then you hook the other front and your fridge shines in a new color. Without tools and within a few seconds. So you can quickly and easily customize your refrigerator to your life situation and your taste.

New dishwashers: fast, gentle, powerful

In the field of dishwashers, there are some innovations that make flushing faster, gentler and more efficient. Flexible baskets, removable and movable cutlery drawers and special, height-adjustable fasteners for sensitive long-handled lenses or lift-up lower baskets are just a few of the features that feature in the new dishwashers. Very convenient are also attached to the back wall high pressure nozzles. They clean, for example, heavily soiled casserole dishes, which can be stowed and fixed upright by new divisions in the rear part, particularly effectively. In addition, this will gain space in the dishwasher.

Speaking of a dishwasher: This is – just like the fridge – now in drawers again. A trend that could prevail in small households in particular saves a lot of space without sacrificing comfort.

Innovations in extractor hoods

No matter if it is a skimmer, a headless hood or a downdraft – modern exhaust systems are much more comfortable than their predecessors. New models take less space and are therefore suitable for the modern island kitchen. Increasingly, filterless systems are used, which represents a big step forward in terms of handling and hygiene. Many systems can be easily disassembled and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. All offer significant improvements in terms of operating noise and air quality.

Two trends can be observed: the fume cupboard is either space-saving and efficiently installed in or next to the hob – or floats above the heads as an unmistakable design element. For amateur chefs with a penchant for drama, there are illuminated hoods with a built-in high-end sound system. So cooking becomes an event and then you can continue cooking in the kitchen.

Clean air and flexible planning

In many kitchens, massive extractor hoods disturb the otherwise very detailed look. And especially with island kitchens such a hood almost always disturbing and unaesthetic. For such cases, Siemens now offers a solution with its induction Air system, which almost completely eliminates the extractor. This system is a clever combination of induction hob and integrated extractor hood. This is so space-saving installed, that he swallows hardly any storage space under the work surface. The space above the hob is also completely free. Whether exhaust or circulating air is completely up to you. The induction Air system is available in both variants.

Lighter cooktop operation

For a lighter cooktop operation manufacturer NEFF provides. The TwistPad® is a round control knob that can still be operated perfectly even with wet or oily fingers. The pad is held in place by a magnet, in the middle of the digital display of the hob to be exact. Just a light touch in the direction of the desired cooking zone is enough to activate it. Turn the pad to set the cooking levels. Built-in sensors register the change in direction and ensure precise control. This makes the control of the hob very easy. But do not worry: the removable button is also a child safety device. If you take it off, the hob will switch off automatically.

Quick cooking with the Dialoggarer

Still not a trend, but definitely an interesting novelty is the Dialoggarer developed by Miele. The appliance, which looks like a normal oven with an opaque door, cooks food using electromagnetic waves. Sensors inside measure continuously how much energy the food has already absorbed. The required “gourmet units”, ie the amount of energy, the user either himself or he is looking for the appropriate settings in the database, which is to be expanded constantly. It all works by using an app. If a crispy crust or roasted aromas are added, lower and upper heat can be switched on.

Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional FurnitureAnyone who wants to buy a kitchen in 2020 is already beginning to research. Rightly so: the leading kitchen fairs for the German-speaking countries are over, the producers of kitchens and appliances well prepared with their program for the coming year. We illuminate furniture that comes more and more often for the kitchen, bathroom and living space from a single source; the prevalent kitchen colors for 2020 and appliances that shoulder the responsibility for a good Sunday roast on their own. Here are the kitchen trends 2020:

Kitchen Trends 2020: Will Be Made In September Of The Previous Year

The September is traditionally one of the pioneering fair month for the coming year kitchen. The IFA, numerous in- house fairs along the A30 in Ostwestfalen and the supplier fair a30 meet in clash and usually present all the novelties that manufacturers of furniture and equipment intend to publish in the coming year.

Therefore, the final quarter of a year when many companies graduate and customers focus on the Christmas business is anything but calm and reflective: here are the trends for the New Year, which customers can purchase later than next spring.

So how do you look, the kitchen trends 2020? We take a look at the new models of kitchen and appliance manufacturers and reveal the most important trend topics for the coming year. Among them: more and more producers graze on other areas and enlarge their main business to other branches – keyword holistic in the product range. Not only sink manufacturers, including BLANCO and Franke, offer countertops and basins, but also countertops, as well as furniture manufacturers such as LEICHT and nobilia present all-encompassing living ideas – and multiply their product rangeRoom dividers, bathroom furniture and sideboards.

A second important component of the kitchen trends in 2020 is the autonomization of the kitchen appliances, which now not only serve as a kitchen helper, but rather as an independent household – with independent cooking, baking and rinsing.

In its infancy, however, and quite critically by customers such as local producer who puts growing influence of the Asian market to European households: took brands like Hoover and Candy far only small marginal spaces at trade fairs in this country one, they entered this year with conglomerate Haier in of a new order of magnitude and are quite self-confident – the credo: rolling up the high-priced premium market together.

Find out more about these three and more kitchen trends for 2020 in our overview.

These Are The Kitchen Trends 2020: Sustainable, Consistent, Harmonious

1) Holistic Product Range: Multifunctional Furniture For Kitchen, Dressing Room And Bathroom

For quite some time, it has been commonplace in the premium segment to speak of the ” kitchen space ” rather than just the ” kitchen ” – meaning the holistic planning of a new fitted kitchen, which also profiled the wall and floor and the design of the kitchen environment including accessories and Involves light.

Looking at the Kitchen Trends 2020 many manufacturers go from furniture and appliances even one step further: EASY referred, for example, self-described ” Architecture brand ” of exclusive kitchen solutions with space-defining sideboards and room dividers now aware of the stage of designing accessible dressing rooms, refined equipped utility rooms and living spaces dares. This is made possible, on the one hand, by the in-house Vero and Fios cabinet systems, which also function as sideboards and shelving solutions with steel shelves and display cabinets. On the other hand, LEICHT has 2020floor -to-ceiling folding sliding doors, storage space constructions and table elements have been announced that fully reflect the multi-faceted life in one’s own four walls and thus offer a self-contained, architectural approach for buyers. The walk to the kitchen studio could in future save customers several more ways to become furniture retailers and interior designers.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Surprisingly many kitchen manufacturers present themselves for the kitchen year 2020 as Vollausstatter – in addition to the kitchen for the areas of living, dressing and bathroom. (Photo: EASY)

“More than kitchen”: many manufacturers penetrate into other furniture areas

The surprising expansion of manufacturing expertise – after years of working only on a soft transition to the living area – is also evident in other producers in the kitchen industry. For example, nobilia, Europe’s market leader for kitchens at various price levels, will not only offer kitchen solutions but also bathroom facilities, including bathroom and washbasin cabinets as well as fittings. The fair motto for 2019 was therefore ” more than kitchen ” – and applies to the kitchen trends in 2020 to half the industry.

The trend towards the ” room in the room “, which LEICHT had intensified with his living cube two years ago, was followed by an intensive focus on the utility room, which Schüller in particular has discovered and consistently expands. Also LEICHT, Nolte and nobilia are part of this.

Kitchen accessory manufacturer naber presents new approaches to lighting systems that can be realized in future with the naber LED system LUMICA® and can be connected to modern voice-controlled platforms such as Alexa or Google Home. At the same time, the company tried alongside his modular and more youthful ” Concept Kitchen ” also on high-quality dining room furniture from: the black banking top table of NBut Tablon ® -Sortiments are a significant expansion of the previous offer, which customers from now on from a hand draw can.

Last but not least, BLANCO once again brings up the topic of wholeness with the maximum hardened, individual stainless steel worktops from its BLANCO SteelArt line. The new version SolidEdge is only 6 mm high and, thanks to the lack of a shadow gap, seems to pass seamlessly from the worktop into the carcass. Here, too, customers can benefit from the filigree design of the flushing area and the working island from a single source.

The term ” multifunctional furniture ” may sound arbitrary, but actually indicates that living space and kitchen can be harmoniously equipped in future in a creative harmony. The individual furniture parts in turn can be chosen from more and more variants in color and materiality (lacquer, wood, glass, steel).

A structured order for the cloakroom is presentable to the outside – and blends harmoniously into the rest of the environment in this case. (Photo: nobilia)

For many years, the sink and fitting manufacturer BLANCO has also been producing extremely distinctive steel worktops with SteelArt. The latest creation, SolidEdge, is further proof that manufacturers are moving to other sales territories as well. (Photo: BLANCO)

2) Autonomization Of Kitchen Appliances: “Guided Cooking” With Hob And Oven

You do not have to give up control of your new oven – but like to take responsibility when it comes to bringing elaborate menus for guests to the table with pinpoint accuracy and perfect coordination. Modern kitchen appliances are no longer just a friend and helper in the kitchen trends of 2020, but rather take over the sole operation: Miele’s Generation 7000, for example, can bake almost autonomously, dose and start the dishwasher independently or analyze and store your coffee preferences. Siemens baking ovensopen on demand, ” Guided Cooking ” by V-ZUG avoids the burning and overcooking of food and Bosch attacks the all-rounder Thermomix from Vorwerk with its new “cookit” food processor.

The new autonomous glory of the kitchen appliances may inspire some new customers respect, but it promises at the same time increased security in the kitchen by sophisticated sensors and control mechanisms. In addition, there are surprising taste sensations, with which even complicated dishes are easier to succeed. Learn more about the kitchen appliances for 2020 in this article.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Oven doors that automatically open when prompted, self-leveling dishwashers and cooking hobs that guide users to their best with “Guided Cooking”: the new kitchen appliances for 2020 promise an exciting kitchen future. (Photo: Siemens Hausgeräte)

3) Micro-Living: Thought-Out Storage Space For Small Spaces

The urbanization of the modern world inevitably brings with it a reduction of living space for every urban citizen. Even if at trade shows rather presentable the appearance is maintained to equip only generous kitchen space, but many manufacturers have to bake for the coming years smaller bread – and focus on solutions for so-called ” tiny spaces “. Instead of free movement, original storage space utilization is in demand: some people see it as a challenge as a sport and create floor-to-ceiling wardrobe concepts, which also provide the narrowest storage space with high-quality materials extremely elegant and functional use. Leading the way here are, for example, LEICHT or the black- forested kitchen manufacturer zeyko, which not only advertises its high-end premium kitchens but also the modular zeyko rack system for simple and high-quality kitchen solutions.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Impressive: with the right storage space usage, the customer gets a lot of space in the smallest space. Clever solutions for “tiny spaces” are now also part of the repertoire of the major furniture retailers. (Photo: nobilia)

4) Sustainability: Making Kitchens 100% Carbon-Neutral

The topic of the hour was already on the list of many manufacturers for the kitchen trends in 2019 – but unlike last year, the producers of the industry have not only known on paper, but taken appropriate measures. The Kitchen Trends 2020 therefore indicate not only increased efforts, but consistent actions towards: the factory Rotpunkt from the East Westphalian frets, for example, thanks to the organic kitchen collection ” Green Line for years has been a pioneer in this field” and is now also in high demand among consumers, has written on the flags,from 2020 “one hundred percent carbon neutral (to) finished”. This is made possible by the feed-in of green electricity, sustainable investments in the production sites as well as the promotion of e-mobility throughout the entire marketing chain.

Also the Black Forest Manufacturer EASY feels by its own account with the “whole LIGHT Collection 2020 (…) the issue of sustainability committed ” and continues to produce his kitchen space equal to several measures for responsible, environmentally-friendly behavior.

Häcker Küchen was proud to announce on this year’s kitchen mile A30 at its own site in Rödinghausen that this year, they will be able to produce carbon-neutrally and have recently been awarded as a climate-neutral company. It goes without saying that not everything can be changed from one day to the next: Häcker states that it is necessary to record and consistently reduce its own emissions and, where it can not be avoided, consciously compensate by acquiring climate protection certificates. It can be assumed that this topic will be addressed even more consistently in the next few years – from all sides of the kitchen industry.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

The manufacturer Rotpunkt Küchen proves that elegance and nature conservation must not be mutually exclusive. A large part of the East Westphalian cuisine is also available in the sustainable version “greenline”. (Photo: Rotpunkt)

5) European Vs Asian Market: Haier Pushes Forward

Do you know the household appliance producer Haier ? No? Well, then you’ll be surprised to hear that the company has been the world leader in large household appliances for about 10 years – and was founded about 25 years ago. The Chinese company has become so big, especially because of the millionfold expandable Asian market, and is now pushing for the European market. What began with simple refrigerators and a cooperation with the German Liebherr Group (whose 2nd syllable is also derived from the Asian name), has now become a multinational corporationdeveloped with a wide range of products, from mobile phones to washing machines.

But that’s not all: at the kitchen fairs, the company, together with the once Italo-American brands Candy and Hoover (now also in Chinese hands) was quite self-confident and consciously attacks the higher-priced premium appliance market. Innovations like the oven ” H-Keepheat 700 “, which not only can prepare food, but also preserve it, or the washing machine ” RapidO “, which wants to convince with the fastest washes, should improve the Asian profile on European soil and set it apart from the German competition, It remains to be seen to what extent thebrand-conscious German and Austrian consumers are getting involved in electrical appliances.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

With visually elegant and technically advanced refrigerators, Haier, the world’s leading brand of equipment, now wants to roll out the European market. (Photo: Haier)

6) Kitchen Colors: Muted Tones Accompany Black

That more and more manufacturers of kitchen appliances and kitchen formats have dedicated themselves to the magic orientation ” All Black ” is not entirely new. Black is the new stainless steel ; Almost all well-known manufacturers have released a version of their successful models in dark anodized steel or black glass. In the color scheme of the kitchen spaces, the German premium manufacturers have long since approached Italian design ideas: dark walnut and black matt lacquer fronts dominate the showrooms.

Contrary to the bold colors of other years – think of the intense grass green of the Valcucine glass kitchens or the luminous Les Couleurs Le Corbusier® shades by LEICHT – all manufacturers agree this year on the calm tones that will be struck for the kitchen trends in 2020, Soft sand tones, a soft ceramic gray or subtly green-gray touched natural stones accompany the dark kitchen spaces and thus create a very harmonious, self-contained picture.

Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO of LEICHT Küchen AG, summarizes the color kitchen design for 2020 quite emphatically: “I believe that the phase, which was characterized by the joy of experimenting and the desire for ever new things, is coming to an end.” That’s also true to do something with the awareness of sustainability and at the same time quiet the desire of the people for a ” place of rest and security “. The eco-balance of products has become an important purchasing criterion – it does not always have to be something new every year.

Cheerful splashes of color in the increasingly elegantly designed kitchen rooms, the customer sees only isolated: here a trendy mustard yellow, as a delicate Mauve, now and then a coral tone as “color of the year 2020” or an even darker terracotta. It will be interesting to see how Pantone, the color company, will react to this, whose annual determination is approaching the “color of the year” in November.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Harmonious, quiet living sounds predict kitchen trends in 2020. The popular black for kitchen and home furniture is softly caressed with light gray or warm white pebbles and sand tones. Patches of color are expressed over mustard yellow and coral. (Photo: EASY)

At good kitchen traders, you will receive extensive advice on timeless kitchen styles that are not subject to any trend and yet are oriented towards modern kitchen planning and your personal needs.

Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage SpaceWhat awaits us in the kitchen in 2021? In short: interesting contrasts. The purist coziness draws into the kitchen space thanks to clear forms and warm materials such as wood. Read our forecast for the kitchen trends for 2021, which revolve around dark furniture, warm wood tones and gently delineated kitchen spaces. And the kitchen sink, of course.

Real trends take years to assert themselves – and do not disappear so quickly from the scene. Nevertheless, furniture and appliance manufacturers at the numerous kitchen fairs feed us every year with news that should bring the coming kitchen year. Why it is still worthwhile to look more closely, is explained quickly: at some point, trends take their course, and that can only know  who already reads what tomorrow is coming.

For example, kitchen trends in 2021 also provide a number of design ideas that have long been imaginable – such as the further development of the smart home or the influence of dark tones on the kitchen space – and yet also create surprises: the kitchen sink is now considered by many to be the new center of the kitchen celebrated.

Kitchen Trends 2021: 1) Open Plan Kitchens Are Limited

The open kitchen is an integral part of modern planning; be it for aesthetic reasons or simply because the tight living space forces architects to do so. Nevertheless, a turnaround is foreseen for the year 2021: Although kitchens continue to share a space with dining and living furniture, they are becoming increasingly delimited in their unity.

This can be done through partitions in the form of shelves that are accessible from both sides, but also through real, half-drawn walls or even across different levels of the apartment, which are connected by open parapets and stairs. In the US, this trend change has become noticeable as the so-called ” Broken Plan Living “. In Germany and Europe, companies such as LEICHT, häcker, bulthaup and SieMatic with metal braces, free-hanging hanging shelves and special sideboards provide a gentle demarcation of the open kitchen space, which nevertheless blends into the living area.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

The kitchen will remain open in 2021 as well. But for the first time in years, the “Broken Plan Living” ensures that partitions and cabinets delicately limit the space. (Photo: Dross & Schaffer Munich East)

Kitchen Trends 2021: 2) The Sink As The New Center Of The Kitchen

Of course, it was the sink manufacturers themselves who ascribed the kitchen sink a special function: the sink as a place of action in the kitchen where you can do almost all the steps of the kitchen work process. BLANCO had slidable cutting boards adjusted to the drip area of its sinks and created a container for kitchen waste with the COLLECTIS 6 S model. SCHOCK called the prepstation, which is suitable for cutting directly onto the sink with a wooden board as a workplace on the sink and the scratch-resistant surface Cristadur. And Franke created thatFranke Box Center, which places cutting boards and cutting knives close to the sink.

The real accolade as a culinary trend in 2021 got the sink then, however, when premium kitchen manufacturer bulthaup proclaimed it the new center of the kitchen. The reason? Professional chefs could spend hours without electricity, but never without water to create their food. Reason enough for the bulthaup designers to make the sink even more functional (for example with a sloping draining board and insertable baskets). For 2021 may be expected that other kitchen manufacturers follow this example.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

The sink moves to the individually equipped center of the kitchen. Many jobs such as washing, cutting, rinsing and serving can be done right here – in particularly hygienic circumstances. (Photo: BLANCO)

Kitchen Trends 2021: 3) Wood Returns

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials that nature has to offer. And of course, wood was never really gone – but in the kitchen, for years, it combined old-fashioned country-style kitchens and hard-to-maintain material that expands, absorbs dirt like dyes and swells and contracts with liquids like water.

With the interest in the Danish lifestyle “Hygge” and the associated turn to the cozy own four walls, the enthusiasm for wood has grown again. Kitchen manufacturer LEICHT presented wood as part of its kitchen trends in 2021 – in the ” Solid ” model, it is matte-matte combined with minimalist plastic lacquer to create a down-to-earth interplay between elegant and natural. Also in the combination of materials ” Metropolitan Merge ” wood comes back on the scene, this time as an exotic mountain sub-line.

The East Westphalian kitchen manufacturer rational, who has given a new coat of paint to his ” cascade ” supporting program and is now focusing on Italian design in addition to German engineering, also relies on wood. This includes not only the finest natural stone but also elegant dark woods such as walnut, mountain larch and wild oak.

Luxury kitchen maker SieMatic uses real wood in his precious kitchen models, along with glass, metal and natural stone, turning dark, heavy wood cabinets with the right light inserts and metallic struts into majestic kitchen lines that redefine purism.

Also worktop manufacturer Lechner, who works with the most frequently used surface of the kitchen, recently presented at the area30 new worktops made of solid wood in six different decors, which need to be properly maintained, but bring warm and modern design into the kitchen space.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

Wood again dominates the kitchen designs of the high-quality manufacturers such as LEICHT, SieMatic and rational. As a veneer or decor, as an edge or real wood front, it is used as a warm contrast to glass and metal. (Photo: EASY)

Kitchen Trends 2021: 4) The Country House Style Returns

Earlier by old-fashioned cut timber fronts, the country house style with modern cut wood fronts in a delicate frame look back. Elegant characteristics for this can be found in LEICHT’s model ” Verve “, which, however, was already presented for 2018. That the trend continues in 2021, shows the continued success of the British company Neptune, which now also very successfully sold rustic kitchens in the English country house style in Germany – and thus sets standards for individually hand-crafted kitchen furniture.

Those interested in all price categories will find what they are looking for: the budget-friendly manufacturer häcker offers beautiful country-style kitchens as well as premium kitchen manufacturer zeyko. The kitchen trends 2021 show that the terms “purist” or “elegant” and “country house” are no longer mutually exclusive.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

The country house style becomes purist, clearly defined – and thus again modern: Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on this style in modern colors and materials for the kitchen trends of 2021. (Photo: häcker)

Kitchen Trends 2021: 5) Black Is… The New Black

Already at the EuroCucina 2018 in April it became clear what will dominate the kitchen space in 2021 – and probably also in the coming years. Among them are many dark tones such as anodized aluminum, anthracite plastic or natural stones in Greige, because the Italians love heavy tones and, unlike their German neighbors, do not be shy for a lively space like the kitchen.

The designers of all countries can agree on black: the mysterious, deep-dark color simply never goes out of fashion and was seen in rich, matt-lacquered shades in many German kitchen and appliance manufacturers. Black emerges as the color of shelf braces ( LEICHT ), as an elegant worktop in Fenix with antifinger print ( next123 ) or as tinted glass in carbon black for high-quality built-in appliances ( Bosch ). It was once called Farbtrend, it was the new black, you can hold for the kitchen trends in 2021 : Black has retook his place – if it ever was gone.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

Reduced optics, sensual coloring: In 2021, black will again be a favorite as a kitchen color that captures fronts, worktops and appliances. (Photo: next125)

Kitchen Trends 2021: 6) New Storage Spaces Are Being Developed

A kitchen room is only as good as the planner who realizes it. Storage space is one of the most urgent requirements that must be considered – and often at the expense of the aesthetics of a beautiful kitchen space. Nevertheless, a clear, visual inclusion of the storage space is emerging for the kitchen trends in 2021 : it is made visible in the form of vertically used areas and horizontally movable areas.

Bulthaup presented its perfect implementation at EuroCucina 2018 with its new bulthaup b3 model : the kitchen island now consists of an open stainless steel pan for kitchen utensils of all kinds, which can be covered with sliding worktops and closed if necessary. So everything is at your fingertips and yet outwardly minimalist and not visible.

Premium kitchen manufacturer SieMatic turn plays with storage space in the kitchen back wall can be, in the niches with oils, spices or kitchen tool filled, which then can be closed with one stone visually. New storage spaces help to keep things organized without having to adjust the kitchen with additional cabinets. A creative idea for wall-hung storage can be found here.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

Storage spaces will be redeveloped in a playful way in 2021: this stainless steel sink from the luxury kitchen manufacturer bulthaup can be equipped individually and, depending on requirements, can be concealed from prying eyes with sliding worktops. (Photo: bulthaup)

Kitchen Trends 2021: 7) The Smart Home: Fewer Buttons, More Automation Through Sensors

Of course, there must not be missing: who wants to report on the future, and thus about the kitchen trends in 2021, must deal with the smart home. Similar to the open kitchen space, the color black or wood as the main material of a kitchen, the smart home has long existed as a trend – and is constantly evolving.

For 2021, another automation of the smart home is announcing, without the user having to set it extra via smartphone, for example in the form of the self-dosing dishwasher (Miele), the self-dosing washing machine (Bosch, Siemens) or the reflective cooking hob ( V-ZUG, Miele, Siemens), whose cooking settings follow the cooking utensils everywhere on the hob.

In the future, the smart home will not only cope with less human intervention in the technology, but also slim down in the design : fewer and fewer button handles and buttons will be needed to make adjustments. Much is generated by the smart home from experience gained (for example, how long a dish needs to bake until it is cooked), others are sensed by sensors (for example, how dirty dishes and cups are in the dishwasher).

A puristic design also offers the prospect of the newly presented CERAN EXCITE lighting system, which in the future will guide users via LEDs or control the cooking process. Buttons and levers fall away. The future will be more filigree than ever.Kitchen Trends 2021: Lots Of Wood, Lots Of Black, Lots Of Storage Space

The Smart Home will not only increasingly relieve us of work, but also instruct and process it ourselves. Instead of pressing a button as before, many things will automatically be preset and displayed by light signals. (Photo: SCHOTT Ceran Excite)

Kitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and Appliances

Kitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and AppliancesAs every autumn, the major kitchen furniture and appliance manufacturers have presented their novelties. We would like to introduce you to the kitchen trends 2021 in more detail. For example, we will tell you which color you can not avoid in 2021, which new features will impress the electrical appliances and what trendy kitchen equipment  can do.

This is what the kitchen trends look like in 2021

Kitchen trends in furniture: We see blackKitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and Appliances

Particularly striking is the trend towards dark kitchens. Whether black, dark brown or gray – almost all manufacturers are showing their gloomy side in 2021. Whether the black kitchen will outrun the white and magnolia-colored kitchens that have long been the popularity scale? That will be decided in the kitchen studios. It is clear that the dark materials leave a high-quality and elegant impression and can be combined well with other colors. The trend is not limited to the fronts: Handles, cheeks, panel systems, pedestals and shelves are also presented in noble onyx black. Even with the electrical appliances, white or stainless steel is no longer necessarily the color of choice. Many manufacturers have black models on offer, which fit seamlessly into the dark kitchens.

However, a surprising splash of color can also be identified: Various manufacturers, such as Häcker, have discovered the color pink for themselves and offer fronts and shelves in delicate pastel. Maybe a new kitchen trend? At least an alternative for those who can not make friends with black kitchens.

Also, metal and ceramic decorations are still on the rise and in 2021 give a sophisticated touch to our kitchens. Marble, wood and stone looks continue to be major themes in the kitchen – as well as on fronts and countertops. Matte fronts have gained in importance, while you get to see complete glossy kitchens only sporadically. More popular is the combination of matt and shiny fronts. The premium segment now scores with effective anti-fingerprint coatings. The matte surface seal is intended to guarantee that fingerprints on dark, handleless fronts are no longer a problem.

Dark kitchen with pink shelves: Gray kitchens can be friendly thanks to the splash of color. Here pink shelf ensure more color.

Kitchen? Living room? Both!Kitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and Appliances

An important kitchen trend in 2021 is still the fusion of kitchen and living room. Many manufacturers have cabinets and shelves in the program, which would rather assume in the living area. This creates a consistent living concept with recurring elements, colors and shapes.

It goes without saying that the handle-less kitchen continues to be very popular. New elegant fronts, increasingly sophisticated hardware solutions and effective surface protection reinforce this kitchen trend. In order to be invisible in the open kitchen, electrical appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators disappear behind the fronts. Laterally retractable doors reveal the view of beautiful appliances or the home bar without being in the way. If they are closed, a uniform, smooth front is created. Also striking is the trend towards broad extracts. 90 or even 120 cm wide drawers offer a lot of storage space and visually ensure quiet fronts.

Brand new and perfect for smaller kitchens is the OrgaWall by Schüller. It can be equipped with various elements such as key board, coat hook or magazine rack and can also act as a mini wardrobe. It also includes a charging station for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Pens can find their place here, postcards and pictures are hung. It has the same design as the cheek of the cupboard to which it is attached.

Again, it shows that the trend towards the kitchen as a communication center continues unabated. Movable worktops and counters, which can be moved and thus adapted to different requirements, also contribute to this. So the hob or sink on the kitchen island under a countertop completely disappear. The counters can be retracted and extended and thus provide space for eating or reading a newspaper.

Lighting makes the difference: The worktop of this nobilia kitchen island seems to float thanks to the lighting.

Kitchen trends in lighting: Let there be light!Kitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and Appliances

Kitchens are becoming more and more comfortable, a sophisticated lighting concept is essential. The kitchen trend in 2021 clearly goes for indirect lighting and too many light sources, which both deliberately set accents and form a harmonious whole. Shelves and wall units are equipped with LEDs in different colors, which beautifully put the content in scene. Often one sees “floating” countertops. This impression is created when the grip track between the cabinet and the worktop is illuminated by LEDs. A similar effect is achieved by illuminating the kitchen base. Cabinets, drawers and pull-outs can also be illuminated from the inside. The light will automatically turn on when it opens and off again when it closes.

The lights in the kitchen can now be controlled by app or voice assistant. Important for the kitchen: The light can not only be dimmed, you can also choose between a cool white tone for working and warm light for eating, relaxing or watching TV. An individual lighting concept creates the desired feel-good atmosphere in the kitchen and inconspicuous elements are given character and color.

Electrical appliances can be so stylish: The new accent line carbon black from Bosch is completely black.

Kitchen trends in appliances: This is how we cook tomorrowKitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and Appliances

Devices that make cooking easier and more efficient have been very much in vogue for some time now. Even methods that enable a gentle preparation of food, and devices with corresponding functions are becoming increasingly popular. Bauknecht has recognized this and has therefore equipped his new ovens with various steam functions. You can choose between high, medium and low steam intensity.

Various manufacturers, such as KitchenAid, Bosch or Siemens, are focusing more on optics in 2021 and are bringing out ovens in elegant black. They fit perfectly into the trendy black or gray kitchens, but also make an interesting contrast in bright kitchens. Bauknecht has extended its range of ovens to include handleless appliances that are visually perfect for kitchens with smooth fronts. In the extractor hoods, downdraft downdraft fans will continue to play an important role. New in the program of the company Blaupunkt is a vertical hood for wall mounting above the hob. For use, it is simply opened and closed again after cooking. That looks classy, saves space in the kitchen and protects against banging your head.

In the field of hobs, the induction is becoming more and more prevalent. The fields are becoming increasingly flexible and can be interconnected to large cooking zones. Whether large roasting pan or small sauce pot – the fields recognize the cookware and heat it precisely. At the same time, the cooktops are becoming visibly more elegant and at the same time more user-friendly. For example, a special print beneath the glass ceramic in the new hobs from Miele enables a quiet, easy movement of pots and pans.

A big topic remains the networking of kitchen appliances. Many devices now work with digital voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa. But it remains to be seen whether the Smart Kitchen 2021 will make its final breakthrough.

Kitchen trends in sinks, faucets and kitchen back wallsKitchen Trends 2021: New Colors, Furniture and Appliances

Among the most interesting novelties in the field of accessories are certainly kitchen taps with various additional functions. The company Blanco impresses with fittings, from which not only bubbling or boiling hot water runs, but where you can now even adjust the desired amount. Rinse with several levels and shelves, some with cheerful colorful accessories available, complete the picture. In general, sinks 2021 are very angular, which is visually appealing, but in daily use, an optionally higher level of care.

Even those who like it less, will get their money’s worth in 2021. Many manufacturers offer worktop, sink and kitchen back wall in the same design. This leaves a particularly stylish and at the same time tidy impression. The kitchen back wall is generally becoming an eye-catcher. They are available in various materials and designs, for replacement or with additional functions such as panel systems. Often they are lit, which creates a particularly cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. Particularly original: mirrors as niche rear walls, which visually enlarge the kitchen, as seen by Häcker.

The worktops will be padded in 2021, not messed up. Whether made of natural stone, ceramic, wood, laminate or stainless steel – the new worktops are a highlight in the kitchen. There are still thin specimens in the trend, with some manufacturers trick here a bit: Due to a special cut the worktop is thicker down than the top, which gives it stability and still guarantees a great look. Very reserved is a variant therefore, in which the worktop is kept in the same material and design as the fronts of the base cabinets.

You want to discover even more trends? At the Kitchen Trends 2021 you will find more exciting furniture, appliances and accessories.