Modern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022The kitchen has always been considered a special place in the home. This is not only the place where we have our meals, but also the kitchen is associated with pleasant moments of cooking, tea drinking and special moments that will surely be remembered for a long time.

Therefore, it is important to create an amazing and delightful kitchen design of your dreams that is pleasing to the eye and meets all your requirements.

Kitchen interior design trends 2021-2022 are demonstrated in very laconic interiors without frills and multiple decorative details. On the contrary, the trend in kitchen design is simplicity, environmental friendliness, naturalness and naturalness, from materials to shapes and lines.

An important aspect of modern kitchen design is functionality. Not only the external presentation and design of the kitchen interior is of great importance, but also the practicality of being in it, the convenience of cooking and the comfort of the pastime.

And that means that many kitchen interior designs are made with an emphasis on home appliances and kitchen gadgets. The modern kitchen of 2020-2021, of course, should not be overloaded with a variety of technical devices, but those that exist should fully satisfy the needs of all inhabitants of a house or apartment.

In the design of a modern kitchen, considerable importance is given to the color palette in which the interior is made. First, the design of the kitchen should be in harmony with the interior of the whole house and fit into the overall atmosphere of your home. Secondly, modern cuisine is the minimum of everything necessary and the maximum of naturalness and simplicity.

Kitchens in light shades, without bright designs and accents will become a trend. Such trends in kitchen design most fit into the motives of naturalness and ease.

How about a kitchen design in white and black? Or a modern kitchen design with grays, beige, cream and milky shades combined with darker graphite and chocolate colors.

Calm color palettes can also be with lilac, bluish, green and other tones in the kitchen design of 2021-2022. But if you really want to, you can create small color accents in the kitchen design in order to give creative notes to the kitchen interior.

Environmental friendliness also plays a major role in the choice of materials for the kitchen. In the trend of the kitchen 2021-2022, made of wood, marble, metal, ceramics. Wood looks very impressive with a white finish on kitchen surfaces.

It is important to remember that modern kitchen design 2021-2022 should look easy and casual, not intricate and difficult to understand. Thinking through the fashionable interior of the kitchen, choose a small number of cabinets with their maximum capacity.

Kitchen appliances for creating modern kitchen design 2021-2022 are also important. Choose high quality and multifunctional kitchen utensils to be your best helpers.

In addition, equip your kitchen with appliances for cooking and more, which would significantly save you time, allowing you to more efficiently use the free “minutes”.

In addition, the lifestyle of a modern person is increasingly gravitating towards a correct and healthy daily regimen and nutrition, which is given a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the interior design of the kitchen should fully correspond to this and take into account all your needs, from smart kitchen appliances to finishing.

Multifunctional kitchen furniture with various storage systems, transforming kitchen furniture, a variety of work surfaces will be in the kitchen design trend 2021-2022. The sheen of glossy and glass finishes is also seen in modern kitchen interiors.

Among other things, the kitchen should be light and as spacious as possible. When choosing a kitchen design, consider lighting – both natural, such as large panoramic windows, and artificial – lamps, chandeliers, sconces, etc.

Quite often, you can face the problem of limited free space to create the design of your dream kitchen. In this case, designers recommend choosing modern kitchen studios.

A similar solution suggests combining the kitchen with other residential areas and while saving space. And you don’t need a separate room for the kitchen.

Zoning of living space into different functional zones is also in demand, especially in small apartments. In addition, a lot in the design of a modern kitchen can be decided by the style of the kitchen you have chosen – classic, high-tech, minimalism, Provence, loft, etc.

We are already familiar with the main trends in the interiors of trendy kitchens. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of kitchen design solutions for 2021-2022 with a photo.

Beautiful interior of a small kitchenModern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022

The current motive for 2021-2022 for light kitchens fits perfectly into the design of a small kitchen with limited space. It is in the design of a small kitchen that it is important to choose transforming furniture and a laconic interior without frills. The simplicity and naturalness of the design of a small kitchen, combined with a light color scheme, will make the space larger and more spacious. The design of a small kitchen in modern style, high-tech, Provence will be wonderful.

High-tech trend kitchen designModern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022

Fashionable kitchens in the direction of high-tech will appeal to lovers of the most functional and practical things. A minimum of decorative elements, wood and finishing. Spectacular high-tech kitchens are, first of all, the shine of glass and glossy surfaces, straight lines and the presence of various new kitchen appliances. It can be smart appliances for the kitchen – a smart kettle, refrigerator, etc., that fit perfectly into modern high-tech kitchens.

Modern Provence style kitchensModern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022

If you like a special French chic, then Provence style kitchen design will certainly impress you. Pastel surface shades, floral motifs and vintage elements. Walls with visible bricks, ceramic decorative elements, mosaics and a minimum of technical devices are welcome.

Loft style in the interior of the kitchenModern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022

For connoisseurs of an extraordinary interior, both the whole house and the kitchen, it is worth taking a closer look at the idea of a loft-style kitchen design. Exposed brickwork and communications, beams and rough wall finishes are characteristic of a loft kitchen. Along with this, there are vintage furniture and modern appliances and gadgets that will perfectly fit into the interior design of a loft for a modern kitchen in 2020-2021.

Modern kitchen designModern Kitchen Design Ideas: New Trends 2021-2022

The originality of the interior of the modern kitchen should be noted: practicality, convenience and functionality, complemented by laconic and strict lines, are of particular interest. Wood and metal, glossy surfaces and glass combine perfectly in the style of a modern kitchen. Color accents and asymmetries are encouraged, which make modern kitchens in a modernist style interesting and inspiring.


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