Kitchen Trends 2025: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Anyone who wants to buy a kitchen in 2025 is already beginning to research. Rightly so: the leading kitchen fairs for the German-speaking countries are over, the producers of kitchens and appliances well prepared with their program for the coming year. We illuminate furniture that comes more and more often for the kitchen, bathroom and living space from a single source; the prevalent kitchen colors for 2025 and appliances that shoulder the responsibility for a good Sunday roast on their own. Here are the kitchen trends 2025:

Kitchen Trends 2025: Will Be Made In September Of The Previous Year

The September is traditionally one of the pioneering fair month for the coming year kitchen. The IFA, numerous in- house fairs along the A30 in Ostwestfalen and the supplier fair a30 meet in clash and usually present all the novelties that manufacturers of furniture and equipment intend to publish in the coming year.

Therefore, the final quarter of a year when many companies graduate and customers focus on the Christmas business is anything but calm and reflective: here are the trends for the New Year, which customers can purchase later than next spring.

So how do you look, the kitchen trends 2025? We take a look at the new models of kitchen and appliance manufacturers and reveal the most important trend topics for the coming year. Among them: more and more producers graze on other areas and enlarge their main business to other branches – keyword holistic in the product range. Not only sink manufacturers, including BLANCO and Franke, offer countertops and basins, but also countertops, as well as furniture manufacturers such as LEICHT and nobilia present all-encompassing living ideas – and multiply their product rangeRoom dividers, bathroom furniture and sideboards.

A second important component of the kitchen trends in 2025 is the autonomization of the kitchen appliances, which now not only serve as a kitchen helper, but rather as an independent household – with independent cooking, baking and rinsing.

In its infancy, however, and quite critically by customers such as local producer who puts growing influence of the Asian market to European households: took brands like Hoover and Candy far only small marginal spaces at trade fairs in this country one, they entered this year with conglomerate Haier in of a new order of magnitude and are quite self-confident – the credo: rolling up the high-priced premium market together.

Find out more about these three and more kitchen trends for 2025 in our overview.

These Are The Kitchen Trends 2025: Sustainable, Consistent, Harmonious

1) Holistic Product Range: Multifunctional Furniture For Kitchen, Dressing Room And Bathroom

For quite some time, it has been commonplace in the premium segment to speak of the ” kitchen space ” rather than just the ” kitchen ” – meaning the holistic planning of a new fitted kitchen, which also profiled the wall and floor and the design of the kitchen environment including accessories and Involves light.

Looking at the Kitchen Trends 2025 many manufacturers go from furniture and appliances even one step further: EASY referred, for example, self-described ” Architecture brand ” of exclusive kitchen solutions with space-defining sideboards and room dividers now aware of the stage of designing accessible dressing rooms, refined equipped utility rooms and living spaces dares. This is made possible, on the one hand, by the in-house Vero and Fios cabinet systems, which also function as sideboards and shelving solutions with steel shelves and display cabinets. On the other hand, LEICHT has 2020floor -to-ceiling folding sliding doors, storage space constructions and table elements have been announced that fully reflect the multi-faceted life in one’s own four walls and thus offer a self-contained, architectural approach for buyers. The walk to the kitchen studio could in future save customers several more ways to become furniture retailers and interior designers.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Surprisingly many kitchen manufacturers present themselves for the kitchen year 2025 as Vollausstatter – in addition to the kitchen for the areas of living, dressing and bathroom. (Photo: EASY)

“More than kitchen”: many manufacturers penetrate into other furniture areas

The surprising expansion of manufacturing expertise – after years of working only on a soft transition to the living area – is also evident in other producers in the kitchen industry. For example, nobilia, Europe’s market leader for kitchens at various price levels, will not only offer kitchen solutions but also bathroom facilities, including bathroom and washbasin cabinets as well as fittings. The fair motto for 2019 was therefore ” more than kitchen ” – and applies to the kitchen trends in 2025 to half the industry.

The trend towards the ” room in the room “, which LEICHT had intensified with his living cube two years ago, was followed by an intensive focus on the utility room, which Schüller in particular has discovered and consistently expands. Also LEICHT, Nolte and nobilia are part of this.

Kitchen accessory manufacturer naber presents new approaches to lighting systems that can be realized in future with the naber LED system LUMICA® and can be connected to modern voice-controlled platforms such as Alexa or Google Home. At the same time, the company tried alongside his modular and more youthful ” Concept Kitchen ” also on high-quality dining room furniture from: the black banking top table of NBut Tablon ® -Sortiments are a significant expansion of the previous offer, which customers from now on from a hand draw can.

Last but not least, BLANCO once again brings up the topic of wholeness with the maximum hardened, individual stainless steel worktops from its BLANCO SteelArt line. The new version SolidEdge is only 6 mm high and, thanks to the lack of a shadow gap, seems to pass seamlessly from the worktop into the carcass. Here, too, customers can benefit from the filigree design of the flushing area and the working island from a single source.

The term ” multifunctional furniture ” may sound arbitrary, but actually indicates that living space and kitchen can be harmoniously equipped in future in a creative harmony. The individual furniture parts in turn can be chosen from more and more variants in color and materiality (lacquer, wood, glass, steel).

A structured order for the cloakroom is presentable to the outside – and blends harmoniously into the rest of the environment in this case. (Photo: nobilia)

For many years, the sink and fitting manufacturer BLANCO has also been producing extremely distinctive steel worktops with SteelArt. The latest creation, SolidEdge, is further proof that manufacturers are moving to other sales territories as well. (Photo: BLANCO)

2) Autonomization Of Kitchen Appliances: “Guided Cooking” With Hob And Oven

You do not have to give up control of your new oven – but like to take responsibility when it comes to bringing elaborate menus for guests to the table with pinpoint accuracy and perfect coordination. Modern kitchen appliances are no longer just a friend and helper in the kitchen trends of 2025, but rather take over the sole operation: Miele’s Generation 7000, for example, can bake almost autonomously, dose and start the dishwasher independently or analyze and store your coffee preferences. Siemens baking ovensopen on demand, ” Guided Cooking ” by V-ZUG avoids the burning and overcooking of food and Bosch attacks the all-rounder Thermomix from Vorwerk with its new “cookit” food processor.

The new autonomous glory of the kitchen appliances may inspire some new customers respect, but it promises at the same time increased security in the kitchen by sophisticated sensors and control mechanisms. In addition, there are surprising taste sensations, with which even complicated dishes are easier to succeed. Learn more about the kitchen appliances for 2025 in this article.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Oven doors that automatically open when prompted, self-leveling dishwashers and cooking hobs that guide users to their best with “Guided Cooking”: the new kitchen appliances for 2025 promise an exciting kitchen future. (Photo: Siemens Hausgeräte)

3) Micro-Living: Thought-Out Storage Space For Small Spaces

The urbanization of the modern world inevitably brings with it a reduction of living space for every urban citizen. Even if at trade shows rather presentable the appearance is maintained to equip only generous kitchen space, but many manufacturers have to bake for the coming years smaller bread – and focus on solutions for so-called ” tiny spaces “. Instead of free movement, original storage space utilization is in demand: some people see it as a challenge as a sport and create floor-to-ceiling wardrobe concepts, which also provide the narrowest storage space with high-quality materials extremely elegant and functional use. Leading the way here are, for example, LEICHT or the black- forested kitchen manufacturer zeyko, which not only advertises its high-end premium kitchens but also the modular zeyko rack system for simple and high-quality kitchen solutions.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Impressive: with the right storage space usage, the customer gets a lot of space in the smallest space. Clever solutions for “tiny spaces” are now also part of the repertoire of the major furniture retailers. (Photo: nobilia)

4) Sustainability: Making Kitchens 100% Carbon-Neutral

The topic of the hour was already on the list of many manufacturers for the kitchen trends in 2019 – but unlike last year, the producers of the industry have not only known on paper, but taken appropriate measures. The Kitchen Trends 2025 therefore indicate not only increased efforts, but consistent actions towards: the factory Rotpunkt from the East Westphalian frets, for example, thanks to the organic kitchen collection ” Green Line for years has been a pioneer in this field” and is now also in high demand among consumers, has written on the flags,from 2025 “one hundred percent carbon neutral (to) finished”. This is made possible by the feed-in of green electricity, sustainable investments in the production sites as well as the promotion of e-mobility throughout the entire marketing chain.

Also the Black Forest Manufacturer EASY feels by its own account with the “whole LIGHT Collection 2025 (…) the issue of sustainability committed ” and continues to produce his kitchen space equal to several measures for responsible, environmentally-friendly behavior.

Häcker Küchen was proud to announce on this year’s kitchen mile A30 at its own site in Rödinghausen that this year, they will be able to produce carbon-neutrally and have recently been awarded as a climate-neutral company. It goes without saying that not everything can be changed from one day to the next: Häcker states that it is necessary to record and consistently reduce its own emissions and, where it can not be avoided, consciously compensate by acquiring climate protection certificates. It can be assumed that this topic will be addressed even more consistently in the next few years – from all sides of the kitchen industry.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

The manufacturer Rotpunkt Küchen proves that elegance and nature conservation must not be mutually exclusive. A large part of the East Westphalian cuisine is also available in the sustainable version “greenline”. (Photo: Rotpunkt)

5) European Vs Asian Market: Haier Pushes Forward

Do you know the household appliance producer Haier ? No? Well, then you’ll be surprised to hear that the company has been the world leader in large household appliances for about 10 years – and was founded about 25 years ago. The Chinese company has become so big, especially because of the millionfold expandable Asian market, and is now pushing for the European market. What began with simple refrigerators and a cooperation with the German Liebherr Group (whose 2nd syllable is also derived from the Asian name), has now become a multinational corporationdeveloped with a wide range of products, from mobile phones to washing machines.

But that’s not all: at the kitchen fairs, the company, together with the once Italo-American brands Candy and Hoover (now also in Chinese hands) was quite self-confident and consciously attacks the higher-priced premium appliance market. Innovations like the oven ” H-Keepheat 700 “, which not only can prepare food, but also preserve it, or the washing machine ” RapidO “, which wants to convince with the fastest washes, should improve the Asian profile on European soil and set it apart from the German competition, It remains to be seen to what extent thebrand-conscious German and Austrian consumers are getting involved in electrical appliances.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

With visually elegant and technically advanced refrigerators, Haier, the world’s leading brand of equipment, now wants to roll out the European market. (Photo: Haier)

6) Kitchen Colors: Muted Tones Accompany Black

That more and more manufacturers of kitchen appliances and kitchen formats have dedicated themselves to the magic orientation ” All Black ” is not entirely new. Black is the new stainless steel ; Almost all well-known manufacturers have released a version of their successful models in dark anodized steel or black glass. In the color scheme of the kitchen spaces, the German premium manufacturers have long since approached Italian design ideas: dark walnut and black matt lacquer fronts dominate the showrooms.

Contrary to the bold colors of other years – think of the intense grass green of the Valcucine glass kitchens or the luminous Les Couleurs Le Corbusier® shades by LEICHT – all manufacturers agree this year on the calm tones that will be struck for the kitchen trends in 2025, Soft sand tones, a soft ceramic gray or subtly green-gray touched natural stones accompany the dark kitchen spaces and thus create a very harmonious, self-contained picture.

Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO of LEICHT Küchen AG, summarizes the color kitchen design for 2025 quite emphatically: “I believe that the phase, which was characterized by the joy of experimenting and the desire for ever new things, is coming to an end.” That’s also true to do something with the awareness of sustainability and at the same time quiet the desire of the people for a ” place of rest and security “. The eco-balance of products has become an important purchasing criterion – it does not always have to be something new every year.

Cheerful splashes of color in the increasingly elegantly designed kitchen rooms, the customer sees only isolated: here a trendy mustard yellow, as a delicate Mauve, now and then a coral tone as “color of the year 2025” or an even darker terracotta. It will be interesting to see how Pantone, the color company, will react to this, whose annual determination is approaching the “color of the year” in November.Kitchen Trends 2020: Quiet Colors and Multifunctional Furniture

Harmonious, quiet living sounds predict kitchen trends in 2025. The popular black for kitchen and home furniture is softly caressed with light gray or warm white pebbles and sand tones. Patches of color are expressed over mustard yellow and coral. (Photo: EASY)

At good kitchen traders, you will receive extensive advice on timeless kitchen styles that are not subject to any trend and yet are oriented towards modern kitchen planning and your personal needs.


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