White kitchens in a modern style: Trends for 2025


White kitchens in a modern style. Trends for 2025.

A white modern kitchen is a mix of large geometric shapes, clean lines and modern appliances. This is not even a kitchen, but a spaceship, where everything is commanded by artificial intelligence. It’s just difficult to be in such a kitchen all the time: there is no feeling of comfort and homely warmth, you won’t be able to relax – this is a work atmosphere where there is no place for sentimentality. Fortunately, furniture fashion does not stand still: the trends of 2025 bring to the forefront not the scenery for a fantasy film, the interpretation of a flight into space, but the comfortable state of a person living on Earth.

White kitchen in modern style Composite Mood

Back to nature

White kitchens in a modern style must meet environmental criteria. This is one of the main trends of 2025. The more natural materials in a kitchen set, the better. Solid wood (slab) or veneer for countertops and facades is welcome, but if the material is MDF, laminated chipboard, toxic reagents should not be used in production, which then, under the influence of elevated temperature and humidity, will gradually be released into the air and poison the inhabitants.

White kitchen in modern style ArteVeneziana RK20

“Must Have” is a working area made of stone. The completely non-rhythmic pattern of a marble, granite or quartz countertop adds movement to the measured space, and when it moves to the sink and wall panel, it’s very easy to imagine a lost grotto with a natural spring. Moreover, the larger the wall area covered with stone tiles, the better. Modern kitchens in white tones go well with any color and pattern of stone, so the use of natural material is not limited only to the design of the work area. An interesting solution is facades made of stone islands, columns or lower cabinets, as an accent, highlighting the hearth area. The entire kitchen remains white.

White kitchen in modern style Rossana K-IN K-OUT

It is not at all necessary to use the usual stone. Sandstone and sea pebbles are suitable for decoration and design of wall panels. It, along with shells, is poured under glass, alternating stripes and empty space. Flowers are placed in empty niches, used as shelves, or a wall composition is made from several types of stone (and wood). By the way, in this case the tree is also the façade of a “secret box”. Modern kitchens hide so many secrets!

An amazing find is to use ceramics as a countertop. Natural clay (although in reality the tabletop is a “sandwich” of materials to prevent brittleness) wonderfully conveys the pristine energy of the earth. When a fire is lit on the stove, the subconscious automatically takes us to nature, we relax, and the process of cooking turns into pure pleasure. The same effect can be achieved by using transparent tempered glass attached to the brickwork for the skin (if you use an old brick with a mark from the beginning of the last century, you will get a rare exhibit).

White kitchen in modern style Schiffini Alfonso Arosio Bianco Opaco

Designers pay more attention to living plants. They will be equipped with mini-greenhouses with bio-lighting, automatic watering and fertilizing in the area behind the skin or in part of the display case. It is recommended to use live plants, vegetables and fruits instead of plastic options in kitchen decor.

White kitchen in modern style Schiffini Vico Magistretti Cinqueterre Alluminio Nero

Go to the kitchen catalog

The catalog presents all factories producing Italian kitchens, from inexpensive models to premium and luxury ones.

Kitchen catalog

Modification of space

Modern white kitchens, photos of which are published in fashion magazines, will become residential in 2025 due to the “flow of space” from the kitchen into the dining or living area. This is not the usual division of the kitchen and living room with the help of a peninsula, but a placement of accents, as a result of which the eye is transferred from cubic shapes and clear lines to something more lively:

  • on an island of complex shape with a transformable tabletop made of stone and wood (or veneer);
  • on the play of light in the reflection of shop windows, for which almost half of the set is allocated;
  • on open shelves with books (and this is an office rather than a kitchen).

White kitchen in modern style Pedini Materika

The interior of a white kitchen in a modern style is a peaceful neighborhood of smooth, handle-less facades with one or two Victorian-era armchairs, a wall cabinet with glass doors and patterned wooden overlays, reminiscent of grandma’s buffet from the 40s, and even an ottoman with cushions. This is exactly how they make the space their own: individuality is another kitchen fashion trend in 2025.

Kitchen helpers

The more your kitchen appliances work, the more time you have to rest. And modern white glossy kitchens should be equipped to the maximum with technology, and with artificial intelligence. But, please note, the devices are not displayed and do not occupy the space of the work area. Maximum – kettle or coffee machine. Everything is hidden behind beautiful facades:

  • the refrigerator is mounted in a column;
  • the washing machine and dishwasher are installed in the lower cabinets;
  • the hood is hidden in a wall cabinet.

White kitchen in modern style Pedini Dune

Trend 2025: “exchanging” a large number of small household appliances for one that performs all these functions. Yogurt maker, toaster, grill, steamer, smokehouse, microwave – this is what a modern oven can do. Not far behind is the hob, a combination of fire, broiler and induction eddy current.

Pay attention to the plumbing: sensory options with a pull-out spout and temperature sensor are in fashion.

Focus on light

White kitchens in a modern style, the gloss of which has been brought to a mirror shine, are giving way to more restrained options in 2025. Moreover, designers combine the texture of surfaces: some of the facades are made in matte white, some in glossy. This technique complicates the perception of space, makes it more intimate, since the feeling of a ramp on stage disappears (the reflected light of mirror-glossy furniture unnecessarily saturates the kitchen with light, which is often annoying).

White kitchen in modern style Aster cucine Contempora 1

Forced confinement in quarantine and the flow of negative news have a negative impact on the psyche; you want safety and peace. Therefore, more attention is paid to artificial lighting:

  • illumination of the work area distributes light evenly, not spotty or too bright;
  • in addition to the traditional top option, display lighting is often located on the side and bottom;
  • Lower furniture lighting is sometimes replaced with mirror inserts on the base.

Due to quarantine, many people remain working at home; the technical equipment of an island or dining table is more likely to be office-like. Metal lampshades, larger lamps, and mobile professional lamps are used, more suitable for a photo studio.

White kitchen in modern style Scic Mediterraneum

Elements of Success

A white glossy kitchen in a modern style no longer resembles a wall, an array of blocks without handles. While most fronts still open with the palm of your hand and lower tiers with your knee (handy for wet, doughy hands), designers have begun adding handles for decoration. For now these are strict long tubes and brackets, but this adds calm to the room (there are doors and it is clear how to open it), and decorates the furniture.

The modern design of a white kitchen, the photo of which can be taken as a basis, necessarily includes interesting elements:

  • backlit shutter doors (this creates an imitation of sunlight outside the window);
  • façade opening systems reminiscent of the “curtain” of a now forgotten letter box;
  • items for organizing space inside the kitchen.

White kitchen in modern style Poliform Artex

Visually, large blocks contain a lot of useful things, and so that when opening nothing breaks, falls apart or falls, organizers must be used. Telescopic space dividers, cutlery trays, boxes, baskets, magnetic plates, Velcro hooks – all this allows you to properly organize storage.

In general, the design of modern kitchens, the white facades of which merge with the wall, is a careful design of the interior space and the use of “cunning” devices. For example, a large bottom drawer front can actually hide 2-3 smaller drawers, which are attached to the front using a special clothespin. Internal shelves with slots for storing bottles (minibar) are installed at an angle and equipped with a temperature sensor and a fan. Holders for glasses and shelves for concentrates are also attached here. Behind the narrow columns are hidden vertical grates on which you can hang frying pans or bottle baskets. The area near the sink is equipped with a retractable unit with a prepared place for a bucket and shelves for detergents.

White kitchen in modern style Poliform Twelve

Designers use rotating shelves, carousels, and build in a retractable ironing board. The facades can open 180 degrees thanks to special hinges that can withstand greater weight, move to the sides along the guides, and hide in the depths of the cabinet. This is precisely what attracts lovers of modern style: a modern white kitchen in the interior is a “box with a secret.” It seems like simple geometric lines, strict shapes, but you really want to see what’s inside.

“Pranks” of designers

White kitchens in a modern style, photos of which are posted in the catalog of past furniture exhibitions in Cologne and Milan, are a real game of dice. Big designers use furniture wheels, attaching them to lower cabinets and cabinets to make the interior mobile. As a result, a large block moves out from under the tabletop of the main part of the set; it can be a small table. Smaller boxes (they are used mainly for storing textiles), placed side by side and covered with soft pillows, create a sofa near the window.

White kitchen in modern style Pedini Cook Eat

The island also became a transformer:

  • lower blocks on wheels move out and can significantly expand the working area;
  • the tabletop is complex, often made of 2 parts and different materials, you can form a T-shape or a narrow elongated table;
  • the hob and protective screen are hidden in the depths and can be raised if necessary…

White kitchen in a modern style Veneta Cucine Extra Go

In 2025, there were more open shelves, alternating closed facades and glass surfaces. These include large massive shelves (even entire cabinets), and small neat shelves-holders for spices. In the kitchen, nothing reminds you of cooking: there are books on the shelves, and instead of small household appliances there are living plants. The large island table looks more like an office workspace, and on the wall panel, instead of various hangers with potholders, holders with baskets, there is space for a tablet or plasma TV.

The white “gloss” kitchen is a modern “virgin”, very businesslike, with a good sense of humor and style. You can perceive the designers’ proposal as extravagance or a woman’s whim, when in home versions they use urban pipes instead of hoods, an island that resembles a jewelry store window from the sides, or a confrontation of textures. In any case, the room becomes unlike others, a sort of mix of energy and comfort of the 21st century.

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