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interior of modern kitchen 2021

Everyone seeks to decorate their home so that it is cozy and beautiful. And also to make it look well-groomed and modern. In this article we will talk about which modern kitchens of 2025, a trendy interior, and room design are especially relevant.

Progress does not stand still – what was new in 2025 will now not surprise anyone. Let’s talk about what is in fashion this year, consider kitchens of different styles, and talk about trends.

Our time is characterized by a large number of new ideas in everything. The development of exclusive models of household appliances, the creation of new materials for construction – everything is being improved or even invented.

Of course, not all ideas will get a start in life, this is impossible, but some of them will still be successful, and will be spread around the world. Let’s see what designers have prepared for us this year.

This article will be useful not only for those who make repairs, but also for those who want, by changing part of the interior or placing other accents, to keep up with the times.

Which kitchen style trend do you prefer?

It’s not about the style of clothing, but the design of your kitchen. This room can be designed depending on your preferences in the interior. Do you like smooth glossy surfaces, glittering metal fittings and black appliances?

Or do you like an oak dining table, ceramic decorative plates on the walls and a Vichy cage on the curtains? Or maybe you like an unfading classic?interior of modern kitchen 2021

Wooden classic is always fashionable and relevant.

When choosing the style in which the room will be designed, it is necessary to focus on its size. A spacious bright kitchen in a private house in the Provence style will look different than the same style in a small “Khrushchev”. So design is an individual thing, here housing parameters, taste preferences, and financial opportunities are taken into account.

Let’s talk about different styles, which fashionable “chips” prepared 2025 for the interiors of kitchens.

A combination of incongruous?

Speaking of modern kitchens, we are talking about such an important quality as eclecticism. There are no strict laws prohibiting the use of hi-tech technology in classic kitchens.

This year’s design must surprise! But this should be an approving surprise, here there is a subtle game on the verge of styles, on a mixture of unusual details that form a holistic and complete ensemble.interior of modern kitchen 2021

You can’t just take and buy a variety of furniture that absolutely does not harmonize with anything lamps, aprons, household appliances, all this piled up and presented as a fashionable kitchen in the eclectic style. Such a room will repel, you do not want to linger in it for a minute.

Harmony and beauty should reign in every room of your house, and especially in the kitchen, because here you start your day with the first cup of coffee, here you meet with your family after a long day, socialize, enjoy life. Make sure that it is good here!

The art of room design is, first of all, the creation of beautiful and comfortable housing to your individual taste. So you can and should combine elements of different styles, you just need to remember the measure and have talent in this area.

We offer you to watch a lot of great options on the video.

What are new kitchen trends in 2025?

So, let’s talk about the “highlights” of interior design.

What are fashionable kitchen trends this year?

  • headsets without upper cupboards – there will be more air in your kitchen, and you can take up free space with decor: photo printing, 3D images, interesting apron tiles, and skins. And where to store utensils – you ask, we answer: in the lower cabinets and additional modules;
  • two-color facades of furniture sets – preferably one saturated color, the other – light. For example, lilac white or red gray;
  • facades glass headset (matte, glossy or stained glass);
  • minimum furniture, maximum air – discard excess in favor of free space;
  • natural materials – wood will never go out of fashion and will be relevant at all times. Naturalness, environmental friendliness, restraint – this is our motto;
  • a necessary set of household appliances , but not overloaded with it – shelves, especially open ones, should not resemble store shelves;
  • smooth lines in furniture design , even asymmetrical – say no to sharp corners;
  • kitchen-living room – if the size of the house allows, we combine the kitchen and living room, make the room spacious. In fashion light, air, conciseness. This is a place of rest, let you be comfortable here;
  • competent lighting – he needs to pay close attention, this room does not tolerate dimming. Modern lamps will solve this problem. And at the same time they will help you to highlight the areas of the room, place emphasis on details, visually increase the space;
  • oval, round table – for a spacious kitchen, rectangular, square – for a small one;
  • two-level suspended ceiling – will give your kitchen an individuality, hide communications. There are options with a picture, 3D image – your style will be unique;
  • unusual lamps – we have already said that adequate lighting is necessary. But the shape of the lamp (s) can even become a stylistic center, to keep attention.

Of course, you should not blindly follow all fashion trends, however, extracting rational grain and applying fashionable touches when creating a unique design of your own kitchen will be the best solution.

Let’s talk about some popular styles that you might like so much that you want to design your kitchen that way.

Classic style kitchen trendsinterior of modern kitchen 2021

Oh, a kitchen in a strictly seasoned classic style will already look slightly outdated. Now it’s fashionable to add details that would seem to be of a completely different style, but here the unexpectedly austere interior gets a new sound!

Classics never lose relevance, that’s why it’s classic. Try experimenting with the decoration. For example, you can not hide behind the panels and doors all household appliances, but try to fit part of it into the interior.

Loft style kitchen trends 2025interior of modern kitchen 2021

This style every year increases the number of its fans. “Loft” in translation from English means “attic”, previously the upper rooms were trimmed like this. Over time, this style began to be used in many rooms, including the kitchen.

A deliberately not plastered wall, wooden beams under the ceiling, rough wall decoration, pipes in sight, high ceilings, spaciousness, modern equipment and materials, a lot of artificial and natural light – this combination is the loft style.

How has this style changed this year? What was brought there? Modern fashion has added bright colors to the loft style. Previously, they were rather muted, dark colors – brick red, brown, different shades of wood color. Now these colors are diluted with bright colors. Pay attention to the photo, you don’t want to leave such a kitchen!

Hi-tech style trends 2025 for kitcheninterior of modern kitchen 2021

The high-tech style originated a long time ago, and, as the name suggests, is striving to use new materials, machinery, and equipment in the interior. Modern building materials, smooth glare surfaces, clear-cut lines, trendy appliances, dazzling lighting – these are all high-tech style features.

Since the world is constantly inventing and releasing something, it is this style of room design that can be updated and modernized annually. This will be innovations – to follow the latest achievements and implement them in your life.

Since in 2025 the synthesis of styles, as mentioned above, is in fashion, the elements of the hi-tech style are perfectly combined with the classics, the loft and the Provence … The main thing is to observe a sense of proportion and relevance, then your kitchen will be truly original and harmonious.

Provence style kitchen trends 2025interior of modern kitchen 2021

The romantic style of the southern French village is gaining more and more popularity. It is especially appropriate to finish the kitchen in this style – there is so much coziness and grace, hospitality and comfort! This style gives the owners a huge scope for individuality, there are many details, memorabilia, textiles.

Natural materials, an abundance of greenery in flower pots, open shelves with ceramics – these kitchens are not like one another, as you might think first!

This year it is fashionable to introduce elements of other styles into the Provence style – the main thing is not to overdo it. This style usually includes a minimum of household appliances (or it is hidden behind panels and doors), but you can experiment. Look at the photo, maybe this example will inspire you:

This year Provence-style corner kitchens can have a fashionable detail – a tile, marble or granite countertop.

New trends for small kitcheninterior of modern kitchen 2021

Unfortunately, not all houses and apartments have a spacious kitchen. There are also very small kitchens, the owners of which also want to have fashionable repairs. Here you need to especially carefully come to thinking through all the details and creating a single holistic interior design. Of course, it is necessary to take into account fashion trends, but remember that you cannot sacrifice beauty or convenience for this.

Light, even white kitchens (with bright accents in the interior) are in fashion this year. This design is perfect for small rooms, because it visually increases the space. At the peak of fashion, minimalism and the absence of frills – for a small area this is just the way to go.

The main thing is to find your own individual style, then a kitchen of any size will delight you and your loved ones.

And what will happen next year?interior of modern kitchen 2021

As everything in our practical world strives for functionality and comfort, kitchens will continue to be a place where the whole family is happy to gather. No matter how fast the running of time is, there will always be time to drink a cup of fragrant tea, chat with home.

The most popular will most likely be among high-tech and minimalist kitchens. Already, we increasingly trust technology to cook for us – crock-pots, pressure cookers, double boiler, hot grills fill our homes.

And this is not counting the good old ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers.

Rationality, practicality and beauty – these are the three whales of the cuisine of the near future!

In conclusion of the article, we wish you to choose a stylish interior design that will bring you joy every day!

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