9 ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
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The kitchen, like the bathroom, is a cold room by definition. Especially if it is a modern style kitchen, where straight lines rule. But it is possible for a kitchen to be warmer and more welcoming if you know how to play with materials, colors and other small resources that raise the temperature.

We have put together several tips to raise the temperature in your kitchen without turning on the stove. It will be warmer both visually and physically and turn it into the heart of the house. But, really. Let’s go there!

1. Wood finishes never fail

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
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If there is a material capable of raising the temperature (in any room), it is wood. Naturally, it is one of the favorite materials for elements such as chairs, furniture fronts or decorative details, such as boxes or tables. And although there are also natural wood floors and walls, the kitchen is not the best room to install them. On the other hand, there are many other materials that imitate it very faithfully.

For the floor, for example, there are laminates for kitchens that withstand the wear and tear of this room very well. Other options are porcelain tiles, as well as vinyl.

As for the parapet, you can install PVC panels or materials such as sintered stone that imitate wood. Whichever option you choose, you won’t fail to bring visual warmth to your kitchen.

2. Details that contrast and give warmth

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
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Even if your kitchen furniture is a cold color, such as green or blue, it is also possible to increase the warmth. To do this, you can make use of accessories and decorative details, such as island stools or elements that add personality. Old apothecary jars, a bouquet of flowers and, of course, the finish of the floor are key to giving your kitchen the warmth you are looking for.

Here, the clay combined with green enameled tesserae delight lovers of modern rustic style.

3. Add materials that make it more welcoming

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
© Build Team

Not only wood is a perfect material to add warmth. There are others that fulfill the same function and are perfect for raising the temperature of your kitchen.

A good example is natural fibers. Materials such as rattan, coconut, jute or wicker can be used not only in accessories such as baskets in which to store small objects and with which to decorate shelves or countertops. But they are also widely used in the ceiling lamps that decorate the island area and give it greater prominence.

Another option to raise the temperature is leather. You can carry it through the seats and backs of the stools, as in this proposal.

4. Don’t miss natural light

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
© Javier de Paz G. for Cuarto Interior

A key factor in making your kitchen warm is natural light. Therefore, if your kitchen has a window, do not cover it, let the sunlight flood the interior and fill the environment with warmth. And don’t be afraid to put up a curtain or blind either. The options are many.

If it is open to the dining room or living room, opt for a classic sheer curtain. But if your kitchen is modern and closed, nothing like a screen blind. They are easy to clean and offer a sober and elegant look.

5. Wallpaper a wall

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
© Erlantz Biderbost for Sube Interiorismo

An increasingly fashionable resource is wallpaper. And little by little it has been conquering all the rooms in our house. Also the kitchen!

It is perfect for highlighting an area of the kitchen, placing it high on the wall or delimiting an area, as the Sube Interiorismo team has done here to highlight the presence of the office.

Among the wallpaper trends for the kitchen, opt for XXL prints, botanical and floral motifs, as well as geometric and even models with a textile effect.

6. Go for warm tones that provide light

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
© Jorge de Jorge / Unsplash

Although we love white kitchens – for their luminosity, clean effect, spaciousness and timeless character, among other reasons – the truth is that they can be somewhat cold.

An option to raise the temperature is to use colors that also provide light and spaciousness, but also provide a warmer tone. Thus, shades such as beige, greige, taupe or taupe, some gray with warm tints, soft yellows, off-white or off-white… There are many options to achieve that desired warmth.

7. Luminous, yes. Warm, too

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
© @propertybrothers

Now, just because your kitchen is white, doesn’t mean you have to completely renovate it to raise the temperature. The key is to add accessories or other coverings in warm and sober tones, such as sand, brown, terracotta…

In this kitchen renovated by the Scott brothers, the wall on which the kitchen furniture rests has been covered with square tiles in brown tones and a gloss effect ; But they have also added natural fiber accessories.

8. Make it look like it’s alive

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen
© Gato Preto

One of the keys to achieving a warm kitchen is to use it. Thus, avoid the exposure effect and leave the wooden or natural fiber trays with fruits and vegetables visible, a vase with the bouquet of parsley that they gave you at the greengrocer… The objective is to make it noticeable that in that kitchen you cook, you live.

Now, just because you leave the vegetables and fruits visible does not mean that the kitchen doesn’t have to be clean.

9. Decorate your walls

ideas to bring warmth to the kitchen

To give warmth to the kitchen, you can use the walls to add decoration that helps you raise the temperature. Some paintings of vegetables and fruits or with botanical motifs, a clock, a mirror or open shelves can help you make the environment warmer. Ideally, you should choose a motif and stick to it throughout the entire room.


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