Modern kitchen 2025: accessories and additions

Modern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Or maybe you just want to upgrade it at a low price? Be sure to familiarize yourself with the trends in the arrangement of the kitchen trends for 2025. They will pamper primarily fans of modernism and minimalism. A large selection of kitchen utensils also awaits lovers of functional and practical solutions.

What exactly will be fashionable and modern in the interior of the kitchen in 2025? What supplements can you use for cooking? We keep track of the latest interior design trends.

Modern and functional kitchenModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

One of the hottest trends in the kitchen this season will be functionality. It should appear both in small interiors and in large kitchens in single-family homes. Functionality in the kitchen will be manifested in the fact that even in a small space everything must be found that is necessary to perform everyday tasks.

High-quality sinks and faucets, kitchen utensils, such as dispensers for washing dishes, automatic cork or a mobile dryer, will help every housewife. Such modern accessories will facilitate everyday life, and at the same time, will breathe into the kitchen the latest trends in interior design.

Modern accessories, like dispensers for liquid detergents, fit perfectly into the idea of a functional kitchen. These are accessories that will suit any kitchen interior. They are distinguished by a cylindrical appearance, fine surface treatment, as well as a simple design.

They are sold in many colors, but this season a matte black shade will be the most popular. Dispenser makes it easy to perform basic kitchen work. A light touch is enough to add dishwashing liquid to the water. This avoids the aesthetic detergent bottles on the countertop or the edges of the sink.

Simple decoration – minimalism in the kitchenModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

Minimalism will reign in the kitchens in the upcoming season. Interior designers are advised to refuse or limit add-ons, parts, and decorative elements. The kitchen should contain only what is needed. Preservation of forms in the interior should be emphasized as furniture (narrow and long with small or hidden handles), and necessary accessories, such as fittings.

The idea of minimalist cuisine will perfectly reflect on the taps in black. They are distinguished not only by a fashionable black color, but also by a minimalistic design, as well as a high and swivel spout. This fitting is a good choice not only for lovers of minimalism, but also for people who value durable and reliable solutions in the kitchen. A ceramic head or stiffener plate that enhances battery stability is one of the guarantees that it will last for many years.

In the kitchen, technological innovations are increasingly being used that give it a new quality. A clear tendency to create a surface with a heterogeneous structure, combined with a carefully crafted surface of smooth facades give the kitchen a taste and luxury. Metal shelves, structural tiles, hexagons, wood and stone are at the top of kitchen trends. For lovers of kitchen design, we also recommend gold, copper and marble patterns. There can also be bright accents and flowers that will give the interior a style and character.

Modern style kitchen designModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

Although natural warm colors are returning to trends, black will also reign in the kitchen this season. Do not be afraid to make all cabinets dark. To make the kitchen elegant, apply matte coatings that look much more chic than regular glossy ones. However, remember that before choosing black furniture, make sure that the lighting in your kitchen is adequate. This color is very fashionable, however, it optically darkens the room, especially if the kitchen is closed.

The quality of the material is very important when designing new interiors. Choosing minimalistic solutions, take care of the choice of natural materials – wood, marble, quartz or other materials that resemble nature.

Black color and woodModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

If you want to take advantage of the latest trends in the repair of your kitchen, you must choose a combination of black and wood. Furniture with wooden facades made of transparent grain, such as European walnut, will look great in company with a black countertop, as well as with black painted walls.

For consistency of the concept, it is necessary that all equipment is also black, without adding other colors and steel. Thanks to this combination, the interior looks very elegant thanks to black, and at the same time, it is cozy and warm thanks to the wood.

Modern white kitchenModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

White kitchen never goes out of style. White furniture will look good with both white lacquered facades and classic, milled. In addition, the whiteness of furniture gives many opportunities when choosing tiles and interior items. You can choose vintage style tiles or stained glass mosaics.

When it comes to lighting, an industrial strip with spotlights and a pendant lamp made from rattan lampshade will do here. With white kitchen furniture, you can easily change the style of the kitchen, replacing only accessories.

Kitchen interior: modern ideasModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

Bright cuisine is an offer for the brave. In the case of dark colors, the size of the room is also important. If your kitchen is only a few meters, do not choose pomegranates or burgundy – they will make you feel overloaded, and they also optically reduce the space.

In this case, we recommend rather pastels, which return in favor of kitchen compositions in the style of the 70s. However, if you have a large area, we recommend choosing furniture with green facades and classic legs. Doors with glass facades should be fixed on the upper cabinets, for which the dishes will look beautiful.

Functional Kitchen GadgetsModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

A kitchen is a room where functionality is just as important as in other rooms in the house. It will be much easier for you to use a kitchen that has:

  1. A folding table on which you can have breakfast, but also use it as an additional countertop. However, if you need more space, a special system makes it easy to fold it and hang it on the wall.
  2. A cabinet that is convenient especially in narrow, but rather deep spaces. Often when designing a kitchen after installing a refrigerator, a dishwasher and an oven of standard sizes, there is a space between them that cannot be used with an ordinary cabinet, because it would be very inconvenient to remove things from it. And such a cabinet has a special steel frame, and you can put on it, for example, food cans or bottles.
  3. The water sensor using the latest technology can detect leaks and warn you about it or even turn off the water supply. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of money and nerves.
  4. Desktop lighting, which is useful when there is not enough top lamp. It is mounted in the form of LED strips or whole light panels under the upper cabinets in the kitchen.

Countertop and kitchen backsplash from one materialModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

This kitchen trend has arisen not so long ago and will operate in 2025. This solution gives each kitchen a modern, elegant and thoughtful look. The layout is consistent and stylistically uniform. This is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates a clean, modern design.

It is important to note that countertops and walls made of the same material can be represented in kitchens in various styles. The final effect depends on the material you use. It is also worth adding that materials such as quartz and corian make it possible to produce countertops and sinks simultaneously. This is the perfect solution for minimalistic, modern spaces.

Golden accentsModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

The use of gold accessories and finishes will remain an important trend in the kitchen. First of all, we are talking about the gold handles of cabinets, as well as kitchen faucets, lamps and objects of a slightly larger size, such as sinks and even hoods. Some time ago, they pretty much replaced the copper trim and kitchen utensils. We value the classic, noble and eternal radiance of gold. Introducing these elements in the kitchen, we emphasize that this room is becoming increasingly important in our apartments.

Another trend that has already begun to show itself quite strongly is the natural wooden facades of kitchen cabinets. We no longer want to hide the natural look of wood under paint, veneer and laminate. We show their actual shade and grain. To a large extent, this trend stems from eco-fashion, but also due to the desire for nature.

In recently opened kitchens, a popular procedure is the introduction of natural wooden facades into the upper cabinets and combining them with the lower in other shades, for example, gray or white. The combination of cabinets with different colors gives many possibilities for arrangement.

Large sinksModern kitchen 2021: accessories and additions

An interesting trend, which we will observe in the coming year in the arrangement of the kitchen, will be the return of large sinks. Over the years, we systematically reduced them, until, finally, small single-chamber models became the most popular. However, it turns out that they are not fully functional. Therefore, we will observe the return of large shells, but without a sink.

The latest trend worth mentioning in the design of modern kitchens is metal cabinets, not made of steel, but made of copper or dirty gold. They bring a very interesting effect to any kitchen. In response, she gains elegance and style. This is what we will definitely see in high-end kitchens.

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