Kitchen appliances: built-in and separate. Full list.


Kitchen appliances: built-in and separate. Full list.

The ergonomics and functionality of modern kitchen appliances create the impression that the housewife doesn’t have to do anything. Just buy food and pawn it. And the kitchen assistants will chop, beat, bake, stew everything, while preserving vitamins and beneficial properties, and then wash and dry the dishes. But what about the pleasure of cooking, the warmth of hands and the soul that the hostess put into the lush pastry of the ruddy pie? Still, kitchen appliances help you cook with pleasure. At the same time, it is precisely the models of the latest generation of equipment that can significantly facilitate cooking and daily kitchen work in a large family. The flagships of this industry: Asko, Beltratto, Bertazzoni, Electrolux, Fhiaba, KitchenAid, Kuppersbusch, Liebherr, Neff, Smeg, V-ZUG – offer an excellent selection of kitchen equipment for different budgets.

It is not always possible to buy everything you need right away and you have to prioritize. One housewife needs a coffee machine to get a boost of energy for the whole day, while another cannot imagine life without a dishwasher, because at the end of the day she simply does not have the strength to stand at the sink and wash the dishes for a family of several people. But we have to agree that no housewife can do without a refrigerator and stove. These items are the most relevant in the kitchen. It is about the purchase and placement of these attributes that we think first when moving or buying a new home. Let’s try to determine which kitchen appliances are always relevant, and which purchases can be postponed until a later time.

We present the rating of the usefulness of kitchen appliances.

Three appliances needed in every kitchen

We included only 3 items in this category. This includes a refrigerator, cooking stove and oven. The second and third devices can be designed as “two in one”. Although modern manufacturers offer separate models. This makes it more convenient to place them in space and they are more reliable and convenient in terms of functionality. If one of the equipment malfunctions, there is no need to dismantle and replace the entire set.

  1. Fridge. Today it is possible to purchase a refrigerator or freezer that will not wake you up in the middle of the night with a loud “snoring”; it does not need to be defrosted for 24 hours to be washed. Swiss-made V-ZUG technology takes care of product safety and the environment. The homeland of these household appliances is itself the embodiment of clean air and the highest quality food products. The unique production technology creates a unique microclimate inside the chamber, without the formation of ice crystals on the walls and without the return of humidity. Liebherr, Neff, Smeg, Electrolux, Fhiaba, KitchenAid, Kuppersbusch offer refrigeration and freezer cabinets for every taste.
  2. Hobs. Here today there is such a large selection that it can make your head spin: induction, gas, glass-ceramic, electric. The greatest achievement of modern manufacturers of kitchen stoves is the elimination of cleaning the stove with caustic agents and tedious labor from the housewife’s household chores. After all, an induction cooker does not heat up at all where there is no pan! And the gas design will not allow escaped milk to leak into hard-to-reach places and contaminate the device forever. Which country is famous for its love of delicious food made from the freshest and highest quality products? Of course, Italy. Italians are also great aesthetes and keepers of traditions. This can be seen in the design of hobs from Italian manufacturers Beltratto and Bertazzoni. Carrying through the centuries the love for the kitchen as the heart of any home and the scrupulousness and precision of the production process, the factories have mastered the latest technological advances. The hobs from these manufacturers are elegant and reliable.
  3. Ovens. Today it is not just an oven, where it heats the top or bottom, and in different ways. A modern oven can become a favorite in an Italian kitchen. Thus, ASKO today offers a device that can replace several kitchen items at once – an oven with heating, steaming or microwave functions. Yes – it’s possible: microwave, oven and steamer all at once! Of course, you don’t have to buy such a rather expensive device. To begin with, you can purchase a simple model. But even the most inexpensive models today have convection and grill.

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Everyone loves it

In this category we include devices that are very popular among “users”. They greatly facilitate cooking functions, taking on some tasks that you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Time saving assistants:

  1. Microwave. Lovers of semi-finished products sometimes replace both the hob and oven with it. Cheap and functional. Models from popular brands Electrolux, Fhiaba, KitchenAid are presented in a wide range of different price categories. They meet all quality and environmental standards, so they are safe to use.
  2. Multicooker. The name itself says: “Buy me, I’ll do everything myself.” By the way, a good option for a student room. Inexpensive. You can cook almost anything, even baked goods.
  3. Electric kettle. Today, traditional kettles boiled on the stove have regained popularity (and with a whistle – just the squeak of the season), electric kettles are found in every second home. The most inexpensive kitchen appliance that can turn itself off is available in the home kitchen and any office.

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These kitchen appliances are necessary, but you can get by

Here we include items that are not found in every home and are rarely purchased spontaneously. Some will consider these things a luxury, others as unnecessary inventions that you can easily do without.

  1. Dishwasher. Unfortunately for Russian everyday reality, we still attribute this item to this category of necessity, and not to the first. Since Soviet times, there has been an opinion: “Can’t you wash the dishes yourself? Lazy guy? But being a dishwasher is not only about saving a woman’s energy. This means crystal clean, practically disinfected dishes, saved water and a good mood.
  2. Food processor. This is for those who are passionate about cooking. If you need to twist, beat, knead, grind, squeeze – this is the king of the kitchen – the food processor. An undeniable assistant for those who love to cook. However, some people don’t want to deal with disassembling and washing parts later. Modern manufacturers have taken this nuance into account: food processors are reliable and durable, they are easy to disassemble, and the parts can be washed in the dishwasher. Smeg specializes in the production of small household appliances. This manufacturer is attentive to detail and quality.
  3. Blender. A favorite accessory for young women who care about their figure but love delicious treats. Cocktails, fluffy desserts, fresh aromatic sauces and puree soups – you can’t do without a reliable and powerful blender when preparing these dishes.
  4. Coffee maker. More and more kitchens today are equipped with this device. Now they are affordable, and the difference in design and difficulty levels does not affect the quality of the aroma of morning coffee, which will create a great mood at the beginning of the day.
  5. Kitchen scales – this accessory is in the kitchen of every follower of proper nutrition or a big fan of preparing complex multi-ingredient dishes. Weigh minimal portions, even weighing 1 – 2 grams, separate containers from the weight, remember the necessary data – modern kitchen scales can do all this.
  6. Double boiler. We continue to think about those who maintain proper nutrition or, for medical reasons, refuse fried foods. An excellent device that can quickly cook meat, fish, and vegetables without losing nutrients.
  7. Toaster. For lovers of crispy bread for breakfast. Although it is often interesting at the time of purchase, and then turns out to be abandoned in a far corner.

Equipment for special requests

  1. Bread maker. It’s hard to imagine that every family needs such a device. But given the quality of today’s factory baked goods, it is not surprising that bread machines have gained popularity. People miss the smell and taste of living, aromatic bread with a crispy crust.
  2. Juicer. A very useful item for those who have a garden. The preparations for the winter will be of high quality, fast and will delight lovers with colors and tastes in the middle of winter.
  3. A chocolate maker, yogurt maker, ice cream maker and other similar equipment for preparing one specific dish may most likely be needed by families with children or special lovers of such food. Although you are unlikely to make ice cream at least once a week…
  4. Wine cabinet. Of course, only those who understand, spend a lot of money on high-quality and exclusive wine, will bother purchasing this accessory. Fhiaba company specializes in the production of this type of kitchen appliances. If you buy a rare branded refrigerator, then Fhiaba.

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Outdated equipment

  1. Brewery. There is such a device. (Although, to be honest, moonshine stills are found much more often in Russian homes). But lovers of the foamy drink are willing to spend hours and days preparing their own amber delicacy.
  2. Egg boiler. Well, who came up with it? There is probably demand, since there is supply.
  3. Electric knives, slicers and other chopping electronic devices usually look impressive in television advertising, but are problematic to use in practice.

The list goes on. Deep fryers, air fryers, kebabs, rice cookers… Today, manufacturers are willing to meet any customer needs. Just think, do you need to buy equipment at a time, where will it then be placed and stored? Maybe the desire to buy a fondue maker will pass in a couple of days, and the planned party will go without it?

Expensive and multifunctional kitchen appliances require a serious approach. Clearly define your needs and capabilities. Experts advise buying all kitchen appliances from one brand. Think about what you do most often in your kitchen. Maybe invest in a quality dishwasher and spend the free time with your family? Or you have a garden that gives you pleasure and rewards you with a harvest. Then you need to think about high-quality refrigeration and freezing equipment.

Let the equipment please you with quality and maximum long-term operation.

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