TOP 10 things you shouldn’t save on when renovating a kitchen


TOP 10 things you shouldn’t save on when renovating a kitchen

Before starting a kitchen renovation, you need to clearly think through all the necessary future expenses. Repairing any room in the house is usually a very large and sometimes unforeseen expense. However, if you want to get high-quality repairs and long-term service of all things in the house, you need to try not to save. After all, saving can lead to many unpleasant consequences, which will have a rather bad effect on your nerves and wallet.

An excessive desire to save money in some places before starting repairs may be the main reason for future additional costs. This may happen because some low-quality or poorly designed item breaks and needs to be repaired.

All serious mistakes during the renovation of the kitchen space will cause a whole disaster in the future. To avoid all troubles in the future, you should think through several important aspects of your entire work activity at the beginning of repair work. A kitchen that will function for a long time and efficiently for many years should not only look attractive, but also be ergonomic and safe for the people living in the apartment.

Design services

You need to start renovating any room with designing the space designer. However, some people suggest that this is a waste of money and the designer will not be able to advise anything really important. Therefore, very often they design a kitchen on their own. Because of this decision, various problems may arise later. Only a designer is able to accurately design the entire room using his experience. He will be able to distribute where it is necessary to place sockets and water pipes. Having explained the entire creative idea, the designer will begin to draw an exact plan for the arrangement of furniture and all related things. After directly receiving the graphic image from the designer, you can show the result to the workers, who will already do the rest of the work.

Furniture set

For some people who are starting to renovate their apartment, it is sometimes much easier to order a ready-made furniture set for the kitchen. Furniture stores now offer similar furniture. This will definitely attract the attention of the public, because then there will be no need to think and calculate what equipment needs to be purchased for the entire premises. However, it needs to be done. You should only buy a kitchen set that has been pre-designed taking into account all the features of a particular room. The finished kitchen presented in the catalog on the website of many companies is often not of very high quality and can quickly become unusable. Pre-designed cabinets and tables will fit perfectly into the entire space and will not cause inconvenience. When choosing a kitchen set, it is best to order assembly according to individual characteristics.

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Storage space

Often storage boxes become the main object of saving. By designing drawers with fewer storage spaces, the price becomes noticeably lower. However, after the repairs were completed, it turned out that this was an obvious mistake. At this point it becomes clear that there is nowhere to put a variety of important kitchen items. When planning your kitchen space, it is important to pay attention to the design and installation of additional storage areas for all utensils. If desired, you can use special organizers to store various things. They will not take up much space, but at the same time they will be very useful in every kitchen.

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Furniture fittings

When renovating and planning your kitchen space, you need to think about the ergonomics and undeniable quality of all things. When choosing kitchen fittings, you should not skimp on good equipment. It is better to spend a large amount on good technical equipment than to later spend even more money on repairing low-quality products. You should also pay due attention to the various kitchen mechanisms. In the kitchen, everything should be located in close proximity. You may want to think about installing drawers and drawers. Such mechanisms will significantly simplify work in the kitchen. To take final care of your dishes, you can purchase closers.

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Electrical wiring is an important part of any kitchen. You need to think about its quality from the very beginning. You should never skimp on your safety, as this may lead to adverse consequences in the future. It is better to consult with specialists in this field before starting the wiring installation. They will tell you how best to proceed. Also don’t forget about the future. It is much better to take care of future household appliances that will need an electrical connection at the beginning of the renovation. To do this, you need to take care of high-quality and safe electrical wiring in advance.


Over a long period of time, additional equipment may appear in the kitchen that requires a constant electrical connection. In order to avoid drilling into the walls and spoiling the appearance of an already functioning kitchen, you should immediately install many sockets. It is better to initially carefully consider the location of all sockets so that the housewife can work comfortably in the kitchen. There should be a lot of sockets, and sometimes even more than normal. On average, sockets should be available to connect the following kitchen equipment: oven, dishwasher, refrigerator. As additional kitchen appliances: microwave, juicer, blender, coffee machine, multicooker, electric kettle, hob. Also, do not forget about the sockets, which should be located on top to connect the hood and lamps for the main and additional light.

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Kitchen lighting is a smart solution for making your space look attractive. However, in addition to beauty, lighting is a means of ensuring safety in the kitchen. In order to see all the important details while cooking, you need to provide clear and continuous lighting in the room. The main light in this case may not be very clear. This is why it is worth installing additional bright lights in work areas. It is worth remembering that the light should not be too bright in the working and dining areas so as not to blind people. You can install many small lamps as additional light. If you follow all the rules, work and rest in the kitchen will bring only joy, not inconvenience.

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Kitchen sink and faucet

It is not recommended to skimp on plumbing during kitchen renovations, as this is a very important part of the overall functioning of the room. It will be much cheaper to initially install a good faucet and mixer, so as not to spend more money on repairs or installation of other equipment in the future. Poor plumbing can lead to flooding for your neighbors or other all-too-important problems. Also, when installing high-quality plumbing equipment, you don’t have to worry at all about high water consumption and nothing breaking. A kitchen sink during a kitchen renovation should be rationally selected and installed.

Apron and countertop

For many, a kitchen apron is not an overly important detail during renovation. It is believed that this thing is mainly needed for beauty. This is partly true, but still a kitchen apron has many practical properties. All walls adjacent to the work surface are subject to constant contamination. After a short time, the walls and the entire surrounding area will be in poor shape. To do this, you need to take care of installing an apron.

You need to try not to skimp on the countertop. This is the main working area in the kitchen, which is constantly exposed to different temperatures and physical pressure. A low-quality countertop will require repair or complete replacement after a short time, which will lead to additional expenses.

Kitchen appliances

All kitchen appliances are definitely the foundational items of a kitchen space. It is absolutely impossible to save on technology, because it is constantly in working order. Thanks to all the equipment in the kitchen, you can prepare and store food. Kitchen appliances also deal with washing dishes.

  1. Refrigerators and freezers. This technique is indispensable in any kitchen. The refrigerator must be purchased according to the size of the kitchen space. It is also possible to choose a suitable shade that will fit into the overall design of the kitchen.
  2. Hobs and ovens. You can install a hob or gas stove in different colors. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you should decide on a comfortable number of burners.
  3. Hoods. It is hoods that can quickly and almost silently purify the air. In the world of technological progress, it is impossible to live without this kitchen equipment. You should choose a high-quality model to ensure good and long-term performance.
  4. Dishwashers. Specialized dishwashers are necessary for washing dishes. The machines can be built into the kitchen unit and be completely invisible. However, this equipment significantly saves time and effort, and is also irreplaceable.

In the event of a breakdown, all equipment will need to be replaced or expensive repairs will be required. To avoid all such unpleasant consequences, you should take care in advance to purchase high-quality technical equipment. Kitchen appliances will serve for a long time and with high quality if you take care of it in advance.

Obviously, renovations in the kitchen area require a lot of effort and money. To eliminate any possible future troubles, you should initially take care of the quality of all installed equipment. It will be very important to use the services of a designer to design a room. After completing this procedure, you can take care of purchasing good equipment and installing high-quality wiring and plumbing.

You can do all the necessary work in the kitchen once and efficiently for a lot of money. In this case, the kitchen will function perfectly for a long time. It is better to initially avoid all future problems due to the desire to save on some important things. Things like sockets, wiring and lighting, despite many contradictions, are undeniably important things in any kitchen space. On many of these things, saving can be dangerous.

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