Green kitchens – interior design and rules for color schemes

Decorating a kitchen is a very important task during a renovation. After all, it is in this place that the whole family can gather at one table, so the atmosphere should be fully conducive.

Before starting a kitchen renovation, a rather pressing question usually arises: what color should the room be decorated in? You don’t have to experiment and choose soft and pastel colors. However, many people prefer to dream up their kitchen space.

One of the rather bright and memorable colors is green. Green kitchens can be very colorful. But still, this color in the kitchen area has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, the design of a green kitchen can be made in various variations.

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Advantages and disadvantages of decorating a kitchen in green

The obvious advantages include the fact that green is a universal color and can fit into any given interior. It has also been proven that the color green has a special calming effect on a person and has a beneficial effect on his psyche due to associations with nature. For modern residents of large cities, this color in the main room of the apartment is very relevant. Green color can help strengthen immunity and overall health, as well as relieve excessive fatigue.

Moreover, thanks to this color you can visually expand the space and remove some imperfections. In the kitchen it is very important to decorate this particular color, as it significantly increases appetite. There are far fewer disadvantages than all the existing advantages. Green color can become boring after a while and look inharmonious if it is poorly combined with other shades.

In 2025, calm kitchen design is especially popular. Mostly during the design and preparation of a room plan, moderate shades are chosen. Green color fits perfectly into this trend, as it can be done in different tones and shades. Green color will look very attractive and create a special atmosphere.

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Various styles to suit a green kitchen

The versatile features of green allow it to pair with almost any color. Plants in a green interior help make the space more peaceful. Relaxing in such a room is a pleasure. As for the decor, you should carefully select colors and tones so that they go well with green.

Green kitchens come in a variety of styles. However, there are still certain options that make the interior look especially charming:

Provence style

This style is a very popular option when decorating a kitchen. The kitchen, made predominantly in soft green shades, mentally sends you somewhere to a French town. In this style, the kitchen set is most often made in an aged type. Also, such an interior is distinguished by such attributes as antique-style dishes, necessary decor, and plants. Provence style is reflected in the Beatrice kitchen from the Lube factory.

Green kitchen Lube Beatrice

East style

In this version, cool green shades are actively used and additional decor is applied. Mostly green in the oriental style comes in shade variations such as olive, emerald and malachite.

Eco style

This style implies the presence of neutral shades in the interior. In turn, wallpaper and other main accented things in the room can be decorated in calmer colors, and green can be made the main accent, reflected in furniture, curtains, and pillows.

Art Deco style

Luxurious interiors designed in a similar style usually have various variations of cool shades of green. Such bright and rich tones include emerald, malachite and others. Furniture made of glass, metal and wood is usually used as accents.

Modern styles.

In modern variations, green is used in styles such as minimalism and hi-tech. In a minimalist style, you can decorate your kitchen in light green and soft green colors without using any additional elements. High-tech, in turn, will combine the glossy surface of the kitchen unit and bright green shades. Each option looks very attractive. The green kitchen in the photo Essence Rovere Colore Ardesia Lacacato from the Aurora cucine factory is ideally presented in a modern style.

Зеленая кухня Aurora kitchens Essence Oak Color Slate Lacquered

The apron plays a significant part in the design of a green kitchen. There should not be any particular difficulties in its design, but it is still necessary to select it in the right way. If you want to make your kitchen space almost entirely in green shades, you can decorate the apron in a more delicate color. An apron can also serve as an excellent accent and therefore can be made bright and stand out from the general background. In this case, it is important to choose a certain saturation in order to correctly mark this thing against the general background.

Various color combinations with green

Green can be combined with almost any color. However, you need to approach the choice of design consciously in order to achieve the desired interior style.

The best and classic options for combining a kitchen in a green style are white and beige. The design will be very gentle thanks to the dilution of the interior style with white. Typically, this option can visually enlarge the space. The beige and green combination helps to relax in the best way. In a similar style, you can make beige the main color, and green to focus on the furniture.

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For Art Deco or Art Nouveau style, a combination of green and gray is ideal. It is the walls and some furniture that can be decorated in gray, and the necessary accent can be made with tables, cabinets, sofas and green curtains.

The combination of green and brown will look especially luxurious. This option can literally turn an apartment into a place of rest and relaxation. Brown furniture will go well with a soft green shade of walls, curtains and other things. This style can be seen in the decorated Gran Duca kitchen from the Prestige factory.

Green kitchen Prestige Gran Duca 02

Also a classic option is the black and green combination. This style will look very fashionable and modern. The main color of the walls can be black, and the bright green color will serve as an accent, manifested in cabinets, tables and sofas.

A rather unusual combination of colors will be green and pink. At first glance, these two colors should in no way be in the same space, but still, they are able to create the necessary coziness. These two colors are reminiscent of spring time, which means they give a charge of positive emotions. You need to be very careful when presenting these two colors together. Typically, green can serve as the main color, and pink can be an unusual and bright accent. Pink objects in the interior can be chairs, decorative items, and individual inserts in the kitchen set.

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For the more daring, you can decorate the interior using green with orange or red shades. The combination of green and red will make the room very expressive and luxurious. For example, green in a similar style can be the main color, and red can focus attention on the furniture. The combination of red and green can be seen in the design of the Gran Duca 01 kitchen from the Prestige factory. Orange will become less bright and irritating, and will serve a calming function.

Green kitchen Prestige Gran Duca 01

Ideal lighting for a green kitchen

It is the interior of green kitchens that seems to be a very versatile and calm option. You should add a lot of accents to your interior to make it more attractive. One of these accents can be lighting and lamps.

  1. Small lamps in the dining area in a golden style will make a rather interesting accent and illuminate the entire space.
  2. For a country-style kitchen, it is suitable to use several small lamps in the kitchen to illuminate the main areas. The lamps themselves can be selected with bronze or gold fittings. Country style is shown in the design of the Granduca kitchen from the Marchi Cucine factory.
  3. Full kitchen lighting is suitable for the Art Nouveau style. Transparent glass lamps will fit perfectly as the lamps themselves. They will attract attention and create the necessary light accent.

Green kitchen Marchi Cucine Granduca

Any lighting should be expressive and attractive. Light accents should be placed in all important kitchen areas. It is worth remembering that certain lamps in each style will attract attention even more.

The main difficulties when decorating a kitchen in green

Green has been used quite often as the main color in interior design. That is why, when thinking through design details, you should select more unusual and original shades. If you want to make a kitchen in a certain style, green may not always be suitable. For example, with styles such as contemporary or wabi-sabi, this color may not fit at all.

Already in the case of an exact and finally made decision to decorate the kitchen in green, another difficulty may arise. Due to the huge number of different shades, it can be difficult to decide on a specific one. Each color must be combined with the necessary decor and the declared style itself. You can prepare in advance for the fact that choosing a shade will take quite a long time.

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Further, furnishing the kitchen may also not be a very simple task. Selecting green curtains, wallpaper and tiles is not a problem at all. However, things like hardwood flooring, appliances and other kitchen essentials may not be so easy to find in the right shade.

Despite all the possible disadvantages of using green in the interior, we can say with certainty that this is a very original and luxurious design of the room. Various shades of green can be combined perfectly with other colors to create one great style. Buying a green kitchen can make your main space feel peaceful and atmospheric if you want. Making bright green accents in the interior is very fashionable and stylish. It is also important that a green kitchen will have a calming effect on all people.

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