Trends 2025: How To Choose Kitchen Curtains

How To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021In the interior decor of the kitchen, special attention is paid to the curtains. With well-chosen models, you will decorate the room, making it cozy and beautiful – on the contrary, you will spoil even the most perfect design with the wrong choice. Curtains in the kitchen 2025, current trends – you will learn about all this in our article. We will tell you in detail which curtains are in fashion this year, and also talk about which models will be relevant next year.

A variety of curtain options allows owners to choose, even the most sophisticated, the model that fits perfectly into the interior. Whether you choose textiles (tulle, organza, linen, etc.), blinds, blinds or filament curtains, in any case you will want to be on the wave of fashion, choose the most suitable option for your kitchen style.

The kitchen is the place where the day of all households begins, and where the whole family is going to socialize in the evening, to be together. That is why the repair of this room is started in the first place – it should be beautiful, clean and comfortable here.

Curtains are easy to replace with others, thereby updating the design of the room, so this article will be useful not only for those who plan to repair, but also for everyone who wants to keep up to date, acquiring modern curtain models and placing new accents in the interior.

Also in our article we will tell you which curtains are suitable for a small kitchen.

Difficult choiceHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

As mentioned above, your choice of curtains for the kitchen must be correlated with the style of the interior. There will be completely different options for country and high-tech rooms. But besides this, one must take into account the type of curtains, and the shape of the window, and the color scheme, and, of course, your own preferences! Someone may consider that blinds are suitable only for non-residential premises and turn a cozy house into a faceless office, while someone easily refutes this opinion by writing blinds into the interior so that they don’t want to leave such a kitchen!

In this article, we have selected for you the latest in 2019, as well as models that do not lose their relevance from 2017-2018.

So, what can be hung on the kitchen window to be in the trend of 2019, which curtains:

  • classic, long or short, with tulle;
  • French, Italian, Austrian;
  • Roman, rolled (roller blinds);
  • pleated blinds, blinds;
  • thread.

Curtains for bay windows should be selected taking into account the shape of the bay window, since there are several windows, the room is adequately lit – perhaps you even need to darken it a bit. Often, if there are bay windows in the kitchen, they are used as part of the workspace with natural light. Unlike, for example, living rooms, where it is appropriate to drape such windows with heavy curtains with lambrequins.

If you have arched windows in the kitchen, then your choice is unlimited – here you can use curtains with a lambrequin, and Italian, and Austrian, and pleated blinds. Everything to your taste, choose what you like to decorate the window arch!

Curtains are used to darken (with too bright sunshine), to protect privacy from prying eyes – when choosing the type of curtains for windows, do not forget that they cope with these functions.

The taste and color …How To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

When choosing any element of decor, first of all, you must be guided by your own taste. It is for you to live in this house – make sure that your stay in the kitchen is desirable and comfortable for you.

There should not be a single detail of the interior that would cause you irritation or rejection. Therefore, take the curtain selection process seriously to avoid mistakes.

Do not use too flashy colors – they will cut your eyes, you will want to quickly escape from such a kitchen. Moderately bright warm and calm cold shades will suit much better.

The muted yellow color of the curtains will fill your kitchen with sunshine even on a cloudy day! Black patterns on a white background curtains will make your home stylish and concise. Blue-green options will have a calming effect.

Bright red color for window decoration is better not to use, too aggressive option. But the noble shades of burgundy in the kitchen will be most appropriate!

The neutral natural colors of the curtains – milky, ash, pearl – will look decent in the interior.

Two-color curtains look good – choose between themselves combining shades (you can contrast), this can become the semantic center of the design of your kitchen!

For many decades, the Vichy cage on curtains has been popular. 2019 is no exception, the cell still does not lose relevance!

This year, the natural composition of textile curtains is gaining popularity – in high esteem linen, cotton, wool. It is not necessary that the curtains should be 100% natural fiber, mixed versions are suitable. A small percentage of synthetics in the fabric will not shrink during washing, and stains will also be easier to remove, and curtains will not wrinkle.

At the peak of popularity in 2019, gray and beige colors of window decor, which also gives the kitchen naturalness. Designers advised muted shades – it is necessary that the color of the curtains harmonize or even repeat the color of the walls or furniture set.Thread curtains are still popular. When installing this option in the kitchen, make sure that the threads do not interfere with the opening of the cabinet doors and drawers.

Classic in modern readingHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

If you decide to stay on the traditional long curtains with tulle, then pay attention to the 2019 model. This year, the eternal classic does not think to leave their positions – due to conservatism, long curtains with white tulle will always find their fans.

Let’s talk about fabrics

Experts advise to pay for what the curtains are made of no less than the color and style. In 2019, for classic curtains, jacquard, tapestry and silk fabrics are suitable.

In order to visually enlarge the room, it is necessary to select the canvas a little lighter or slightly darker than the walls. Such curtains will make the space wider and higher.

Not only plain or two-tone long drapes are in fashion, also pay attention to fashionable models with ornaments or patterns, as well as a strip. Your kitchen will look modern and unique!

The focus is on the curtains on the grommets, perhaps this is your option! If you like a variety of decorative elements – lambrequins, drapery, fringe, brushes, etc., then in the classic spacious kitchen, some of them will be appropriate. For a small room, it is better to choose a more ascetic pattern.

If you like a shorter version of the curtains (to the windowsill or a little lower), then it is perfect for both spacious and small kitchens. It is also an ideal choice if a cat lives in your house – it will be convenient for her to follow the birds through the window, and your curtains will not be affected by her sharp claws.

What to sew curtains from?How To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

Let’s talk in more detail about the materials from which you can sew a curtain of any length and model that is convenient for you.

OrganzaHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

A material that will add light to your kitchen due to its characteristics. It is shimmering in the sun and artificial light, transparent and shiny, light and beautiful. A rich palette, affordable price – organza does not lose popularity, it has been decorating cozy houses for many years. Please note that this is not a durable option, the fabric loses its elasticity and becomes fragile.

VeilHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

The characteristics of the veil are close to organza, but it is more durable material. Light, airy, shimmers in the light, perfectly draped with soft folds – the veil is widely used for decoration of kitchen windows.

LinenHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

Despite the fact that linen products are capricious in care and quite high in price, they are gaining popularity every year, and 2019 is no exception.

Linen curtains are distinguished by a rough rough texture and a noble appearance. Flax looks best in a light interior, it is advisable to use restrained shades with minimal decor, not variegated. So the look of the kitchen will be more harmonious, and the interior design will look complete.

Remember the rules for the care of linen curtains: washing in cool water, no bleaching, ironing immediately after washing (otherwise the product is deformed).

CottonHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

More affordable natural material for curtains than linen, less capricious to care for. Solid cotton curtains are rarely used in the interior, often with prints.

Patchwork style – patchwork curtains made of small colorful cotton pieces can also be attributed to this. This option fits perfectly into the country style kitchen. Cotton perfectly diffuses light, is practical, durable.

LaceHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

If you like lace curtains, then feel free to use them for window decor! Entirely lace, or fragmented – depends only on your taste preferences. If you decide to use only lace trim, you can combine it, for example, with a veil. Your kitchen will be the epitome of grace and sophisticated taste!

ThreadsHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

Perfect for the hot season or climate, perfectly breathable, came to us from the Ancient East. Different weaving, a rich palette, decoration with beads – a string of muslin can be the highlight of your kitchen interior.

Curtains in the style of different countries

French styleHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

Airiness, an abundance of draperies – the characteristics of this style of curtains look good in spacious kitchens, and are especially appropriate on French windows.

Austrian styleHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

Drapery at the bottom of the canvas, a lifting view of the curtains. Bright, catchy, beautiful Austrian curtains are an ideal choice if you have a small window.

Italian styleHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

They will add chic and originality to the interior of your kitchen. They look rich due to draperies and accessories, tucks in the upper part of the canvases. Typically, Italian curtains do not move, a veil or organza is perfect for them to protect from excessive sunlight.

Tips for choosing curtain materialHow To Choose Curtains For The Kitchen: The Latest Trends In 2021

We will give you some tips regarding the choice of curtains, perhaps you will be guided by them when buying. So, in a small kitchen it is better to choose non-massive and non-long options.

If the room is on the sunny side, you will need sun protection. If on the shady side, lighter fabrics can be selected.

If you are a resident of the lower floors, then the curtain fabric should be dense enough not to shine even when the electric light is on, so you will maintain privacy and protect personal life from prying eyes.

If it’s impossible to look into your windows, your choice is not limited to anything.

When choosing fabric for the curtain in the store, take the material from one roll, so there will not be the slightest opportunity to purchase slightly different shades of the product.

And finally, it was said above about leaving, choose a fabric that will be easy to care for at home. The kitchen is a place where they prepare and eat food, which means that it is easiest to put a stain on the fabric of the curtain. Ideally, the material should not accumulate odors, not dust, wrinkle, and easily wash.

We wish you a great selection of fashionable and beautiful curtains for your kitchen!


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