High-quality furniture fittings for the kitchen. TOP 3 brands to choose from.


High-quality furniture fittings for the kitchen. TOP3 brands to choose from.


The service life and comfort of use of kitchen cabinets, tables and cabinets depend on the connection mechanisms. Furniture fittings for the kitchen ranges from 5 to 20% of the cost of kits and headsets. This is an expense item that you should not skimp on. According to statistics, mechanics most often break down and require repair or replacement. It’s better to install good ones right away components. Italian kitchen furniture manufacturers choose only technologically advanced railing systems, reliable dumping hinges for drawers and cabinets, and decorative fittings in the form of handles and overlays that set the style.

Three companies are leaders among manufacturers of mechanisms and decorative accessories; they produce decent products. Italian manufacturers choose fittingsThe Austrian company Blum and two German brands: Hettich and Hafele.

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Hettich is the undisputed leader

German company Hettich occupies the top positions in the rating in the segment of manufacturers of furniture metal fittings. This is the standard of quality and impeccability. The company’s products belong to the premium class category and are designed for a long service life under intensive use. The company produces a wide range of products:

  • loops;
  • hanging facade systems;
  • fastening systems and guides for kitchen drawers;
  • elements for sliding and folding doors;
  • furniture locks and pens;
  • lift-and-tilt mechanisms;
  • automatic door closers with smooth running;
  • roller extension systems consisting of 4 guides (metaboxes);
  • decorative overlays;
  • legs for cabinets, tables and cabinets.

The company is the main supplier of fittings for the largest manufacturers of kitchen furniture in Italy.

Features of Hettich’s innovative solutions

  1. Systems for ergonomic use of drawers are available in several versions:
  • ProfiTech is the world’s first sidewall system made of steel, allowing quick access to the contents of drawers;
  • InnoTech Atira is an improved modification of the opening device with double sidewall, hidden installation;
  • MultiTech is easy to install, designed for cabinets of varying depths and drawers with single-wall sides;
  • silent ArciTech with smooth running increase the comfort of using furniture;
  • Silent System – a retractable mechanism of an innovative design that suppresses possible vibrations that appear when moving loaded drawers;
  • ComfortLine – options for increased comfort, requiring minimal effort to open.
  • Quadro guides operate on the ball bearing principle and open and close with high precision. After installation, the systems are invisible due to hidden installation, they work technically, without the formation of backlash.
  • Various opening mechanisms for kitchen wall cabinets. For swing doors with Push to open. The device allows you to abandon traditional handles. To open the cabinet, just click on the front panel. The door closes after repeated pressure on the facade.

The following systems have been developed for sliding doors with a top running element:

  • InLine with adjustable damping degree. They are characterized by a smooth ride and operate without installing handles;
  • Universal TopLine modifications allow doors to open and close absolutely silently.
  • SysLine S for easy opening of doors with a touch. The running profile is installed on the top panel so that it is invisible after installation.

Combinations of open and closed sections of 2- and 3-door cabinets in kitchen units create SlideLine M systems with a lower running element.

Quick installation hinges with different opening angles are available for kitchen furniture with a variety of designs, in metallic and black colors:

  • the hidden sliding hinge of SlideOn is equipped with a double spring to securely fix the door in the desired position;
  • the Sensys modification operates silently due to the built-in damper and provides a wide opening angle;
  • option The adjustable Intermat is easy to install.

Professional furniture makers and household users leave only good ones reviews about Hettich fittings. They note the impeccability, long service life, silent opening and closing of drawers and doors.


Blum – second position in the rating

The Blum company from Austria specializes in manual and electric sliding systems; they provide comfortable opening of kitchen furniture drawers. The company also produces Aventos lifting mechanisms of various modifications, Clip hinges, and classic decorative fittings. Buyers of Italian kitchen furniture and professional furniture makers from many countries know this brand.

The company was one of the first to offer consumers the hidden Tandem and Tandembox systems. They are used for drawers of various formats built into kitchen furniture. Necessary for creating efficient storage systems. The designs differ from conventional guides in that they are hidden and are not visible when extended.

The Tandem system is attached to the bottom of the drawer and is adjustable according to the degree of opening. Tandembox modifications are systems with side-mounted guides. They are designed for drawers with metal sides. The mechanism ensures silent and smooth movement of the drawer along the guides to any degree of opening. It is equipped with closers and complemented with rod stops, made of steel and high-strength aluminum alloys.

Pull-out kitchen fittings constantly being improved:

  • The Tip-On modification from the Tandembox line of systems eliminates the need for handles. The mechanism is adjustable and is activated by a light touch. It is used on cabinets, facades with vertical and horizontal door lifts.
  • Clip-Top hinge for cabinets with fronts that open at different angles. The construction has an unusual design. The mechanism ensures smooth movement of the facades when closing, and is built into the swing doors of Italian kitchen sets. The hinges of the Inserta modification are installed without tools and snap into place with a simple press.
  • The modern built-in shock absorber-closer Blumotion ensures smooth movement of the doors, regardless of the slamming force. The hidden installation system is switched off by a light touch on the lid. This is a special development of the company for luxury kitchen furniture.
  • Metaboxes are equipped with an adjustable drawer extension; a device of four symmetrically located guides can withstand an average dynamic load, taking into account the weight of the drawer up to 25 kg.
  • Orga-line – folding fittings for convenient storage of cutlery, food, spices and detergents. The tray system is dishwasher safe and optimized to fit any space. Movable dividers allow you to create compartments of any size.
  • Aventos facade lifts are available in versions of different load-bearing capacities for vertical, horizontal and solid solid facades with hinge connections. They are designed to silently raise, fold and lower doors.
  • Manufacturers offer for kitchen cabinets Servo-Drive electronic devices with small-sized electric drive. Two push sensors with a protruding button cut into the side walls. A wireless signal is sent to the electronic device to trigger the opening/closing mechanism.

In terms of the range of accessories produced, Blum lags significantly behind its competitors, but adheres to the principle: “less is more.” Offers products of decent quality.

Hafele is the last participant in TOP 3

German company Hafele with a rich history. Now it produces connectors, locking systems, lifts, connecting and fastening elements, guide systems for drawers, fittings for kitchen sets and furniture. The assortment includes more than 200 thousand items. Italian furniture makers purchase lifting elements from the company for tall cabinets, two-tier facades and modules of different heights.

Popular Hafele developments:

  • The Free Fold series for folding furniture facades are balanced according to the load-bearing load, equipped with an adjustable door slamming force. The system is safe to use and is equipped with protection against pinching when folding door leaves move. Thanks to special central hinges, it allows you to change the position of the facade in three planes. The trajectory of the door movement provides for the placement of cornices and lamps above the cabinet shelves.
  • Free Swing lifting levers with synchronizing rod lock raise the fronts parallel to the body. The clamping angle is adjustable. The lifts operate stably under load. A special hinge system ensures the optimal path of movement of the facade. The door does not take up much space, leaving an open space in front. It is convenient to place all kinds of household appliances in the modules.
  • The Free Up mechanism with a synchronizing rod combines the hinge and bracket, raising and lowering the door smoothly without applying much effort. Steel levers operate silently. They are attached to the walls of the case and to the opening panel, and move without folding or tilting.
  • The Free Flap range of lifting mechanisms is small in size. The system is equipped with an intermediate fixation element. Opens the door at an angle of 90 and 70 degrees.
  • DUO series – lifting devices with an offset hinge and bracket, a large set of mounting positions. Using the elements you can elegantly decorate the upper cabinets in the kitchen.

The built-in electric opening system E-Drive with a closer is the best option for facades without front fittings. It operates silently, when the current is turned off, it is controlled manually in any mode, and regulates the force of slamming the door.

The mechanisms of all three companies from the TOP 3 make Italian kitchen furniture modern and multifunctional. They help maintain order in the room, provide comfort and coziness in an important room of any home. Hanging systems, lifts, fastenings for drawers and cabinets.

The key advantages of the devices are simple installation and compactness. The mechanisms allow you to accurately install facades and are distinguished by a variety of adjustment parameters. Metal fittings are resistant to high humidity and other harmful factors, suitable for intensive work.

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