Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

Since ancient times, the kitchen, the dining area has been the embodiment of home comfort, a symbol of the unity of the family, clan.

In United States, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, solving important issues, talking and receiving guests. Housewives try to please the household with their favorite dishes, and children willingly join the cooking process, draw or learn lessons under the supervision of adults.

Not surprisingly, it is the kitchen set  that determines the overall atmosphere in the house. The comfort of the owners, their mood depends on its appearance, thoughtful furnishings. It should meet their tastes, give a feeling of warmth and delight with modern design solutions.

Starting repairs, acquiring new housing, you should familiarize yourself with the fashion trends of the next season in the field of kitchen interiors. New ideas and traditional solutions offered by leading experts will help you develop and bring to life your own, distinctive interior.

You can take a suitable project, slightly modifying it to suit your tastes. Or create a project from scratch, based on trendy designs.

Since the renovation in the kitchen is done for many years to come, it is worth thinking carefully about its layout, color palette and style. It is best to use “immortal” solutions, supplementing them with interesting new products. What kitchen design trends are in fashion today and will not lose their relevance in 2024 and beyond?

General recommendations for planning a kitchen

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

Before you start developing a design project, you need to decide on your desires. Which style is closer – cozy rustic, vintage or classic, laconic modern.

Choose colors that will not irritate, bring dissonance into the overall environment. It is also important to take into account the laws of ergonomics, to equip the kitchen with all household appliances necessary for the owners.

The current color palette for the interior of the kitchen in 2024

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

In 2023, light, pastel colors, as well as white and cream colors are in fashion. Experts say that in the next few years, naturalness with a delicate natural palette will not lose its relevance. Therefore, it is worth abandoning bright, acidic colors and “vyryglazny” combinations.

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If you want to bring some color and drive to the monochrome range, you can add a few accents in juicy green, carrot, brick or golden hues. Such colors are typical for minimalism, Provence and Scandi, country, ethnic, techno.

But ethnic styles give a wider scope for creativity and improvisation. In such kitchens, bright colored embroidery, ornaments on the walls, and painted dishes are appropriate.

In the coming season, light, neutral and dark tones are in trend:

  • white, milky, vanilla;
  • creamy, yellowish golden;
  • grey, anthracite black with a slight sheen but no sheen;
  • beige, brown;
  • natural colors – marble, granite, onyx, travertine, unpainted wood.

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Minimalist black kitchens look incredibly stylish. And for lovers of brighter solutions, it is allowed to use smoky blue, grassy green and marsh tones, the colors of coffee and cocoa with milk, restrained wine shades.

Fashionable interior styles for the kitchen in 2024

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

The design of the premises must fully comply with the lifestyle and habits of the owners. In addition, when choosing a style, the size and layout of the room are taken into account. For example, gothic, classic loft or Victorian trends require spacious rooms, while scandi or adapted loft are universal in this regard.

This and next year, a variety of styles are popular, which makes it possible to choose the best option.

  • Loft has been in the lead for several years now and is not going to give it up next season. People are bribed by simple solutions, with “naked” brick and concrete walls, painted surfaces.

You can imitate brickwork using a special tile or gypsum mixture and a stencil. The floor is lined with wooden boards or laminate with an “attic” design, porcelain stoneware and stone slabs are used.

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Furniture and lamps for such an interior can be purchased ready-made, in the author’s design.

  • The high-tech direction is characterized by a large number of modern electronics and household appliances.

The best solution would be a “smart home” system, with the ability to control via smartphone.

Also, when planning, they focus on high-quality, bright lighting, an abundance of chrome and glossy elements, and a variety of textures.

  • Rural destinations are the embodiment of home comfort, the dream of a warm, hospitable home.

For different peoples, they differ in details, but converge in the basics: mainly natural materials for decoration and furniture making.

The abundance of natural wood, stone and brick, linen and cotton, the use of ethnic dishes, decor.

  • The Scandinavian style is strict lines, pastel, soft colors and an abundance of natural materials. It is both comfortable and practical, ideally fits into the fashion trends of the next year.

For this style, functional furniture made of wood and metal is chosen. The facades of the headset should be concise, without pretentious decoration.

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The walls are painted, tiled or lined with clapboard, wood paneling. White-painted or natural-reddish brickwork is also suitable.

  • Eco direction is a great solution for those who want to be closer to nature.

In the coming season, design with a harmonious combination of elements and finishes made of natural stone, wooden surfaces, and furniture will be popular.

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The monochrome palette is diluted with “living” walls with ivy, moss compositions, wall and hanging planters, climbing plants.

Layout of the kitchen space in 2024

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

In a tiny kitchen it is difficult to accommodate everything you need for work and leisure. But if you correctly arrange the kitchen set, limit yourself to only the necessary household appliances, use modern solutions for the dining group, then the small room becomes cozy and functional.

Today, many homeowners prefer to do redevelopment, combining the kitchen with the room.

Such a room is easier to divide into functional zones:

  • working, with a kitchen set, a sink and cutting countertops, a stove and a refrigerator;
  • dining room, equipped with a full table and chairs, or a bar counter, folding and sliding furniture models;
  • for family holidays and receive guests. Upholstered furniture, a TV set are installed in the living room, a fireplace area or a study, a playroom are organized.

Since modern trends do not welcome zoning with finishing materials, designers widely use lighting effects.

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For example, the living and dining area is highlighted with warm, diffused light, and the kitchen with cold white lighting.

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Actual materials for finishing the kitchen and for furniture

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

At the heart of the fashion trends of recent years is a love for nature, a craving for natural materials in decoration and furnishings. Smooth facades and walls are popular, without complex, voluminous decor. Materials with a textured surface, natural natural patterns look great.

Most in demand:

  • wood for finishing floors, walls, ceilings and furniture, wickerwork from wicker, rattan, reed;
  • high-quality imitation of natural wood from MDF, chipboard, laminate, parquet board, veneered furniture;
  • metal and glass, ceramic tiles, bricks;

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  • natural stone – granite, onyx, marble, pebbles, sandstone;
  • quartz agglomerate, artificial stone.

The ceiling can be upholstered with a rail or clapboard, the support beams can be left uncovered. Often used large decorative details of polystyrene foam tiles with painting or embossed decorative plaster.

One of the most popular new products is a living tile based on polycarbonate. It is not afraid of moisture, mechanical influences, it is safe for health. A special coating with a reflective layer and a gel inside creates amazing effects when walking.

Kitchen appliances

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

The kitchen is equipped with household appliances, depending on the lifestyle and habits of the owners. If the family is small, and lunches and dinners are most often heated in the microwave, it makes no sense to buy expensive dishwashers, large hobs and volumetric hoods.

For those who know how and love to cook, regularly pamper their family with their own pastries or preparations, a complete set of powerful, functional kitchen appliances is required.

There are several rules:

  • all kitchen units, small devices must have a similar or the same type of design;
  • household appliances must match the chosen interior style;
  • Embedded devices are more expensive, but they take up less space. To save space, ovens, microwaves, thermopots are installed in column cabinets, vertically.

When designing the content of a small kitchen, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons, leaving only the equipment that will be used regularly. Also, experts recommend giving preference to compact, small-sized models.

The choice of furniture for the kitchen in 2024

Fashionable And Functional Kitchens 2024: Interior Design, Trends

An interesting trend is observed this and next season. Kitchen furniture is becoming more and more comfortable, reminiscent of suites for bedrooms, living rooms and stylish offices. Even the front panels and doors of household appliances are finished with veneer or a film that imitates wood textures. Painted wooden facades, retractable countertops and open shelves along the walls are back in fashion.

When choosing or ordering a kitchen set, it is worth considering the current trends in interior design.

  • The best materials for kitchen backsplashes are tempered glass, ceramic tiles, or natural stone panels. Minimalistic, laconic designs with pastel colors, mosaic panels and geometric shapes, honeycombs are welcome.
  • An apron is a great place to attach shelves, organizers, hooks for kitchen utensils.
  • The height of the apron can be minimal, 25-35 cm, or under the ceiling. Also, combinations of materials with different textures and designs are relevant. Its color should be combined with furniture or wall decoration.
  • The hit of the season is countertops and sinks made of natural or artificial stone. Also, options from noble, hardwoods – oak, beech are appropriate.
  • Facades made of designer plywood with a pronounced, unique pattern are gaining popularity. This veneer is used to cover expensive premium headsets.
  • Furniture, flooring and wall decoration made of marble, onyx or their high-quality imitation brings a sense of luxury and prosperity to the interior. Such coatings are durable, with proper care they last for decades.
  • With an emphasis on the dining area and kitchen apron, beautiful tiles on the floor, furniture sets are masked as much as possible for wall decoration. They choose smooth facades without fittings and decorations, complementing them with open or concise glazed shelves.
  • 2-3-level hanging cabinets, furniture sets with mezzanines are in fashion. Another popular solution for rustic interiors is open shelves and cabinets without doors, covered with textile curtains.
  • Dining areas in small kitchens are made as compact as possible. They use retractable and folding tabletops, continue the work area with a kind of ledge-table. Also, options with countertop window sills and bar counters are often used.
  • In spacious kitchens, the table and chairs are placed in the center, focusing on them with the help of chic pendant lights, color accents, unusual shapes and materials.
  • Multi-level lighting is actively used. In addition to spherical ceiling lamps, unusual glass and metal structures, they install local lighting for the dining area, bar counter, and work surfaces.

Modern kitchens are not customary to clutter up with a large number of decorative elements. The accents are unusual lamp shades, furniture of interesting shapes and colors, wall panels and posters, photos, several planters with live plants or a “green wall”.

You can soften the strict lines of minimalist furniture with a pair of decorative pillows, kitchen textiles.


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