Kitchen Designs 2025: What Trends To Expect Next Year?

Kitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

I have long wanted to write an article about the trends that I see in the segment of “custom-made kitchens” and which, in my opinion, will be relevant kitchen trends in 2025. I want to look at this issue both as a designer, and as a manufacturer, and as a consumer of furniture. Some of them will be controversial. But it’s even good – there’s something to talk about.

First, I immediately want to make a reservation that the trend is different. The furniture segment is very important and in what territory this furniture is manufactured and sold. In different segments their trends. I myself am interested in the segment of furniture with an average budget and above. And the trends that I will write about below are more closely tied to this particular segment. It is in this region that the most interesting kitchen projects are being implemented today.

And also I want to say that you should not mix real trends and exhibitions. At exhibitions, as a rule, there are large players who offer their customers modular systems. In practice, these systems are difficult to apply. Especially, recently, it concerns modern technological islands. The reality that surrounds us in life is a little different. Therefore, I will speak specifically about the trends that I see in practice, observing colleagues, the behavior of customers and manufacturers.

I will not build any specific logical chain on trends. A separate trend is a separate paragraph. Let’s start.

Trend 1: Natural Materials Still PopularKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Natural materials are still popular. At one time, especially in Moscow, there was a jump in demand for countertops made of quartz agglomerate. Now the market for these countertops has formed and occupied its niche. At the same time, interest in countertops made of natural stone has remained. This is especially evident in expensive projects. Still, a beautiful unique texture created by nature has a special unique strength.

I myself love natural materials. Imagine a sheet of stone that was taken from the bowels of the earth, now lies in “my kitchen” and decorates an apron. There is definitely value in it. At least for me.

If we talk about wood, then this material is also in demand. Of course, now all-wooden kitchens, even modern ones, look a bit old-school (ala 70-80s), but at the same time, interior designers still continue to use the natural beauty of wood in their projects. Often you can find bar counters made of slabs. And also in many projects, the filling is made from an array (boxes, trays).

I think that over time, taking into account the fact that our resources are limited, natural materials will become more expensive and their use will be possible only in expensive custom projects.

Trend 2: Design veneer is gaining momentumKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Another actively developing area, among materials for the manufacture of kitchens, is the use of design veneers in the external design of kitchens. Many lumber suppliers began to supply artificially modified veneers to Russia: natural stained veneers, reconstructed multi-veneers, as well as finished decorative panels. Therefore, many interior designers began to use the design veneer, decorating living spaces.

I myself like this direction. The only negative that can be identified is the space price for some positions. Over time, the situation may change and such a veneer can be found in budget projects. Time will tell.

We can definitely say that in the coming years, interest in the design veneer will only grow.

Trend 3: Kitchen furniture fades into the backgroundKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Recently, more and more often kitchen furniture has faded into the background. This trend is largely due to the popularity of the modern classic style. Interior designers began to place more emphasis on other interior details – an apron, flooring, walls and kitchen accessories.

I support this trend. Furniture should be as practical and functional as possible. If we talk about design, then a properly selected color scheme ultimately solves all issues. No matter how complicated the kitchen may be, if other materials and colors are poorly selected, then it is very difficult to save such an interior from the “failure”.

I think that this trend will continue to intensify and we will see more beautiful projects for a reasonable price.

Trend 4: Kitchen from the Salon – Already Tired!Kitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

A study of the interior website, where a large number of implemented projects are laid out daily, shows that people’s interest in large manufacturers is lost. More and more interesting projects are being implemented by small companies. This is a good trend for us as well.

The furniture market continues to change. If before, about five years ago, the kitchen was a purely conveyor product, now kitchen furniture has even been made in small carpentry shops. I’m not talking just about cabinet furniture, but about custom kitchens with unique sizes and thoughtful design.

Therefore, for large companies with their inflexibility, difficult times are coming. Someone may become more flexible. Someone will leave the market. Maybe I’m wrong – time will tell.

But the fact is the fact, interior designers are constantly looking for artists and are less and less looking at big brands.

Trend 5: Handleless KitchenKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

In general, it can be stated that pens in terms of design are becoming easier and less and less focused on themselves. If we talk about modern kitchens, then facades without handles and facades with mortise handles are gaining momentum.

A kitchen without handles, on the one hand, is more functional, on the other hand, it is not overloaded with details, and plus handles do not create any interference.

In general, this trend applies to all the things that we use every day. A minimum of buttons, a minimum of design, simplicity and convenience come first.

In expensive projects, increasingly began to use sliding systems for drawers with electric drive. The most famous of them (Servo Drive) is produced by blum.

Observing what projects our designers are working on, I can say that there is a consumer interest in this area of kitchens.

Trend 6: Three-tier kitchens also remain popularKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Following the previous trend, it is worth mentioning the “three-level” kitchens. We are talking about kitchens, which have an additional upper level in the form of mezzanines above the upper hanging cabinets and pencil cases. As a rule, the depth of these cabinets is the same as that of pencil cases and lower cabinets.

This layout came to us from the Scandinavian countries and is typical for kitchens in a modern style. It allows you to significantly increase the functionality of the kitchen and “unload” the lower cabinets from rarely used kitchen accessories.

As a rule, such kitchens have two primary colors. Often there are options using natural veneer and enamel.

Basically, such kitchens are installed in large spacious rooms. In kitchens combined with living room or studio apartments.

Trend 7: English KitchensKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

The connoisseurs of modern classics become popular kitchen in the English style. In Europe, this style has long found its consumer. English kitchens have a small frame, which is fixed on the body and which remains in place at the time of opening the facade. The presence of a framework greatly complicates the kitchen and makes it more unique, especially in our realities.

Many large companies are starting to offer their customers alternatives. For example, with a simulated frame. But it’s still not that. The frame should be on the case – this is the standard of style.

Today, half of the classic kitchens that we produce are made in this style. I think that interest in such kitchens will greatly increase in the coming years.

Trend 8: More metal in kitchen designKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Over the past two years, many custom workshops working with metal have appeared. They appeared by chance. There is a demand for unique decorative elements, pens and other elements. In our projects, we have several times collaborated with such workshops. Now, for example, we will soon hand over the kitchen with a unique portal, the box of which will be made of metal. There are first shots.

And also we have handed over several projects for which pens, grids and a base were made to order.

The services of such workshops are expensive. I think that with the development of a niche and the emergence of competition, prices will fall. And then we can see more interesting interiors, implemented with the use of custom metal decor.

Trend 9: Kitchen Colors 2025

In conclusion, I want to touch on the theme of flowers and name the most interesting shades that deserve attention.

Gray greenKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

This color is now trending in Europe. He calms, relieves the fuss. The color is deep, aristocratic. It goes well with white.

Pistachio colorKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

Pistachio or olive color is similar in tone to the previous one, but softer in terms of perception. In general, pastel shades of green, swamp color have been trending for several years. Therefore, this color also remains relevant.

GrayscaleKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

The gray color of the kitchen will also be in trend in 2025. Especially light, light and faded options.

OcherKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

This year’s growing trend is ocher or persimmon. It is manifested both in the design of clothes, and now it is switching to interiors. Warm, positive thinking color. He is very close to me.

Blue tonesKitchen Designs 2021: What Trends To Expect Next Year

The blue color will remain in trend, especially its faded shades – deep and complex.

In conclusion, I want to say once again that the trend of the trend is different – everything is relative. General trends allow you to keep abreast, but are not required. In this regard, I believe that you should always try to find your way. Creating any interior requires a creative approach. Therefore, using modern trends, you should not forget about your own feelings. Kitchen design should be close in spirit.

In this article, I highlighted the most key and significant, in my opinion, trends in the design of kitchens. If you have your own vision, be sure to write about it in the comments.

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