New in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

New in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideasThe opinion that the kitchen in the house is the main room is agreed not only by the hostesses, but also by specialists in interior design. We will find out what the modern kitchen design in 2022 should be like and see the photo of the kitchen design in 2022 at the end of the article.

Kitchen TrendsNew in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

The main trend of the present time is the absence of any restrictions. If you like hi-tech – experiment, prefer minimalism – use it, decided to try Provence – go for it!

There are no requirements for the design of a modern kitchen today. It can be created by anyone, even the most unpredictable. Absolutely all areas are relevant. Country is especially welcome, which has been taking the leading position in the TOP for several years in a row.

If we talk about the “stuffing”, then modern kitchens in 2022 must be practically “stuffed” with various equipment and devices that will help in the household and save time for the hostess.

Kitchen LayoutNew in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

The 2022 kitchen design novelties are best implemented in a large room with plenty of light and open spaces. The method of combining the living room with the kitchen remains relevant this year.

For a note! The kitchen space should be as spacious as possible in order to be able to make the interior comfortable, beautiful and convenient.

For connection, designers offer the following options:

  1. Decorate both areas: the guest area and the work area, in different styles, but combine them using design techniques.
  2. Connect the zones by decorating the interior in the same style. This will create a comfortable and harmonious kitchen-living room.

The first option is a difficult but interesting solution. It will require a serious approach to work, since the difficulty will lie in competent zoning. It can be done using lighting.

For example, choose warm light for the living room, and use cold white in the kitchen.

Kitchen Colour Trends 2022New in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

It is worth noting that bright saturated and shiny shades and colours have long gone out of fashion. According to the recommendations of experts, the kitchen design of 2022 should be light. White is especially relevant. You can use milky shades, they are also in trend. The minimalist style will look spectacular if you arrange it in black.

A great solution would be to use brown and beige shades.

Need to know! Bright colours are not used even when the kitchen is decorated in Country style. The same rule applies to the Ethno style.

If we talk about ethnic performance, or, as it is called, the rustic interior of the kitchen, then it is advisable to create it in a single colour. Bright catchy accents are allowed, which are dictated by the direction itself, but no more.

Kitchen MaterialsNew in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

Naturalness and environmental friendliness are in fashion this season. Stone comes first. The floor is trimmed with natural stone, used in the manufacture of sinks and countertops.

Wood is no less popular. This is not only furniture, but also panels on the walls. Wooden decoration of the room will be appropriate in any style, be it ethno, Provence, or high-tech.

If the choice of design will be aimed at high-tech, then the so-called “living tile” will help to create a unique interior of the kitchen. This is the latest novelty in finishing materials.

These are multi-layer products based on polycarbonate. The material is covered with a reflective layer, which provides a pleasant, slightly luminous finish.

If you walk over such a tile, the floor will change the pattern due to the two-component gel compound inside. It is very original and beautiful. The color of the gel consists of food dyes, and polycarbonate does not emit any substances harmful and dangerous to humans, therefore, the “live tile” is completely safe.

In addition, the “living” material is highly resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. It is for these reasons that it is recommended to be used in the kitchen.

Kitchen FurnitureNew in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

If earlier kitchen furniture served as cabinets for storing food, today it is, in most cases, a case for installing various kinds of equipment. The set is chosen not only attractive, but also spacious. It is important to place equipment in it, which will make life easier for the hostess in the future.

One of the requirements for kitchen furniture is ergonomics. Opening drawers and cabinets must be present. It is important that their location is comfortable for the owners of the premises.

There are no strict requirements for the style of furniture. A housewife can independently choose or order a set to her liking.

This season eclectic interior has become relevant. It involves decoration, decor and furniture in a single color scheme, or the use of a minimum number of shades. Usually no more than 3 colors are used.

Today wall cabinets are out of fashion. Designers recommend floor cabinets or island cabinets for storing dishes and products.

This also applies to spacious rooms where there is room for furniture of any size. It will be enough to put a stove, a sink and a set with built-in kitchen equipment and appliances here. A fashionable trend is their placement in the center of the room.

Kitchen StylesNew in Kitchen Design 2022: a large selection of ideas, photos, planning and zoning ideas

When choosing an interior, one must rely on one’s own taste and preferences. It is also important to consider that the design of individual styles may require a lot of space and open spaces.

For the owners of a spacious kitchen, the “loft” design is suitable. It is good because if you use it, you can forget about wall decoration, but it is advisable to have panoramic windows in the room. The floor can be finished with special laminates in the “attic” design style, which will be especially popular in 2022, one might even say that it will be at its peak.

If we talk about furniture, then industrial-style headsets are suitable for a loft interior. A massive wooden table will perfectly fit into a spacious kitchen. You can arrange a rack with a wood finish. High chairs will look original.

Worth knowing! Do not forget that the combination of two trendy materials of the current season: wood and stone in the decoration of the kitchen interior will be the most popular and fashionable in 2022.

Eco-style is welcomed this season. A variety of plants will decorate the interior, and the creation of a “green finish” of the wall due to ivy will give the kitchen a unique character.

Fans of a luxurious interior will do neoclassicism. To do this, it is enough to combine the living room with the kitchen, decorate the zones with modern expensive materials and arrange noble furniture.

It doesn’t matter which style you choose. The main thing is that the kitchen is convenient and comfortable, because the hostess spends most of the time there. Having created a cozy atmosphere, you can be sure that the interior created by your own hands will exist for many years and will never go out of fashion.

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