Modern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Modern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

It is no secret that one of the most important rooms in the apartment, which performs a number of basic functions, is the kitchen. A lot of vital events take place there, from breakfast to family gatherings, parties with friends. Therefore, it is important to understand what features the modern kitchen interior trends 2024 has.

Modern kitchen interior 2024 – Top trends

Trends change every year, but hardly anyone can carry out repairs and update the interior so often. Below are the latest trends in modern kitchen interior design 2024.

We gave preference to the most stable trends and considered the most relevant styles of the coming years.

But do not forget about the main purpose of the kitchen. It is important that it is not only attractive in appearance, but also functional.

Single spaceModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Connecting the kitchen to the living room has long been considered a classic. The principle is to combine the main functions: cooking, communication with family, work and leisure. This concept is accepted by most people.

That is why every year more and more European-style apartments appear, in which the sleeping area is small, and about 50% of the apartment is allocated to the kitchen-studio.

What should be taken into account when forming this zone? Do not load walls and partitions, block the light, divide the space into small zones. In particular, this applies to small apartments, which, on the contrary, are important to make as spacious as possible.

The main problem is that the noise from working in the cooking area will interfere with watching TV or communicating in the guest area.

And the aromas of the food being cooked can only be interrupted by an extractor hood and a good ventilation system. If you are often in the kitchen, and in the living room you want to create a sense of privacy, then you should use partitions. It is better to give preference to light and transparent options that will let light through.

Basically, the food preparation area is made more relaxed by moving the vector of attention to the guest part. Laconic facades, hidden storage systems and neutral colors that almost merge with the finishes are perfect.

The usual system for dividing the cooking area and the living room is the dining room, which is located between them, creating a smooth transition. To do this, install either a dining table or a bar counter.

Mezzanine cabinetsModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

The mezzanine cabinets above the top line have one additional tier, which distinguishes them from standard sets. Thus, the free space formed between the upper border of the cabinets and the ceiling is used.

Kitchen sets of this kind are being used more and more often, because they have their advantages. Mezzanine cabinets allow more efficient use of the total area of ​​the kitchen.

Less obvious, but welcome news is the ease of cleaning.

Compact cooking zoneModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

The modern way of life in big cities is actively changing. Most processes are optimized, thereby freeing up time for work, self-improvement or communication with relatives, including cooking.

Some enjoy food to order or prefer food in restaurants, cafes, canteens.

If this is true in your situation, you can choose modern interiors of the kitchen combined with the living room 2024 as the optimal project.

At the same time, you can make the cooking place quite compact, but it is also not forbidden to equip the island and the pantry area, standing close to the wall. The headset may be built-in.

Cabinets can be placed up to the ceiling. For a more spectacular look, choose a marble finish.

Two colorsModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Today, contrasting headsets are at the peak of popularity. But gradually they can not only get bored, but also begin to annoy. To avoid this, it is best to choose the floor and furniture in calmer colors, and in contrast, choose the color of the wallpaper or curtains.

In this kind of headsets, the colors are divided exactly in half: the first is the main one, the second is the accent, it should balance it.

The option in which the bottom is dark and the top is light in color can be called a classic.

No top cabinetModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Such a composition will significantly unload the kitchen space in the interior of a modern kitchen with an area of ​​​​8 m² or less, giving it lightness and airiness. And the price is reduced by about 1/3.

In addition to the obvious advantages of acquiring such a kitchen set, there are some disadvantages: lack of storage space, it is difficult to illuminate the work surface.

Below are photos of the kitchen, consisting of one tier. There are several ways to use such a headset, for example, leave the wall empty or install a beautiful accent hood.

Modern kitchen interior styles 2024

New trends in the design of the kitchen appear regularly, but the design of the room will remain unchanged for several years. There are styles that will be relevant for a long time.

MinimalismModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

The main motto of minimalism is as much free space as possible, while avoiding pompous decorations.

The main value is the feeling of spaciousness even on the smallest square meters.

Laconism, simplicity and precise lines are considered a characteristic feature. Minimalism tends towards neutral color schemes, resulting in the most simple composition possible. Another important characteristic is a lot of light.

In a room where it is difficult to focus on something, lighting comes to the fore. But you must adhere to certain rules:

  • use warm shades that will add comfort and make up for the lack of accessories;
  • you should pay special attention to textures – combine cold and warm textures, glossy and matte surfaces.

In conclusion, a few tips for fans of minimalism who do not plan to make repairs soon. With simple steps, you can bring your kitchen closer to this style:

  • get rid of everything superfluous in the kitchen;
  • remove things that perform the same functions;
  • purchase multifunctional equipment.

Keep on hand only what you use throughout the day.

Eco styleModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

The appearance of this style is directly related to the need for residents of large cities to get rid of tension and stress arising from the fast pace of life and the unfavorable state of the environment.

Interior design is aimed at unity with nature, achieving inner harmony.

The key idea of ​​eco-design is naturalness. This direction involves the use of materials of natural origin: natural stone, glass, wood, ceramic tiles.

Preferably a large amount of light, close to natural.

A great option would be a large window, which during the day will serve as a natural source of light.

For lamps, a warm spectrum with a yellow tint will be best. In addition, in such a kitchen you can place a beautiful author’s chandelier.

The decor is only natural. Ceramic dishes, cotton textiles, wool rugs, chest and baskets made of wicker and rattan, etc.

Expert comment

When choosing furniture, it is important to pay attention not only to the materials from which the products are made, but also to the forms. Eco-style is characterized by uncomplicated lines, sometimes even seeming primitive.

Minimal and rough processing of products, emphasizing the natural texture, best of all shows the direction.

According to people, household appliances have no place in eco-style. But modern devices are aimed at saving natural resources, which is a sign of preserving and improving the state of the environment.

For example, dishwashers and washing machines solve the problem of wasteful use of water during dishwashing and laundry.

High techModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

If there is a style that has absorbed all the top innovations, then this is high-tech. It is perfect for the interior of a small corner or rectangular kitchen in a modern design 2024 and a small studio apartment.

With a competent approach, even in a very limited area, you can place everything you need. This style is attractive for its minimalism and functionality, and, importantly, it is designed for any budget.

Typical features are far from comfort and warmth, however, despite the peculiarities of the direction, it is often chosen for implementation in dwellings. It is original, simple and technological. In such an interior, everything is thought out, down to the smallest detail.

According to this direction, the technique is not hidden, but on the contrary, it is put on display. The main colors are white, beige, light gray, metallic.

EnglishModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Due to the fact that the style was formed over completely different eras, it is rather difficult to derive clear rules. Although in any case, the modern interior of the 2024 kitchen in this style should be intelligent and rather prim.

There will be a little less snobbery in the rural direction, but in the houses of high society there is always a sense of dignity and the high morality inherent in the British. Conservatism and modern technology, aristocracy and practicality, classics and comfort coexist in an amazing way.

There are several notable features of the English style, a photo of which you can see below:

  • use only natural materials – wood, stone, ceramics;
  • when choosing furniture, be guided by naturalness, products made of oak, pine are great;
  • when planning a kitchen, symmetry and space zoning are taken into account, each item must play its role;
  • rich lighting;
  • use of copper and bronze decor, hand-carved furniture.

Basically, the headset is purchased in light colors, such as milky white, light olive, blue, light gray and beige. The walls in such a kitchen are finished with wallpaper or fabric. Look at real photos to choose the most interesting solution for you.

Plaster, paint and other solutions are unacceptable here. An alternative would be to combine paper covering with wood paneling at the bottom, then curtains to match the selected wood would be appropriate.

Trendy colors for modern kitchen 2024

Experts from the Pantone Color Institute and trend forecasting company WGSN have outlined the popular colors for the coming season. The modern kitchen 2024 shown in the photo can have an interior design made in different shades.

Sand duneModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Replace the usual dark brown colors will be able to lighter. The most popular is the combination of beige and light gray. And if you dilute these colors with a white base, you get a light and refreshing design.

Sage and olivesModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

The natural palette is not complete without green. It can be used as a base color, it does not look defiant on the walls, and besides, it can be combined with almost any shade. The olive color is darker and warmer, it has more yellow-green. Therefore, if your apartment lacks natural light, the warmth of olive will fill it with sunshine!

Varieties of blueModern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Blue is one of the designers’ favorite color options for modern kitchen interiors 2024. Properly working with a similar range, you can achieve amazing results.

Design Features:

  1. If you are used to working in the kitchen or solving important matters, designing it in blue tones will favorably affect the quality of intellectual work.
  2. Blue color helps to reduce appetite and pressure.
  3. The interior in a similar range looks noble and strict, but too much blue can overshadow the room, so it’s important to know when to stop.
  4. The optical features of color make it possible to visually distance objects, and some surfaces are perceived more heavily.

You can plan the design of the space both with your own hands and by involving professional designers in the development of the project. An important factor will be the choice of a construction team that will fulfill your wildest desires.

Mentally formulate your request and clearly understand what result you expect to get.

For a more comfortable choice, you can use the photo selection presented in this article.

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