How to quickly clean the kitchen

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Keeping your kitchen tidy is probably one of the most troublesome tasks in housekeeping. After all, the kitchen is the place where, more often than other rooms, something gets dirty, spilled, dirty and, accordingly, requires cleaning. But everything can be done quite quickly – if you concentrate, you can avoid significant expenditures of time and effort.

This plan is not designed for general cleaning of the kitchen, for example, when you remove and soak the hood grate for several hours, scrub the inside of the oven and refrigerator until it shines, or decide to go through all the contents of the cabinets. It is good for regular kitchen cleaning, which is done once every one or two weeks – depending on how often and intensively you use the kitchen.

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How to quickly clean the kitchen: procedure

1. Put all things in their places

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Firstly, objects may accumulate in the kitchen that obviously do not belong there. Maybe it’s a large bag left hanging on the back of a chair after the groceries were brought in. Or – children’s toys left on the floor by one of the children. Or – magazines and books that someone leafed through at breakfast. First of all, free the kitchen from such extraneous things.

Next, inspect the surfaces of tables and cabinets. Are there packets of tea on them, washed pots that have not been put away, or something similar? Put it all back in its place.

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2. Wash the dishes

How to quickly clean the kitchen

You will need an empty sink for cleaning. Therefore, collect all dirty dishes and wash them. If you are using a dishwasher, load the dishes in there. Don’t forget to go through the rooms in the house and check if there are any dishes left somewhere else.

3. Check for expired products

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Inspect your refrigerator and, if necessary, throw out expired food. Also check the bread box and fruit bowl.

4. Wipe surfaces from above

The best and most energy- and time-saving cleaning principle is from top to bottom. So start from the top. Wipe the top shelves of wall cabinets and the refrigerator, removing dust and dirt.

5. Wipe down the doors of wall cabinets

Take care of the wall cabinets by thoroughly wiping down their doors.

6. Wipe down your appliances

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Then it’s time for the microwave and refrigerator doors, freezers, coffee makers and other appliances. Since we do not general, but ordinary regular cleaning, we will not wash the shelves and drawers of the refrigerator or scrub the microwave from the inside. It is enough to bring the equipment into a clean and tidy appearance, removing the main contaminants.

7. Wash the stove and oven door

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Wash the hob and oven door.

8. Wash trays, anything on countertops, and the countertops themselves.

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Collect all the items that are placed on the countertops: trays, oil bottles, salt shakers, and so on. Wipe them, wash them if necessary. Before putting it all back where it belongs, wipe down the countertops. Be sure to move appliances away and wipe down the countertops underneath them.

9. Empty and wash your trash can

Collect trash and clean out trash can.

10. Clean the sink

The sink should always be kept clean, and to do this, wash it more often. Therefore, clean your sink properly using products suitable for the material of your sink.

11. Sweep and mop the floor

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Sweep the floor to remove dust and crumbs, then mop it.

12. Finishing touches

How to quickly clean the kitchen

Check to see if dish sponges need replacing and hang up fresh towels.



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