High-quality inexpensive Italian cuisine. Review of budget furniture factories.


High-quality inexpensive Italian cuisine. Review of budget furniture factories.


It is generally accepted that it is impossible to buy Italian cuisine inexpensively in Moscow. Furniture from Italian manufacturers is indeed famous for its rather high prices, but don’t despair. Many factories manage to offer high-quality headsets at reasonable prices. They cannot be called budget, but they do not require huge investments.

Inexpensive Italian cuisine is not a myth at all, but a real reality. Anyone can verify this by going to the catalog of our online store. Here you can find an impressive range of kitchen sets from famous Italian factories with an ideal price-quality ratio. Among the well-known representatives of the mid-price segment are such manufacturers as Stosa, Home Cucine, Febal, Arriral, Doimo Cucine.

The key difference between relatively inexpensive kitchens and representatives of the premium segment is the range and richness of fittings. The equipment of the kitchen and the materials used to make it directly affect its final cost. The relatively affordable price of a kitchen set should not confuse you: most often the price tag is reduced due to the rejection of “extra” fittings and some decorative elements. Many buyers are ready to give up such luxury options as finishing the kitchen with precious metals in favor of a more affordable price.

What the Italian manufacturer never skimps on is the materials used to make the headsets. Only proven materials are used in production: natural wood, veneered MDF, marble, natural and artificial stone, glass, high-quality chipboard.

Inexpensive kitchens, the price of which can be found in our online catalog, are practically not inferior to premium models in functionality, aesthetics and durability. The furniture is made of high-quality materials and treated with special compounds that protect surfaces from the effects of temperature and moisture. Mid-segment kitchen sets are great for regular use and are designed to last for decades.

The relatively low price of kitchen sets is ensured by full-cycle production. The cost is also affected by:

  • automated production processes;
  • mass production of products;
  • large production capacity of the factory.

Thanks to the full cycle, furniture production costs less. Thus, the manufacturer reduces the cost of each stage of headset manufacturing. Inexpensive furniture is put into production, which does not prevent the factory from working on individual orders.

Where inexpensive kitchens also compete with premium ones is the quality of fittings. Manufacturers equip kitchens with durable fittings made of stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

Now you can buy kitchens inexpensively without leaving your home. Our catalog offers a wide range of Italian-made headsets at reasonable prices. We suggest taking a closer look at each manufacturer and finding out which one is right for you.

Kitchens Stosa

Kitchen sets from this manufacturer fully comply with high standards of quality, safety and environmental friendliness. The Stosa model range is distinguished by functionality, excellent quality fittings, and original furniture design.

Stosa Brillant

Stosa kitchens will definitely appeal to housewives who are accustomed to storing a lot of spices, kitchen utensils and other small items in cabinets. The sets are equipped with various shelves, niches and sections for storing kitchen utensils.

A distinctive detail of Stosa kitchen sets is the finishing and decor. By preserving natural shades, designers create a unique style that fills the kitchen with home comfort. Mass production of Stosa headsets does not exclude handmade work: many parts are made by the hands of craftsmen.

Stosa Metropolis

Kitchens Home Cucine

The mission of the brand’s designers is to develop canonical Italian kitchens, presented in a modern style. The style is based on traditional design, diluted with notes of modernity and other trendy trends. The manufacturer resorts to unique stylistic techniques, reviving long-standing Italian traditions and giving classic kitchens maximum reliability.

Home Cucine Boston Novita 2018

One of the striking developments of the factory is metal recessed handles located along the edges of the sashes. Such a simple solution, at first glance, gives the kitchen practicality and style. To ensure that the pen lasts as long as possible, it is treated with alkali.

The unusual style of Home Cucine kitchen sets can be seen in the smallest details. For example, horizontally placed handles on cabinets add special aesthetics and functionality to the design.

Home Cucine Lucenta


Discreet futurism is the calling card of Arriral kitchen sets. The furniture of this manufacturer is easy to recognize among the many: their unusualness can be seen in every detail.

Arrival Ak 08

The headsets belong to the mid-price segment, but the level of their production is comparable to the premium class. In the manufacture of kitchens, advanced equipment and the best materials are used. The high quality of the products can be felt even by touch: to feel the impeccable quality, it is enough to touch the surface of any model.

The manufacturer produces kitchens made in various designs: from futuristic (AK Project) and high-tech (AK 08) to laconic loft (Village). The headsets look status, modern and very solid. Arriral is constantly working on the functionality of its kitchens and strives to make them as practical as possible.

Arrival Ak Project

The futuristic designs of Arriral kitchens do not stop them from being easy to use. The brand’s architects develop unique mechanisms designed to serve faithfully for many years. Sets from this manufacturer should be combined with minimalist hobs, strict hoods and discreet furniture.

Kitchens Doimo Cucine

What can you say about the headsets of this brand? Let’s focus on the main thing:

  • The model range is filled mainly with simple, minimalist kitchens.
  • The manufacturer adheres to smooth lines and restraint in decor.
  • Some models perfectly combine minimalist, modern and high-tech styles (Materia, Fjord, Cromatika).
  • In the collection you can find luxurious options for loft kitchens (for example, Soho or Vogue).
  • Regardless of the chosen model, the user can rest assured of its quality and durability.
  • Doimo Cucine sets harmonize with most interior designs and are easy to arrange.
  • With the help of such kitchens you can zone the space, combine the dining area with the living room, etc.

Doimo Cucine Fjord

In the production of Doimo Cucine kitchens, proven materials are used: natural wood, metal-plastic, steel, aluminum, glass.

Doimo Cucine Vogue

Febal kitchens

An Italian manufacturer, ready to offer solutions for every taste. Febal produces high-quality kitchen sets in different styles: from traditional design to neoclassical. Some of the brand’s most striking models are the modern Alicante and Gala, made in country style.

Febal Alicante

The manufacturer takes a responsible approach to the selection of materials. Kitchens are made from eco-friendly valuable wood species: ash, oak, walnut, cherry and maple. To ensure that the structure lasts as long as possible, impact-resistant glass, steel and high-quality plastic are used.

Febal Gala

Febal adheres to mass production and uses automated manufacturing processes. Despite this, some design and decorative elements are made by hand by craftsmen. For example, handmade work is used when processing fabrics and textiles: velvet, silk, genuine leather. To make the decor look richer, hand carving, engraving and painting are used. Such generous decoration allows Febal kitchens to compete with premium Italian-made furniture. All wooden kitchen surfaces are coated with protective compounds, which eliminates the negative effects of moisture and scratches. Countertops made of stone, marble and granite deserve special attention.

Febal Gold Edition 1

Which cuisine is better to choose?

Inexpensive kitchens, photos and video reviews of which are available in our catalog, make your eyes widen. Each model has a certain charm and personality. To ensure that your choice of headset does not disappoint you, you should consider a number of points. First of all, we are talking about personal preferences in design, ergonomics, and functionality of the kitchen. Each of the manufacturers we present has its own advantages and distinctive features:

  • Stosa kitchen sets are an excellent choice for connoisseurs of practical and functional furniture made in an unusual style. The sets are filled with an impressive number of compartments for storing kitchen utensils. The housewife will have exactly where to place cutlery, napkins, spices and much more.
  • Connoisseurs of aesthetic functionality will certainly pay attention to models from Home Cucine. The kitchens of this factory are aimed at connoisseurs of durable, reliable and high-quality furniture.
  • Arriral sets will be of interest to anyone who wants to acquire a prototype of the “kitchen of the future.” The furniture from this factory is made in a non-trivial style that claims to be innovative. Kitchens are moderately strict, laconic and very practical to use.
  • If you have a passion for mixing styles, take a look at Domio Cucine sets. The manufacturer skillfully bends stylistic barriers, combining classics and modern design trends. Domio Cucine is a competent combination of Italian traditions, modernity, hi-tech and minimalism.
  • Neoclassicism, Provence, country, traditional Italian style – all this characterizes the model range of the Febal factory. The products are aimed at connoisseurs of natural materials for making countertops (marble, quartz, granite). Also, environmentally friendly materials are used in the production of the kitchens themselves: the manufacturer works with high-quality walnut, oak, maple, and cherry.

A wide selection of high-quality Italian kitchens in the mid-price category is presented in the catalog of our online store. We offer only certified products with a valid manufacturer’s warranty.

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