Corner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Corner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Corner kitchen design in 2023 will be a hit interior solution. This is a practical option that allows you to make the kitchen multifunctional, while not taking up much space.

Pros and cons of corner kitchens

Corner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The simple design of the corner set includes a lot of advantages that distinguish this type of arrangement of kitchen modules:

  • the kitchen is located in the shape of a triangle, which allows you to use the space of the room rationally, saves time for cooking, providing the necessary ingredients and cutlery next to the working area;
  • practicality. This type of kitchen is convenient and functional due to the fact that the location of the working areas allows you to wash dishes, cook food, put food in the refrigerator with maximum benefit;
  • ideal for small rooms where it is important that the practicality of the installed headset is optimal for its functionality. Often a headset in the form of an angle is found in old “Khrushchev”;
  • The room is used rationally thanks to the corner elements, which allow to increase the capacity for storing dishes and kitchen utensils. In a linear type kitchen, the corner is usually not used, but in the corner type this place is used as much as possible in the form of an additional surface, a spacious hanging corner cabinet and use the lower part of the corner headset for storage.

There are nuances of a modern corner kitchen in 2023:

  • the corner kitchen is not suitable for placement in narrow spaces, or if the walls are not even, but with a designer relief, there are ledges and frame shelves;
  • the sink located in the corner is not always convenient to use;
  • Corner cabinets of small sizes are not always convenient and roomy, and the area always allows to install large furniture.

The modern corner kitchen of 2023 has more advantages than disadvantages. They choose this type of headset location in order to visually increase the space and place household appliances and kitchen accessories on it as compactly as possible.

Expert commentary! Leading consultant of the Home Design store: “Choosing a corner kitchen frees up space and makes the room bright. It allows you to compactly place furniture and household appliances, leaving one of the walls free to place additional shelves on it.”

Fashionable interior styles for a corner kitchen in 2023

The corner kitchen in a modern style is a practical option for large and small spaces. Modern corner kitchen solutions offer many options for furnishing, while maintaining practicality and versatility.

ClassicCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Classic-style corner kitchens have a bar in their content, in which a mini-bar is organized, or glassware is stored.

The classic kitchen is often combined with the living room, while the work surface areas and the dining area are separated.

The colors are light and woody shades.

High techCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

A style that uses a built-in refrigerator, chrome fittings. The style suggests straight lines, no textiles.

Metallic colors, red and blue colors. Kitchen facades are usually made glossy, and household appliances should be built into the headset.

Scandinavian styleCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

This style uses eco-friendly materials for the manufacture of furniture, kitchen sets, and interior elements.

The facades are usually white and milky shades, or wood-like, the walls are light colors. Dark colors are used in small quantities, or completely excluded. So it can only be the dark color of the table, chairs, picture frames, decor elements, or the facade is made to look like light shades of wood.

A combination of a light facade of a headset and a wooden table is often used. You can make a modern style of such a kitchen, or make a retro style.

ModernCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

This style of kitchen design is distinguished by the colors used, mainly shades of black, graphite, dark brown. Some elements of the interior are highlighted in purple and blue. The location of lighting plays an important role, lamps of different textures and colors are placed both on the ceiling and on the walls. The division of zones is carried out without the use of partitions, but with the help of furniture and interior items. Usually they share a cooking area and a dining room.

NeoclassicCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The style is a classic, which is embodied with the help of modern materials, and the furniture is selected according to the criterion of practicality. The style is similar to the American interior, with frosted facades. Gloss is not used, it does not fit into the style.

Household appliances are built into the set without vintage decor on the doors of boxes and cabinets. The choice of neoclassical elements is diverse, so you can control both the price category and make the most natural style possible.

Mediterranean styleCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Corner kitchen in this style gives a feeling of warmth, sun and comfort. The main differences of the Mediterranean style:

  • no glamorous furniture;
  • natural ecological materials;
  • multifunctionality, simple design elements, home atmosphere of the room;
  • national design elements.

An economical option that can be realized without expensive decor and furniture. Style is created with the help of the simplest solutions.

ProvenceCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Associated with France, lavender fields, the Eiffel Tower. One of the most popular designs that epitomizes aesthetics and versatility. Wooden materials, tablecloths and curtains made of natural fabrics are used: linen, cotton.

The Provence-style kitchen set is a solid wood facade, transparent doors in cabinets and shelves. The main distinguishing feature: no gloss, bright colors. The rustic style of Provence will fill the kitchen with comfort and warmth.

Interior solutions for decorating a corner kitchenCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The corner kitchen is a practical and convenient option for placing kitchen furniture. Cabinets placed on the floor create an angle shape and can be in the form of columns or floor type. The set includes a corner sink, work surface, refrigerator, oven.

Corner set is suitable for a small kitchen. This form is often chosen during the arrangement due to the fact that it involves the walls and corner of the room, so there is room for a work area and possibly countertops instead of a separate table.

With a barCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The bar counter is ideal for a corner kitchen, because sometimes it is not possible to place a dining table separately from the headset. It can accommodate both two and four, and it can also be used as a working area for cooking.

The stand is ideal for working with a laptop and you can harmoniously put a basket of fruits and sweets on it. This is a multifunctional place that can be used for storing kitchen accessories.

There are the following types of bars:

  • single-level – it’s just a countertop;
  • multi-level – under the bar you can build a refrigerator and other household appliances;

Bar counters are often equipped with a shelf for glasses and other small items and utensils.

With a sink in the corner

This is the most popular type of layout for a corner kitchen. A sink is installed in a trapezoidal cabinet. If the kitchen has right angles, a round sink will serve as an ideal solution, so the furniture itself will look smaller.

With washing machineCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The installation of a washing machine in the corner kitchen occurs either to save space in the bathroom, if there is a desire to purchase a large bath or a Jacuzzi, or this is a necessary measure, since there is nowhere else to put the washing machine.

The washing machine can serve as an additional work area. The disadvantage is the forced masking of the washing machine with a cabinet with a door and it is not safe to place the washing powder next to food.

with windowCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Under the window in the corner kitchen, you can equip a designer work area with a sink under the window, install a refrigerator on one side of it, and a hob on the other. Such an interior will allow you to harmoniously arrange furniture in any area of ​​the kitchen and layout.

The window can be decorated with curtains or roller blinds, and put a flower pot on the windowsill.

with stoveCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The stove in the corner is more of a forced layout option, since rarely does anyone install a hob in the corner. To install the plate in the cabinet, you should choose trapezoidal models.

Right Angle

Such an interior is suitable if the kitchen has a small area and the budget for the layout of the kitchen is small. It is possible to install cabinets with retractable rectangular drawers, but this will cost more. The disadvantage of this design is the inaccessibility of the corner cabinet.

Beveled cornerCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

Ideal for corner sinks where no dishwasher is planned. The slanted cabinet is convenient to use, just to get kitchen utensils or accessories out of it. Disadvantage: the cut-off view of the corner is much larger in size than the straight one.

The perfect colors for corner kitchen design in 2023Corner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

You can focus on the choice of color according to the style of the kitchen. New kitchen trends suggest a stylish combination of colors.

For example, if we are talking about a modern or high-tech layout, then the surface of the headset should be glossy shades, silver and gold metallic. You can make the entire set in one color, or highlight the handles of the furniture. Beige, peach shades are welcome in these styles. The color can be in contrast with orange, red, yellow, red.

The classic style of the kitchen involves the presence of light shades, it is necessary to create the look of an expensive kitchen, rich design, solemnity.

The loft style obliges the use of light wood furniture, and the color of the kitchen can be made gray, marsh, brown.

The avant-garde stands out with its color scheme. There are lemon-brown, red-burgundy, green-yellow, gray and white colors of the kitchen set.

Provence is gentle, soothing colors, they can be either monophonic or two-tone.

Country prefers a kitchen set of pistachio, beige colors.

If you adhere to a certain style, then you should fully comply with its criteria, but it is best to listen to yourself and choose a color that will create an atmosphere of comfort.

Furniture for corner kitchensCorner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

For a corner kitchen, designers recommend choosing furniture based on the area of ​​the room and the chosen style. Furniture for a small room should include hanging and lower cabinets, which are placed on opposite sides of the corner.

In a kitchen with a large area, it is recommended to leave one wall without hanging upper cabinets, install pencil cases in which appliances can be placed. The dining area can be equipped with corner furniture: a corner sofa, a table.

Photo ideas for the interior of a corner kitchen in 2023Corner Kitchen Design Ideas In 2023

The most important thing is to ensure the comfort and versatility of the kitchen. We recommend embodying the ideas of the interior of the corner kitchen in 2023: restraint and minimalism, romantic Provence, place objects in the style of classics, retro.

The design of a modern corner kitchen in 2023 is a fashionable interior trend, a practical and convenient option for placing furniture. In order for a kitchen of this form to be comfortable, it is necessary to follow the rules when planning it, choosing a style and lighting.

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