15 Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

There are a few months left until the start of the new year, but we are ahead! Experts reveal to us the next kitchen renovation trends in 2023.

1. Renovation trends for the kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

For the year 2023, the idea of connecting and opening up the kitchen with the rest of the house continues. In spaces of less than 100 m², the kitchen is open to the living room to gain in brightness and visual amplitude.

These are kitchens in which we choose to integrate as many appliances as possible to give an impression of continuity to the living room.

2. Glass walls in the kitchen are still booming

Kitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

The search for functionality leads to integrate the kitchen more and more with the rest of the environments of the house, unifying both the furniture and the accessories: taps, handles or wall finishes.

3. The return of earthy colorsKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

In the decoration of kitchens in 2023, earthy tones will not be lacking. This is how designer, responsible for the product line, explains:

“Terracotta tones are still very present in 2023. It is a trend to choose a very earthy color, reassuring, warm, enveloping and soft”.

The earth color will also be present for rooms such as the baby’s room.

4. One-piece kitchensKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

So-called monoblock kitchens are gaining ground. What was a bit bland a few years ago is now a trend when it comes to decorating kitchens in One Tone.

Furniture in the same color – same wall tiles – where details such as black or gold taps stand out.

5. The return of dark tones for the kitchenKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

Wood and white are invariably present in the bestsellers as colors to decorate the kitchen, but darker tones have gained in strength: black, graphite, midnight blue…

This year, color is on the rise and will continue in 2023 ”, very popular colors are sage green and terracotta.

6. Decorate with furniture without handlesKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

There is a real consumer appetite for the handleless effect, which continues to grow: clean lines for a kitchen with a minimalist feel.

The combination of the absence of handles and thin worktops is perfect for a contemporary effect, a basic trend that will be confirmed in 2023.

7. More technology in the kitchenKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

Technology has imposed itself in the kitchen in 2023: “It has changed the way I use the kitchen: extractor hoods on the worktop and without ducts to the outside, connected taps, professional appliances.

8. More natural materials in the kitchen designKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

The most natural materials conquer the kitchen: metals, leathers, fibers, wood with multiple finishes…

So, in kitchen decoration, as a trend in 2023, take into account these materials both for the facades and for the details that you incorporate.

9. A kitchen suitable for all members of the familyKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

The Coronavirus crisis has generated the need and the desire to stay in the most suitable and ergonomic accommodation possible, for optimal comfort.

The trend in 2023 will therefore be to keep people at home as long as possible and to develop mechanisms and designs that optimize comfort and ease of use.

In the design of the kitchen, this translates into spaces to be shared, with space for everyone and places to sit even if it is not about cooking.

10. With Unique ElementsKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

This results in the search for elements with a particular and customizable character, such as a bar with a contrasting finish, an integrated heritage piece of furniture, unique lamps…

11. Sustainable and eco-responsible materialsKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

This idea is more than a trend, it is a necessity. Choose eco-responsible and sustainable materials to help preserve the planet.

The quality of the products is essential as well as their design, which highlights materials that can withstand the passage of time without losing their attractive and modern character, such as quartz for example.

12. Materials that create sensationsKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

When designing a kitchen, thinking about what it will take in 2023, try to highlight the sensations you perceive through the sense of touch.

The sense of touch is in the spotlight, we find soft finishes on the worktops, rounded edges, brushed wood… ”

13. Less in sight: built-in appliancesKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

In this sense, we must not forget that it is preferable to integrate electrical devices so that they are not visible. And in those that cannot be hidden, such as the hood, we have already pointed out that the technology works in favor of its integration into the worktop or the hob, or of its recess in the ceiling.

14. Create volume in the kitchenKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

Mixing is a good idea when done with balance.

15. Space for a desk in the kitchenKitchen Renovation Trends In 2023

This is the recommendation that gives us for fitting out the kitchen space, and more precisely the integrated office, according to the 2023 trends: They save space and thus create a larger dining area. You save centimeters, since the seat fits into the wall. It can also become a storage unit under the seat.

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