8 New Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

New Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

Checkered, striped, flowers or abstraction? We will tell you how to navigate when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen 2024 and not regret it. In our selection only current options.

In modern design, the most popular materials for wall decoration are paint and plaster. Against this background, the other options do not seem so relevant. However, this is not quite true. A nice interior can be created on the basis of any coating. Consider the most fashionable wallpaper for the kitchen in 2024.

8 kitchen wallpaper trends for 2024

SimpleNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

It cannot be said that this is a new trend. This is a classic that will always be relevant – smooth wallpaper for painting. Their main advantage is that you can easily change the color. The only question is the palette. Today, interior fashion tends to be environmentally friendly. And this is due to the choice of shades.

  • Beige, gray, milky – the basis that can be used in any interior: from high-tech to Scandinavian style.
  • If you want to add color, choose complex tones: mustard, terracotta, dusty blue, emerald and so on. They do not have to be flashy, the palette looks modern in muted colors.

The choice of shade is also influenced by the lighting in the room. The more sunlight, the darker the color scheme can be, and vice versa. It’s the same with temperature. A classic rule of thumb: if your home is low on sun, choose warmer colors. You can cool the space with cool colors with a blue undertone.

Textured wallpaper for the kitchen – trends in 2024New Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

The trend towards textures can be traced in the interiors of all rooms: from the bedroom to the bathroom, the dining room and kitchen are no exception. Absolutely different textures are relevant, including concrete, marble and any other stone, as well as abstractions.

Textured wallpapers are suitable for those who want to make an accent wall, but do not want it to be too bright. This finish stands out from the main finish without distracting it.

In this case, it is important that the materials are combined with the backsplash and countertop. It is safest to choose a neutral tile or stone for your work surface. If you like the idea of patterns, then try choosing tiles in the same palette as your accent wallpaper.

FrescoesNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

Wall mural is another good way to diversify your design. It is also a good solution for small spaces: a single image visually enlarges the room.

When choosing photo wallpapers, special attention is paid to the selection of the image. What exactly is not relevant? Real photos: urban and natural landscapes, still lifes, inexpensive computer graphics with design elements, flashy shots that are too bright.

Instead, more decorative prints are suitable: let it be stylized graphics and paintings. In such a performance there can be landscapes and still lifes.

GreenNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

Images of foliage, twigs, trees and other greenery are also popular. In the photo, these trendy wallpaper trends 2024 for the kitchen look very fresh, add a touch of eco to the interior.

Calmer, minimalist prints can be used as a base coat. They are offered by Scandinavian manufacturers. Usually it is a muted shade that is not striking.

If you are attracted to a bright range, pay attention to prints with fruits, palm trees and an admixture of other colors. They are made by British designers. Using a bright coating as the main one is risky, the room may turn out to be too colorful. With their help, it is better to make an accent.

Notice how great the green floor looks with natural unpainted wood furniture. This is the perfect natural combination. But in addition, bright wardrobes are also suitable. For example, all shades of green: from emerald marsh to olive.

StripesNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

Striped trim is not new, it is another classic that is on trend today. There are no restrictions here. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, thin or thick, bright or black and white.

The main advantage of this print is its geometry, or rather the ability to adjust the proportions of the room. A small vertical pattern will visually make the ceiling higher, and a horizontal one will expand the room.

Abstract printsNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

It can be any print with a repeating pattern, from dots and checks to decorative geometry.

Although it seems that such a pattern is easy to find, it is not. Many items in the store are outdated. They are easy to distinguish by mother-of-pearl shine, monograms, color ombre inside the pattern. The more complex the drawing, the more likely it is outdated.

Simplicity is the main criterion for choosing a printed surface. To navigate modern patterns, browse the sites of handicraft manufacturers – these are the same European and American companies. Even on a limited budget, you can try to find something similar in the mass market.

Toile and graphicsNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

What other wallpapers are considered fashionable for the kitchen in 2024? Undoubtedly tual and graphics. These prints come from the world of fashion and are unlikely to leave the market in the next few seasons.

Toile, the full French name Toile de Jouy, is a natural cotton fabric with a printed pattern. Supplied in two colors. Traditionally, pastoral and classical subjects were depicted on the fabric. However, in today’s performance, it can be any picture, up to animals and plants.

As for the graphics, the main thing here is monochrome. The plot does not matter: it can be both decorative drawings with leaves and artsy engravings. Such a coating looks very stylish in monochrome interiors, where a soft accent is needed to emphasize the design.

FlowersNew Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

Another classic in our selection today is floral patterns. And when choosing such materials, you should also be careful.

  • Rolls should not be iridescent and shiny, such were popular 10-15 years ago.
  • No additional decor in the form of monograms, curls and other elements that betray cheap neoclassicism.
  • Realistic images of flowers will not work either. In general, as you noticed, in principle, there should not be realism in any print.

What will do? Decorative, soft colors and minimalism are in fashion. Painted flowers, neat delicate patterns that add Scandinavian touches, addition in the form of animals – all this looks much fresher and more modern.

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