New Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is indisputably the central space of every apartment, every house. Here you can cook, chat, sometimes do the homework or work on the details of your own future. No wonder that the kitchen is the literal heart piece of your own world and requires special attention for the individual design. We looked at the latest kitchen trends.

Modern living in the kitchen inspires above all people, who prefer puristic and reduced. They choose their design as restrained as possible, with as smooth fronts as possible and objective shapes and colors. The aesthetics of abandonment is in the foreground. Straightforward design, simple and clear lines as well as a graphic overall appearance determine the philosophy of the modern kitchen. Anyone who does not really get warm with this new practicality will be happy to decorate their kitchen area with individual set pieces. But it is also in the decoration minimalism announced. It’s better to place a few outstanding eye-catchers than to drown the reduced forms of the kitchen with lots of ornaments.

Industrial look is boomingNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

Objectivity and minimalism are the new buzz words in ultramodern living. So the rough industrial look is currently the absolute non plus ultra. Its austere charm shows with lots of concrete or slate surfaces, a rusty look and metallic accents. To use this trend, you do not necessarily live in a loft, but a slightly more airy space is certainly not wrong. If you do not want to get warm with the rugged appearance of the Industrial Look at first glance, the combination with warm wood accessories or sparingly used decorative materials loosen up the strict look. But, do not worry, even the friends of the more classic kitchen outfits are currently well served. But also in these trend currents straightforward and straight forms are important.

Dark colors are announced

In keeping with the industrial look, the color palette in modern kitchen design is also evident. The new kitchen colors are dark and subdued. This current trend is called “Dusty Colors”, but is not at all dusty but highly topical. Dusty Colors are damped, dull colors with little luminosity. This color scheme is created by using shades of gray in combination with green, blue, violet or brown shades, giving the kitchen a very special ambience. But even the black kitchen is back in fashion and is welcome in every kitchen style. Elegant design kitchens convince with matt surfaces and a handle-free look. If you like living with more color, the best way to combine the new dark surfaces with wood colors or white. Because contrasting colors gently dampen the black complete look. But even more colorful splashes of color are gladly seen in the Dusty Colors: Whether individual fittings, kitchen appliances or decorations in bright red, green, blue or yellow or entire fronts in trendy colors such as avocado green or rose: Everything is allowed, which expresses the individual personality ,

Stainless steel also in the private kitchenNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

In recent years, copper and gold have already conquered the house kitchen, now followed by another high-quality metal: stainless steel. For hygienic and easy-care reasons, this surface has long been popular in the hospitality industry. In the private kitchen, it is now also making its debut with all its functional advantages. But here is not only the function in the center, stainless steel is simply an incomparable eye-catcher and also incomparably popular as a decorative element. Stainless steel surfaces simply give the kitchen a cool and modern look. Stainless steel is not only found in kitchen fronts or surfaces, but also in handles, fittings, worktop edges or baseboards. Combined with innovative high-tech devices, futuristic lights and so on, stainless steel creates a downright utopian ambience.

Herb garden in the kitchenNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

Do you like fresh herbs? If you had to go to the herb garden on your doorstep or on the balcony, the fresh herbs are coming straight from the kitchen. In the kitchen you will now find small, integrated kitchen gardens, with which herbs are quickly at hand to provide food directly for fresh spice. These indoor herbal teas are not only practical vitamin and spice dispensers but also a wonderfully contrast-rich, fresh and natural counterpart to the cool and rough industrial look of the new kitchen generation.

For example, SieMatic likes to use the herbal gardens in their own URBAN style world, a kitchen philosophy that is tailor-made for the modern city dweller. With the herb gardens, clear, green accents are set and the invigorating nature is brought directly into the city apartment.

The reinvention of the handleless kitchenNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

In 1960, the German kitchen innovators SieMatic presented the first handleless kitchen, triggering a revolution in kitchen design. The graphic lines that are possible with this innovation still captivate through their timeless elegance. Now, SieMatic has completely reinterpreted the handle-less kitchen with a new recessed grip: the special feature of this is the ergonomic gripping angle, the pleasant feel and the individually controllable light bar integrated into the shadow gap. Supplemented by transparent surfaces, filigree design and noble materials, completely new perspectives in the kitchen living world can now be tapped.

Solitary kitchen furnitureNew Trends for Modern Kitchen Designs

Up to now kitchens built or combined as far as possible with or into the masonry have been the predominant form of design, so now more and more kitchens are establishing themselves as a standalone element. Kitchens as solitaires, so to speak. For example, SieMatic has reinterpreted such traditional furniture with the SieMatic 29. It is a kitchen buffet that enjoys a new popularity in the urban environment due to its historical surroundings. From a small espresso to a large menu, everything can be prepared here. Because the niche can be equipped as required with various kitchen functions: from light and sockets to sink, hob and extractor fan. Otherwise, it can be configured according to taste and need: in numerous material and color combinations, different widths and many equipment variants. Depending on the choice of color and material, the design of the niche can blend harmoniously into the surroundings or create a clear contrast. One thing is definitely the SieMatic 29: an eye-catcher in the room. For its excellent product design, this kitchen buffet was awarded the premium prize of the internationally renowned German Design Council: the »German Design Award in GOLD«.

Sound & Video all around

Of course, the new possibilities of consumer electronics also do not stop in the kitchen. From the high-end audio / video system via Internet access to the charging station for smartphones and tablets, everything is possible that your heart desires. SieMatic is also a pioneer here: The SieMatic Media System offers optimum data transmission quality via modern Bluetooth technology – produced in cooperation with the German sound manufacturer T + A. And this in all three style worlds Pure, Urban and Classic.

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