Kitchen News 2023: Type Trends, Materials And Colours

Kitchen News 2023: Type Trends, Materials And Colours

Do you want to know the kitchen trends 2023? In this article we will introduce you to some types of designer kitchens that have captured the hearts of high-end furniture enthusiasts.

Whether you use the kitchen to prepare quick meals or to make a multi-course dinner, the layout of your kitchen is essential to define the space. Functionality is the basis of every project, but also the aesthetic aspect is not to be underestimated. The kitchen can become the protagonist of the house, especially if there is an open space for the kitchen and living room. Discover with us some of the trendy models of 2023 and get an idea to buy the perfect kitchen for you:

The minimal kitchen: a touch of modernity and refinement

The kitchens minimal are among the most popular and the reason for this success is simple to understand. This is in fact the most versatile and universal kitchen, which adapts perfectly to every taste and room. The kitchen with minimal style always has clean lines and an absolutely sober style. The colours with which it is made are usually very soft and the materials used in the construction are never whimsical. An important aspect is constituted by practicality, the fundamental criterion at the base of every furnishing project. It is an omnipresent quality.

The materials play an important role: the kitchen minimal modern are made of durable materials such as laminate, widespread in several versions on the market with an excellent value for money. Laminate is also very easy to maintain. HPL is a laminate of high resistance and realized by a single compact thickness: it is considered one of the best materials to realize the modern kitchens minimal. With a lower cost, there are also models in Melamine or PVC laminates. In any case, those who choose a minimal style do not necessarily have to give up beautiful and elegant materials: a finishing technique that can be used on wooden panels such as chipboard or MDF is lacquering, which consists of a painting carried out with polyester or polyurethane products.

Another detail that stands out in the minimal design kitchens is the absence of handles. It is a choice that reflects the philosophy of this style, which is oriented towards the simplification and cleanliness of forms. To obtain this feature, we opt for recessed grooves in the bodies of the kitchen cabinet: in this way the doors can be grabbed quickly and easily.

Among the brands on the market that produce modern kitchens with a minimal design we find Modulnova. If you want to know Modulnova kitchens in detail and be followed by a professional interior designer who knows the secrets of the brand in depth, you can rely on FMM Interior Design in Grandate, the official Modulnova dealer in the province of Como.

The workshop kitchen: for a contemporary and original industrial style

When making a choice to furnish the kitchen environment, it is certainly important to take into consideration the budget available, your lifestyle and aesthetic taste. This last aspect plays an essential role for those who want to create an industrial project, as if the kitchen were almost an engineering workshop. One of the latest trends is precisely that of the recovery of vintage elements: it is a fashion that seeks to enhance recovered elements again.

The workshop kitchen is part of the industrial style. Its main characters are very recognizable even to the eye of the less experienced in terms of furniture. The materials used for their construction are almost always the usual ones and the moldings are attributable to the mechanical sector. The main colours are the dark ones of the iron (both in the natural anthracite version and in the rust one), which are contrasted by the lighter colours of the wood (especially beech and oak). The style seems messy, but in reality it follows a very specific stylistic thread. In a workshop kitchen, there are plenty of spacious shelves and obvious handles.

The kitchen with tall units and peninsula: an ergonomic combinationKitchen News 2023: Type Trends, Materials And Colours

This kitchen model aims to combine and make ergonomic a combination of two generally contrasting elements: a part intended for the organization of food and dishes and a part intended for food preparation. This type of column and peninsula project requires a fairly large space. The difficulty lies in minimizing the overall dimensions, so that there is the possibility of simple movement between the various elements. The minimum space required between the counter and the furniture and the wall is 90 centimeters. The optimal distance is between 100 and 120 centimeters: in this way comfort is assured.

The living kitchen for an open space

This is currently the most widespread choice, also in relation to the division of space used for the design of modern houses. When the kitchen is an integral part of the living area, it must respond to slightly different needs. The kitchen takes on a dual role: it is the place where the dishes are prepared, but it is also an integral part of the furniture. In fact, it no longer stays in a separate room, but is always visible during the day. The connections necessary for the kitchen connections are collected in a circumscribed and well-defined space of the room. All the other furnishings are placed accordingly to the positioning of the kitchen. The living kitchen it is preferred by many families because it is the environment of simultaneous living: it is the place where you can cook without losing sight of family and friends.

The kitchen with island: the most desired

Here we are at the most loved and desired type of modern kitchen: the kitchen with island. It is a real furnishing myth, as it is considered the most sophisticated and elegant kitchen. There are many versions of modern kitchens with island: those formed with a single element in the center of the room without furniture around, those in which the island becomes the work center but with other surrounding elements, those that serve only as a support surface, those in which the island becomes the work center but with other surrounding elements. super equipped. All these island kitchens are made with different materials, from the finest to the most popular. On the market there are several models with an exclusive design: they range from the very preciousModulnova, Ernestomeda, Valcucine kitchens, to the best known Scavolini kitchens, Veneta Cucine, etc.

The corner kitchen: maximum capacity and ergonomics

The corner kitchen is also very common in modern homes and is chosen for the ample storage it allows and for its maximum ergonomics. In fact, this is the composition in which the ” ergonomic triangle ” can most simply be created: to understand what we mean, just imagine a triangle whose corners correspond to functional elements of the kitchen (cooking area – washing area – fridge / pantry area). The corner kitchen project allows the perfect placement of these extremely functional and indispensable elements. In the corner kitchen, everything is simpler and more functional because each side can be dedicated to the different phases of work in the kitchen. Lately, the cooking area is often divided into two parts, one with the hob and one next to the oven. This division is a consequence of the fact that it is increasingly common to find the oven in a higher position. The oven column is used for this purpose.

The kitchen with a stone or concrete effect: an indisputable charmKitchen News 2023: Type Trends, Materials And Colours

Visible surfaces play a very important role in the design of a kitchen. The value of a model depends on many factors and the beauty / quality of the materials is one of them. When we talk about materials we refer above all to those that cover the external surfaces, such as the worktop and the doors. The best known and most widespread material is wood, but other materials have also taken over for many years. Around 2000 some companies started producing kitchens covered in thin sheets of materials very similar to stone (such as Kerlite), appreciated for their indisputable beauty, even if at a fairly high cost. For some years, HPL laminates and laminates on a wooden support have been put on the market which look a lot like stone and concrete, with lower prices.

Kitchens 2023: trendy colours

What are the hottest colours for kitchens in 2023? The novelty is the increasingly widespread choice of black and dark colours such as forest green, teal and navy blue, which recall the elements present in nature.

Black: it is a truly sophisticated colour and the real star of 2023. Black kitchens are often finished with gold or brass coloured elements. Or they are complemented with wooden elements to get a more rustic feel.

Green: goes from the dark shade that recalls the forest to emerald or sage green. Forest green is often balanced with milky shades and metallic finishes. Heavy shades of green can be balanced by white marble and brass worktops and lighting – this way the light bounces off the space.

Two-tone kitchen: it represents the real novelty of 2023. The brighter colours are combined with darker colours, for a truly exclusive result.

Technology and sustainability

The modern kitchens are increasingly innovative, intelligent and environmentally sustainable. This concept does not only concern the choice of appliances, but also the materials, lighting and taps. Sustainability has truly become the key word for kitchens in 2023: manufacturing companies are increasingly consciously choosing to use recycled and sustainably processed materials. In this way the kitchen becomes the place of well-being, care for the family and the entire planet. Natural materials chosen in a respectful way for the environment allow you to give the home a timeless warmth and elegance. Finally, the latest generation appliances they allow even more to reduce the environmental impact.

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