Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024

Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024

Kitchen cabinet trends 2024 are the order of the day. Now, the decoration of this space, counters, shelves and other components also requires understanding the upcoming trends.

In 2024, adjusting the color of the walls, the color of the kitchen cabinets or the design of the furniture will allow you to achieve a more attractive, modern and functional style.

The 2023 kitchen cabinet trend is leaning towards the predominance of pastel colors and soft hues. While the kitchen cabinet trend for this year keeps colors like white among the favorites, natural designs are increasingly preferred, even more so when it comes to small but spacious cabinets.

Instead, the trend color for kitchen cabinets will be green. However, the whole range of dark and cool shades, which bring out the natural look of the wood, will also be on the agenda.

Remember that we are always in tune with the trends and we have a specialized team that will help you to have the kitchen of your dreams. Let your decorations stand out and your kitchen design get that shiny look you’ve always wanted.

2024 is a good year to do it!

So, we have prepared this short trail to go over the different structures and features of kitchen cabinets for 2024 and their relationship with kitchen trends 2023. Let’s analyze the characteristics of contemporary style kitchen cabinets and also the future trends.

Let’s start!

Kitchen furniture: kitchen cabinet trends 2024

A trendy kitchen cabinet 2023 was considered stylish and practical, if it included environmentally friendly materials in its manufacture, which beyond the design also ensured maximum functionality and high quality of materials.

Even in 2024, many trends continue to lean toward minimalism, practicality, and ample storage. In fact, there are those who prefer to choose tiered designs, which in addition to being very elegant, are a good storage solution.

Going back to the theme of practicality and functionality, it’s becoming increasingly common for Canadian families to include convertible furniture in their homes. This is a growing trend of giving dual functionality to various spaces in the home.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top kitchen cabinet trends for 2024.

2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color TrendsKitchen Cabinets Trends 2024

Let’s try to review the different color trends for this year:

  • Sober hues predominate in the design universe in this year 2024. You will find grays, blues, whites and beiges. You can stay that way for a completely neutral look, or incorporate details in metallic tones or vibrant colors to generate contrast.
  • On the other hand, we can also observe a boom in modern, futuristic or industrial designs that incorporate stainless steel, concrete or allusive colors.
  • Earth color trends and the influence of green style extended to shade. Color choices range from rich wood tones to terracotta and soft beige.
  • Blue always has a variety of trends, including sky blue and dark blue.
  • Neutral pastels: coffee, light pink, cream, milk. You can combine them, but they must be done with care and taste. Only 2-3 shades can be combined at a time.
  • Dark green. You can combine this color scheme with the metal inserts related to this season. In addition, you can combine rich, dark green tones with coffee-colored inserts. The green tones are in harmony with the smoked glass. Other unusual shades of green are gray-green, pistachio, swamp, and olive. All of these tones should be muted, soft and pastel.

What combination of colors?

Now let’s take a look at various trendy color combinations and shades in decorating modern kitchens for 2024:

  • Black and white are now in fashion. The success of this range is that it is eternal and therefore always suitable and in demand. This combination is very suitable for classic and minimalist kitchens.
  • A combination of blue and green. Green can have different hues, and the associated color should be selected from the dark color palette.
  • Combining gray with green or blue is the right solution. Gray-blue combinations are just beginning to become popular, and gray-green mixtures have become very popular. The combination of burgundy or golden shades and light green tones.
  • Dark brown and gray tones, woody notes combined with the main green style.
  • Remember that the details make the difference. Therefore, you can also accentuate certain colors in specific areas of the kitchen, for example following the 2024 backsplash trends.

The matte black kitchen cabinet trend continues in 2024

Popular among kitchen designers and customers. It is generally considered a complementary color and is coming back into fashion. As a result, black was found not only on kitchen cabinets, walls, and counters, but also on sinks and faucets.

Black becomes livable, luxurious and intimate again, and textured wood adds a rustic and warm elegance.

A return to the trends of the 2000s

Black and dark colors are making a comeback. We’re not talking about the slick black kitchen surfaces and white glass cabinets of the early 2000s.

This is indeed a new 2023/2024 season in search of a more classic and modern trend. Also, a dark stone (veined marble or granite) with slight changes in tone will create a dramatic sense of hierarchy, a dark sophistication.

Therefore, by using a darker color palette and contrasting black tones with brown, wood, gray, taupe or biscuit beige, you will achieve a very elegant and warm kitchen decorating atmosphere.

A word of advice: remember to set up a good lighting plan. When choosing a black cabinet, make sure there is enough natural light and lighting in your kitchen.

Materials and structure of kitchen cabinets 2024Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024

Modern kitchen cabinets have several trends in terms of structure and manufacturing materials.

Wood finishes

The eco-friendly interior design trend has also affected kitchen furniture design. In 2024, the use of ecological and natural materials will become more important.

Wooden furniture is very popular these days. Thus, the use of wood in their design does not just stop at the cabinets, but also in the creation of the wall panels. The use of other natural materials is also popular. So, the less plastic in kitchen furniture, the better.

Decorating environmentally friendly cabinets with geometric and graphic patterns is a recommendation of modern designers.

Other design trends, such as functionality, practicality, and quality, also apply to modern countertops.

Kitchen trends 2024: A double-island kitchen

Kitchen islands have become an important part of modern kitchens with the development of large kitchens in open spaces. A pair of islands represents the latest trend in luxury kitchen decorating.

When they want to concoct exceptional dishes, cooking lovers need to have plenty of dishes and kitchen utensils. For this, a second island can be an essential complement.

The second island can also become a second dining room for quick meals, snacks or snacks. It is one of the most interesting kitchen trends of 2024.

Kitchen cabinet trend: cupboards without handles

They manage to be discreet thanks to a neutral color, and they use the full ceiling height on the entire wall. This produces an elegant and timeless effect, ultra optimized, with a functional kitchen whereas if there were a multitude of handles, this would have produced a weighting effect and would have attacked the eye.

This layout represents one of the hottest trends for 2024.


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