9 colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Amador Toril for Luzio Design&Projects

If you want to get a modern kitchen that is trendy, opt for a colored kitchen that gives it that current and modern touch. But the key is not only the color, but also the design of the furniture fronts. To achieve that contemporary effect, opt for simple designs with smooth fronts and no handles (or with discreet and simple shapes). And you can use color to achieve that more personal touch that makes your kitchen not like everyone else’s. Look at these colors for modern kitchens and copy their ideas!

White, yes, but combined with wood

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Mobalpa

It is true that white is one of the most used colors for kitchen furniture. It is normal: it is a color that expands the space, provides a feeling of cleanliness and gives a lot of light. But it is also overexploited. To give it a personal touch, combine it with wood. In fact, one of the most current trends is to mix modules of different colors. You can choose the low ones in white and the high ones in wood, as in this Mobalpa proposal, but you can also combine them with each other.

Wood continues to gain strength

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Alberto Torres

A couple of decades ago, everyone had a wooden kitchen. Now, this material has once again conquered the central room of the house, but with certain changes. Since more and more open kitchens are planned, their discreet designs should go unnoticed in the living room. For this, walnut is the wood with the perfect finish to achieve that elegance and modern look that will fit with an open living room and dining room. Here, the interior designer Alberto Torres, from Interior Studio PortobelloStreet.es, has opted for kitchen furniture with smooth fronts and a walnut finish that, with the black details, fits perfectly.

We love green kitchens

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Iago Blanco

If there is a color that is gradually gaining followers in the kitchen, it is green (which is also a trend this fall). And in a modern style kitchen, green fits perfectly thanks to its vividness and freshness. Now, we recommend that you avoid greens that are too dark. On the contrary, kitchens in washed greens or with some shades of gray will give the kitchen that point of color without saturating it. Combined with white, gray and black, as the interior designer Iago Blanco has done in this kitchen, the result is modern, bright and cheerful.

A kitchen in aquamarine green

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Jordi Canosa for Pia Capdevila

Another shade of green with which you will get a kitchen that is out of the norm is aquamarine. It is true that it can be a color that fits in more classic or country decorations, but with smooth furniture fronts and combined with a white countertop, as the interior designer Pia Capdevila has done here, the result is cheerful and modern. Add a pretty wallpaper that brings life to the wall and softens the modern lines of the furniture.

The elegance of terracotta!

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Silver Sales for Clap Design

Warm colors, such as terracotta, are a good option for modern kitchens that are also open. Like those with a walnut finish, its elegant finish will fit perfectly with the decoration of the living room and dining room without clashing. It won’t look like it’s a kitchen. And, if combined with details in black, very dark gray or white, that sophisticated point will be intensified. Now, to avoid the result being too dark, we not only recommend that you choose a floor with a light finish. Dispensing with tall modules on some of the walls will also help give it more spaciousness.

A kitchen in black never fails

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Gonzalo Botet for Alexandra Studio

If there is a color that we associate with modern kitchens, it is black. Elegant, sophisticated and with a luxurious touch, it is a color that works very well in open kitchens, but which also have plenty of natural light. To give it an even more modern touch, the striking orange brushstrokes activate the black color and fill it with modernity. Here, the interior designers from Alexandra Studio have applied it to the marble parapet and the stools that serve the island.

Say yes to a blue kitchen

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Build Team

Another color that we see more and more in kitchens every day is navy blue. This classic color is the best ally in modern kitchen designs. And it combines perfectly with white and gold details, like in this proposal. For a more natural touch, fiber lamps on the island and stools upholstered in light leather join the white countertop.  In addition, this counteracts the strength of dark blue.

The taupe color is the new sensation

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Mikel Irastoza

Between beige and gray, the taupe color has become one of the favorites for modern kitchens. And it offers all the advantages of both shades. On the one hand, it offers the warmth and elegance of beige, but also the modern touch of gray. And all without giving up luminosity. Because this trendy color looks good in open and closed kitchens.

Gray is always an option

colors for modern kitchens that will not go out of style
© Sandra Rojo for Coblonal Interiorismo

Several seasons ago, gray kitchens began to gain ground over black and white ones. And its effect is more modern and more current. In addition, it is so versatile that it looks great with almost any color, although it is common to combine it with white so as not to give up the luminosity and spaciousness that the most popular neutral gives. Now, the result may be a little cold, so it is best to add materials that add warmth. Wood floors ( or those with a finish that imitates wood) are a good starting point. You can also get it with accessories such as tables, baskets, bowls…


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