White kitchen: glossy or matte?


White kitchen: glossy or matte?

Matte and glossy kitchens have a number of unique advantages and disadvantages. In the process of choosing a matte or glossy set, it is important to take into account the size of the room, its style, the prevailing color scheme, and, of course, the maintenance requirements. Read more about which white kitchen is better to choose: glossy or matte, further in our article.

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Features of a white kitchen

A snow-white kitchen is an immortal classic that can become the basis of any interior. It is a mistake to believe that white color gives the kitchen a “hospital” effect. There are many shades of white: ivory, baked milk, alabaster, amaranth, etc. Choosing a white kitchen has the following advantages:

  • Visual increase in space. This solution visually enlarges the kitchen, gives the set a feeling of lightness and weightlessness;
  • The ideal backdrop for vibrant accessories and trims. Plus, this shade goes with all the colors of the rainbow;
  • Balance between modernity and classics: white sets fit perfectly into both modern interior variations and classic styles;
  • Possibility of selecting most household appliances. It is known that manufacturers prefer to produce equipment of this particular shade: this makes it easier to fit it into the space without overloading it.

White kitchen Platino mobili Design 08

White kitchens have not only advantages, but also disadvantages. The facade of a set made of low-quality material may turn yellow over time, and when combined with dark surfaces, the smallest dirt will be noticeable. In addition, the housewife will have to make considerable efforts to maintain perfect cleanliness. If the above disadvantages do not change your decision, you should proceed to the next stage – choose matte or glossy headsets.

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Glossy kitchen: benefits

A well-designed room with a glossy set looks stylish, modern and attractive. This is a good choice for modern styles. In addition, it has long been popular among interior designers. This happens due to a number of features.

White kitchen Brummel Opera 30

Visual enlargement of the room

In the process of choosing a set and finishing, you should take into account not only fashion trends, but also the features of the size and configuration of the room. Fashion trends will disappear, but the furniture will remain the same. This means that when decorating small spaces, you should focus on maximizing space. Glossy surfaces repel light and create a feeling of light and spacious space. A white shade complements this effect: in combination with gloss, the kitchen will noticeably transform, it will look more comfortable and spacious.

Harmonization with other shades

The modern market presents a wide range of headsets of various shades. In order to achieve the most beneficial result, a combination of white and cream shades is recommended. An unusual solution is a combination of a white glossy set with rich black elements of the room. Contrast will create the effect of depth and integrity of space. You can combine glossy furniture with contrasting shades, but you need to be careful: the surface reflects different colors, which can create the effect of mixing different shades.

White kitchen Castagna Cucine Deco expo

Advantageous lighting

Since the glossy surfaces of a white kitchen reflect light, if the kitchen faces the dark side, you can achieve maximum illumination of the room. This solution will help get rid of some gloom and add coziness to the room.

Wide range of materials

Acrylic, laminate and other attractive materials often have a glossy surface. If you are a fan of such materials, give preference to a glossy finish: both you and your household will like the end result.

Variety of style

Glossy sets fit effectively into the modern style of the premises. Technical high-tech, calm minimalism, creative loft – all this can be complemented with a spectacular glossy white countertop. This decision does not limit the designer’s choice of style.

White kitchen Composite Mood

Disadvantages of a white glossy kitchen

Difficulty of care

The glossy surface shows even the smallest dirt and fingerprints, and the white tint only makes the situation worse. Maintaining perfect cleanliness in the kitchen, and especially in the work area, is extremely difficult. You can resort to a practical solution: choose a white set without handles. Cabinets and shelves are pulled out by pressing a lever, and contact with the surface is minimal.

The importance of minimalism

The gloss reflects not only sunlight, but also household appliances, as well as various kitchen utensils. In order not to create the effect of chaos in the kitchen, you need to regularly hide unnecessary kitchen elements.

Choosing low-quality material

If you choose cheap material for a set, there is a risk of rapid damage to the furniture. White cabinets quickly become covered with scratches, change their shade and become covered with stubborn stains. This means that this solution requires serious financial investments.

Benefits of a matte kitchen

The white matte kitchen looks solid, but at the same time gentle and cozy. This solution has many advantages.

White kitchen Elledue Fidia

Easy to care for

Traces of grease and fingerprints are less noticeable on matte headsets. Caring for such furniture only requires periodic cleaning with a gentle detergent.

Creating comfort

White matte kitchens look calm and homely. This is a non-flashy and calm option, which is ideal for people who want to relax after a hard day at work.

White kitchen Prestige Dama

Best option for different styles

White countertops look impressive in any interior. The luxurious classic interior is complemented by matte wooden products, and the airy Provence can be diversified with milky-colored sets. A successful choice of contrasting elements and accessories favorably emphasizes the main focus of the interior.

Wide range of materials

Matte sets can consist of natural wood, MDF, chipboard, laminated chipboard, etc. The exact choice of material depends on the desires and finances of the owner. It is important to consider that the quality of the base material directly affects the performance characteristics and attractive appearance of the kitchen: cheap surfaces become covered with stains, streaks and scratches.

White kitchen Castagna Cucine Roma

Disadvantages of a matte kitchen

Reducing space

Matte sets absorb sunlight, which can have a negative impact on the visual features of the kitchen. Owners of small kitchens whose windows face the dark side should avoid this decision. Despite this, the combination of a white matte kitchen with glass tables or glossy finishing elements can look advantageous.

Difficulty of care

On matte surfaces, dirt is not so noticeable, but grease and dust penetrate deeper into the internal structures of the material. In order to clean the headset, you will need to use more cleaning products.

Small color palette

The modern market does not provide many matte sets of various shades. The choice of matte sets for a white kitchen is somewhat limited for people who want to create a play of shades and contrasts.

An interesting solution: combining a glossy and matte set

Some interior designers prefer to combine glossy surfaces with matte ones. In this case, the visual shortcomings of one type are offset by the other. For example, a cream set can be placed together with plain glossy wall cabinets.

Features of care

Matte kitchens

In order for the kitchen to last a long time and maintain its original appearance for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of care. Please note the following recommendations:

  • Do not use alcohol-containing or abrasive cleaners: they damage surfaces;
  • White furniture made from natural wood can be easily washed using a steam generator. Dirt can be easily wiped off with a napkin;
  • Use paper towels or microfiber during the cleaning process: they are more convenient than sponges;
  • Get into the habit of wiping down your countertop every time you cook or wash dishes. Old stains are difficult to remove from a matte surface.

White kitchen TM Italia Off Kitchen

Glossy kitchens

Caring for glossy kitchens is quite simple, but even in this case you should be “on guard”:

  • Avoid direct sunlight on glossy surfaces: they contribute to fading of shades;
  • Do not use hard brushes: they leave deep scratches on the headset and spoil its appearance;
  • Limit the use of alkaline powders and detergents: aggressive chemicals negatively affect the overall shade of the headset;
  • Difficult grease stains are best removed using glass cleaner;
  • Polish with wax enhances the shine of white surfaces.

White kitchen Composite Free

White glossy and matte kitchens: common myths

There are many myths surrounding white headsets with glossy and matte finishes, which form the wrong attitude towards such design solutions. Next we will debunk or confirm some of them.

White kitchen ArteVeneziana RK10

Myth No. 1: Glossy headsets need frequent washing.

This criterion depends on the owner’s requirements for cleanliness. Fans of perfect shine will really have to wipe the set almost daily, while people who can ignore a couple of stains can be content with standard cleaning once a week.

Myth No. 2: A glossy set will turn the kitchen into a “mirror space.”

With a skillful combination of glossy and matte structures, it is impossible to achieve a negative effect. In the process of arranging such a kitchen, you should adhere to the rules of moderation: for example, avoid using glossy floors and wall coverings.

Myth #3: Matte kitchens look too plain.

This myth misleads many people. In fact, with a skillful combination of shades and proper decoration, the kitchen looks fashionable and stylish. Pay attention to all aspects of the room and don’t forget about stylish accessories.

White kitchen Tessarolo 4you silver


White kitchens in both glossy and matte finishes look stylish and cozy. The exact choice of finish depends on the size and lighting of the room, as well as the main stylistic direction. Each option has a long list of advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account: the choice is yours.

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