13 Paint Color Trends 2025 For Irresistible Kitchen

Want a revival for your kitchen color? Rather than investing in new furniture, trendy colors impose themselves on the walls of the furniture to revamp the furnace corner at a lower cost. Focus on 13 trendy paint colors to adopt in the kitchen in 2025.

As in the rest of the house, the paint sets the tone in the kitchen. On the walls, credenza or furniture, the trendy colors in 2025 impose their style, fully participating in the look of the room. To renew the spirit of a kitchen from A to Z or to simply revitalize the dining area with small touches, here are some ideas for kitchen paint colors to adopt in 2025. Gourmet or wildly elegant cuisine, there will be something for everyone, I promise!

7 Kitchen Paint Color Trends 2025

1. Black paint for an ultra chic kitchenKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

In 2025, black cuisine embodies the star of the kitchen. This color that tears the crowds – black we like … or not at all – is not only essential on kitchen furniture. This frank and chic hue is likely to impose itself on one or more walls to inject extreme originality and elegance into this living room.

What complementary colors for a black paint in the kitchen? Intense and deep, black in the kitchen is ideally combined with white furniture and especially white appliances to create an elegant contrast. Green and gray will also be his accomplice colors!

Which paint to choose? The special Velours paint from the Bleu de Sèvres ® paint from Libéron, from € 18.90 in 0.5L format

2. An orange paint for gourmet cuisineKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

In line with terrocatta and other colors evoking earthy hues, the color orange naturally appears again on the walls of our rooms in 2025. In all its nuances, from dark to its version closer to Living Coral, star color of the ‘last year, the orange spreads its attractive dynamism on the kitchen walls . From the credenza to the simple section of the wall, its simple presence breathes a greedy and generous aura into this room where we are used to sharing delicious dishes with others.

What complementary colors for an orange paint in the kitchen? Warm as desired, the orange will elegantly underline the presence of black kitchen furniture. It will also be the ideal accomplice of brown shades and wooden kitchens .

Which paint to choose? Dulux Valentine’s blood orange satin paint, color cream 2.5 l, 44.90 euros

3. A painting between blue and green for a peaceful kitchenKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

In 2025, cooking is not done in half measures. She succumbs either to bold colors like midnight blue and black, or to more peaceful and neutral shades. Among these, the Dulux Valentine dawn softness shade sublimates and refreshes the furnace corner in the blink of an eye. Easy to adopt, this resolutely optimistic shade emphasizes the changing gleams of dawn and instantly gives a feeling of softness and light in the heart of the room where it takes place.

What complementary colors for a neutral painting in the kitchen? Neutral, this very soft color will have the gift of combining wonderfully with multiple shades! This ultra versatile color will evolve according to the nuances with which it will be associated: comforting when mixed with neutral tones, it will be more dynamic and joyful combined with yellow and pink and finally refreshing when it is combined with blues deeper.

Which paint to choose? The painting Sweetness of dawn, color cream, by Dulux Valentine 2.5 l, 44.90 euros,

4. A blue paint for an elegant and trendy kitchenKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

On the stove side, the blue and gray shades are a real must have. On kitchen furniture like walls, their effectiveness is no longer to be proven. Nothing new about this fact … unless our desires for blue in the kitchen evolve. In 2025, blue effectively seems to abandon its pastel notes and prefer its deeper version over the chromatic palette. Navy blue, peacock blue, eclipse blue or Classic Blue for Pantone thus perfect the kitchens who prefer to highlight their chic character rather than convivial. These dark blues have the subtlety of creating an elegant atmosphere without overdoing it. These colors will be the allies of designer kitchens as well as industrial kitchens .

What complementary colors for a blue paint in the kitchen? This deep blue will go perfectly with all the palette of blues of course. Black and white will also suit him perfectly.

Which paint to choose? Resist’Extrême® Kitchen & Bath Paint from V33, from € 17.90 in 0.5L format

5. A pale pink paint for a modern kitchenKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

In recent years, pink has returned to the forefront of the decor scene with a multitude of shades. His success naturally leads him to our kitchen! In this room, we prefer it in a nuanced version, a pastel pink like an old rose to bring light to this room which demands so much. As warm as it is elegant, this soft pink invites itself on the kitchen walls as well as the furniture, kitchen furniture such as those in the dining area included. We will opt for this soothing shade if we are looking to establish a vintage style, country chic or Scandinavian style in our kitchen.

What complementary colors for a pink paint in the kitchen? Sweet and singular, pink in the kitchen is associated with a large string of pastels. It will be a priority ally of gray kitchens and white kitchens.

Which paint to choose? Hypnotik paint, from 36.90 euros in 1L format

6. Green paint for a trendy kitchenKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

In the same vein as black cuisine, green cuisine is a must in trendy kitchens today. Again, green is expressed in multiple shades with a penchant for verdigris, khaki green, etc. Very green shades that come in handy when trying to inject a touch of nature into its interior or that we are eager to start cooking zero waste and the decor that goes with it!

What complementary colors for a green paint in the kitchen? Elegant and discreet at the same time, green will be able to interfere in country-style kitchens or beautiful retro kitchens with touches of wood. Its accomplices shades will be shades like terracotta, black and white …

Which paint to choose? Dulux Valentine Satin Eucalyptus color cream paint , from € 17.90 for 0.5 l

7. Mint blue paint for a refreshing kitchenKitchen Paint Color Trends 2021

Nature continues to impose its mark in our homes. Green decoration brands , green power galore and fatally the colors are no exception to this trend. The kitchen is no exception to the rule. In addition to the deep green, mint green or even ice blue are everywhere on the kitchen walls. Bar counter, section of wall, credenza, furniture, various elements in the kitchen welcome this ultra refreshing shade. Because in small or large doses, green in decoration as in cooking is available in all kinds of nuances to create a natural and reassuring atmosphere.

What complementary colors for a mint green paint in the kitchen? Mint green will enhance white kitchens and other light-colored kitchens. However, mint walls should be avoided in a dark kitchen so as not to create too large a contrast.

Which paint to choose? Ripolin Cupcake Blue Paint, 0.5 L, € 15.90

Kitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2025

Want to modernize your kitchen with a brushstroke? Let yourself be seduced by the trendy colors of 2025.

Is the color of your kitchen walls no longer to your liking? It’s time to give your living room a good brushstroke! What color of paint for the kitchen? From duck green to straw yellow, here are the 6 trendy kitchen paint colors this year that you will love to see at home!

What color for the walls of a kitchen? 6 trendy ideas to replicate

Do you want to repaint your kitchen to give the room a facelift and rediscover the pleasure of cooking good meals in this flagship space of your house or apartment? How we understand you! How to paint a wooden kitchen , a lacquered kitchen or even a simple Ikea kitchen? A simple change of color may be enough to completely transform the atmosphere of a room. Repaint your kitchen in white, black, anthracite gray, there is no shortage of ideas! Natural, warm, refined, soft atmosphere, etc., this year again, the kitchen is still intended as a full-fledged room full of character with an original look. Discover the best ideas fromkitchen paint for 2025 through our selection of new trends!

1. White: essential color for the kitchenKitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2021

In 2025 we opt for the sweetness of life with a white kitchen . Timeless and modern, white is a safe bet that allows you more eccentricity in the kitchen furniture and accessories, to perfect your interior decoration.

2. Going green for natural cuisineKitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2021

The green is undoubtedly one of the colors star of 2025. If it fits easily into your home, it will also be a charming ally in your kitchen. Duck green and fir green are in vogue this year, so adopt these colors for a natural atmosphere in your kitchen.

3. Yellow paint: a sunny kitchenKitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2021

Add pep to your kitchen with a yellow paint . Depending on the atmosphere you want to give to your kitchen, opt for the total look or for a few touches here and there. Thus you will ensure your kitchen a lot of character and chic modernity through a pretty mustard yellow or straw yellow .

4. Let your blue flower side speakKitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2021

While in recent years blue had been invited in all the rooms of the house, in 2025, we find it in the kitchen. In this room, it will bring a touch of originality that should not leave you unmoved.

5. Red, orange and pink: colors that will warm your kitchenKitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2021

Dare to use warm colors to paint the walls of your kitchen in 2025! Be daring with  red, orange or pink to warm up this piece of everyday life and bring an ultra trendy Mediterranean side.

6. Softness with a cream paintKitchen paint: 6 trendy colors in 2021

Cream paint, very clear, slightly tinged with pink or yellow is an elegant and natural color . Transform your kitchen into a haven of peace for lunch serenely before starting the day.


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