The most expensive Italian cuisines: Review of branded furniture factories


The most expensive Italian cuisines. Review of branded furniture factories.

Italian kitchens have been a recognized standard of style and quality for many years. Famous manufacturers of kitchen sets do not betray long-standing traditions and offer design solutions for absolutely every taste.

The highlight of Italian cuisines is the delicate balance between status and comfort. When developing the design, the functionality of the headset is taken into account: its aesthetics should not exclude convenience and practicality.

Many will ask: why Italy? Why not pay attention to expensive modern kitchens made in Germany or France. The answer is very simple: Italian-made headsets combine convenience, style and impeccable quality. In the model line you can find kitchens of classic, minimalist design, as well as furniture in country and high-tech styles. Individual sets are a combination of original Italian traditions and modern trends.

The first thing that catches your eye when choosing expensive kitchens is the price per linear meter. In many ways, it is associated with the manual production of many structural elements. Most expensive headsets are made by hand, either entirely or partially. Only the most selected materials are used in production: valuable wood species, natural stone, decorative elements made by the hands of a master. When purchasing kitchen furniture from leading Italian manufacturers, you can rest assured of the quality and durability of the fittings.

Here are some good reasons to buy an expensive Italian-made kitchen:

  • Compliance of manufacturing materials with international standards of quality, safety and environmental friendliness.
  • The design of each element of the set is well thought out: from the drawer to the guides and handles.
  • Functionality combined with practicality and comfort.
  • A design that will not lose its relevance.

Kitchens from Italy look expensive, last a long time and are very easy to use. In this article, we propose to consider kitchen sets from leading Italian factories and find out what the features of each manufacturer are. Our guide will certainly help you make your choice. Happy reading and happy shopping!

Dada factory kitchens

The main feature of Dada kitchen sets is an amazing combination of innovative solutions and exquisite style. The manufacturer never ceases to amaze with original ideas and is one of the best suppliers of aesthetic and comfortable kitchens on the modern market.

Dada Banco

The harmony of beauty and technology – this is exactly what Dada kitchens are all about. The company’s developers are constantly experimenting and attracting famous designers to collaborate. World-famous architects put their vision and soul into creating the next set, which can be seen in the variety of design solutions. Each kitchen model is special and unique, with a special charm and zest.

Dada Frame-Line 6 Frame Door

The main materials for manufacturing Dada kitchens are natural wood and high-quality metal. Despite the traditional production materials, the headsets look unusual and attract the attention of the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

The key design line of Dada kitchens is luxurious simplicity and conciseness. The headsets look status-like, but discreet. Let’s take as an example the Banco model, which can be called the standard of premium minimalism.

Thoroughly thought-out ergonomics and the unique structure of Dada kitchens allow the factory to remain among the leaders in the European market. The manufacturer also offers expensive custom-made kitchens, developed according to an individual design project.

Dada Indada

The sets produced by this factory are the embodiment of royal style, the luxury of which is difficult to ignore. Stylistically, Martini Mobili kitchens belong to the country style, generously diluted with classic Italian chic.

To appreciate the status and effectiveness of the factory’s sets, just glance through the catalogue. The manufacturer offers models for lovers of canonical Italian design, as well as for adherents of more minimalist styles. The Essenza New and Villa a Mosca sets contrast brightly with each other: modern trends versus traditional luxury.

Martini Mobili Essenza New

Martini Mobili Villa a Mosca

Martini Mobili products are highly valued by experts for their impeccable quality and predominantly handmade production. Experienced designers, woodworkers, architects and artists are responsible for the creation of new sets. The signature of each of them can be seen in any model – be it the classic Red Rose or the discreet Attico a Shanghai. The manufacturer adheres to the Provence style, skillfully combining it with other trends: modern, high-tech, country, scandi, loft, etc. Classic motifs combined with a consistent style make Martini Mobili headsets recognizable among many competitors.

Martini Mobili Red Rose

A distinctive feature of the kitchens of this factory is a special approach to wood processing. The material is sanded and thoroughly polished, after which it is coated with beeswax. This way the surfaces are protected from external influences and scratches. Automated systems and manual labor of craftsmen are used in the production of kitchens. Favorite materials for making Martini Mobili kitchens are ash, cherry, wood, and natural stone.

Martini Mobili Attico a Shanghai

Modulnova kitchens

Thoroughly thought-out ergonomics and minimalist chic are the distinctive qualities of the kitchens of this manufacturer. Expensive materials, strict and at the same time smooth lines do not leave connoisseurs of the latest trends in the furniture industry indifferent.

Modulnova kitchens are perfect for creating multifunctional spaces. Thanks to its discreet design, the set allows you to combine the dining area with the living room or hall.

Modulnova Float

Talented craftsmen, famous artists, architects and designers are involved in the development of Modulnova kitchens. The priority of this manufacturer is the practicality and functionality of furniture. Each set is worked out to the smallest detail, with special emphasis placed on the quality of the fittings.

The design of some models is remembered for a long time. Just look at Cucina Armadio – a headset made in the style of a transformer. If desired, the kitchen can be quickly turned into a closet by sliding the doors. This solution will definitely appeal to fans of modern trends.

Modulnova Cucina Armadio

Prestige kitchens

The range of kitchen sets from this factory is extensive: the manufacturer offers both complete sets and independent pieces of furniture. Buyers can purchase Italian armchairs, tables, chairs and other kitchen attributes.

Prestige Lady

If handcrafted furniture is important to you, Prestige kitchens deserve your attention. The most expensive kitchen of this factory is made by the hands of craftsmen without the use of automated production.

Prestige Gran Duca Scott

As is typical for expensive Italian cuisine, the furniture is made from selected materials: oak, cherry, walnut, granite, marble and rocks. The high quality of products is ensured by multi-level surface treatment, veneering and durable metal structures.

Individual surfaces of Prestige kitchens are made of high-quality plastic and glass. Elements made from natural wood are coated with protective compounds.

From a design point of view, Prestige kitchens are designed to impress with their luxury at first sight. The manufacturer generously decorates the sets with carvings, uses marble, natural stone and other attributes of status style. Precious metals, engraving and hand painting can be used for finishing. One of the pearls of the factory’s model range is Gran Duca 01, which combines all the features of canonical Italian design.

Prestige Gran Duca 01

Kitchens Rossana

The manufacturer approaches the development of headset design with special responsibility. The manufacturer attracts eminent representatives of the design world to work: among them Vincenso Cotiss, Rodolfo Dordoni, Massimo Castagna, Salviati Tresoldi and many others. The sets are made in a modern style and harmonize with any interior design – from classic to modern.

It is noteworthy that Rossana does not chase trends and develops design in isolation from them. The result of this approach is modern, functional headsets that combine high quality and original design. The sets are developed taking into account ergonomics and space organization, which allows you to adapt the kitchen to any interior and the wishes of the client.

Rossana K-IN K-OUT

The design of Rossana kitchens can be described as laconic, moderate, and status. The furniture looks strict, but fully corresponds to the premium segment. One of the brightest representatives of the factory’s model range is the Best Collection set, which allows you to organize space and use every free meter of the kitchen.

Rossana Best collection

Which cuisine is better to choose?

The choice of headset should be based on personal preferences, the household appliances used and the size of the room:

  • If functionality is your priority, we recommend choosing models from Rossana. Headsets from this manufacturer are very practical, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. In addition, they look great in any interior style. Kitchens require the installation of hobs, built-in ovens and refrigerators.
  • Prestige kitchens will suit connoisseurs of handmade work. Most models are made in the canonical Italian style, full of luxury and status. At the same time, kitchens have incorporated innovative ideas and modern techniques for zoning space. The sets look great with kitchen appliances made in a traditional design.
  • When exclusivity of materials comes to the fore, Modulnova wins. The manufacturer uses materials that are not available in the production of competitive factories.
  • Lovers of antique style will certainly appreciate Martini Mobili kitchen sets. To give the furniture a classic “shabby” style, the factory’s designers use a unique artificial aging technology.
  • A collective image of the Italian style in the creation of kitchen furniture – the Dada set. They are aimed at supporters of a skillful combination of classics and modern trends. The manufacturer avoids extremes and tries to satisfy the tastes of a wide audience of buyers.

Italian furniture factories offer very expensive kitchens, the purchase of which can be considered as a valuable investment for many years. The premium status of such headsets is visible to the naked eye, and the quality of fittings and surfaces sets the product apart from many competitors on the European market.

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