Small Kitchen Designs 2025

Small Kitchen Designs 2021

The miniature size of the kitchen with well-chosen design, layout, furniture, lighting will not prevent a harmonious stylish arrangement of space.

Small kitchen 2025 – photos, ideas of perfect designSmall Kitchen Designs 2021

Creating a complete stylish design for a small kitchen 2025 requires an integrated, thoughtful approach. It is important to begin the arrangement with a clearly defined plan, on which the necessary functional zones are highlighted.

After determining the location of the sink, stove, refrigerator, calculate the dimensions for each piece of furniture. The scheme is advisable to do in color, which will allow you to think about ways to visually expand the space.

How to arrange furniture in a small kitchenSmall Kitchen Designs 2021

When choosing furniture that organically fits into the design of a small kitchen 2025, they are guided by the criterion of comfort, taking into account personal preferences and a certain style decision.

  1. It is necessary at the planning stage to make a sketch of the room on the exact scale and determine the layout of the furniture.
  2. In conditions of limited space, preference is given to the l-shaped pattern, as well as the linear arrangement of the furniture set on one wall.
  3. In small rooms, wall shelves, hanging cabinets are recommended, as well as narrow tall pencil cases that visually increase the space.

Advice! If you plan to create a trendy design for the small kitchen 2025, you should consider the functional role of the corners. The furniture ensemble is selected in compact sizes without bulky decorative elements.

  • Mirror surfaces, glass shelves and doors visually expand the space. In the interior of the small kitchen 2025, built-in furniture also fits perfectly.
  • Giving preference to a headset, pay attention to staffing them with drawers and convenient rolling out drawers.


  1. The system of rails and hooks allows you to place small objects. Sliding, swivel mechanisms, built-in additional countertops enhance the functionality of the furniture.
  2. If it is difficult to choose a ready-made set, you should pay attention to modular furniture – its extensive assortment allows you to select each item in exact accordance with pre-calculated sizes.
  3. The color of the facade in such a situation is arranged in the exact match of the shades or harmonious combinations are selected to enhance the overall style concept of the room.

Dinner Zone

Owners of miniature kitchens often refuse to arrange in a limited space a convenient dining area.

However, with a rational approach, it is possible to solve this problem by selecting the appropriate option from the methods proposed by the designers.

Bar counter

The installation of a bar counter is the best choice for a narrow kitchen, where there is no space left for a dining table. In such a situation, a small bar counter is equipped near the wall with a window, for convenience it can be made folding.

Increasingly, the window sill plays the role of a bar, which is lined with durable material and, if necessary, made wider. Thus, the design of the small kitchen 2025 becomes more attractive and convenient.

High chairs are set nearby, and the romantic setting of the dining area becomes the pearl of the entire 2025 kitchen interior.

Additional countertop

A stylish element when installing an angular headset is performed from its end wall. If necessary, an additional countertop quickly folds up without cluttering up the space.

You can order a swivel or extendable surface, which easily turns into a dining table.

A retractable worktop is a necessity that every housewife will appreciate.

Multifunctional cabinet

The simplest solution for organizing a dining area in a small kitchen is to install a kitchen table with convenient storage spaces and a durable countertop. Such a piece of furniture will fulfill several functional roles, including cooking and serving for a meal.

Narrow dining table

In order to equip a compact dining area for couples, you can use some simple secrets and use the space of the corner located directly at the door or set a narrow kitchen table opposite the working area of the kitchen.

Set a table of suitable width, but not already 30 cm, replace the chairs with lightweight comfortable stools that slide after use under the countertop. It is desirable to replace the swing door with a sliding or folding accordion.

Hidden furniture in a small kitchenSmall Kitchen Designs 2021

In designing a small kitchen 2025, an excellent compromise is the idea of equipping a reclining tabletop wall-free part of the cabinets.

If its lower part is decorated with a painting or a mosaic composition, then in an inoperative state it will serve as a bright decorative element.

Folding chairs

The usual rather bulky chairs take up a lot of space and there is a problem associated with the need to clean them when lunch or family dinner ends. In this situation, folding analogues of these important items of kitchen furniture help out.

When folded, they can be put into a free niche, taken out onto a loggia, or even, being guided by new trends in arranging a miniature kitchen, hung on a wall.


In a square-shaped room, often the corner at the end wall with the window remains free. This will fit a soft corner, equipped with additional storage.

This option allows you to do without chairs. Small stools that fit easily under the table can be used.

Design of a small kitchen 2025 – color choiceSmall Kitchen Designs 2021

To decorate the walls of a small kitchen, it is recommended to choose light shades from a warm range. A combination of two colors is considered optimal. Large colorful painting in a limited space is not appropriate.

  • The white color of the walls organically combines with the delicate cherry surface of the headset.
  • If noble beige is chosen as the main tone of the kitchen, then a fresh green color is selected in addition to it.
  • Creates a harmonious combination of a tandem of exquisite tangerine and pure light yellow hues.

Yellow color in the interior of the kitchen will add to the atmosphere of informality and sunny mood.

The desire for rich accents is realized if the carmine color is complemented with a pleasant creamy color, and the respectable turquoise is emphasized with golden elements.

Advice! The color of the furniture facades is selected in harmony with the walls, but do not use a completely identical tone. Contrast is allowed when solving small details.

Organization of lighting in a small kitchenSmall Kitchen Designs 2021

The rational organization of lighting in a small kitchen allows you to smooth out the feeling of a certain workload of space, inevitable with a limited area.

Optimally thought-out options and competently marked light accents allow you to give a small room comfort, making it stylish and functional.

It is recommended to mount the main and several additional sources in moisture-proof enclosures, which will allow you to highlight individual functional areas.

  • Take note! The dining area is most often indicated by a ceiling chandelier, adjustable in height. If the table is located directly against the wall, then a sconce with a downward luminous flux becomes a good option. For the workplace, local illumination is installed, mounted under the hanging cabinets.

A competent design and proper furniture arrangement will hide the room’s tightness.

Among the design techniques that allow you to visually increase the space, the location of spotlights below attracts. They are mounted in the floor covering along the facade of the headset. Such illumination creates the illusion of light cabinets floating in the air.

The interior of a small kitchen can be comfortable and cozy.

In order to level out crowded areas due to low ceilings, a number of fixtures are installed along the upper perimeter of the room.

Important! Performing window design, it is advisable not to limit the flow of natural light. Heavy long curtains are not suitable for miniature kitchens. Not always appropriate tulle, completely covering the window opening.

A good alternative to curtains are Roman or roller blinds. You can install vertical blinds.

The decoration of the ceiling and the exterior of the chandelier should be in harmony with the overall kitchen design.

When creating comfortable lighting for a small kitchen, they are guided by the recommendations of experienced designers:

  1. The light sources are mounted so that the shadows of people in the room do not fall on the working and dining surfaces.
  2. The light intensity should be sufficient. Avoid excessively bright or dim lamps.
  3. The distance from the fixtures to the stove or sink can withstand at least 0.6 m.
  4. Extends the space of LED lighting inside cabinets with glass doors or individual hanging shelves with exclusive dishes. Increasingly, the main emphasis is on an apron made of durable glass with an interesting design and original lighting.
  5. Mobile lights on special ceiling brackets help to zone the space. Swivel mechanisms are convenient, allowing you to direct the light flux to the right place.

Creating an ideal kitchen interior requires maximum effort and patience, so you should be very responsible for the design and layout. If everything is done correctly, the end result will please you for a long time and perhaps the kitchen will become your favorite place in the house.


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