Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2025

Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

The choice of headsets in the modern market is simply huge – both in design and style, so in price and material. Solid wood kitchens have always been popular and are still considered one of the most practical and reliable. Such furniture not only looks great, but also has many other advantages.

What you need to know about the arraySolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

The massif is a natural material of which elite furniture is made. It can be of two types:

  1. A solid massif is a board literally sawn out of wood. For obvious reasons, such boards can only be of limited width – most often they do not exceed 40-50 centimeters. The wider, the more expensive.
  2. Furniture panel made of lamellas – a product that is obtained by gluing the boards of an array with the most invisible and durable seams. Most often, this method is used in the manufacture of countertops made of wood – you can even combine several species and get a unique result.

Array is often confused with veneer – this is due to visual identity. Veneering is a procedure when thin (up to 10 mm) sections of natural wood are glued onto a budget base ( MDF or chipboard ), making furniture look the same, but cheaper. Such a set is a layer cake, which cannot be distinguished from a real array, but the service life is still less.

Wood-like optionsSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

A real array is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Manufacturers are trying to make them more affordable, so they offer more “lightweight” options.

  1. The entire kitchen (both the facade and the frame) is completely made of solid wood – the most expensive option. The high cost of the method is built not only from the naturalness of wood, but also the complexity and duration of the manufacture of the product.
  2. The facade is made of one species of wood, the frame is made of another – no matter how logical or profitable this option may be, in fact, it is not. The fact is that a different wood reacts differently to changes in moisture and temperature, so the kitchen can simply be “led”.
  3. The facade is made of solid wood, the frame is made of MDF or chipboard – this option is considered more reliable than the previous one, since wood panels do not expand so much under the influence of heat, which means they serve as a more “durable” partner for the facade of solid wood.
  4. Veneers made of oak, wenge, beech or other types of wood are thin wood cuts that are glued to a cheaper base, such as pine or even MDF. Such furniture is very attractive because of its cost, but the service life is much shorter than that of the array.

Veneers are used not only to reduce the cost of production. Sometimes the demand is so great that the manufacture of furniture completely from the array will not be able to cover it, but the veneer – yes.

For example, wenge is a very beautiful breed of deep dark color, and it is very popular with designers. But the resources of wenge are extremely small, therefore this breed is used only as veneer.

Of course, the options numbered 3 and 4 are not really a clean array, but simply wooden kitchens, but this definition has taken root among buyers. However, it is important to understand the difference and ask the seller what each piece of furniture is made of specifically – a facade, frame, or something else.

Advantages and disadvantages solid wood kitchenSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Solid wood kitchen furniture has both pros and cons. But still the benefits are several times greater:

  • environmental friendliness of the material, which means that it is harmless to others and to nature in the future;
  • relevance, since the wood can be entered in almost any interior of the kitchen;
  • attractiveness – everyone’s tastes are different, but the wood most often causes a feeling of comfort;
  • durability – the headset from the array will last a long time, which means that you can forget about the repair in the next few years;
  • uniqueness – strictly speaking, a kitchen from an array will always be unique, because there are no two identical woods;
  • a noble texture that will undoubtedly give comfort to the kitchen;
  • reliability – if the wood is correctly processed, it will not be afraid of moisture or high temperatures;
  • the possibility of restoration and repair, which will further extend the life of the furniture;
  • beautiful aging – if the furniture is not restored and renovated over time, there is a great chance that it will look even better – more noble, which is very appreciated among designers.

But there is a natural wood and cons:

  • high price, which limits many;
  • unreliability of the material during poor-quality processing – the wood may dry out or, conversely, swell;
  • complex and regular care with special products – wax, impregnation, varnishes;
  • small color scheme;
  • significant weight of the facades, which requires a strong wall and a good foundation.

What wood are kitchens made of?Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Different types of wood can be used to create kitchen furniture. If we are talking about facades, then most often all doors are made of only one breed, and, for example, several types can be connected in a countertop.

Ideal furniture should meet the following characteristics:

  • hardness;
  • strength;
  • hygroscopicity – fear of humidity;
  • wear resistance;
  • impact strength;
  • rigidity;
  • resistance to deformation.

The most important characteristic of a wood is its density. It will depend on it the durability, reliability of the coating in relation to moisture or mechanical damage.

The softest, and therefore unreliable, are conifers – pine, cedar, alder, fir. This also includes poplar or linden. The most popular of hardwoods are oak and larch.

Consider the popular breeds and their features.


Oak is one of the most durable species, and also does not decay, therefore, traditionally, it is considered the most reliable and expensive. The advantage of solid oak is that it is found in various colors:

  • whitish;
  • tan;
  • with a gray or green tint.

It is easy to dry, so the deformation of the headset and other oak furniture during use due to temperature changes or exposure to moisture are minimized, and are more likely an exception. It is great for processing, as well:

  • it is painted;
  • sticks together;
  • drilled;
  • polished.

Suitable for creating any furniture or interior item, without any problems survive the constant load. But such products are still somewhat cumbersome, so they are suitable only for bright and spacious rooms.

It will not be difficult to select the necessary oak massif for the kitchen, since the showrooms always present a huge number of shades of oak:

  • dark;
  • natural;
  • light coloured;
  • buranti – most often used for countertops;
  • French;
  • bleached;
  • golden;
  • Halifax;
  • wotan and so on.

Oak countertops are just as popular as headsets. And they also collect a lot of positive reviews about durability, pleasant textile sensations and attractive appearance.

Life hack: if you like oak kitchens by design, but you don’t have enough money, you can always use veneer.

Look at this interesting combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen with bleached oak.


According to its technical characteristics, ash is on a par with oak, but it is different in color – it has much lighter shades.

Moreover, changing the color with the help of a stain does not work, because after processing the ash often becomes with an ugly grayish tint – this is one of the main disadvantages of ash. Therefore, the array is simply painted in bright colors.

But there are many pluses: ash, like oak, dries well and does not crack. In addition, it bends well in a steamed state, which will create unique interior items. But manual processing is difficult due to the increased viscosity of the wood.

Ash does not tolerate high humidity very well – wormholes may even appear if the wood has not been treated with an antiseptic.

If the ash product will stand in the kitchen, then in this kitchen it is imperative to make good ventilation and hang the hood. If you believe the reviews, then in the presence of a good hood there are no problems with the array of ash.


Linden is a very beautiful cream-colored wood species. In terms of density, it is at an average level, but plasticity is incredible, so it is very easy to work with it, starting from the production itself.

Linden is easily restored and mounted. Thanks to the pliable, but dense structure, exclusive kitchens and other interior items are most often made from it.


This is a solid breed of wood with medium density, which has a significant drawback – it quickly rots in high humidity and therefore has a short life. Gives strong drying, although it lends itself well to staining and gluing.

In connection with these data, birch furniture is rarely made, and decoration materials – often, because it serves as an excellent imitation of valuable wood.

Interesting to read: A bright kitchen with a dark countertop is a new interior trend

The most popular Karelian birch. It can be of two amazing colors:

  • white and yellow;
  • pinkish.

Its texture is vaguely reminiscent of marble – another reason why birch is often used as a decoration material. For example, in the form of veneer on a headset.

The kitchen can be used subject to two conditions:

  • put the hood so that the humidity does not rise;
  • Do not forget to timely carry out processing by special means.


This is a very easy to handle wood species, which is pleasant to work with – to grind, polish, glue. All this is made possible thanks to good flexibility, durability and resistance to shock.

But it’s purely physically difficult to find a large trunk of cherries or cherries, so bulky furniture is rarely made from it, and it is expensive because of this uniqueness. The most common uses of cherries or cherries are veneers or medium-sized furnishings.


Beech is one of the most popular types of wood for making headsets or just kitchen facades. The main distinguishing feature and plus – you can tint in any color.

The breed can be called strong and reliable. Beech has a small structure, which in any kitchen will create a cozy atmosphere.

The only disadvantage of beech wood is the cost, so it is often limited only to facades or countertops. The reviews of the hostesses are only positive.

Beech is often compared with ash in order to find out which breed is better for the kitchen. Both materials are very worthy, so the choice is most often the price and external characteristics. The only difference is the ash massif is useful in those cases when it is necessary to make curly details on the facades or other furniture, as this is a very flexible breed.

Red alder

Alder is very much appreciated both among producers and among buyers, due to the following advantages:

  • the material is light, that is, it can even be planted on not the most solid foundation;
  • the breed is soft – easy to work;
  • moderately hygroscopic, that is, practically does not absorb moisture;
  • easy to work – cut, polish, glue, paint;
  • Does not smell and does not absorb odors.

Only here is the lack of aroma of a wood from an alder, many in their reviews record as a minus. The breed has a very beautiful pattern, and the color can vary – from light yellow to brown-red.


The pine massif is very loved by manufacturers and customers. The key factor of this love is the budget cost of pine facades and the kitchen unit as a whole.

Phytoncides can be distinguished from the positive qualities of the material itself – these are substances that kill bacteria, which means that such a wood will not decay, and mold will not start in it even without special care.

But pine is a soft breed, therefore, with careless handling, kitchen cabinets can quickly become dented. But the breed has an incredible coniferous aroma, which in reviews is very fond of praising.

Pine tabletops are also popular – they are beautiful, budget-friendly and natural. But since pine is a soft wood, the countertop should be coated with special impregnation to make it more durable. The downside is that the impregnation will need to be updated approximately every six months.

Like oak, showrooms feature many shades of pine:

  • vintage
  • panderosis;
  • Biscay;
  • Biysk;
  • black and others.

Experience the antique modular kitchen design in brushed pine.


Walnut can be attributed to the noble species of wood with a very pronounced texture. It is solid and extremely resistant to domestic influences such as scratches and chips.

The color line is wide enough – from light to dark brown, so it is easy to fit into any kitchen. But it is advisable to protect from sunlight, as in this case the wood may tarnish.

It is worth separately highlighting a wild nut. It differs from the “standard” version in a more pronounced and rough pattern. Cracks and traces of knots can appear on the surface, which is what designers really like.

But you must understand that in the complex atmosphere of the kitchen, these cracks can grow, and the dark and noble dark color lighten when exposed to sunlight.


This species of wood is rapidly gaining popularity because it has an unusual appearance – an almost white cut with dark elegant veins.

This color scheme meets the modern trends as much as possible, so the breed is easy to find in high-tech, modern, Scandinavian and the like interiors. But such whiteness will have to be maintained by constant care, for example, using special impregnation for white wood.

From the point of view of technical characteristics, maple is also doing well: it is a solid and durable breed, which at the same time has plasticity, which allows you to create products of curved shapes.


It is not afraid of moisture, but under one condition – if it has been qualitatively dried and processed at the factory. If this process was treated irresponsibly, then over time a large number of cracks may appear on the surface, which will significantly reduce the life of the furniture.


This is a species of African wood, which has a unique pattern – alternating light and dark stripes. Some even compare such a pattern with a zebra – hence the name.

The color of the stripes can be different: from light beige to black. The location of the stripes may also vary – horizontally, vertically, diagonally.

But not only his appearance was loved by designers. It is a very durable and damage resistant wood. To make a kitchen from such an array is extremely expensive, so manufacturers often just make veneered facades.

Which wood to choose?Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Considering the type of wood for future furniture is very important. It is necessary to determine in advance the factors with which the product will have to “put up” – for example, increased humidity or increased loads. It does not hurt to consult with a specialist.

In Russian production, most often furniture is made of pine or spruce. Alder, ash, beech, oak and birch are much less common and cost significantly more.

If, after the listed characteristics of various wood species, the head went round, it is better to start with a simple one – determining the color of the wood. Conventionally, all breeds can be divided into light and dark. Consider the features of this palette.


Perfect for a small kitchen, even in Khrushchev. A light wood at the same time will reflect sunlight, making the room more spacious and as if saturated with oxygen. But you need to understand that on a light background there will be a note every scratch or even a little pollution.

The wood can be painted in gentle colors like:

  • Ivory;
  • coffee with milk;
  • light gray;
  • cream;
  • white ;
  • beige and the like.

To emphasize the lightness of the interior, it is best to use textiles, for example, a thin lace tablecloth or light curtains on the windows.


High cost and nobleness – these are synonyms for a dark wood. The sensation that wood itself radiates an atmosphere of luxury and directly requires at least bronze, or better, gold hardware.

Facades should be sophisticated and decorated with carvings. Dense window curtains, an expensive porcelain service and a massive bronze chandelier will complement similar classic interiors.

But such a luxury requires space, so dark wood is best used in large or at least medium kitchens. At the same time, the dark rocks themselves look self-sufficient, so do not get carried away with the decor.

A combination of dark wood with:

  • glass;
  • porcelain stoneware;
  • natural or artificial stone.


If a designer chuika goes beyond the concepts of “light-dark” and wants a more diverse palette, then focus on the following table.

White beige Pine, ash, birch, beech
Yellow brown Cedar, oak, alder, bamboo
Red, red Cherry, compass, sucupira, merbau
Chocolate Dark Brown Wenge, walnut, zebrano
The black Racing, amaranth, rosewood


With drawing

Even such a trifle as the presence of a pattern on wood can either spoil the interior or add originality to it. For example, lurid rings and lines simply won’t fit into minimalism, but in country style they are what you need.

In this regard, wood species can be divided into three groups:

  • “Clean” – wenge, alder, beech, ebony;
  • rings – oak, ash, maple, cherry;
  • stripes – gikalo, zebrano, rosewood.

It must be understood that the texture of the wood can be “fixed” with your own hands using brushing technology, that is, rubbing with a hard brush in order to erase the softest layers of wood and emphasize its structure.

Another option is the use of patina : a special composition, similar to paint, emphasizes the texture of wood.

How not to lose money with quality?Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Wood species is important for the reliability of furniture, but the quality of the wood itself plays an equally important role. You can check it yourself – you only need:

  • inspect the elements on each side for defects or defects – they should not be;
  • check wood processing with special compounds;
  • make sure that the wood is sufficiently dried.

Before buying, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the accompanying documentation for the furniture in order to make sure that it is environmentally friendly, safe and suitable for living quarters.

What is better to make facades?Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

If the fear of the wood has not gone away, then you can consider the array in comparison with the veneer and MDF board to figure out what kind of material will be best in terms of external and technical characteristics.

Veneer or array?

Outwardly, these options can be absolutely identical, so it will not work to compare materials. If the massif is a natural wood, then the veneered facade is a real sandwich consisting of an MDF board with a thin layer of natural wood glued on top.

Of course, the array is more expensive because of this, because it is completely natural, which means it is strong and durable. The veneer is placed on the glue, so over time it can move away. In addition, the glue itself and MDF boards do not differ in maximum environmental friendliness, unlike natural material.

It is difficult to compare the array and veneer. This is the same as comparing genuine leather and artificial leather boots. The second budget, require less maintenance, but still can not be compared with natural. Such a choice depends on each particular hostess and her preferences.

MDF or wood?

Usually, buyers do not have such a choice, since this is too different a price category. If the budget is limited, the choice is between MDF and veneer. If the budget allows, then between the veneer and the array.

MDF and solid wood are completely different materials, but despite this, MDF can also be called wood to some extent, since this plate consists of pressed wood shavings. Of course, this affects the life of the furniture:

  • MDF will live 10, maximum 15, years;
  • the array can stand for decades and someday become antiques.

Differences not only in technical specifications, but also external. No matter how the sellers try to convince the buyer that such a film is being created that repeats the texture and color of the wood – the difference will still be noticeable, especially if you put these two facades side by side.

But such a film is not afraid of water and does not fade in the sun, unlike wood.

As you can see, each material has its pros and cons – therefore, you cannot choose one option that is best for everyone.

Types and design of kitchen cabinet doorsSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Today, in any furniture store, you can find hundreds of different kitchen facades of any configuration. This choice is both difficult and important, since the whole look of the kitchen depends on it.

Sometimes it’s enough just to replace the facades, or even just slightly modify them, and you will have a completely new kitchen. If you have carpentry skills, you can even make furniture yourself from any wood species.

Typically, the facade is chosen based on the style in which the kitchen is made. The same workpiece can be performed in different styles:

  • romantic decoration with bent silhouettes;
  • rough rustic style;
  • milled surfaces;
  • clear and even contours;
  • carved edges and so on.

By itself, solid wood kitchen furniture already looks great, but some housewives want to add some creativity, so they use various decorative elements, making their kitchen unique. To do this, you can use:

  • balusters;
  • arches instead of doors;
  • pilasters;
  • vintage doors;
  • unusual countertops.

Some people think about coating the wood with film or paint, but this solution can hardly be called rational – after all, the natural texture of the wood looks much more attractive. The maximum that you can afford is a stain of different tonality and saturation.

Let us consider in more detail different types of wooden facades:

  • embossed, or brushed – the most ascetic way of decorating. A relief pattern is created on the surface, which, thanks to the soft sheen of a natural wood, looks very attractive;
  • carved – most often, this is an individual work with a unique design, so it costs a lot. Moreover, carving is a complex and lengthy process;
  • bent – imitation of palace furniture of the 18th century. Facades have a bent shape – convex or concave, most often with a relief. Such a solution is suitable only for classic and elegant interiors like Empire or Baroque. For more modern styles, there are radius birch or pine facades;
  • trellised – a distinctive feature of rustic styles like country, Provence or chalet. Such designs are quite simple, so they are made using accessible wood species – pine, alder or birch, which are then painted in bright colors;
  • combined – facades in which several decoration methods are connected at once. Often they look too ridiculous and cluttered, they require a delicate sense of taste to create.

Decoration options

If we are still talking about a more complex decoration, then this procedure can be performed in different ways:

  1. Pasting with a film – it can be self-adhesive or not. The pasting procedure is simple, but requires accuracy. First you need to remove the fittings, and the facades of the wooden kitchen themselves clear of fat. It is important to prevent the formation of bubbles, so it is better to use a rubber scraper. If the bubble still appears, then it is necessary to carefully pierce it with a needle, and smooth the film itself and glue it.
  2. Painting – it is better to choose a special paint for natural wood. It is important to prepare the surface – clean it from dirt and treat it with a solvent or at least alcohol. Coating can be done with a spray gun or brush. In the first case, a more even, beautiful and invisible layer is obtained. Usually at least three layers are applied. If you want even more creativity, then you can use stencils.
  3. Decorative inserts – they can be used for various headset lockers. As the insert itself, you can use glass or stained glass, but you can also show imagination. For example, use rattan fabric and ceramic tiles.

A much simpler and more natural option would be patination, or artificial aging of a wooden kitchen unit. This is a very simple process that you can handle even with your own hands. Initially, patina is a natural aging of a wood. But the designers so loved the look that special compositions and sets are now sold that will allow you to age your furniture yourself.

What is better to make the caseSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

There are four options, of which the headset case is most often made.

Natural wood The most expensive, but at the same time durable option. Due to processing with special compounds it does not absorb water and odors. Heavy, so it’s not suitable for every wall.
Multiplex The material is thin strips of wood glued together. In this regard, it is not much different from a conventional array – it is also resistant to moisture, steam and temperature.
MDF Significantly cheaper than the previous options, but quite practical and durable, if we talk about the use as a frame. In terms of resistance to curvature, MDF will be steeper than even some species of natural wood.
Chipboard The most budget option, which is similar to MDF – both materials are made of wood chips. But the density of the chips in the chipboard is higher, and during production it is not pressed, but glued, so the material is considered less environmentally friendly. It also does not differ in high operational characteristics – it can swell or deform. Manufacturers claim that modern chipboards are free from these shortcomings. In any case, you should not count on too long the life of such a frame.


Most often, the cases of kitchen sets are made of MDF, so it is considered the most popular and optimal option.

Styles for Solid Wood Kitchen in 2025Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

No wonder they say that furniture made from natural material will fit into any interior without any problems. We list the most popular design areas, and also evaluate them in the photo.


Of course, the classic style will come first, because wooden furniture seems to have been historically created specifically for it. It remains only to add a few little things:

  • for example, insert glass into the facade;
  • pick up accessories for bronze.


The interior in the country style also can not do without wooden furniture. But here you have to work with a wood – to age it with enamel or patina. Designers distinguish several subspecies of this style:

  • French;
  • American;
  • just european;
  • Italian;
  • even Russian and others.

In French and English styles, light furniture is most often used, but, for example, in American and Italian, it is dark.

The kitchen set itself is better to choose with frame facades, complemented by grilles or vintage glasses. Often the country direction is called a rustic or even rural style, so it fits well here:

  • open hinged shelves ;
  • antique showcase with a cute tea set;
  • countertop made of wood or stone.


French country subspecies, a hallmark of which can be called a kind of sophistication. For example, more elegant things will fit perfectly into the Provence interior :

  • round table with bent legs complete with chairs;
  • antique sideboard with cute cups;
  • Small and airy shelf for dishes.

In addition to furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to a smaller and inconspicuous decor, for example:

  • small vases;
  • unusual candlesticks;
  • graceful figurines and so on.

Mediterranean style

Such an interior will always remind you of vacation and relaxation, which will positively affect the mood of households. The furniture used is the simplest, but wooden. Even an array is most often painted in:

  • white;
  • light gray;
  • pale blue color.

To create a Mediterranean atmosphere, it is necessary to connect not only wood, but also textiles to the interior. It can be:

  • lightweight linen curtains;
  • snow-white, as if starched, tablecloth;
  • numerous cozy pillows on a wooden sofa or couch;
  • large lampshade over the dining table.

The rest of the decor should be used very carefully, so as not to overload the interior.

Modern style

In the modern style, they adhere to the principles of minimalism, that is, the rejection of unnecessary details, accessories and even finishes. That is, the maximum that can be used to process the array is colorless varnish.

Lines should be concise and streamlined, and no decorative elements. It is also desirable that there are no fittings, namely, handles on the facade – the doors should be opened by pressing. In addition to the push mechanism, it is worthwhile to provide hinges with closers for a quieter closure.


What colors go with wood?Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Ideally, the color for the kitchen should be chosen based on the style of the room. But sometimes ideas are needed for inspiration, so we offer a selection of flowers that look better with the wood than others.

It must be understood that the wood does not have a single color – it can be light, dark or red. Of course, the background colors for the combinations will be different. For this reason, we will start from the shade of wood.

With light

In this case, you can do two things:

  • create a gentle light interior;
  • add room to the drive and contrast.

Most often, especially in small rooms, they go along the first path and add gentle cream tones to light furniture:

  • coffee with milk;
  • pale blue;
  • light pink.

If you want to play in contrast, then the colors should be deep and complex, for example:

  • ocher;
  • honey;
  • dark blue ;
  • maroon brown;
  • dark grey.

The complexity and sophistication of color will only be emphasized with the help of light wood.

Bright kitchen from the array with a wooden tabletop on a background of delicate blue walls

With pink

The combination of wood with a pink undertone with other colors is not an easy task even for a designer, since such furniture is considered self-sufficient. The main rule in this case is to add only gentle and muted shades, for example:

  • soft lemon;
  • light purple ;
  • blue and white and others.

Of course, the most interesting options will look pink and green. The pink background will once again additionally emphasize the unusual color of the wood, and green will look very beautiful in contrast.

With yellow

Yellow wood is one of the most common and popular. It instantly creates an atmosphere of warmth, cheerfulness and comfort in the kitchen.

Yellow even stimulates mental activity, which is never superfluous. Habitual tones for combination:

  • green – a soothing duo;
  • pink – bold and original;
  • gray is one of the trends of modern design;
  • red – energizes;
  • brown – comfort and tranquility;
  • blue – a standard combination that can be entered into any interior;
  • white is a universal color.

Combining a yellow wood with something is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance.

With red

Red wood is considered to be elite, so here it is worth abandoning some flashy and vibrant duets in favor of calm and comfort. The most winning and original combinations with:

  • dark orange – you get a soft velvety combination that resembles a warm and sunny autumn.
  • the color of green tea – you get a harmonious and refreshing contrast. To dilute this duo, you can use neutral beige.

If such combinations seem too bold, then you can stick to more traditional options:

  • pink – harmoniously and unobtrusively;
  • red – a duet in one color scheme will give the interior a highlight;
  • yellow is a warm combination that will make the kitchen warm;
  • green – to create a soothing atmosphere;
  • blue – a bold contrast of warm and cold tones;
  • purple – if you want to add mystery to the interior;
  • brown is a very successful and harmonious combination that will always look expensive.

With brown

Brown wood can be called a team player, because the colors combined with it look very advantageous. These include:

  • white – a classic that is suitable for any room, including the kitchen. Particularly interesting options are the combination of white and brown in the headset;
  • beige – almost monochrome interior, which over time may seem boring. It is easy to fix this situation – just add a few bright accents;
  • gray – such a duet will create a balanced and calm mood. So that it is not too calm, it is better to dilute the interior with other paints, for example, pink, green or purple;
  • red is a strict and bright combination that will adjust to the working mood. For the kitchen, it can be difficult, so it is better to dilute with light colors;
  • yellow or orange – an interior that will charge with energy and positive. Best suited for retro or country.

With the dark

The task of flowers in the interior with dark furniture is to prevent the room from turning into a cave. For this, it is best to use light shades:

  • peach ;
  • ivory;
  • sand;
  • beige;
  • light coral;
  • light pink and the like.

It goes well with dark wood and gold, for example, it can be created using patinated facades.

Combination with other materialsSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Wood is a natural material, so it will look great always and everywhere, for example, with:

  1. Leather – in itself, is considered a luxurious material, so it can in no case be overshadowed – only emphasized. It is carefully combined with wood, since both materials have a very pronounced texture. It is better to choose a smooth wood – mat or gloss. Such a chic combination is suitable for luxurious interiors – for example, art deco or modern.
  2. Metal – this combination can be found in almost any furniture – tables, chairs, chests of drawers, beds and so on. If wood gives the room heat, then metal serves as a manifestation of urbanism and strength.
  3. Glass – such a duet has been known for at least the 19th century, you just have to look at the chic sideboards made of solid wood and glass of those times. Glass gives solid wood furniture some lightness and appeal.
  4. A stone – as two natural materials they will complement each other. Such a duet is simply indispensable for creating an interior in the style of country, Provence or eco. Soft and warm wood combined with a strong stone will always look advantageous and luxurious.
  5. Brick – and we are talking not only about red brick, although it is the most familiar. There are also bleached and aged options. Such a duet will look great in large rooms, for example, in country houses in the loft style. If the kitchen is small, then it is worth stopping on a white version of a brick.
  6. Concrete is a brutal and insanely interesting combination, built on the contrast of cold concrete and warm wood. It is best to use light wood, as it is such a duet that will create the most positive effect.

One thing is clear – absolutely no experiments are terrible for a wood.

Kitchen layoutSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Kitchen sets are ready-made and custom-made. Buying a ready-made option is simpler, faster and, most often, budget. But custom-made furniture takes into account all the features of the room, for example, pipes, so then you will not have to modify such a set. Even where and how the equipment will stand or sockets are located are taken into account.

There are several types of kitchen layouts:

  1. Corner

This arrangement of furniture is perfect even for a small kitchen, because the space will be used as efficiently as possible. But you will have to show Tetris skills and try to place all the dishes, kitchen utensils, utensils, appliances like spoons or forks, accessories and products in a relatively small set of corner kitchen from an array.

  1. U-shaped.

For large and medium kitchens, a layout with the letter P is suitable. There will certainly be plenty of storage space. You can even abandon the hinged headset. Only now the dining area is most often taken out to another room. And, of course, since the headset is made from an array, it will fly a pretty penny. This is another reason to abandon wall cabinets – most often, they are more expensive than floor cabinets.

  1. Island.

In the center of the kitchen is an island – most often the same kitchen set. It can play the role of both a dining and a working area, or both at once. Of course, this solution is suitable only for a large space, since there should be at least one meter between the island and other furniture.

  1. Direct.

The classic and most popular arrangement, which is suitable for any kitchen, even the narrowest. There is not much space for cooking and storage, but such a headset from an array will cost inexpensively.

Combined with living room

The ingenious decision of designers, which has many advantages:

  • a feeling of spaciousness;
  • the ability to chat with friends or follow the children while cooking;
  • plenty of storage space;
  • an opportunity to realize any design.

A possible variety also applies to the layout – any of the above options can be implemented in the kitchen-living room. And, of course, an array of this business is not an obstacle in such a large kitchen. On the contrary, large spaces help to emphasize all its luxury. There are no restrictions on the type or color of wood – hands are absolutely untied.

But do not forget about the zoning of the room, for example, using a wooden partition, an arch or just using different colors and materials.

Small kitchen

A small kitchen cannot boast of such permissiveness, as a massive dark-colored set will instantly attract all attention and visually reduce space.

In this case, do not choose too massive furniture. It is preferable to use only light wood. The question is about the kitchen corner – in theory, it should also be made of wood in order to look harmonious. But there is one life hack – you can put a dining table with a glass top: it will look airy and will not visually reduce the area of the kitchen.

Another option that helps to visually expand the space is the rejection of wall cabinets in favor of open shelves. Yes, dust will accumulate on them, but the space will become more spacious.

Summer kitchen style

Usually, a summer kitchen is called a separate open building in the country, where there is a cooking zone and a dining room. Moreover, the cooking zone is most often called barbecue, barbecue or grill.

Since space is open, then there simply cannot be any talk of a natural massif, if you want to keep its presentable appearance for a long time. It will be quickly affected:

  • Sun rays;
  • high humidity during rain;
  • temperature changes;
  • insects.

If the summer kitchen is closed, then there are more opportunities. Usually a headset is actually installed, and sometimes you can find a dishwasher and even a washing machine. Solid wood furniture fits perfectly into such a rustic style. If you do not want to spend too much money, you can look at the veneer or MDF.

What else can you do from wood in the kitchen

Speaking of kitchen furniture, it is primarily the set that comes to mind. But not only can it be executed from an array, but also:

  1. Dinner table.

Most often, whole bars are used to make the legs, and the countertop is a shield or several glued boards. In the first case, the shield is additionally lined with veneer of oak, cherry or similar wood species.

The shape of the table can be any: rectangular, round, square or oval. It is important to monitor the compatibility of the table with the rest of the interior.

The most trendy table models now are round on one massive carved leg. But such furniture looks quite heavy, which is why it is suitable only for a large kitchen or even a kitchen-living room. In a small space it is better to focus on lighter models.

We highlight several popular types of tables:

  • traditional;
  • beam;
  • without underframe;
  • wall-mounted folding.
  1. Chairs.

Another version of traditional solid wood furniture. The most popular way of finishing is varnishing, but you can also find painting or polishing. Such a detail will decorate any interior.

It is easy to choose a design – it is better to take a ready-made ensemble with a table or to look after the most suitable models. In extreme cases, chairs are made to order. But one must understand that beauty is not the first thing to be guided by: comfort is much more important.

Vienna chairs are back in fashion. With their appearance, they perfectly complement the interiors in the style of:

  • shabby chic ;
  • Provence
  • country;
  • Mediterranean ;
  • classic.

Chairs in their design can also be divided into several types:

  • traditional;
  • with padded seat;
  • chair-chair;
  • bench or bench (with or without back);
  • traditional or bar stool;
  • folding.
  1. Additional wardrobes.

Not always a kitchen set is enough for all the wealth that should be stored in the kitchen. Additional cabinets will come to the rescue. Most often, only the facade consists of an array, and the case itself is made of more budget materials. Again, you should pay attention to the base – the wall, as well as

  1. Armchair or sofa.

Very often in the kitchen you can find a corner. Models made from an array will last for more than a dozen years and will even be able to inherit the next generations.

  1. Racks, whatnots and open shelves.

There is not much storage space. At the same time, similar racks and shelves can be used instead of wall cabinets. For example, country will benefit from this. The advantage is that you can make a shelf with your own hands, if the style does not imply strong furniture decorations.

The best types of wood for creating shelves are:

  • light and strong linden;
  • non-cracking spruce;
  • universal alder, which is easily cut and glued;
  • strong and durable aspen;
  • pine, not prone to drying out.

Take a look at this lovely and cutest spice shelf.

  1. Backsplash.

An backsplash is a popular, but not the best place for a wood, because it is a working area where water, juice, grease or other contaminants constantly occur that are difficult to remove. Two types of wooden backsplash can be distinguished:

  • one – from a monolithic plate;
  • prefabricated – from several elements, for example, sheathed with a wooden lining.

Interesting material: What is an backsplash or a kitchen first?

It is best to cover the wooden backsplash with transparent glass on top – it is much easier to care for.


Wooden furniture, as has been repeatedly said, is self-sufficient and often becomes the center of attraction of all glances. In this regard, the decoration in a wooden kitchen must be approached very carefully and carefully – so as not to accidentally overload the interior.


The natural finish is a win-win option – it is better to refuse the ubiquitous washable wallpaper. The same applies to ceramic tiles, as it can simplify the interior. So there are few options for wall decoration:

  • decorative plaster;
  • painting;
  • dark-colored wooden wall panels – look great in contrast to a white wall.

Floor and ceiling

If you start with a simple one – from the ceiling, then you can get by with classic solutions, for example, using drywall or stretch canvas. The surface can be glossy or matte, but the color is better left white.

If you want to add a feeling of a country house, then on the ceiling you can hang wooden slats or beams to match the headset.

A huge amount of materials can be put on the floor:

  • wood;
  • porcelain tile;
  • ceramic tile;
  • laminate;
  • parquet.

It is still better to refuse linoleum, since it can create a big contrast compared to expensive furniture, and the eye will constantly cling to it.

It is necessary to consider the interior and features of the room. For example, dark porcelain stoneware will make a small kitchen just tiny and uncomfortable.

Solid Wood Kitchen Lighting TrendsSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

To begin with, it is worth mentioning what materials can be used in a chandelier in a wooden kitchen:

  • bronze;
  • ceramics;
  • crystal;
  • glass.

But with the number and size of lamps you need to be careful. The larger the kitchen – the more you can afford, if we talk about lighting.

For example, you can buy a chic bunk chandelier and hang it above the dining table. In a small kitchen, such a massive thing will attract too much attention and visually reduce the space.

Do not forget about the lighting of functional areas – for example, work, lunch or rest. Lighting can be carried out, for example, using a sconce.

Tips for choosing solid wood kitchen furnitureSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

  1. Decide on the breed.

This is the very first and often the most difficult step, since each wood species has its own characteristics. The most “cool” and noble is considered an oak. If you want the same quality, but a lighter shade – this is a beech.

If you plan to get carved facades, then it is best to pay attention to ash. In addition, it is durable, almost like an oak. Not so strong, but beautiful cherry is considered.

The most budgetary array can be called needles, but it is softer, so it quickly deforms. If, nevertheless, a decision was made to buy coniferous woods, then it is worth taking a closer look at the Angarsk or Karelian pine. They have the highest density and increased weight, so their wood is more resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

  1. Get quality.

There are several signs by which you can distinguish low-quality raw materials:

  • eye-catching resin;
  • dried or falling knots;
  • tan marks or wormholes;
  • putty along the fibers – it is clearly imposed in order to hide defects.

For the array, proper storage is important, therefore it is better to refuse the purchase if the furniture was:

  • on open air;
  • under the sun;
  • in a room with high humidity or temperature changes.

As is clear from the points, you should not choose a kitchen in the market. Hypermarkets and furniture workshops support more suitable conditions.

  1. Appreciate the finish and woodwork.

In fact, it depends on the processing of wood how furniture will look in the future. For processing, different compositions are used:

  • transparent
  • translucent – with the preservation of the picture of the wood, but a color change (not always);
  • opaque – opaque.

Also, the compositions can be divided by type:

  1. Lucky is a practical and popular way that lasts for 5-7 years. It protects the surface from moisture, odors, dirt. The coating can be matte or glossy. Varnishes can also be divided into two classes – based on water or polyurethane. The second is considered better.
  2. Waxes / oils are a traditional way of processing wood, after which its surface becomes pleasant and beautiful. Operational characteristics are not at the highest level – it is better not to allow puddles of water and greasy stains.

It is on these compounds that the way the kitchen will look. For example, with the help of tinting it is easy to make oak from ash, and cherry from oak.

  1. Look for a trusted and reliable manufacturer.

Wood is a very demanding and sensitive material, so furniture should be covered under warranty. Even the largest and most famous factories allow marriage, to say nothing of smaller industries.

The problem may not be revealed right away, but, for example, a month after the start of active use: the varnish started to leave, the headset started to “sideways” – the reason for this could be the use of poorly dried raw materials. The guarantee will protect the customer from such cases.

  1. Consider the subtleties of design.

Pilasters, carvings, balustrades – all of this, of course, is insanely beautiful and is great for a classic style kitchen. But you need to understand that the less decor – the easier it is to look after, and the less likely that the interior will be overloaded.

There are a few more things you should know:

  • the smaller the kitchen, the brighter and more concise the facades;
  • dark surfaces will often have to be rubbed, because everything is visible on them;
  • the brighter the texture is expressed, the less decor is required – it is completely self-sufficient.

Hand-made – DIY principlesSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Before starting the manufacture of solid wood furniture, do not forget some design nuances:

  • if you want to visually expand the kitchen, it is better to alternate closed facades with glazed or open shelves. At the same time, a completely closed top will create a noble and stylish atmosphere;
  • designers cannot come to a consensus about backlighting. Some believe that her place is only in spacious kitchens, while others focus on issues of practicality. Of course, cooking should be convenient and comfortable, so it is worth providing a place at least for spotlights;
  • wood in the sunlight changes color, for example, a yellow wood can become golden over time, then amber brown, and finally cognac;
  • it is better to prefer a laminated countertop – it is easier to care for, as well as more moisture- and heat-resistant. At the same time, modern technologies make it possible to achieve such a level of imitation that at first glance it is impossible to distinguish a film from real wood or stone;
  • Do not forget about the fittings – steel accessories are considered the most durable.
  • the working triangle is an important part of the layout, since the hostess’s comfort during cooking will depend on its location and size. The following values are optimal – from the stove to the sink 60–90 centimeters, and from the refrigerator to the sink – 150 centimeters.

Article in the topic: Do-it-yourself kitchen from wood “from” and “to”


Any carpentry work should begin with measurements. This is one of the simplest steps, but at the same time one of the most important – maximum accuracy is needed. Already at this stage, you will need to decide on the future layout:

  • if it is straight – you can do with ordinary roulette;
  • if angular – it is advisable to use a laser range finder.

All measurements must be performed at three levels:

  • 15 centimeters above the floor;
  • at chest level;
  • under the ceiling.

Drawing and details

After taking the measurements, it’s time to depict the project on paper. This can be done “the old fashioned way” in a notebook or use special computer programs. Creating a drawing is not an easy task, so the help of a designer may be required.

The next step will be to make a cutting card. This process can be compared to creating patterns for clothes. In the case of a headset, all the necessary details are also compactly applied on paper. The task of this stage is to understand how much and what kind of material is required to work.

A cutting card can also be made in a notebook, but it is more reliable to do this in a special computer program. The result will be approximately the same as in the next photo.

Procurement of materials

At this stage, it is important to determine from what we all make a headset, namely the frame and facade – from what material – and, if from an array, then what kind of wood. We remind you that if you want to save money, you can install frames from MDF panels.

Also required:

  • pins
  • nails – finishing and finishing;
  • loops;
  • rule
  • jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • fittings;
  • drywall screws.

Cut and assembly headset

Drawings should be ready for this stage, as well as the necessary material purchased. The work ahead is voluminous, but not very difficult.

The procedure is as follows:

  • cut out all the necessary parts – walls and shelves, roof and bottom, trims;
  • make holes for the pins in the side walls;
  • cut grooves in the walls and roof;
  • process the surface and ends.

Processing also consists of several stages:

  • grinding;
  • polishing
  • coating with stain, varnish or oil-wax impregnation.

Assembly of floor stands

They can be called the basis of the kitchen. They can be single – hidden under a solid countertop, or independent elements. The latter option is most often budgetary and, moreover, more convenient – if you want to make a small rearrangement, then the countertop will not need to be removed. But a single headset looks more beautiful and harmonious.

Assembling furniture is not a big deal:

  1. First of all, the frame is going to be assembled – this is especially convenient if the headset is a single large stand.
  2. Then the parallelepiped is typed, in which it is necessary to make cells for the future fastening of drawers and ordinary compartments with doors.
  3. Then the walls and the bottom are attached – at this stage a large pedestal with compartments, but without a facade and a cover, should be obtained.
  4. Now the countertop is attached.
  5. Facades are hung last.

The advantage of hanging cabinets is that the facades are not always needed – you can leave the shelves open. Although it is insignificant, it still simplifies the assembly. The assembly process is the same as that of the floor pedestals, with the exception of the countertop – it does not need to be fixed.

Repair of kitchen cabinet doorsSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

In fact, restoration of the massif is a much more frequent phenomenon than it seems to people at first glance. What is the reason for this? With the fact that you can “fix” the wood with your own hands and at home. This will not work with any kind of film MDF – complex technological processes are needed there.


Coloring is the easiest way to update the interior, especially if it is made in the style of country or Provence. Paint can refresh both the old facades and give the appearance of a more expensive wood to the new.

The principle of action is extremely simple:

  1. Remove the facades, remove the fittings, clean.
  2. Remove a layer of varnish or old paint with a solvent.
  3. Degrease the surface.
  4. If we are talking about birch or pine, then it is necessary to process the wood again – sand and wipe with white spirit to remove all dust particles.
  5. Painting begins with the most difficult areas – carvings, panels, grids.


Varnishing is not much different from painting facades in its technology – only the composition is different. Thanks to this, the coating is more durable, the structure of the wood is emphasized, and at the same time it can be slightly lighter or darker – if you use a special varnish.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Remove the facades, unscrew the accessories.
  2. Remove the varnish with a solvent.
  3. Sand very carefully – first with medium grain paper, then fine.
  4. If necessary, use special putty on wood.
  5. Degrease and prime the facades.
  6. Apply varnish, allow to dry, repeat 2-3 times.

How to care wooden kitchen?Solid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Wooden furniture looks gorgeous in any interior. So that she retains her sophistication and attractiveness for a long time, she should be properly looked after:

  • if water gets in, immediately wipe it off;
  • put hot dishes only on special supports;
  • protect from sunlight;
  • oily stains should be washed immediately with a sponge and a drop of dishwashing detergent;
  • avoid old fat – it is difficult to clean it, there is a risk of damaging the texture of the wood;
  • do not use abrasives;
  • maintain air humidity at the level of 50–75%;
  • To dust off, use a soft cloth – plush or flannel;
  • rub natural wax or mastic to achieve a gloss on the surface;
  • timely repair damage using special protective compounds.

Read about the restoration and maintenance of the glossy headset in the article:

5 myths about solid wood kitchensSolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

Finally, it’s worthwhile to deal with the main myths that hang around solid wood furniture.

  1. It is expensive.

Yes, the price of kitchens from an array differs from similar options from particleboard, MDF or plastic. The reason is simple – natural wood is more expensive. But if you do not consider popular manufacturers of the “luxury” level, then a new headset or other furniture will not fly into a pretty penny.

Also, the cost depends on the type of array – it can be either solid or glued. One-piece – more rare and expensive, but glued and cheaper, and better to use, because less shrinks and deforms.

It is important to understand that a headset from an array can serve for decades, which analogs from MDF, plastic or chipboard cannot boast of. Therefore, the last options will have to be replaced in 10-15 years, and this is a new waste and inconvenience. Solid wood furniture will avoid this.

  1. An array is just a wood.

There is solid wood furniture, which is completely made of wood – this is often a very expensive pleasure, although justified by high strength and resistance to stress.

However, the most popular headsets are solid wood: a wooden facade + a frame made of MDF or chipboard. This solution has two advantages:

  • it’s cheaper;
  • it’s easier, so the load on the wall will not be so serious.

Even more budgetary and easy option – paneled facades of wood and MDF. But these are not suitable for every style of interior, for example, in a modern kitchen they will look inappropriate.

  1. The wood quickly loses a presentable appearance.

This is one of the most controversial judgments. Yes, if you buy a ready-made array and make a headset out of it with your own hands, then it will not be presentable for long. For example, because the owners may forget to treat it with a special composition – varnish, oil or wax. If done, then the wood will not be threatened.

Another point is dents and other defects. It must be understood that a wood can be soft and hard. We have listed specific breeds above. If, for example, the facades can still be made of pine, then it is better to choose another countertop so that it is not covered with scratches or potholes.

In addition, the wood is easy to restore and restore, which is much more difficult to do with MDF or particleboard. Sometimes a wood can be dispensed with regular grinding, sometimes you have to use plaster.

  1. Care is too complicated.

The wood has a porous structure, into which moisture, fat and other impurities are absorbed like a sponge. To avoid such an unpleasant effect, it is worth pre-treating the wood with varnish, oil or wax.

Another rule is to minimize surface contact with water. For example, if the spray got on the countertop while washing dishes, they are instantly wiped off.

Sometimes you have to use special tools for deep cleaning of wood, but to call care difficult language does not turn. Its main rule is regularity, in which case it will take very little time.

  1. The array will withstand any load.

Natural wood is a very durable material, but within reasonable limits. For example, it can easily stand a sink, a wooden worktop or a hob.

But if there is a desire to install a stone countertop in the kitchen, then it is better to further strengthen the frame of the floor set, since under the pressure of the stone the array may bend after a while.

Reviews of the owners of kitchens from the arraySolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021

If you still have doubts, then you should read the reviews of people who have already installed a kitchen made of solid wood.

Elena: I have a kitchen made of light pine. For six months, she darkened a little – “gained color.” I treated it with a special wax-based product. I was afraid that the cabinets at the stove would suffer due to temperature differences and splashes of fat, but I installed a hood and now there are no problems at all.

Eugene: I have birch furniture. I really like the tactile sensations – I would stroke it and stroke it. I love classic wooden interiors, so the kitchen blends in perfectly. I’ve been testing for two months – so far I’m very pleased, but I arrange a “mini-cleaning” after each meal: I don’t have to rub it with chemistry.

Marina: I bought my kitchen from solid pine in the distant 1999, then the price seemed very high. But she still pleases me, the only change is that the color has become light cognac. I’m not very accurate, but the whole thing is there are no cracks or dents. I am very pleased, but, of course, sometimes I want variety, but I don’t want to refuse a headset in good condition.


Solid wood furniture is an excellent choice for any kitchen. It has many advantages, and just a presentable appearance.

But to buy the kit you like is not enough – you need to place it harmoniously in the kitchen so that the furniture is pleasant and comfortable to use. In addition, it is necessary to ensure proper care so that the purchase pleases the eye for a long time.

Photo gallerySolid Wood Kitchen Style Design Trends 2021


Because of the tinting, there is no way to say exactly what this classic kitchen is made of – alder, oak or any other wood. This opens up enormous scope for imagination and wallet: you can take an inexpensive array and “expensive” tint it. Of course, this will not add strength, so it will not affect the life of the furniture.

This type of facade is called frame, in this case it is oak, in some places decorated with a special whitening composition.

The center of the interior can be not only an array of kitchen units, but also an unusual countertop made of log houses, which plays the role of a bar counter.

Thoughtful and beautiful wooden kitchen 10 square meters. m with a black countertop and sink. Pay attention to the patina – the wood is like a pearl.

Original wooden tabletop-windowsill with sink. You can wash the dishes and enjoy the view. The best option for window decoration – blinds or Roman curtains : so you can easily adjust the required amount and level of lighting.

An array is not always a boring classic! Evaluate the set “top is white gloss, bottom is wood” in a modern style.

Another version of the modern array: matte gray-wooden kitchen in the style of minimalism : gray top, bottom – wood. Very beautiful graphite shade of the facades. Such an idea not only looks good, but also saves the budget, since hanging cabinets can be made of MDF.

Another design of a modern kitchen with an array. An interesting combination of green top and bottom made of wood. Pay attention to the perfect furniture – a dining table and pistachio-colored chairs. A very beautiful and delicate combination of wood and gloss.

A variant of the second life of a rare buffet: an aged wood with drawers decorated using the decoupage technique will fit perfectly into the white kitchen in the modern style.

The trendy combination is a white solid wood kitchen and a wooden countertop. The material of the countertop or backsplash does not play a role in itself, so it’s quite possible to use options “wood-like”, for example, MDF or plastic.

Chic neoclassical island cuisine : a gray array and wooden countertop create an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility.

Atmospheric and slightly even gothic wooden kitchen from solid wood with black countertops. The interior was created very competently, for example, the black gloss would not have looked at all here – the design would have turned out to be creepy.

Solid beige kitchen with wood worktop.

An exquisite blue kitchen, where a light wooden countertop prevents the interior from falling into a dark cave. If you imagine stone or oak in place of the countertops, the design would be too gloomy.

It is better not to use bright colors on an array in a classic style – most often such interiors look unsuccessful. Imagine the previous gray-blue color instead of turquoise on the wood – the picture is completely different.

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