Eco-style kitchens – eco-friendly environment and natural materials


Eco-style kitchens - eco-friendly environment and natural materials


The popularity of eco-style is increasing year by year. This is not only a trend, but also a whole philosophy. A rational approach to the use of natural materials makes it possible to obtain a unique kitchen interior.

Fundamental features of eco-kitchen

An eco-style kitchen should be environmentally friendly and made from natural materials. In fact, the cost of eco-interiors cannot be called high. The main thing is to choose the right furniture.

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In addition, such kitchens should have:

  • a lot of air, light, free space;
  • natural materials – wood, veneer, stone, jute, bamboo, cotton, etc.;
  • living plants (in pots, bonsai, etc.);
  • decor made from natural materials (it is better if they are made by hand).

Concern for the environment should be evident in every detail, even in light bulbs. It is better to choose energy-saving ones.

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Eco style does not accept anything superfluous. That is, it is better to choose a minimalist interior, in which, if there is any decor, it will be a small amount. Unnecessary decorations should be eliminated. You should forget about items made from synthetic materials, as well as plastic furniture.

However, the interior should still be comfortable. Snags and stumps look great, but they are unlikely to replace everyone’s usual chairs. It will be uncomfortable to sit on them.

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Color palette

Color plays a huge role in decorating a kitchen in eco style. Unnatural shades are prohibited. The best choice would be colors that are often found in nature:

  • grey;
  • brown;
  • cream;
  • green;
  • sand;
  • heavenly, etc.

Kitchens made in this color scheme look great (you just have to look at their photos in catalogs).

White kitchens are also very common. It allows you to visually expand the space and is associated with cleanliness. Any shades of white are also welcome: milky, cream, beige, etc.

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The official color of nature is green. They should not be neglected. The closer the kitchen shades are to natural ones, the better.

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The most popular facade materials for eco-style

Adhering to the natural concept, the following are used for the production of kitchen facades:

  • MDF;
  • solid wood;
  • natural veneer;
  • bamboo;
  • rattan, etc.

Solid wood facades look noblest and most respectable. We suggest starting with their review.

Expensive solution: solid natural wood

The set, made entirely of wood, is impressive. That is why you can cheat and choose a product in which only the facades of the visible walls are made of solid wood. Invisible structures are made from particle board materials. Another way to reduce the cost of the concept without departing from the natural style is to choose a built-in headset.

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If the wood of the facades is processed somewhat roughly, this is only a plus in creating an eco-interior. There is another interesting point. Many designers recommend choosing kitchen fronts with doors decorated with mats, cork, rattan or bamboo. As for the color of such furniture, it is better if it is natural. Shades of sand, grass, sky, etc. are welcome.

Kitchen facades made of MDF: a practical option

Kitchen facades made of MDF should be chosen either with natural veneer or stone veneer. Furniture coated with natural veneer is distinguished by the fact that there is a thin cut of wood on its surface. The design of such facades looks very impressive. The final coating can be made glossy or matte.

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Facades veneered with anegri wood, satin walnut, rosewood are always unique. It is simply impossible to find identical products – the pattern is not repeated.

And if wood doesn’t impress you, you can choose facades with stone veneer. They are performed by applying a cut of natural stone (for example, slate). Such products are not afraid of humidity and temperature changes; it is almost impossible to damage them. The downside in this case is the limited color options.

Other options

You can replace expensive furniture with a set of plywood. This is an eco-friendly and quite functional trend. Designers also suggest using kitchens made from furniture panels. Another technique is the restoration of antique furniture.

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Which countertops to choose for an eco-kitchen

To create an eco-style, designers recommend choosing countertops made from natural materials. They will last quite a long time. Each of the materials presented below is good in its own way and can withstand significant loads.

Natural stone for respectable people

Granite or marble countertops are durable. It looks beautiful, but it will be difficult to use actively. The stone is capable of absorbing foreign odors, can crack and requires careful care.

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Eco-friendly concrete

Concrete countertops are durable and have a natural shade. They are usually polished so that they do not absorb foreign odors and moisture. Disadvantages: installation complexity and relative high cost.

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The most practical ceramic tiles

If you are looking for an option for minimal money, you should go for a ceramic tile countertop. The same material can be used to make an apron. The tile does not require careful maintenance and can withstand temperature changes well. However, the seams between it get very dirty.

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Natural wood

Eco-furniture kitchens can have a wooden countertop. It has one significant drawback – increased fragility. The material is afraid of puddles, attacks from knives, and hot pots. It is warm, looks attractive, and feels pleasant to the touch. If you use special stands, you can extend the life of a wooden tabletop many times over.

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Choosing an apron for an eco kitchen

The catalog of manufacturers of eco-kitchen aprons contains many interesting options. The following are actively used to design this zone:

  • glass surfaces;
  • ceramic tiles with imitation wood or stone;
  • polished limestone or sandstone.

All of these proposals require additional protection, for example, using silicone liquids. Their application allows you to protect the apron from the adhesion of dust and grease.

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How to choose the right furniture for the dining area

Furniture for the kitchen dining area in eco style is produced by many factories. In this case, the principle applies: simplicity, naturalness and maximum naturalness.

Tables and chairs can be chosen from timber or solid wood. In some cases, rattan is used. Wicker furniture, such as armchairs, will make the interior feel homey.

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When choosing stools and benches, it is better to give preference to wooden options. They can be upholstered from natural materials – linen, cotton, etc.

Cabinet furniture will have to be hidden so that it blends into the overall interior. The issue of organizing the interior is solved by using wall panels and built-in furniture.

Lighting for eco-style design

The basic rule for creating lighting for eco-style is that all light sources except the chandelier are usually veiled. Typically, spotlights are used for this purpose. Non-standard solutions also perform well, for example, models made in the form of a coconut, a large cone, or a birdcage. The main thing is that such lamps diffuse light well.

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Another good option is spotlights built into the furniture. They are usually installed under shelves, embedded in furniture walls, on the bottoms of wall cabinets, and in table tops.

Textiles for eco interior

It is better to select curtains after finishing the kitchen renovation. The texture and color of the paintings must match the style of the walls and furniture.

If the furniture is bluish or greenish, the windows should be decorated in this color. If you have wooden floors, it is better to prefer translucent curtains in warm colors. If you like minimalism, you can choose blinds.

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Heavy curtains will have to be abandoned. They will block the passage of light. The tulle should be chosen natural, light, linen or cotton. Complete with it, roller blinds or wooden blinds can be used.

Curtain fabric should be dull and simple, without print. It would be good if it had a pronounced texture. If there is an effect that it was woven by hand, this would be an ideal option. Crinkled fabric also looks beautiful.

What should the technology be like?

For eco style, it is recommended to choose energy-saving equipment. As for sinks, they should be equipped with food waste grinders, water purification systems, etc. It is better to choose glass teapots, and refrigerators, if possible, with glass doors. It is recommended to exclude microwaves altogether.

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Since eco style is associated with the rejection of non-ecological materials and technologies, it is better to use ovens, electrothermal hobs, and induction cookers instead of a gas stove.

To liven up the design, you should place a manual coffee grinder and cans of ground and bean coffee on the countertop. An alcohol burner will also fit perfectly into the interior.


Focus on accessories

You can improve your eco-kitchen using various accessories, the prices of which are often low. Dishes occupy a special place in the design of the style. It is recommended to place glass plates, wine glasses, and wine glasses on the shelves. To enhance the impression, you can place a vase of fruit or flowers on the table.

Sofas and chairs are covered with covers made from natural materials. An excellent solution would be to use fresh flowers in flowerpots and pots.

It would be appropriate to place orange or lemon trees in tubs on the floor. You can grow aromatic herbs on the windowsill. Among the plants and flowers you should choose:

  • aloe (it actively absorbs carbon dioxide);
  • geranium (purifies the air);
  • begonia (prevents the spread of germs).

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To make caring for plants easier, you can purchase pots with a moisture indicator. Then watering will be more comfortable.

As for cutting boards, products made from non-natural materials should be excluded. The ideal solution would be beech, oak and pine.

You can hang paintings and ceramics on the walls. Mosaic patterns will look great on the kitchen table.

More and more people are choosing Italian kitchens in eco-style. This design is great for relaxing after a hard day at work. This interior is perfect for lovers of vegetation, those who rarely visit nature, and conservationists. The main principle of creating an eco style is naturalness.

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