Modern Interior Kitchen Design 2025

Interesting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

If you decide to become your own designers and create your own wonderful kitchen interior – photos, modern kitchen ideas of 2025 will help you in this matter. This room is often the gathering place of the whole family, so it is important for her to pay special attention. Our review will help you choose the best option for the kitchen, taking into account your needs and environmental conditions. Useful recommendations will tell you which decoration and color palette to choose, as well as how to create the desired interior style.

Modern kitchen interiors are simple and tasteful: photos of original ideasInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

If you have a kitchen in the spirit of the Stalin or Khrushchev era, then even in this case you can make a completely modern interior. Whether partial full reconstruction of the old layout will help to improve housing conditions. First of all, you will need a project and a photo of the kitchen design, repair under such conditions will be facilitated.

Let’s find out what the concept of modern interior includes:

  • Maximum free space;
  • Clarity and purity of lines;
  • Lack of piles and clutter;
  • Competent combination of textures, colors and materials;
  • Effective organization and arrangement of elements.

To figure out how to start creating a project, you should look at the options on the photo of real kitchens in the interior. The first step is to free the room from old things and trash. You may have to dismantle old structures.

Modern designs include art deco, country, shabby chic, kitsch, minimalism and eco-style. Each of these options has its own characteristics and has simple geometric shapes. In addition, fashion trends suggest the creation of a design using several styles. Mixed options allow you to expand the boundaries and use amazing compositions.

How interesting ideas are realized can be seen in the photo of modern designs and kitchen interiors. Here are some things to consider when designing original rooms:

  • Design is performed in neutral colors – sand, dairy, beige and light brown. Black, gray and white are also selected;
  • The use of concise and simple designs;
  • Convenience and functionality, thanks to tiered storage systems;
  • Ergonomics – all details are thought through to the end;
  • Minimum number of decorative details;
  • Modern materials with a high level of wear resistance are used;
  • The walls should be bright and plain. As a finish, plaster, paint or liquid wallpaper is used;
  • Multilevel ceilings with pendant or spotlights are suitable for the ceiling;
  • For flooring, the best solution is laminate, parquet and ceramic tiles.

You can make an original place from the dining area. It can take the form of a bar counter, an island structure or a retractable worktop. All these features of a modern kitchen can be taken in any quantity. Any design depends on the features of the area, layout and individual preferences.

Note! The small kitchen can be combined with a balcony, which will create a spacious and comfortable room. In a large room, an additional working area in the form of an island will be appropriate. It is also popular to combine several rooms in a cooking room.

Varieties of kitchens: photo design projectsInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Before proceeding with interior design, it is necessary to find out what are the kitchens. The kitchens of the studio are popular. In a cozy interior, functional zones smoothly transition into each other, but at the same time they are visually separated. In a small room there can be only one way of zoning, and in a larger one there can be several.

Separate the interior design of the living room kitchen using the dining table, kitchen peninsula and sofa. Bar counters and sliding partitions are also used.

The combined space is in demand due to such advantages:

  • The room looks more spacious;
  • Every centimeter of area is used rationally;
  • There is more light in open space;
  • In one room can accommodate many people.

There are certain disadvantages to this option, such as the smell of food and burning. But thanks to advanced technologies, even a kitchen studio will become a comfortable place. Photo interior design of some options are presented on the site.

Depending on the type of layout, kitchens can be linear, island, peninsular or angular. Photo kitchen designs displays different options.

Design features of a small kitchen: photo ideasInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Many residents of high-rise buildings have no choice about the size of their kitchen. They are forced to plan a functional interior in the space that is available. Although experienced designers claim that even the design of the kitchen is 7 square meters. m or 9-10 square meters. m can be functional and comfortable. There are effective techniques that will help even a miniature room to enlarge, expand its space and make it as comfortable as possible.

For the decoration of the miniature interior, mainly light shades are used, which help expand the space. But if you want to create a more original design, then you can use more vivid accents. If you use a lot of different shades in the design, then this technique will steal useful centimeters. Do not use textiles with large ornaments. You can create an optical illusion using the right lighting.

For the design of a corner small kitchen, the best solution would be glossy furniture. Such a surface will create a visual effect of lightness, weightlessness and free space.

For small rooms suitable oval or round tables, which do not take up much space. You can use the transforming furniture.

The interior of the kitchen is 9 square meters can be decorated in the style of country, high-tech or minimalism. If you plan the small space correctly, then the result will exceed all your expectations.

An important principle in the design of a compact territory is minimalism. Do not overload the free space with small details and an abundance of decor. You need to leave only the functional and necessary items.

In the photo of the interior of the kitchen is 10 square meters shows how to properly plan the space. If the room is elongated, then you can divide the space into two separate zones or place the entire furniture set along one wall.

You can make a quite spacious space for the kitchen 12 square meters, a photo of interior design shows the most original ideas.

So, we note the basic rules for designing a small space design:

  • More shine. Lacquered and mirrored facades and surfaces will visually expand the area;
  • Compact equipment will be an excellent solution for a narrow room;
  • Use non-trivial solutions, for example, combine a window sill and a dining table, which will save the square of your kitchen.

Note! For a visual solution to the space, you can use the effective technique of combining the kitchen and the corridor.

What are the interiors of kitchens in a modern style: photos of unusual solutionsInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

If you have chosen a certain style and decided to design a room in it, then it is not enough just to buy some kind of fashionable headset. Remember that in a single style the following should be performed:

  • Pieces of furniture;
  • Wall decoration;
  • Items of furniture and textiles;
  • Decor.

Choice of style for the kitchen: popular design options

High techInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Try making a high-tech kitchen. A photo in the interior allows you to see unusual solutions. This option will especially appeal to lovers of metal and glass. Red, yellow, steel, black, blue and green will help create contrast. The interior uses only ultra-modern equipment. The style itself is based on the canons of ergonomics, that is, nothing more in the interior. The decor involves a large number of shiny surfaces and open space. The details are especially important. The window has a minimum number of curtains, but only blinds. Lighting devices should have a simple shape. Actual all kinds of spotlights.

Note! Hi-tech style has a lot in common with minimalism. Such modern designs combine practicality, functionality and the use of a minimum number of parts.

ProvenceInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

The Provence style kitchen is impregnated with a rustic flavor, a photo of the interior of some projects allows you to consider all the nuances of design. In such an environment there should not be many bright shades. Walls and furniture most often have sand, olive, mustard and beige tones. Bright colors can be used to highlight individual decor items. Headsets are made of wood. If you chose this option, then pay special attention to the walls and the selection of natural materials. For walls, embossed wallpaper or decorative plaster is suitable, which will create the effect of a rough texture. For decoration, natural stone, mosaic or brick tiles are often used. Imitation of wooden beams is often reproduced on the ceiling.

Here are the important components of the Provence style:

  • Light color palette;
  • Aged white furniture;
  • The abundance of flowers in vases and pots;
  • Textile with delicate floral ornaments;
  • Ceramic and forged parts.
LoftInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

The loft was created on the basis of several styles. It is better if the loft-style kitchen in the apartment is combined with the design of other rooms. Such a design is characterized by a combination of plastered walls, brickwork, rough furniture and antique items. The main element of the decor is brickwork.

Finishing materials are used for aged plaster. One of the brick walls can be left untouched. Looks good game of contrasts in the interior. At the same time, the ceiling and walls can be finished antique, and household appliances and furniture have a steel luster.

Do not overload the interior with many unnecessary details. Curtains can not be used at all. Alternatively, Japanese or rolled curtains.

Scandinavian styleInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Restraint distinguishes Scandinavian-style cuisines. Photos of interiors allow you to see the best projects. Such a design involves a cold color palette and natural materials. The option is suitable for both small and spacious rooms.

Household appliances can not be masked, but you need to place it in a convenient place. Cold decoration can be decorated with bright decor – towels, flowers and mugs.

Furniture sets should be simple and strict configurations. An apron will also be adorned, for which mosaic, tiles with imitation of brickwork and glass are used.

CountryInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Country design also includes country-style cuisine. Photos in a small kitchen look very original. Shades with this design should be natural. It is better to use natural materials such as marble, wood or stone. As a decor, sets of utensils made of clay or wood, as well as linen curtains are used.

If the kitchen is very small, then this style is not a very good solution, since natural furniture must necessarily be massive.

Variety of color schemesInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

When choosing a color palette, be sure to consider its compatibility with the texture of the finish. Here are some tips:

  • A warm color palette helps create a dynamic interior;
  • Cold shades bring the effect of freshness, coolness and tranquility to the room;
  • Bright and neutral shades can be used to create accents in the interior.

Consider the individual solutions:

  • The red kitchen in the interior looks pretty extravagant. This color is aggressive and exciting. This option is not suitable for those who want to lose weight, as it stimulates the appetite. Often used in the interior of hi-tech or minimalism;
  • For a positive mood, it is worth decorating an orange kitchen in the interior. This is a warm palette that can be bright or dark. Design in such shades is used for many interiors;
  • In different shades, a green kitchen in the interior can be made. Malachite and emerald tones should be attributed to more saturated ones, and azure and mint can create lighter solutions. Dark shades are used for such styles as classic, empire or baroque. Any green palette helps create a relaxing environment;
  • For sunny rooms you can choose a blue kitchen in the interior. This option helps to create a real place to relax;
  • A photo of a white kitchen in a real interior demonstrates the versatility of such a solution. White blends in perfectly with any shade. With a muted palette, the design will turn out to be more elegant, and with a bright color scheme – more active and dynamic;
  • Gray kitchen in the interior can be complemented by any other shades. Depending on the shades, the room may be more ancient or technological;
  • Photos of black kitchens in the interior look interesting. A room in such a color palette must be diluted with other colors.

Note! For small rooms, you should not choose colorful and too bright colors. Even in small kitchens, wood-like colors can be used. Such options will help create a cozy space.

How to choose wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen photo stylish optionsInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

The kitchen belongs to rooms with a high level of humidity, so for its decoration it is worth choosing materials with resistance to such a microclimate. Paper wallpapers can lose their original appearance after a year of use.

Popular solutions show photos combined wallpaper for the kitchen. In the interior, these options look great:

  • Vinyl coatings have a smooth surface resembling pearl embossing with hot stamping. They can be washed with a wet sponge with the addition of a non-aggressive detergent;
  • Non-woven are a flexible cellulose web. They are often used for painting. Staining can be performed no more than 3-5 times during the entire operation. The advantage of the material is its environmental friendliness;
  • Bamboo wallpapers can decorate any interior. With their help, you can create a cozy home atmosphere;
  • Cork sheets are characterized by resistance to mechanical damage and durability. They remarkably hide the unevenness of the walls;
  • Cullet is known for its strength. They are made from natural raw materials, but do not soak and do not absorb odors. Mold and fungi do not appear on them.

The original solution may be the design of photo wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen. Photos of unusual design are presented on the site.

For different styles, you can choose specific patterns on the canvases. For a room in the Provence style, plant prints, polka dots and a small cage are suitable.

To withstand the design in a modern style, monochromatic wallpapers of gray, white, black and beige are suitable.

Options for designing a kitchen in an apartment: photo projectsInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

A photo of a kitchen design with an island demonstrates the original layout. This option is only suitable for spacious rooms. It can be used as a dining and working area. The peninsula is a partition connected to the working area. This option has many functional meanings. It can be turned into a room of a G- or U-shaped layout. In this case, you can separate the dining area from the living room.

An important point in the design of the interior is the choice of curtains in the kitchen in the interior. Photos of the original options will help make the right choice. There are some rules when choosing such textiles:

  • For a small kitchen, curtains with a simple design are suitable;
  • The color palette should be combined with the main background of the room;
  • To create a positive atmosphere, you can use curtains with small patterns;
  • To provide free access to the windowsill, you need to use short curtains.

Elegant decoration will be obtained using French curtains. A universal solution will be Roman or rolled curtains.

The actual use of different options for roof rails for the kitchen. The photo in the interior shows functional holders for containers with spices and kitchen utensils.

These rungs are fixed to the wall above the kitchen island, to the edge of the countertop or above the overhead cupboards.

An important parameter is the lighting in the kitchen. A photo in the interior allows you to see both ceiling lights and classic chandeliers. All lighting fixtures are designed to create uniform and diffuse lighting.

For a small room, one good lamp is suitable, and for a spacious layout you can choose additional elements. Local lighting can be equipped with LED, spot and fluorescent lights.

An inclined cooker hood looks stylish in the interior of the kitchen. She is able to complement the interior in any style. The design looks impressive together with headsets in a modern style.

Features of the interior of the kitchen in the apartment: photos of interesting ideasInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Of particular note is the design of the kitchen in the apartment, especially if the area is compact in size. All furniture should be functional and comfortable, as excess elements only clutter up the space.

Such recommendations will help you choose furniture:

  • Hanging cabinets allow you to save useful space;
  • Open shelves, angular and rounded structures make headsets more airy and lighter;
  • Folding doors in the form of blinds are suitable for small space;
  • Sliding and folding tables can save space in the kitchen;
  • Headsets should have glossy facades.

You can increase the area of the kitchen by combining with the area of the balcony. This site should also be designed in the general style of the kitchen with the addition of bright accents. A transparent and glass table will add visually more space. Curtains can be light shades.

For a standard kitchen, these layout options are suitable:

  • Linear contains a cooking, washing and storage area. They can be placed in a row or in two rows along the wall. This option is used for elongated and narrow rooms;
  • In the corner layout, the sink is located in the corner, and the storage and cooking zone is located on the right and left. Opposite the corner headset is a dining table;
  • The U-shaped option involves placing all objects along three walls;
  • In a parallel arrangement, work areas are placed on two parallel sides.

Before proceeding with the design of the room, it is worth considering the finish for flooring, ceiling and walls. The apron deserves special attention.

For flooring, ceramic or tile is suitable. Porcelain tile will also be a good option. Parquet is characterized by durability and environmental friendliness. Laminate is highly moisture resistant. In addition, it can imitate various natural materials.

The ceiling can be simply painted. Hinged structures and stretch sheets are popular. For wall decoration, paint, moisture-proof wallpaper, tile, decorative stone, PVC materials and plaster are suitable.

An important element is the kitchen apron, which protects the walls from steam, grease and soot. For decoration, you can use glass, metal, stone and ceramic tiles.

Nuances of kitchen design in a private house: photos of successful solutionsInteresting Solutions for Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas 2021

Creating a stylish and functional design in a private home is a challenge. Before interior decoration, it is worthwhile to carry out the planning and make a project of your ideas. There are different options for designing a kitchen in a private house. Photos of the original environment can be seen on the site. Most often, the kitchen in your home is a spacious and bright room. Here are some advantages of its design in a private house:

  • The house has large windows that provide good light access;
  • Communication can be summed up in any convenient place, which gives more opportunities with the choice of the working area;
  • In the kitchen you can put a fireplace, stove or any other hearth;
  • The kitchen can have any configuration, unusual design and non-standard layout.

In a private house you can arrange a wonderful combined option with a kitchen and a living room. Such a layout can be an ideal solution, due to its practicality and comfort. Do not forget that in such a situation you need to think through a competent ventilation system.

To create a beautiful interior, you should adhere to the style direction and the correct zoning. For the kitchen – living room, country style, provence and classic are suitable. The combined rooms look brighter and more spacious.

The easiest way to make the layout of a square kitchen is to make it cozy, functional and comfortable. In a square room of compact dimensions, you can install the angular version of the working area or put furniture in a line. If the space is significant, then the workplace can be installed in the middle.

If the kitchen is narrow, then it is necessary to visually increase the space. To do this, you can use the Provence style with white walls. The floor and ceiling should also be done in bright colors.

All unnecessary details should be removed. In the small kitchen, you should leave only the necessary furniture, appliances and appliances. Furniture should be selected only in compact sizes. The interior of a narrow room requires a minimum of decor. You can hang bright curtains on the windows.

Using original and simple ideas, you can create your own unique interior for the kitchen. The right choice of style and decor is a guarantee of original and functional design.

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