Your kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

Few rooms are evolving so much. They not only cook, but have become a family reunion center and home laboratory.

The new salonYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

The kitchen trends are no longer a closed place and with a specific design. The new proposals reflect the idea that you can exchange functions and aesthetic codes with the salon in an open layout. This transformation has prompted the main manufacturers to think about integrated equipment. In the Home Decor edition 2021, we presented a kitchen developed as a modular system that allows the drawers to be distributed as needed. The combination of natural wood and gray enhances the interiors creating a unique and versatile environment. There are no barriers.

For allYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

The kitchen is today a multifunctional and, above all, social space. It is no longer just the place where you cook, but also hosts other activities. You eat, work and chat in it, since it is the recurring family meeting point. These new uses have a direct impact on its design: the essential elements for cooking tend to become increasingly invisible and, in parallel, leisure technologies typical of other rooms such as televisions or tablets are incorporated. And, obviously, the feeling of comfort has become essential to integrate the kitchen into the living room.

Modular and customYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

Fronts and countertops of minimal thickness, large paneling and essential lines combine the same language as the living area of the house, creating a fluid dialogue with the spaces supported by modularity and versatility. An example is found in Modulnova’s Frame model, with 75 cm modules halfway between the usual dimensions of 60 and 90 cm. This collection, with a boisserie appearance in its finishes, incorporates a honeycomb aluminum panel for the leaf patented by the Italian firm, as well as a handle that is embedded and hidden. The frame, beyond being a decorative element, defines and underlines the profile of the leaf.

VersatileYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

More and more houses are opting to dematerialize the classic elements of a kitchen. Not so much for a matter of space, but to have freedom when adapting them over time, which translates into greater flexibility. Bulthaup’s b Solitaire tables, benches and shelving modules allow you to link vital spaces such as living and dining areas. How does that translate? In the fact that each one has the option of being able to locate them in the place they prefer according to the needs of the moment and without giving up a design with vision and a lot of character.

With islandsYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

The islands are the true queens of today’s cuisine. Why? Due to its versatility, its impressive presence and because it is the most effective solution to integrate the kitchen into the day area. SieMatic’s Pure model with its AntiPrint coating that reduces fingerprints; the Burnt Eucaliptus 53, by Doca, made of natural eucalyptus veneer, or the Way line, by Snaidero, without superfluous accessories or unnecessary decorative elements, are three examples of innovation. This is the spatial solution that has eradicated the old trend of cooking facing the wall and favors maximum flexibility on the house floor.

Space freedomYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

In a kitchen the storage of the products and utensils to be used is essential. Knowing how to hierarchize correctly is a priority: the most common use, in top drawers and shelves at eye level. In the Poliform Phoenix model, the cabinets have doors with integrated handles that, when opened, hide behind the sides, leaving the interior open without hindering maneuverability. An increasingly common solution that provides a plus of functionality, helps to free up space and keep order in the kitchen.

Usual materialsYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

It is an ally material in the kitchen because it transmits warmth. Oak, beech, ash, cedar, chestnut, walnut or even eucalyptus, the most natural woods, water finishes and, ultimately, all those treatments that allow you to appreciate both the texture and the authenticity of the great lady predominate. of interior design. Among its many advantages is that it is an easy to clean material, as well as its hygroscopic capacity because it is capable of regulating humidity.

Good lightingYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

Light is an essential ingredient in the process of food preparation and consumption. In addition to sufficient general light and spot light on work surfaces, strategic light is important in certain areas. In this model from the Spanish firm Santos, an LED lighting system hidden behind the wardrobe shelves has been chosen, which, in addition to lighting the interior, creates an attractive aesthetic effect.

Without fear of colorYour kitchen will be up to date following these 9 trends

Seneca has already said it: “We do not dare many things because they are difficult, but they are difficult because we do not dare to do them.” Should a kitchen play with color? Can it be built on laminate or parquet flooring? The answer to both questions is affirmative. This Hi-Line 6 kitchen, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Dada (Molteni & C), features an open suspended shelf on both sides of the island, ultra-thin shelves only 12 mm thick and an LED lighting system. All the modular units that compose it combine like a glove on a parquet floor.

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