New Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022

New Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022Interior design does not stand still, the emergence of new trends in the design of living spaces is an endless stream of ideas from designers around the world. London, Milan, Paris and New York showrooms showcase the freshest, hottest novelties to create the most comfortable, practical and efficient interiors. The realization that thousands of professionals around the globe are working to ensure that we can use the most modern and technologically advanced materials, appliances and fixtures for our kitchen spaces cannot but inspire. But the most pleasant thing about all modern trends in the design of multifunctional rooms is the popularity of creating an interior with maximum personal comfort in mind. As in the previous season, the main tasks of creating a modern design were the use of environmentally friendly materials,

The modern rhythm of life dictates the peculiarities of creating the most efficient interiors. A modern housewife does not have time to prepare complex dishes with many ingredients and a long period of simmering on the stove, there is no way to polish the silverware, and the appliances themselves have long given way to a more practical accessory. In a modern kitchen, it should be not only convenient and comfortable, but also easy in terms of performing the simplest work processes for any household, even a child. Therefore, the integration of safe, high-tech and energy-efficient household appliances into storage systems with the most convenient location and content is a priority for any designer (owner of the kitchen space). The good news is

The main motives for decorating the kitchen in the coming season

General kitchen trendsNew Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022

The modern style of space design is multifaceted, but at the same time laconic. He drew his motives in such stylistic directions as minimalism, loft, hi-tech, industrialism. But even more “home”, cozy styles are able to integrate their concept into the framework of a modern interior – country and eco-style, Scandinavian and Mediterranean motives can be woven into the overall design of the kitchen space.

Kitchen trends 2022 is a spacious and bright room with a rational layout, simple furniture solutions and the most convenient use of all elements. Obviously, for Russian realities, the implementation of the latest trends often rests on the modest size of kitchens. That is why combining the kitchen space with the living room not only has not lost its popularity, but has become a real mainstream. No matter how far progress and the catering system have stepped forward, Russians will not stop preparing dishes for family meals in the kitchen areas, and will not stop receiving their closest guests at the dinner table.

The unification of the kitchen and living room allows not only to expand the spatial possibilities, but also to create a multifunctional interior that can meet the requirements of the comfort of all household members. Another important feature of combining functional segments within one room is the level of natural light in the space. The larger your windows, the better. The lighter the existing room is, the more it will seem, the more maneuvers for interior decoration the designer or the owner of the home will have.

The modern style has always been a kind of a mix of the main design trends, borrowed in various stylistic directions. The mainstream of the upcoming season will be the so-called “reasonable eclecticism”. One style is chosen as the basis (most often it is filled with laconism and practicality) and elements from other styles are added to it in a very dosed manner to bring comfort, coziness and aesthetics. It is the correct dosage of elements of different stylistic manifestations that dictates the success of the created design.

On discharge of the original modern trends becomes ultra mixing equipment and advanced methods to intentionally aged finishing elements or surfaces. An old sideboard can coexist with the smooth facades of a modern set, and the most common finishes alternate with worn surfaces, intentionally peeling paint.

Equally popular (and will continue to be in the next season) is the integration of retro-style home appliances into a modern kitchen. Most often, it is these retro appliances with a distinctive (and often striking) design that become the main accents of kitchen decoration.

Kitchen color paletteNew Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022

The fashion for all natural, natural is so firmly entrenched in the current trends that it will not give way soon. You can be sure of purchasing high-quality finishing materials or furnishings made from natural raw materials. Not only durability, environmental friendliness and attractive appearance, but also the relevance of interior items will almost always guarantee a high cost.

The love of nature has clearly found its embodiment in color trends for decorating the most popular room in any home – the kitchen. The motives of land, sea, stones and vegetation are more popular than ever. Designers draw inspiration from the elements of nature, embodying eye-catching color motifs in their projects. Their customers only benefit from this approach – after all, natural shades always help to create a special, pacifying atmosphere of the room, an environment in which everyone will be cozy and comfortable.

About becoming more in some instances the use of the most popular colors. White kitchens never go out of style. The symbol of cleanliness and freshness is so connected in our minds with the comfort of cooking, the sterility of all surfaces, that it is difficult to deny ourselves the pleasure of decorating the kitchen space in all shades of white. But not only lightness and freshness attract designers and their clients. White tone is universal, it goes well with any color scheme. Not to mention the fact that for a visual increase in the volume of a small space, all shades of white are perfect.

Paint color helps to create a feeling of space even in a small room. Sunlight, reflecting off the snow-white surfaces, spreads unhindered throughout the room, creating a light image of a space in which freedom seems to be the most natural participant in the interior. You don’t need to be a designer to bring a color accent to a white kitchen design. Furniture or any other interior items of any color are accentuated and colorful against a snow-white background.

But a completely white kitchen will look sterile, airy, and not cozy. The ideal way to bring natural warmth, coziness and a sense of comfort to a snow-white kitchen design is to use wooden surfaces. Any wood species, even the lightest, will look accentuated against a white background. Such an alliance always looks great in combination with modern household appliances. Even in a room of modest size, the snow-white-woody ensemble looks organic.

It left their positions in the list of the most popular design projects and cuisine made with contrasting color combinations. Most often, designers propose opposing each other with snow-white surfaces and inserts in dark gray, dark chocolate and even black. Any of the wenge shades will look great in combination with light finishes or snow-white countertops. To avoid an overly straightforward contrast of the kitchen image, experts recommend “diluting” the black and white alternation with wood elements. It can be both the facades of the kitchen set and countertops, furniture for the dining area and even decoration or parts of it.

The use of various shades of gray is also not out of fashion to create a practical, functional and at the same time outwardly attractive image of the kitchen. The good thing about neutral shades is that even non-professionals can cope with combinatorics. Gray shades can be easily combined with wood, they always look winning in combination with a white tone and dosed splashes of bright color. The design in gray tones is not only comfortable for our eyes, but also favorable for creating a neutral emotional background of the room, in which every household member or guest of the home can feel comfortable.

Kitchen interior decorationNew Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022

How much time would be less than what would have innovations, we did not offer advances in the production of finishing materials, and a special microclimate of kitchen space makes its own raw materials selection criteria for the design of multifunctional room surfaces. Constant changes in temperature regimes, high humidity in some areas of the kitchen space and possible mechanical influences complicate the choice of finishing materials, putting practicality and functionality at the forefront. But modern technologies allow us to choose options for decorating kitchen surfaces without losing aesthetics, maintaining environmental friendliness and practicality of materials.

In modern design projects of kitchen spaces, decoration acts only as a background for the main participants in the interior – a furniture set and a dining group. Wall decoration is most often done in a single color scheme. Neutral light shades can be interspersed with dark contrast, but the use of prints is considered irrelevant (at least in modern kitchen designs).

In interior that bad (or even slightly suspicious) for human materials – taboo interiors 2022, the foreground natural raw materials. Many designers use cork to decorate modern interiors. It is a light, warm and environmentally friendly material with its own distinctive texture, which is not disturbed during painting. The use of cork is quite capable of replacing the use of decorative plaster, besides, it is easy to install.

Concrete surface (or a spectacular imitation) does not hand over their positions, and continue to be popular with designers and their customers. A light touch of industrialism (and hence modernity) gives the kitchen interior even a small concrete surface. The gray color of concrete can be safely called the most neutral, it easily harmonizes with any color options for finishing and furnishing.

Features of the choice of kitchen furnitureNew Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022

A modern furniture set is a symbiosis of laconicism, practicality, ergonomics and aesthetics. Whatever design the furniture is made in, it should be functional, as easy to use as possible and easy to clean. Modern mechanisms, the latest developments in the field of furniture fittings allow you to create convenient storage systems even in hard-to-reach places, using every centimeter of kitchen space rationally.

And the use of ready-made furniture solutions for kitchen spaces is significantly inferior in popularity to the manufacture of custom-made headsets. This is due to the peculiarities of the layout of apartments dating back to the buildings of the last century, and to the lack of square meters and the desire of customers to obtain a furniture solution that will fully satisfy their needs for storage, integration of household appliances and the distribution of work surfaces.

Style on a completely smooth facades a little subsided, a growing number of brands for the production of finished furniture solutions for the kitchen prefer to use accessories. But for many designers, sleek facades are still a symbol of modernity. So we can only hope for our own intuition and taste preferences, choosing the best version of the facades for our kitchen.

Newest trend and this coming season is the use of open shelves for storage as an alternative to the upper tier of the kitchen cabinets. In small rooms, this approach will prevent the creation of the “box” effect, when a small room, completely filled with storage systems, visually presses with its volume on the people in it. In large kitchen spaces, a combination of wall cabinets and open shelves is most often used – the interesting design and practical component captivate many homeowners and designers.

If to speak about the selection of furniture for the organization of the dining area, the universal version, which might be called mainstream, no. The furniture for the dining segment is selected based on the room’s possibilities, the number of family members and the characteristics of the lifestyle. Someone needs to seat several people at the table every evening for a family dinner, while others just need a bar counter or kitchen island countertops to accommodate a couple.

If the space in the kitchen is enough space for the organization of the dining area, experts recommend the use of round or oval tables. This form allows not only to add the number of seats if necessary, does not interfere with traffic and is safe for a home with small children, but also looks attractive and homely. Rectangular and square tables for meals are equally popular – the weight depends on the geometry of the main furniture – a kitchen set. But even in these pieces of furniture, most often modern manufacturers began to round the corners.

If your family up to three people and a massive feast – is not your thing, it’s a small area for the meals, organized on an extended countertop kitchen island or peninsula, will be enough. Such a dining area is compact and can be made in a very original way. With the help of unusual bar stools or stools, you can bring originality and creativity to the kitchen interior.

Kitchen lighting system, accessories and decorNew Kitchen Interior Decoration Design Trends 2022

In modern design projects, decoration is kept to a minimum. In particular, the trend towards a decrease in the number of elements with a purely decorative function is noticeable in kitchen spaces. In a room where a large number of storage systems with embedded household appliances must be located on several quadrant meters, work surfaces and a dining area must be organized, there is a risk of creating a cluttered effect if the decor is used too actively. Therefore, quite functional interior items are most often used as decorative elements – lighting devices, dishes, cookbooks, live plants, fruits.

In laconic and most functional design projects of kitchen premises, lighting fixtures are often the only bright, accent or original interior elements that can stand out against the general background, attract attention and even dictate the filling of the area around them.

A bright, prominent spot on a completely neutral background of the interior of a modern kitchen can be the colorful upholstery of the kitchen corner or small sofa, the tablecloth on the dining table or the piece of furniture itself. You can choose colorful upholstery for chairs or stools, regardless of how the dining area is organized – at the table, on the kitchen island or at the bar.

Ekitchentrends pay special attention to kitchen accessories, and therefore manufacturers of various accessories for this multifunctional space seek to provide as many options modern, practical and aesthetic equipment. For example, mixers have long ceased to be just taps for water supply – this modern device helps to save fluid consumption and clean it. And yet they can look futuristic, be equipped with lighting and amaze with the shine of chrome surfaces, or be executed in an old spirit with copper or bronze coatings, carved valves and luxurious decor.

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