10 NEW Kitchen Trends for 2024

A kitchen with an increasingly professional appearance, very well organized and that optimizes the available space to the maximum is what the trends for kitchens of 2024 point to.

As for kitchen furniture, a closer connection is being established with the of the living room, finding industrial-inspired designs and an ‘ urban ‘ look.

We have prepared this book of ideas to guide you about what is trending in kitchen design this year. Let’s discover together 10 new kitchen trends for 2024!

1. Connected spaces

NEW kitchen trends for 2024

Contemporary kitchen diner in Essex residence by Paul Langston Interiors

Modern houses are increasingly committed to open spaces and connected environments. Thus, the barriers between the living room, the dining room and the kitchen have tended to disappear in recent years and 2024 maintains this trend towards ‘open space’ in homes. Therefore, the kitchen becomes one more part of the living room, being much more than a space that seeks functionality.

2. Kitchen furniture trends: visible shelves

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Mr and Mrs Work Hard and Play Hard by homify

The idea of a kitchen that is increasingly visible in relation to the rest of the spaces in the house is also transferred to the kitchen furniture itself. The furniture trends for 2024 are inspired by the most cosmopolitan and modern markets and bars, where visible shelves and the arrangement of food, spices and jars of all kinds are carefully arranged to be one more decorative element.

3. Decorative tiles

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Country House – rustic kitchen by Elisabeth Berlato Arquitetura, Interiores e Paisagismo

The 2024 trends in the world of kitchens are not only focused on furniture; Moreover, great importance is attached to wall coverings, giving them an important decorative role. On the walls of modern kitchens, tradition coexists with the latest in innovation. That is why ceramic tiles decorated with geometric patterns will continue to be a ‘must have’ in kitchens in 2024.

4. Upgraded Countertops

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Mutfak / Kitchen by GN IÇ MIMARLIK OFISI

2024 brings us technical and decorative innovations regarding countertops. Thus, we find new work surfaces with high-performance, state-of-the-art materials, self-cleaning and with antibacterial technology, such as some variants of porcelain stoneware, surfaces that rely on nanotechnology or those made of stone (quartz or marble) treated to improve their properties.

5. Neutral colors

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Vintage Kitchen by Casa Più Arredamenti

The new decoration trends for the kitchen are very clear regarding chromatic issues: to hit the color that will dominate the decorative proposal, the experts opt for a palette of neutral and delicate colours. In this palette we find, mainly with light gray, cream tones and white; all of them will serve us both for furniture and for wall and floor coverings.

6. Industrial environment

NEW kitchen trends for 2024

Among the latest trends in kitchen decoration, they also take into account an element as important as the extractor hood. This very functional piece of the kitchen has more and more decorative weight in its design. Furthermore, in 2024 we will see a clear commitment to exposed installations and a strong presence of steel and aluminium, as is the case in professional kitchens and in industrial environments.

7. Eco-chic details

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Artificial Plants Wall For Kitchen Landscape from Sunwing Industrial Co., Ltd.

In addition to increasingly ecological materials and systems, aimed at reducing polluting gas emissions and creating healthier domestic environments, we find increasingly more technological appliances. The 2024 goal in kitchens is to reduce energy and water consumption in these rooms and create spaces that are more respectful of the environment. In fact, in the kitchen we are going to see more and more green details and small gardens.

8. Bar counter

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Kitchen by Douglas Design Studio

We have already begun to see the presence of a ‘bar-type’ counter with high stools in recent years, but it will definitely be consolidated for domestic spaces in 2024.

Definitively, kitchens are no longer only used for preparing food but are increasingly plus a social space, a place to live experiences in our own home, true protagonist spaces of a modern house.

9. Suspended lamps

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
Sacada Gourmet by Raduan Arquitetura e Interiores

Of course and as usual, the 2024 trends for kitchens do not neglect any type of accessory, much less those associated with lighting, to which it attaches paramount importance. Suspended lamps, in fact, are among the elements most recommended by professionals to improve a kitchen and give it a more modern look. Of course, they must be carefully chosen according to the style of the kitchen furniture.

10. Furniture with the latest technology

NEW kitchen trends for 2024
of LEICHT Kuchen AG

In 2024, the technology related to the internet of things that has been talked about so much for its application in homes may finally take off. We will witness a wave of appliances with new features and furniture with the latest technology for an increasingly smart and connected kitchen. We are not only talking about home automation systems, but also smart appliances and furniture.

Which of these kitchen trends suits your tastes?


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