Kitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

Kitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

Kitchen design trends change frequently. Today, some kind of design is popular and in demand among consumers. After a while, this option is already considered outdated and irrelevant.

Modern interior designers are trying to correct this version of the outcome of events, striving to create trends that will be popular for a long time to come. In this post, we will tell you which kitchen apron will be relevant in 2022.

Modern kitchen is not only visually beautifully decorated furniture, well-chosen colors and decor items. First of all, it is functionality, convenience and practicality. It is on these important things that the idea of ​​future trends for the kitchen is built. What to expect next year, what will become popular in kitchen apron design in 2022?

What is a kitchen apron

Kitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

A kitchen apron is a part of the wall that is located directly in the work area. It is located between the work surface and wall cabinets. Since the surface is constantly exposed to high temperatures and also gets dirty, resistant materials are used for its finishing that can withstand increased loads.

Which kitchen aprons will be popular in 2022Kitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

The preferences of our time agree on one thing – the materials for decorating the kitchen should be environmentally friendly and practical. In the dynamics, the following trends can be traced:

  • stone kitchen apron;
  • glass apron;
  • steel surfaces;
  • mirror apron;
  • porcelain apron.

These types of trendy aprons designs not only look beautiful and flatter themselves, but are also very functional and practical.

Stone kitchen apronKitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

Stone kitchen backsplash is becoming more and more popular in 2022. The material for finishing the kitchen surface can be both natural and artificial. Natural stone is unreasonably expensive. Moreover, it will not last long. Therefore, when finishing the working area, it is rarely used. One of the most environmentally friendly is graphite. Marble will look beautiful and expensive, but due to its characteristics, it can quickly lose its attractiveness if the room is too humid.

Decorative stone is becoming more and more in demand every day. The most popular type of apron finish is acrylic stone. Has full functionality; it protects the wall well from moisture and grease during cooking. Also, the material has many other advantages:

  • Huge selection of colors. The stone can be glossy, matte, monochromatic or with different interesting inclusions.
  • Artificial stone does not allow moisture to pass through itself, as it has no pores. Therefore, pathogenic bacteria, like fungus, do not multiply on the surface.
  • The stone can be quickly restored. If scratches or cracks appear, it can be simply sanded.

Glass kitchen apronKitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

The glass kitchen backsplash is efficient, has a smooth surface and is in great demand among the modern consumer. It is not hard to foresee that it will not lose its popularity in 2022. The advantage of a glass apron is that it has few joints. This will eliminate the problem of pollution in these areas.

An interesting modern solution would be to apply the image to the panel. This will add personality, charm and originality to the kitchen. Glass can withstand any high temperature. This allows the backsplash to be installed next to the stove. The fashionable glass apron does not require much maintenance. As soon as it gets dirty, it is enough to wipe it with a special detergent. It is very important to use tempered glass as normal glass can crack and break.

Metal surface is a new current trendKitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

The main feature and advantage of metal is its durability. It also looks aesthetically pleasing, easily combined with other details of the kitchen interior. The material will help visually increase the space if the kitchen is small. The metal surface is very functional and comfortable due to its magnetic properties. Now all the necessary kitchen appliances and additional elements will be at hand. There are many types and variations of kitchen backsplash designs in 2022 for everyone to find something interesting.

Mirror apron: features and benefitsKitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

Another innovation in the interior of the kitchen is a mirror apron. It is based on tempered glass, which is unsurpassed in strength, durability and reliability. The material is completely environmentally friendly, resistant to the negative effects of chemistry. The surface of the mirror has no pores through which moisture can seep, making it inaccessible to mold and mildew.

With such material, you can make your wildest fantasies come true, experimenting with various details. The mirror apron is easy to install. It is enough just to clean it from any dirt.

Porcelain kitchen apronKitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

Another kitchen backsplash trend in 2022 is porcelain stoneware finishes.

Products from porcelain stoneware practically do not differ in composition from tiled products. The only difference is that in the process of creating porcelain stoneware, a coloring pigment is added to the main composition. Therefore, the material is homogeneous and does not require additional enamel for coating.

The material is durable and solid, which is a significant plus for kitchen design. It is not afraid of high temperatures, does not lose its appearance, and is stable in operation. Porcelain stoneware practically does not absorb moisture, which is a significant plus when installed near a work surface. It is distinguished by its visual appeal and simplicity, which is highly regarded in modern design.

Current trends in kitchen finishing 2022Kitchen Apron 2022: Modern Design Ideas

All these materials are suitable for modern requirements and fashion trends. This is not surprising, because the main requirements for a kitchen are practicality, ease of use and high functionality. These minimalistic products will complement your kitchen interior and create a unique style of 2022.


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