Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023

The autumn trade fairs for the kitchen industry, at which the kitchen trends 2023 were presented, were all about Corona last year. Not only could numerous showrooms and press conferences be visited virtually, the trends in kitchen furniture, electrical appliances and accessories were also influenced by the “new normal”.

The focus is on the kitchen

The events of the last few months have led to a return to the essentials. All over the world, people spend more time at home, which has given the kitchen a whole new status. It is cooked more often, as canteen and restaurant visits are no longer necessary. The family spends more time together and the kitchen is often the focus of family life. This arouses the desire for high-quality kitchen equipment with electrical appliances that make cooking, storage and washing up easier.

In the following we would like to present the most important kitchen trends for 2023 in the area of furniture, electrical appliances and accessories in detail.

The kitchen trends for furniture in 2023: It stays dark

Black, gray and dark brown kitchens are still the focus of almost all manufacturers. The same applies to fronts as to electrical appliances: matt is the trump card. There are only a few high-gloss kitchens. Anti-fingerprint seals prevent dirty fingers from leaving unsightly marks on the fronts. An important kitchen trend in 2023 are clearly visible grained wooden fronts, preferably in oak and in various shades.

The strict fronts are loosened up with splashes of color in pastel tones, dark terracotta or metallic colors. In addition to elements made of ceramic or marble look, gold and copper are very popular.

New colors for the body and interior

Many manufacturers have also upgraded the interior of the kitchen furniture. There are dark body colors everywhere that match the fronts. Frames, interior pull-outs, edges, showcases and organization systems are presented in a uniform color concept.

Flexibility and ergonomics are becoming increasingly important in the kitchen. Wherever all family members take turns at the stove, the standard height can be a problem. That is why many of the major kitchen manufacturers have added additional cabinet heights to their range.

The kitchen is playing hide and seek

A trend that has been observable for a number of years is the increasing merging of kitchen and living space. Uniform, closed fronts – often made of wood or glass – create order in the kitchen. Everything that looks like work disappears behind large doors. This is particularly advantageous for smaller residential units. When cooking, eating, living and maybe even sleeping take place in one room, furniture that makes it easier to keep things tidy is more than welcome. But playful details will not be neglected in 2023: several manufacturers have rediscovered the serving trolley. Whether classic or modern, it fulfills many tasks in the kitchen and also does a good job in the living area, for example as a small, mobile bar.

One topic that many people are currently working on is the home office. Since not everyone has a separate study available, many people work at the dining or kitchen table. Manufacturers such as LEICHT or Brigitte Küchen have reacted to this trend and created a workplace in the kitchen.

This is what kitchen furniture will look like in 2023

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

The kitchen trends for electrical appliances in 2023: Elegant, clever, energy-efficient

The topic of health is omnipresent this year. On the one hand, many households are increasingly cooking with fresh products. At the same time, the focus is more than ever on household hygiene. Self-cleaning refrigerators and ovens are just as popular as dishwashers, which reliably kill bacteria.

In 2023, all brands and price ranges will see the trend towards elegant design, which, similar to kitchen furniture, is very dark. Ovens, hobs, refrigerators and even dishwashers are presented with matt surfaces in black or gray tones, for example the Matt Black Range from AEG, the accent line carbon black from Bosch, the BlackLine from Bauknecht or the new Graphite Gray from NEFF. But not only the design has been revised, numerous new functions of the built-in devices score with innovation and user friendliness.

Ovens that think for themselves

Modern ovens make cooking child’s play. Smart cooking assistants, who lead even inexperienced cooks step by step through the cooking process, have been around for a number of years. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the functions are now becoming more and more sophisticated. Bosch is bringing an oven onto the market that predicts when cakes, lasagna or roasts will be ready, taking into account the individual preparation of the food. The networked oven learns more and more, so that more dishes are added all the time. AEG has equipped selected ovens with the new CookView® camera, which enables the cooking process to be monitored via smartphone.

Automatic programs (not only) for the perfect pizza

The intelligent features Smart Food ID and Smart Browning Control from Miele are still in the test phase. With Smart Food ID, the camera recognizes which food is currently in the cooking space and shows this with a picture on the touch display. Users only confirm the dish and the device starts the appropriate automatic program. With Smart Browning Control, for example, the perfect pizza can be prepared. The user simply chooses between frozen or freshly prepared pizza on the display and starts the process. The camera detects when the pizza is ready from the browning and the oven switches itself off.

Siemens has come up with another useful function : the first oven whose door can be opened by voice control. Perfect when you have a heavily loaded baking sheet in both hands.Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

A dream in graphite gray: matt surfaces and dark earthy tones are absolutely trendy right now. This corresponds to the textured and matt surface of the Infinite Design line in graphite gray from Samsung.

Fridges that keep food fresher longer

Most people currently prefer to go shopping less often and buy larger quantities at once. The kitchen trends for 2023 therefore include refrigerators and freezers with plenty of storage capacity and the most efficient possible interior fittings. New technologies enable optimal storage that keeps food fresh for a long time. Thanks to innovative smart home applications, you never lose track of the contents of the refrigerator.

Manufacturers like Samsung and LG have fully networked the refrigerator, making it easier for consumers to organize ingredients, shop for groceries, cook and even tidy up. You can check from anywhere which food is in the refrigerator, what needs to be bought and what is coming up soon.

Active humidification and fresh mist

To ensure that the food stays fresh longer, more and more manufacturers are relying on active humidification. Liebherr impresses in the premium class “Peak” with cold fresh mist (” HydroBreeze “). Every time the door is opened, there is an eight-second emission of fog and, when closed, one for four seconds every 90 minutes. Thanks to “HydroBreeze”, fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.

Miele presents a similar feature with PerfectFresh Active. A fine spray mist is distributed over the contents of the freshness drawer, which additionally protects the quality and vitamins. Every 90 minutes and every time the door is opened, this spray mist is released from the water tank above directly into the drawer. Since the water consumption is very low, the small, easy-to-clean water tank only holds 120 ml of water. The low temperatures ensure that no contamination can take place and the tank only has to be refilled after two to three months.Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

As clean as never before: In the ExtraClean zone of the new Bosch dishwashers, three rotating water nozzles in the upper basket ensure extra thorough cleaning, even of heavily soiled dishes.

Dishwashers that can be flexibly controlled

The trend for dishwashers in 2023 is towards devices that guarantee maximum performance with the lowest possible consumption. This includes the new generation of PerfectDry dishwashers from Bosch. Its new features include a third basket that creates around 25 percent more space for smaller items of crockery and the Extra Clean Zone for particularly thorough and economical cleaning without increased temperature. The ” Silence on Demand ” function ensures more relaxation, with which the noise level of the already quiet devices can be reduced to a minimum for 30 minutes.

AEG has recognized the trend towards small kitchens and relies on dishwashers in slim-line format. The new 45 cm dishwasher has room for nine or even ten place settings with the MaxiFlex drawer. In addition to a dual spray arm with a rotating sprinkler and AirDry technology, which automatically opens the door for natural drying after the wash cycle, the devices have the new QuickSelect ® function, which enables individual, stepless setting of the wash duration.

When things have to go faster

The visit comes earlier than planned and the dishwasher is still running? No problem with the varioSpeed-on-demand function from Siemens, which is now available for the first time in all appliances in the new generation of dishwashers. With their help, almost all programs can be accelerated up to three times remotely, even if they are already running.

In general, networking in dishwashing will no longer be a premium feature in the future, because even the entry-level models are equipped with the necessary interfaces. This means that all devices can be conveniently operated using a mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to voice recognition, modern dishwashers can also be controlled by voice, for example with the smart home apps from various manufacturers, with Alexa or Google Home.Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Big appearance for the extractor : The first retractable extractor made of glass offers a spectacular design and perfect integration into the kitchen environment.

Extractor hoods that not only provide fresh air

The current highlight among the range hoods are innovative glass hoods available from Bosch, Siemens and NEFF. Thanks to the sensor function, the previously hidden pane of the downdraft extractor automatically moves up when the hob is switched on. It is illuminated by red accent lighting that changes to white as soon as the device is ready for use. Using the Home Connect app, you can easily make the desired setting for all RGB colors.

But this extractor is not only stylish, it is also efficient. The integrated air sensor detects cooking vapors and automatically adjusts the output. The Guided Air technology is also impressive : an air flow is generated behind the glass pane, which directs the steam into the fume cupboard. With this clever technology, the device achieves the best possible extraction values – even with the front cooking zones.

Strong design meets sustainability

Manufacturer berbel, who has long been a guarantor for perfectly shaped extractor hoods, is also increasingly relying on the trend color black this year and is presenting the Black Edition of the Ergoline and Formline models. In addition to the classic stainless steel, the hoods are now available in completely powder-coated black. The topic of sustainability is not neglected either : the Downline Performance model has been equipped with a regenerative Permalyt filter, in which the activated carbon never has to be replaced.

The most exciting electrical appliances in 2023Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen trends for accessories in 2023

Spending time at home, cooking together, paying more attention to health – all of this will remain an issue in 2023. Not everyone can buy a completely new kitchen for this, but luckily there are many ways to spice up the existing kitchen with accessories. The kitchen trends for 2023 will definitely include sinks and fittings in new colors and materials – above all black and gold. Blanco is presenting the new Silgranit black color for two mixer models and several accessories. This creates the perfect match for the living and kitchen ambience. Almost all manufacturers show dark kitchens with sinks and fittings in gold or copper – a particularly elegant combination.

But fittings are not only visually more appealing, they can also do more. Blanco and Grohe, for example, have further perfected the water area in the kitchen. The systems deliver still or sparkling, cold or boiling water, filtered directly from the tap, as required.

The Blanco Unit is brand new. Their high-quality, perfectly coordinated components – tap or drinking water system, sink and waste system – offer a successful complete solution that is practical and visually appealing.

A greenhouse for the kitchen

Cooking with fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients – that is more important than ever to many people. Manufacturers like nobilia have been offering specially illuminated plant shelves for the kitchen for a long time. So-called “ Plantcubes ”, mini greenhouses for the kitchen, which make it possible to grow lettuce and fresh herbs yourself with little effort, are new and absolutely contemporary. Currently, eight seed mats with different plants can be planted at once in the Plantcube on two layers. The technology behind it is impressive: automatic irrigation supplies the plants with water and nutrients via an integrated tank, with specially developed LEDs ensuring optimal light and thus growth conditions. An app provides information about the growth and the right time for harvest.

These accessories should not be missing in the kitchen in 2023Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Home In Focus

Frequently asked questions about the kitchen trends in 2023

What kitchen trends will there be in terms of appliances in 2023?

The topics of smart home and artificial intelligence are clearly in the foreground. Electrical devices are becoming more and more networked and are increasingly thinking ahead, e. B. by recognizing which foods are in the oven or which foods are in the refrigerator. Hygiene – both in storage and in preparation – will also play a major role in 2023.

Which colors will dominate the kitchen trends in 2023?

It will remain dark in the kitchen in 2023. The most popular colors are gray, black and dark brown. This not only applies to furniture, but also to built-in appliances and accessories such as sinks and fittings.

Which materials will be popular in the kitchen in 2023?

Natural materials like wood and stone will often be seen in kitchens in 2023. Gold and copper provide the necessary splash of color and give the kitchen a luxurious touch. When it comes to wood, oak continues to dominate, with walnut catching up a lot.

What are the innovations in kitchen furniture?

Closed fronts, preferably made of glass, behind which the kitchen practically disappears – that is definitely a kitchen trend for 2023. You can also often see tambour cabinets, which quickly bring order to the open kitchen, in particular. Dark, matt surfaces and high-quality, color-matched interior fittings are also omnipresent. The furniture is becoming more flexible and is often also suitable for the living area, the hallway or the home office. Many manufacturers have different types of serving trolleys in their range that can be used flexibly.

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