New Trends in Kitchen Chairs 2024

Kitchen Chairs 2024

Get ready to discover fashion trends! We tell the main trends and show chairs for the kitchen and living room from our catalog that correspond to them. You can complement your interior with these models, giving it the ultra-modern appeal of a fashion magazine. And with a variety of designs, including a wide range of … Read more

Kitchen trends 2024: Sustainable and creative kitchen designs

Kitchen trends 2024

From sustainable designs to playful colors, the current kitchen trends 2024 offer sufficient inspiration for creative kitchen design. There are plenty of options this year for practical storage and stylish retro-style kitchen interiors. When planning a kitchen project, you can keep up with the most popular kitchen designs. In this way, your kitchen not only … Read more

Kitchen design 2023: trends and anti-trends

Kitchen design 2023: trends and anti-trends

How have modern kitchens changed and why are they less and less like kitchens? Let’s see which trends this year have received a logical continuation, and which have acquired the prefix “ex” – all about kitchen design 2023. The kitchen is turning… …in an elegant kitchen-living room. The kitchen in apartments with European layout is … Read more

Modern Kitchen Apron Design Ideas 2023

Modern Kitchen Apron Design Ideas 2023

Kitchen design trends change frequently. Today, some design is popular and in demand among consumers. Over time, this option is already considered obsolete and irrelevant. Modern interior designers are trying to correct this version of the outcome of events, seeking to create trends that will be popular for a long time to come. In this … Read more

2023 Kitchen Trends: my tailor-made guide

2023 Kitchen Trends

Who says new year, says new trends! And today, I invite you to go with me to discover the 2023 kitchen trends. Closed, semi-partitioned or completely open kitchen, the choices are many. However, this year, we are giving way to beautiful open kitchens, warm and friendly! Indeed, between center islands or fine windows, your kitchen … Read more

Feng Shui Kitchen 2023: rules for location in a private house

Feng Shui Kitchen 2023

Every housewife has a lot of requirements for the kitchen. Coziness and comfort, convenience in the performance of household chores are indispensable conditions for this room. In addition, it should be attractive, modern, provide positive emotions to all family members. All these requirements are met by the Feng Shui kitchen. The rules of ancient Chinese … Read more

Kitchen Countertops: These Materials Are Trending In 2023

Kitchen Countertops: These Materials Are Trending In 2023

Metal, wood and bold colors dominate the kitchen trends for 2023. This is also reflected in the countertops, which have a decisive impact on the impression in the kitchen thanks to their large surfaces. What other trends we can expect in 2023 in terms of kitchen countertops is now the topic. Finally cooking together in … Read more