New Kitchen Design Trends 2024

New Kitchen Design Trends 2024

Interior design trends are always influenced by clothing fashion, but the difference is that they change more slowly and it’s often small elements or colors that are more present from one year to another! When you invest $50,000 to renovate a kitchen, you don’t want to do it every 5 years! Normally, a kitchen renovation … Read more

Kitchen trends 2024: colors, styles, materials

Kitchen trends 2024

The kitchen is the friendly space where adults and children gather. It wants to be practical and functional but not only. We think of making it aesthetic and luminous by choosing suitable colors and materials. Kitchen trends 2024 are changing because our lifestyles are also changing. The kitchen no longer only meets functionality criteria but … Read more

8 New Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

New Kitchen Wallpaper Trends In 2024

Checkered, striped, flowers or abstraction? We will tell you how to navigate when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen 2024 and not regret it. In our selection only current options. In modern design, the most popular materials for wall decoration are paint and plaster. Against this background, the other options do not seem so relevant. However, … Read more

Modern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

Modern Kitchen Interior Trends 2024

It is no secret that one of the most important rooms in the apartment, which performs a number of basic functions, is the kitchen. A lot of vital events take place there, from breakfast to family gatherings, parties with friends. Therefore, it is important to understand what features the modern kitchen interior trends 2024 has. … Read more

Kitchen Wallpaper Color Trends 2024

Kitchen Wallpaper Color Trends 2024

When thinking about what kitchen wallpaper color trends 2024, one should not forget about the harmony of the palettes. After all, the design of the kitchen is not only a planned purchase of a headset, but also the right choice of color schemes in the overall design. How To Choose The Right Wallpaper Color For … Read more

The Most Popular Kitchen Chairs in 2024

Kitchen Chairs in 2024

Briefly “How to choose trendy chairs in 2024?” Take a closer look at the concise and functional models of neutral colors. We recommend paying special attention to the following points: Natural materials – it is better to choose a chair frame made of wood or metal. It is better to choose a soft chair. At … Read more

5 Kitchen Trends That Are Going Strong In 2024

kitchen trends 2024

Discover what the kitchen trends 2024 that are going to succeed like in terms of design, planning, furniture, coatings, etc. 5 kitchen trends that are stays in 2024 1. Diaphanous kitchens open to the living room Despite the fact that these types of open kitchens are not common in Spanish houses (or they were not), … Read more