12 New Kitchen Decoration Trends 2022

New Kitchen Decoration Trends That Will Triumph This 2022

Interior decoration is a reflection of the society in which we live. For this reason, this year’s kitchen is a social and sociable place, where sensations, smells, flavors and, of course, company come together around the table. We are facing a kitchen that expresses our way of seeing the world, with personalized, intelligent and ‘homemade’ … Read more

Small Kitchen Design Trends 2022

Small Kitchen Design Trends 2022

Reasonable consumption, respect for nature, laconic forms, “smart” appliances – fashionable novelties and trends did not pass by the design of a small kitchen in 2022. Despite the interior exhibitions closed due to the pandemic, you can draw fresh ideas from fashion magazines and online broadcasts of famous designers. Trendy styles for small kitchen trends … Read more

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

2022 is declared the year of sustainability, practicality and individuality. Recently, designers from all over the world have been creating trends of love for nature – natural wood, stone, or imitation marble and granite. But the main highlight of the year is the use of concrete in the interior. And not only in natural form, … Read more

5 Incredible Kitchen Decorating Trends in 2022

Incredible Kitchen Decorating Trends in 2022

The decoration for kitchen 2022 can directly influence the motivation of people in cooking dishes from day to day or even works of culinary arts. Thus, the choice of the elements that make up the 2022 kitchen decor is very important. The kitchen is the room in the house or apartment where people live and … Read more

14 Best Kitchen Trends For 2022

Best Kitchen Trends For 2022

Dark kitchen fronts, pastel tones and metal accents, worktops with filigree profiles and devices that work independently. Modern kitchens are real multifunctional rooms and – depending on your wishes – wonderfully homely or functional and minimalist. These are the kitchen trends for the new season. Natural trend: wood, concrete and stone in the kitchen Natural … Read more

Kitchen trends that will be a hit in 2022!

Overview of the kitchen trends that will be a hit in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on many aspects of our lives! After the spring-summer 2022 fashion trends, the covid-19 has also redesigned interior design trends. And the gourmet piece is no exception! Luxury or family version, rustic or industrial, contemporary kitchens are reinventing themselves to meet the demands of our daily news. This … Read more