5 Kitchen Trends That Are Going Strong In 2024

kitchen trends 2024

Discover what the kitchen trends 2024 that are going to succeed like in terms of design, planning, furniture, coatings, etc. 5 kitchen trends that are stays in 2024 1. Diaphanous kitchens open to the living room Despite the fact that these types of open kitchens are not common in Spanish houses (or they were not), … Read more

Kitchen Design Trends 2025: fashionable styles, colors and accessories

2021 Trends in Kitchen Design

Refuse handles, remove the upper cabinets and rely on matte white facades – we tell you what designers offer next year. There are still a few months until the new year, but it’s worth voicing the # trends of the upcoming seasons in design now. After analyzing current trends and popular design techniques, we can … Read more